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Ok, I will do have all my periods then and continue the pill for now to be on safe side

May be, if we managed that my body feels more capable/stable with homeopathy, I may even try to leave the pill at least for some periods of time.

(As I said tend to believe that some how endometriosis may be just one more symptom of what ever causes my fatigue)
merce last decade
Yes that would be quite reasonable, to wait until the homoeopathy is obviously helping before stopping medication of any sort. That is my usual advice.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
day 8: writing on monday night

Hektik day, slightly late for meeting, cycling very fast in heavy traffic in the city. Meeting successful. Very good news with regard to PhD exam logistics. Will be easier and more useful than had thought, although of course still very busy and things to work out till end of June, cannot jsut relax. Supervisor super supportive and helpful. Very happy getting back home.

All day exhausted. Exciting news about PhD give me nervousnes, my movements and reactions are faster, but do not manage to infuse physical energy. Meeting discussions left me exhausted. Laying/resting in bed for 15 min. does not help like usual. Even though I slept well last night still suffering consequences from lack of sleep previous night (this is normal, after one night sleep disorder takes one more day to adjust). So sleepy all day, very watery eyes, slight thread of headeache, easy to control. 1st day without the pill for pill free menstruation week.
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merce last decade
The careless use of that pillule is really slowing down progress. This is exactly why I never use them in clinic - you end up waiting 2-3 times as long just to be able to decide if the remdy is correct or not.

Very frustrating.

I want you to make up the Stannum in a bottle like you did the previous remedy.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
'I want you to make up the Stannum in a bottle like you did the previous remedy'

not sure what you mean, I have never had homeopathic substance in a bottle,
stannum I took 8 days ago is first remedy i try with you. How do I do that?,
merce last decade
I am sorry I thought you had made up remedies previously.

Dissolve 2 pillules into a small bottle with a dropper (15-30ml capacity). In this bottle should be a mixture of water and alcohol (5 parts to 1). Any spirit can be used, I typically use vodka or brandy.

This will be your dosing bottle.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
If things are no better at this point, I want you to hit the bottle firmly twice against the palm of the hand. Then i want you to undo the lid and take one big sniff of the remedy. No actual physical dose is to be taken yet. Just what we call an olfactory dose. One deep breath is all, then replace the lid and put the bottle to one side for the time being.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
ok, as I mentioned in Uk they only do pills directly under tong, that's what I ever did

'with a dropper (15-30ml capacity)'
not sure what you mean. What I have is a lttle plastig bag with several stannum white round little balls (I guess thats what you call 'pillule')
How can I put this in a dropper?
the rest I understand. I can get hold of a small bottle and a dropper and the alcohol

the symptoms I mentioned last night are not unknown to me, but I don't know why I get so upset for so little. It is true I got good news, on the other hasd the deadline for upgrade is closer every day now, 2 weeks to go after a 6 week process, and there is still certain complexitiy to process till then. May be I have an underlaying awareness of this, and hence converstion with supervisor incresed awareness and hence nervousness in spite of good news. I could not seleep last night (again not unknown to me). I had to take some drawsing allergy tablets and a little bit of valium. I selpt well about 5 hours. This morning my head is more clear than yesterday. I had lost almost half a kilo form yesterday to today but that is normal when I deal with work things, meetings, when I have to exteriorize, and talk to people...
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merce last decade
No the bottle is 15-30mls, not the dropper.

The white balls are pillules yes.

The pillules get dissolved into the water in the bottle, then you use the dropper to take a drop out and put it into more water.

Let me know if anything else is not clear.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ok, it is clear how to make the dosing bottl. Now you want me to sniff directly from this 30–ml bottle I have made with 2 dissolved pillules, directly from it after hiting against hand, and I do not need to use the dropper this time to dissolve even more,


Will do this today
merce last decade
Yes that is it precisely.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
writing tuesday 14th at 10:00am

I do feel much better today
not 100%, but there is an obvious difference with past days,

feel slightly vulnerable with nervousness but sleepiness and dumbness is gone
there is some more trength, can sit by desk ok
merce last decade
Is that with or without the olfactory dose?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Without, I have not gone out yet to get the bottle and thins,
shall I still take the dose?
merce last decade
No. It appears the aggravation is wearing off. Just allow that to happen.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ok, its good news,
thank you so much for following up in detail
will keep you informed of any changes
merce last decade
day 9: writing on tuesday night
morning was good, afternoon worse, but there were external factors. I also exolain what happened in case it can gives us more clues to refine the search for a remedy. We might have to consider that I am expecting period/menstruation and I may also be having pre-period symtoms.

today was unusual routine, more good news about my second supervisor of PhD via email (made me very happy, as he is important supportive person). Had to deal with the unusual task of dealing with some people to whom I want to sublet my room for the summer. Then I had arranged a meeting (1pm) with my best friend whom with I have been having problems during last 2 years, although we are amost like family, 13 years friendship. I had a total break down foe several days on something he unconscioulsy said but I felt hence very real (one month ago). I asked him to wait some time to discuss this matter further while I am very busy with work so as to avoid another break down. He understood. As I felt more relaxed about work today and had good news yesterday I felt I could deal with meeting him and sort this complicated personal issues out. It started well, but half way through I felt energy level going down, could not concentrate anymore, may be suggar level going down quickly with all the talking. At the end he gave a response that I didn't expect and I felt some other signs I did not like, and lost trust in him suddenly again, felt abandoned. Tears had been coming out here and there, but from this moment a lot more. coudl not control myself, no energy to deal with it,or to even try to understand. Lots of water (tears) coming out of my eyes, no pressure in my head, just tears coming down / out, a lot of it, without me being excited, just calm, no energy, just water coming out of my eyes by itself. I was just very very sad and no energy to understand the situation at all. Finally i manage to pull myself together a little, making a huge effort, to make sure I was no being unfair to him, and realized that I was taking his reaction in the wrong way and that I could actually trust him, that he was just trying to help, and I was the one being irrational. It was ok in the end (but we have decided to keep a good distance, he had proposed, he is scared of my breakdowns, he feels he can easily hurt me and then he gets hurt in return––which is far enough), got back home 4:pm, very tired and nervous, very nervous for a few hours, now I am calm, although very very tired. Again this could just be pre-menses symptoms, there is a hormonal change in my body when I have stopped the pill. So it seems my lack of energy gets into my personal life very much and I can hurt people I love a lot. This is in itself very sad. It only contributes to my isolation, it accelerates it.

Also this second supervisor who emailed today said woudl be great to see me soon, and mentioned an event where he teaches on Friday, (exhibit party and so on at end of academic year), but I cant go because I have no energy to go to the centre of london in the evening and then having to talk to lots of people in a party and to him who I have not sen for a while and so on, there is no energy mental or physical.

Do you think we should may be we wait till period is past so that the terrains is clear from hormonal changes and from possible recent agravation of stanum, and then we can better judge and try to find the right remedy that can give me the energy I need to deal with my life ??
merce last decade
I think we still need to wait. Although the aggravation may be beginning to die down it is not finished. Pillules can create aggravations that last up to 3 weeks.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
ok, thanks
merce last decade
This is always hard, dealing with the reactions like this. There is so little control with the pillules - I haven't given a pillule to a patient for years now. Next time around (if necessary) we will make sure the reaction is much more reasonable.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
but dont you think there is a chance that this is because of hormonal change with period coming up, together with PhD upgrade coming up, instead of only being due to agravation with pilule?
It is not the first time that I suffer from insomnia and nervouness
(2am, cant sleep, just took bits of valium and alegery drawsing tablets, hope helps)
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merce last decade
Yes that is possible too. However I find there are no conincidences once an aggravation has started - usually everything can be connected to the remedy.

The only things that might be unrelated are caused by external things (although even then reactions can be aggravated if it normally causes problems for the person).
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
thank you,
you said:
'However I find there are no conincidences once an aggravation has started'

What do you mean by 'coincidences'?
merce last decade
i think i understand now what you mean. Will wait.
merce last decade
writing 11th day after stanum solid dose
thursday 16th

I feel better today, the nervousness is gone, feel calm, more in control. Slept well.
merce last decade
So far so good. Improvement appearing after the aggravation is a very promising sign.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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