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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dr.Kadwa for prescribing me and my family.
i have taken Rhus Tox 1M, Opium 30 and Gelsemium 30 for 15 Days.
i have also taken Ashwagandha Q for almost 15 days and still continue.

Improvement in Mouse Shoulder Pain & Arm Pain.
But No further Improvement in HEEL Pain and Lower Back Pain .

Kindly also prescribe me for following:
1-In cold environment i get headache with nausea feeling with Headache.
2-Constipation and Severe Bloating that my stomach get very much Tight and swell like balloon especially just after eating.Bowl Movement is good.
3-General Weakness, Tiredness,Fatigued,Exhausted and Feverish after little work and also after SEX.

Kindly also prescribe my WIFE on my following forum:

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provision 2 years ago
Dear Moderator

Is Dr.Kadwa on forum or is there any issue may be he is not getting email notification?

provision 2 years ago
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provision 2 years ago
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provision 2 years ago
Hi - Kadwa has not been on since January.
No one knows his status. You will need to find another
To treat you- Hopefully a real live homeopath,
As there are no doctors on here now.
simone717 2 years ago
Thanks Simone
Whats about Dr.Reva, is he there?
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provision 2 years ago
Yes, he is. Scroll thru and find his name. Click
On it and you will see his email . I suggest
Emailing him , give him your thread and user
Names- see if he has time. Otherwise, people do not read the entire forum and will not see your request.
simone717 2 years ago
Hi simone 717
Dr.Reva is may be pre-occupied.
Can u plz aks Soul/spirit to take may case?i do not have his email id

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provision 2 years ago
Hi- soul/spirit does not list his email -

You can go onto one of his current cases and
List your name and thread title- ask him to post on your thread.
simone717 2 years ago

Please go thru and click prescriber names to
See if you want to make a new thread and ask
For a person. Soulspirit just said he is not available.
simone717 2 years ago
thanks Simone
i have once again request Soul_spirit for prescribing regarding Heel And lower back pain, let see if he has time.
otherwise will seek.
provision 2 years ago

-Just post your problems. You know what to write. Include all your symptoms Mentals and physical both.

-Wrt your pain include type of pain, side affected, when it gets aggravated and when it doesn't bother much.

-Include anything IF you think is out of the box symptom.

-Any major previous illness.


-Any fear/phobia/likes/dislike/recurring dreams,thoughts.
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Soul_Spirit 2 years ago
Thanks Soul_Spirit for giving time.

Here are my details:

Male- Married
Age 31
Weight 58kg

Below are the symptoms details:

When Pain Starts or Aggravates: Pain starts and get worsens after prolonged Sitting, Walking or Standing and whenever i need to do some work involving lower back.

Type of pain: Pain is dull or achy, and feels tightness or something like compressing from internally in the lower back.

Side affected : From last 1 year having Pain in the area of middle to lower region of the back even it feels that it is around kidneys.

Further symptoms:
- Once pain starts it worsens in sleeping in straight positions.
- it is not elongated Pain and it is not It is not sciatica Pain, as it DOES NOT travel to hips or pelvis or legs. I can easily lean forward
- Stretching , leaning forward and massage improves lower back pain , but returning to a sitting position may cause symptoms to return.
- Lower back exercise (Knees to chest exercise) which gives some relief but i am not doing exercise regularly.
-As per Orthopedic Doctor it is muscular pain due to Wrong posture of sitting on chair and advised me pain killers and Lower back exercise(Knees to chest exercise) .


When Pain Starts or Aggravates: Specifically it starts after prolonged Walking or Standing but sometime i also feel pain when i get up in the morning and when i walk for some time.

Type of pain: Pain in BOTH heels like sweet pain even i hit my heels with floor to lessen pain. Pain is on the bottom/sole and ending sides of the Heels and something like heel bone is biting into heel and i feel like my heel bone is directly hitting with floor

Side affected : From last 6 Months having pain in the very end bottom i.e. sole of BOTH heel and sides of heel.

Further symptoms:
- No swelling on heels
- i have done uric acid and other necessary tests and all are Normal
- i have used HEEL GEL Pad but no major Improvement.
-As per Orthopedic Doctor it is Plantar Fasciitis and gives vitamins and pain killers and stretching exercise.

Pain in Legs (Muscles Calves) :
After 2 months of having heels pain i have started pain in leg calaves i.e. like Tightness, and tiredness in legs while climbing Stairs and prolonged Walking or Standing.
Pathological doctor says it is connected with due to with Heel Pain. Due to this i feel severe weakness and fatigued even driving becomes very difficult for me.

Please let me know if above info is sufficient.
THANKS again.
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provision 2 years ago
Is it the only problems you have. I was going through some of your previous post and sense that you also suffer or suffered from gastric problems,skin problems,sexual problems,anxiety etc.

Should I include them. Try to give all details as it helps in selection of remedies. And please look again at my previous questions.
Soul_Spirit 2 years ago
Hi Soul-Spirit thanks you so much go through my forum it will help me.Yes u are right.

Currently i am also having following problems kindly also include them:

-MOUSE SHOULDER & ARM PAIN: over one side of the Neck, spreading into the Right Shoulder and Arm and back of Shoulder due to Posture while using Mouse on Computer table .

- Severe flatulence Problem and abdomen Bloating:
Abdomen Bloating especially after taking meal and it feels that abdomen is filled with gas and gas excretes with pressure.
Bowl Movement is good.
Some time Canker Sore on lips and tongue.

- Burning pain between my Shoulder Blades.

- NASAL Blockage PROBLEM & Excessive Mucus Secretion from Mouth especially after eating.

-Hair fall & Dandruff and it creates so much itchiness if i don't use medicated shampoo.

- General Weakness Tiredness,Low energy level Fatigued,Exhausted after little work, not feel fresh even when get up in the morning.

- Sweating looks less than normal.

-SEX PROBLEM: having premature ejaculation, and erection is not hard and weakness after SEX

Any major previous illness. DENGUE FEVER 2 years ago.

Thirst : not very good.

-Any fear/phobia/likes/dislike/recurring dreams,thoughts:
No Specific fear.
lack of confidence in office work otherwise confident,
No Phobia.
Very much like to be in sunlight or in light environment and likes Summer or warm season.
No specific recurring dreams.

- The most thing that worries me that I am habitual to quickly Finish Tasks even though I have enough time and this thing creates Stress for me.
-Remembering and Paying attention to minute details and facts.
-Following Rules and Regulations and Greater Sense of Responsibility.
-Compulsion to make lists and schedules, as well as rigidity and Perfectionism that interferes with task-completion.
-Perfectionism in my Nature.
- A Tendency to take Time in making decisions.(So Very Poor Decision Making)
-Loss of Concentration or Difficult concentration.
-i tried to explain little things to people for my personal internal satisfaction that seems unnecessary to me.
When i have an important work to done in FUTURE i anticipate anxiety.
- Forgetfulness .
-I am very very talkative and inclined to laugh during talking with jokes.

My anxiety mostly link to my future: In Anxiety & Stress or Pressure, it starts Flatulence, quick Urination and feel changes in Bowel movement.

thanks FOR TIME and considering my case in detail.
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provision 2 years ago
Kali Carb 30
Cyclamen Europaeum 30

Take 3 to 4 drops:

-Cyclamen once in the morning and once in the evening.
-kali carb only once in the afternoon.

Take it for a week.

Note: If you have Carbo Veg 30 or 200 then take it Only one time 'Before' taking Kali Carb in the afternoon. After that no need to take Carbo Veg, take only Kali carb in the afternoon.

Give a gap of 1 hour between Carbo veg and Kali Carb.

-Do not take Coffee during this period.

-Take the remedies directly on tongue half an hour apart from food and water.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-21 08:21:45]
Soul_Spirit 2 years ago
Thanks for prescribing in detail.
May i take Kali Carb in 200 potency as this is in home , if 30 is good for me then i will surely buy it, no issue.

Canker Sore on lips and Excess Flatulence with Bloating:
Today morning Canker sores has again started in inner side of Lips and this is 2nd time in this month.

Now a days i am very much thinking/pressure/stress about coming professional exams which are very important for my future professional growth in current job.
I am anticipating failure in exam, despite the fact that i have prepared subjects and hard working, but this failure thinking gives me more stress and pressure.And due to pressure i feel quick need to urinate and excess gas.

EYES ( a moderate Blurred Vision/ lack of sharpness in Both Eyes ):
I forgot to mention that i am having Blurred Vision at some normal distance from last some months, which seems relieved a little by winking.
As per Eye Specialist, eyes are dry and dandruff in eyes lashes and advised Artificial tears, i have used them but no effect. Due too this i am having difficulty in daily Car Driving and my daily office work which is completely on laptop.
- No hotness, redness, itching or pain in eyes and no secretion from eyes.

Please consider this if any further remedy required.
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provision 2 years ago
I think you should first use Kali Carb 30. If it has been any other remedy I would have used 200 potency on you.
I think you might have Carbo veg. 30 or 200 anyone. Use it ones Before taking kali carb for 'two days' only in the afternoon. Then use Kali carb alone.

-Also Cylamen two times as said.

First use the remedies as said in the previous post for a week. Hopefully it might also work on your fears.
Soul_Spirit 2 years ago
i will take all 3 remedies exactly as you prescribed and will update u.

And will they also cover Eyes blurriness?

Thankful for you time.
[Edited by provision on 2019-04-21 12:12:22]
provision 2 years ago
It will cover many things from head to toe or heels!!!
You just have the remedies. When you edit the post write 'Update' beside it so I know if anything is new.

And have faith in yourself then in the remedies and then the world around. It all starts with you and ends with you.
Soul_Spirit 2 years ago
Noted . Will update u.
provision 2 years ago
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provision 2 years ago
Thanks for advicing my wife.

I have taken med for 5 days and still continue.
But I just want to update about my Bloating isssue that i am having severe Bloating.
After eating my abdomen swells like baloon and feels severe tight, hard and stretched, and it causing so much trouble to me.

Also having Faltulence and Bowl Movement is also not good.

Kindly advice.
[Edited by provision on 2019-04-27 14:53:12]
provision 2 years ago
Did you take carbo veg before Kali carb. And I think you are using 30 potency of Kali.

Hows the heel pain nd others.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-27 14:57:52]
Soul_Spirit 2 years ago
I took 2 doses of Carb Veg 200 before kali Carb 30 and still taking daily one dose of kali carb 30

Heel pain is still there even from last 2 days i am having heel pain when get up in the morning.And when it starts i sometime hit my heels with floor to get relief.

Also having Back pain yesterday.

Currenetly I am observing all pains
provision 2 years ago
Okay stop Kali carb for now.

Update: Take carbo Veg one last time tomorrow. Cycl. thrice a day. Report after 4-5 days.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-27 15:39:42]
Soul_Spirit 2 years ago

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