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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
i need his details. Photographs will also help more.

Please copy the Questionnaire from the following thread
and post all the questions here duly answered. On that basis your remedy may be worked out.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hi Dr.kadwa
I have take lemna minor30 as u prescribed for nasal congestion.

Right Nostril; i sometime feel 50% relief for some days. But it also again close.
Left Nostril; No improvement in left nostril.

Loss of smell.
Very difficulty in taking breath.

sir from yesterday i have sore throat problem and little FEVER and feel pain while swallow my mouth water and BODY PAIN. i feel pain in throat when drink water and etc.And i think i have drink much cold water.And also light Greenish excretion discharge from mouth and watery discharge from NOSE due to FLU.

And sir i am feeling very much anxiety and under stress.it may be due to because from next week my EXAMS are starting.
I am ANTICIPATING anxiety(like that i will not pass exam and if i go outside i start thinking that my time will be waste).
And in anxiety my body gets WARM UP and SHAKING and my head feel stretch and my heart beat get fast and these feelings are from last 15 days and increasing as days passing and exams are coming near.


Most times feel very much fear about Future(Anticipate Problems and feel anxiety).
Loss of Appetite and thrust.
Very poor decision making.
LOSING confidence level.
very quickly get CONFUSED.
Mostly i UNDERESTIMATE myself.
Feel under stress.
Loss of MEMORY.
Hair fall with scalp.
All the day feel sleepy not so much fresh in-spite of taking 8 hours sleep.

Above problems are affecting my study.And it takes so much time to prepare my college assignments because i feel my memory and understanding level is LOST.

Sir most of the above ANXIETY SYMPTOMS are with me from last 3 years.

Sir i am in very much problem Plz special attention to my above 3 problems.

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provision 9 years ago
Please take three doses of Argentum Nitricum 200 at a gap of 12 hours and see how that affects in next 15 days.
After 2 days you may take Lemna Minor 30 once a day daily. Please do some yoga for overall fitness.
kadwa 9 years ago
Sir before taking BOTH medicine i want to tell u something more that i have already taken lemna minor30 for 10 days and by using this i feel relief in right nostril only for some days BUT after that this nostril also closed after some days.
And no improvement on Right nostril.

So sir should i start again lemna minor30???
And sir what about Sore throat and Flu??

SOME OTHER MENTAL SYMPTOMS i forgot to mention in above post;

1-In EXCITEMENT my body starts shaking and stool comes frequently as in anxiety.
2-Feel dull headache in anxiety.
3-In my nature i tried to complete every work perfectly.
4-Mostly think about PAST MEMORIES.
5-Feel Homesickness if go outside.
6-In my nature i always in a hurry in every work and try to finish every work completely quickly.
7-And i Wants things balanced and completed. Things that are related to my life(this symptom sometime create social problem for me because everything cannot be according to my nature).
8-And tried to show myself very clear to other friends in my routine discussion with friends.
9-Feel more anxiety in evening and light and feel comfortable in morning(lightness)
10-i am very talkative and jolly in my habit.
11-Restlessness in my nature no patience.

Sir plz...look my these important symptoms with above post symptoms i have written these symptoms with very care.I think these symptoms will help in choosing effective remedy that match my symptoms.

Sir keep in view my above symptoms Advice me further the medicine.

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provision 9 years ago
Dr.Kadwa....Plz read my above post.
provision 9 years ago
Please take arg nit 200 as advised. Please follow it up with 3 pellets of calc fluorica 6x in the morning and evening instead of lemna minor.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hi Dr.Kadwa
Sir i want to ask that in market There are two types of calc flour6x are available.

1-calc fluorica 6x homeopathic Liquid Dilution.
2-And calc fluorica 6x Biochemic salts pellets.

Which one i should purchase and for how many DAYS i should take it????

And sir as u prescribe i take first dose(2 drops)of arg nit200 but after that i am feeling a stretched pain in my HEAD and feel sleepy.
is this headache is due to Arg Nit or due to FLU??

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provision 9 years ago
If it is due to arg nit, it should go away on it's own. Lets hope that it will go away.

Please buy calc fluorica 6x Biochemic salts pellets.
kadwa 9 years ago
1-so sir i should continue arg nit200 for 3 doses???

2-And sir u don't tell that how many DAYS i should take calc flour6x??
3-And calc flour6x is for my nasal congestion?

Thanks for reply.Sir God Bless You and prayers for you for helping peoples and charitable work like 9300 posts.Extraordinary !!!
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provision 9 years ago
Please start Calc Fluor 6x now. It doesn't matter whether you have taken one dose or three doses of arg nit 200. Calc flour should help your nasal congestion.
It is the forum's credit if i have written many posts. It is the credit of advice seekers like you. You deserve all thanks for opening up homeopathy for one and all.
kadwa 9 years ago
THANKS sir i will start today.
provision 9 years ago
Hi Dr.Kadwa
1--Sir i want to asked that Calcium Fluoratum 6x is same as u suggest calc fluorica 6x Biochemic salts pellets??
I receive Calcium Fluoratum 6x today so i am little confuse about name.

2--And sir i want to ask that 3 weeks ago u suggest me Sulphur 200 one dose for my skin problem.
My problem was looking resolve in start. But Red rashes are Re-Occurring on same area and looking dry and have whitish scalp on rashes.Now Red Rashes are also on SCROTUM.
Rashes size is almost 2 inch circular.Red rashes are on inner Thighs part this is specifically the area between and around my penis and anus and on scrotum.Red rashes are (on both inner thighs very upper inner thighs).
Sir feel VERY need of rubbing and itching on this area.

Sir plz suggest

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provision 9 years ago
calc fluor 6x is what you have received and that is what exactly i asked you to do.

Please take a single dose of Sulphur 200 and follow it up with 3 pellets calc flour 6x in the morning and evening.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hi Dr.Kadwa
i have another problem that from last 6 days i have GREENISH sticky nasal discharge constantly from both nostrils and it is not decreasing.
This is also becoming a problem of nasal congestion for me.i need to clear my nose many times in day
so PLZ suggest me.

Sir from ur suggestion i am improving day by day.So that is why i discuss every problem with u.
So plz further suggest me.

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provision 9 years ago
Please go ahead with Sulphur 200, calc flour 6x as suggested earlier.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hi Dr.Kadwa

sir i have taken sulphur 200 1 dose for my skin rashes as u prescribed.sir i feel relief in first 2 days but again it start itching and Need of rubbing on rashes.
Sir i think if i more rub on rashes blood wil come out because rashes has became very red and i feel uncomfortable.

Plz suggest

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provision 9 years ago
Please take a single dose of Sulphur 200 every alternate day for 6 days (3 doses) and report back. Calc flour 6x to continue.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hi Dr.Kadwa
i am taking Sulphur200 as u prescribed and Calc Flour6x.
sir i am feeling improvement in skin problem rashes.

BUT Sir i want to know that Redness of rashes is decreasing but still i feel LITTLE itching on effected are (especially during walking) so is there any need of any CREAM to apply on effected are for complete cure ?

And for how many DAYS i continue calc flour6x??

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provision 9 years ago
There is no need of any external application. Please take calc fluor 6x for 10 days.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hi Dr.kadwa
i am taking Calc flour6x as u prescribed.
My skin problem and greenish nasal discharge from nose is very much improved by taking Sulphur200.thanks.

sir but now i have SORE THROAT problem .My throat is in very pain and GREENISH excretion discharge from throat, FEVER and also full body is paining.And also i am in anxiety and under stress due to my college exam pressure.

sir PLZ prescribed me about my sore throat which occur to me very much and also occur 1 time in one month.

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provision 9 years ago
Please take a single dose of Argentum Nitricum 200. There is no need to take calc flour 6x in follow up if it is not helping.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hi Dr.Kadwa
sir i have used calc flour6x 10 days but no improvement.
Both nostrils are still closed.

And sir i also take arg nitr200 and my throat is OK now.thanks.

And sir i want to discuss some more thing that i think my stomach is not so good because i eat so much healthy food my WEIGHT is 50 kg. and my AGE is 24years now and as compare to my age my body looks very weak.

And sir whitish discharge is still coming from mouth And i noted carefully that discharge comes...
1-Whenever i take bath or i pour water on head.
2-After eating something i must feel need to discharge out this whitish excretion.
3-My TONGUE is also white coated in patches.
4-My hands and feet are cold and remaining body portion is hot.
5-sir all the day i feel lazy and upset and feel anxiety.
6-Most of the day i feel not fresh and very quickly get tired.

i am very worried.

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provision 9 years ago
Please take a single dose of Calcarea Phos 200 and see how that affects in next 10 days. Please take 3 pellets of kali phos 6x in the morning daily from 2nd day onwards. Please update your schedule of remedies taken so that we can keep the track.
kadwa 9 years ago
Dr.Kadwa plz consider my MORE IMPORTANT SYMPTOMS:

7-I have also MOUTH ULCERS some times on inner sides of cheeks and also on tongue.
8-And when i get up in the MORNING MOUTH TASTE like bitter(SOUR taste) and very much foul smell from mouth in morning.
9-And many times i have NAUSEA feeling ESPECIALLY during travelling.
10-All the day i feel lazy and feel like LOW BLOOD PRESSURE.
11-And when i get up in the morning i feel very much WEAKNESS and full body feel body feel PAINING and this pain feeling i also feel whole night.
12-Very much HAIR FALL and DRYNESS and SCALP on my Eyebrows, Beard, Moustached and on face.
13-Dull Headache
15- Very low IMMUNITY POWER and that's why very quickly get ill.

Sir i have started exercise but i get tired after little exercise and sir my young life is passing like old age person so plz.......suggest me.

Sir Calcarea Phos 200 and Kali phos6x biochemic pellets or
Kali Phos 6x Liquid Dilution?

And sir i am confused that which medicine is for my NASAL CONGESTION and which is for my other problem plz.. clarify me ??

THANKS (Sir plz....specific attention to me.... i am very worried)
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provision 9 years ago
Calcarea Phos 200 and Kali phos6x biochemic pellets.

Each remedy is capable of working on all symptoms. But patient himself knows which one works well on which symptoms in his case.
kadwa 9 years ago
Sir i have purchased Kalium phosphoricum 6x biochemic pellets.
But Calcarea Phos 200 is only available in Homeopathic Liquid Dilution.so is it OK to purchase liquid dilution?

And sir plz..clarify that Kali Phos6x ONLY in morning or also in evening and for how many DAYS?

provision 9 years ago

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