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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Okay stop Kali carb for now.

Update: Take carbo Veg one last time tomorrow. Cycl. thrice a day. Report after 4-5 days.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-27 15:39:42]
Soul_Spirit 2 years ago
My abdomen is mostly tight from mid area.

However will update u after taking Carb Veg 200 one dose and 3 time Cycl.

provision 2 years ago
hi SS
Hope u r fine.
it is to update u here after taking Carb Veg 200 one dose and 3 times Cycl 30.


Bloating, Excess Flatulence and Bowl Movement and Canker Sore:
After taking Carb Veg 200 i was feeling relief in Bloating and canker sore was disappeared. But from last 3 days i was again having canker sore on lips and also haing bloating and especially after eating my abdomen swells and feels severe tight.

Was temporarily feeling relief in intensity, but still pain starts after some Walking or prolonged Standing.

BACK PAIN (Middle to lower portion of back):
No major Improvement. It starts after after prolonged Sitting on office chair, Walking or Standing.Knees to chest exercise gives me some relief when i am having severe pain.

Pain in Legs (Muscles Calves) :
No major Improvement, and having tiredness in legs especially while climbing Stairs.

EYES (Blurred/Glare Vision lack of sharpness in Both Eyes ):
NO improvement Having Glare vision even in daylight and i have to look with like very pressure to object then it looks clears.

General Weakness and Low energy level.

SEX PROBLEM: Not interested having sex from last week may be due to anxiety of papers. Erection is not hard.

Left NASAL is Block and Mucus Secretion from Mouth especially after eating and after too much talking.

Now a days i am very much in stress an worried due to my Professional exams and due to some personal reasons.
-Restlessness nature. Like in office i dont keep sit on chair for long time and keep moving in office and when i study i check mobile after a little time even no need to check.
-I take little things very serious and think too much.
-Loss of Concentration
-Loss of confidence and get confused/puzzled with new things in office even i can easily handle that
-Anticipate anxiety with fear of failure. .
-I am very very talkative and most of the time have smile on face and inclined to laugh during talking with jokes.
-In anxiety/tension i have a habit from last 5 years of rubbing my fingers in other hands palm .

Kindly advice. if u need further information, plz let me know.
[Edited by provision on 2019-05-10 17:10:35]
provision 2 years ago
Bring Sulphur 1M and Chelidonium Majus (Mother Tincture).

Take 4 to 5 drops of Sulphur 1M in the morning.
-DO NOT REPEAT. Means you have to take it only once and 'Stop'. I will tell you when to take it again(preferably after 15 days)

From Next Day:
Chelidonium Majus(Mother Tincture)
Pour 10 drops in half a cup of water and take it three times a day.

Take once a day anytime. 4 drops directly on tongue.(Also till you bring both remedies continue taking once a day and also continue once a day after taking above remedies.)

-Don't take water/food half an hour before and after taking the remedy.

Report back after taking the remedy starting from sulphur and chelid. etc. pref. after 7,8 days.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-05-11 06:18:16]
Soul_Spirit 2 years ago
thanks SS for advice.
will update u after 1 week of taking remedies.

i just want to ask that i have CALCAREA FLUORICA 6X (Bio Chemic Tablets) in my home, may i take it along-with advised remedies for heel pain? i have listened that its good for bone related issue.

if no, then it ok i will just take Only ur advised remedies.

[Edited by provision on 2019-05-11 08:22:17]
provision 2 years ago
Only take the above remedies. Don't take Calc. Fluor.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-05-11 11:25:22]
Soul_Spirit 2 years ago
Noted. Will update
provision 2 years ago
I will get Sulphur and chelidonium in 2 ,3 days but i have again startee Cycl.

In the meanwhile kindly advice some remedy for Canker sores, i am having 3 canker sores on lips and on inner side of cheek, due to this i am having sever pain in lips and mouth and unable to eat properly.This is the 2nd time in one month that i am having canker sore.

Further agin having Severe Bloating after eating and tightness in belly and gas.

Thanks for ur time.
[Edited by provision on 2019-05-12 07:57:14]
provision 2 years ago
Do one thing. For canker sore mix more then half spoon of salt and half spoon of turmeric in water. Rinse/swish your mouth for some time twice or thrice a day. It will be a bit uncomfortable. But in few days it will start healing.

For boating is it in the whole abdomen,upper part,lower part etc. Does it start just after eating/drinking. How much time does it last. Is there any pain.
Can you pass gas. Any benching along with it.

Any other thing accompanying bloating.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-05-12 09:08:37]
Soul_Spirit 2 years ago
i will try to Rinse/wash mouth as u said but it seems too difficult to me because i am unable to move lips easily and can drink plain water due to sores pain.

I am having this from last 5 years approx.
MOSTLY it starts just after Eating like after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Normally My WHOLE abdomen get bloated & stretched but MOSTLY it is the UPPER & MIDDLE part of abdomen. Sometime get breath with some difficulty means it get too tight

Yes i can pass gas even i pass too much Gas daily mostly with Sound and it also excretes with pressure.
No Belching.

If my Bowl Movement is good then I get Some relief in bloating but sometimes even after passing stool i pass gas.

I feel when i take oil based foods (junk foods, Parathas, french fries etc.) and Dairy foods items (biscuits, ice cream etc) then it gets worse but i Normally avoids these.

I also want to add here an associated thing just after eating, that having sticky foamy excretion from mouth (its not Phelgum), just after eating ANYTHING (in excess quantity after Spicy food).

Though in the most of day i frequently clear the throat by spitting up to to drain secretion. My Nostrils are dry.

I personally feels that this secretion is linked to my Left Nasal blockage because i also feel need to spill out from throat after having too much talk with jokes, means talk with some Energy and pressure.
And also when i take bath means when i pour water on head or when i have contact with water or clean my nostrils with water especially in morning (i hope i have explained correctly)

if you need any further information/symptoms to help in selection of remedy plz let me know i will surely do a detail re-viist/note of my symptoms.

[Edited by provision on 2019-05-12 13:45:15]
provision 2 years ago
Okay its an old problem.

I will get back to you probably tomorrow.
In the meantime answer this:
-Is the gas smelly or without smell
-Is there any pain in abdomen area.
-The bloating remains all day long or subsides after some time.
-Any coating on tongue.
-Hows your digestion
-Did you ever suffered from Jaundice.
-Body temperature is normal or what.
-Do you like hot or cold drinks/things.

Note: Don't buy any remedy for now.

The salt,turmeric,water mix will hurt like hell as and when you will put it in the mouth but after third and fourth rinse it will be ok. Take half of each in more then half glass of water and rinse for 2-3 days.

Update: If you have Sulphur 200 take one dose ONLY tomorrow i.e 4 to 5 drops directly on tongue. Don't take it again.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-05-12 18:31:43]
Soul_Spirit 2 years ago
I am not buying Sulphur as u said.

I will provide details.
Thanks for your time.

Yes i have sulphur 200 in home. And should i start chelidonium from next day?
[Edited by provision on 2019-05-24 09:56:28]
provision 2 years ago
I think you should take Sulphur 200 only once and start 10 drops Chelidonium thrice a day in half cup of water for a week and take cycl. once.

Write the answers when you have time.
Soul_Spirit 2 years ago
Dear SS
i have taken one dose of Sulphur 200.

In the meantime answer:
-Is the gas smelly or without smell.
Sometime foul smelly and most of the time it is also without smell.

-Is there any pain in abdomen area.
No Pain

-The bloating remains all day long or subsides after some time.
Bloating remains most of the time in day but severe tightness Subsides after 5-6 hours.

-Any coating on tongue.
Normal Light White Coating.

Not very good.

-Hows your digestion
normally good.

-Did you ever suffered from Jaundice.

-Body temperature is normal or what.
very important thing that mostly I feel body temperature HOT like light feverish and due to that reason i usually used Fan in low speed but when i check temperature on thermometer then it shows normal.

-Do you like hot or cold drinks/things.
Cold mostly.

[Edited by provision on 2019-05-24 09:56:56]
provision 2 years ago
Dear Simone717
it seems that SS is not here now, May u please request Dr.Maheeru to advice me.

provision 2 years ago

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