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Of course there is Mother tincture of Aconite. MOther tinctures are usually not sold in western world. You can get it from India.

And I made a mistake, for Aconite Mother tincture, take about 10 drops instead of a tsp. But Passiflora Qmust be taken a tea spoon.

Oh! you will sleep. And recepy is not habbit forming.
girilal last decade
Thank you for your help!
justagirl last decade
Is it possible to post your secret of success.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Yes, this is the secret of my success.
For thousands of years, several cultures included urine therapy, also known as uropathy or urotherapy, for all manners of disease and injury. Uropathy has been recorded in Egyptian medical texts and in ancient Chinese medical documents.
In the ayurvedic tradition of yoga, drinking one’s urine is called amaroli. Yogic techniques explain exactly how to go about drinking or applying amaroli. One of the most famous users of urine therapy was Prime Minister of India from 1977 to 1979, Morarji Desai. On the occasion of his 99th birthday in 1995, Desai attributed his longevity to drinking his morning urine on a daily basis.
Far from being harmful, urine is sterile contains known healing agents. Clinical studies have proven that the thousands of critical body chemicals and nutrients that end up in urine reflect the individual body’s functions. When re-utilized, these chemicals and nutrients act as natural vaccines, antibacterial, antiviral and anticarcinogenic agents as well as hormone balancers and allergy relievers.
For example, melatonin, present in significant amounts in urine, is a natural hormone that has already been proven to help regulate sleep. Muramyl dipeptide, another natural hormone found in urine, mirrors the calming action of serotonin. If wishing to enhance fertility, one could drink urine high in a specific hormonal content.
Please do a search on AUT (auto urine therapy)to read more on this amazing therapy. The above mentioned has been taken from the following website:
crabcanc last decade
I have read some books available on urine therapy. They claim cure or at least amelioration of each disease of whatever nature, acute or chronic even the grave and deep-seated diseases, which are almost incurable by any system of medicine.
No doubt, what you said is correct. I have reason to believe. Literature supports your experience. Some religions do not allow its internal use in material form. I have an instrument, which converts every thing into electromagnetic energy pattern. I will try to make use of this conversion. I do not know it works or not. Shall let you know the result.

Once playing cricket, I was injured. A passerby suggested the application of urine. To my astonishment, the injury cured in a short time.

By the way, sleeplessness is purely a psychological problem. It is interesting beside physical ailments, it also helps psychological problems.

You did not mention the dose.Is it few drops, a cup, or a full glass? Once, twice or thrice daily. Is it necessary to use early morning urine?
Thank you for your input.
numbree5five last decade
Urine trerapy is new for me.Amazing!!--it looks like fantasy.Are you still using the therapy?

sajjadakram635 last decade
Ive been sleeping almost 6-8 hours since this therapy. At first I didnt do it seriously and didnt drink regularly. I realised I still had the sleep problem. Then I decided to drink twice a day, once in the morning which is the most important and once in the evening. Within 2 days, I was sleeping like a baby. I have tried everything under the sun for my sleep...everything and this is the only thing that has helped me. I dont believe its purely a psychological problem the bouts of insomnia used to come suddenly and disappear as suddenly...and now I sleep very well. I hope someone else is willing to try this free therapy...and I shall be able to hear another success story.
all the best! I have a cup in the morning and one in the evening...er...in a bit of squash as Im not comfortable with drinking it on its own. One should not be on allopathic medicine though if you want to try this therapy.
crabcanc last decade

[message deleted by justagirl on Mon, 30 Jan 2012 18:11:59 GMT]
justagirl last decade
The taste of the wee depends entirely on what you eat. If you have a simple vegetarian diet, consisting of light food, it tastes like water really. The early morning wee tastes a bit salty cause I guess its rich in a lot of minerals. But add 1/4 glass of juice and if the rest is wee you should be okay. I put just a couple of spoons of squash in it as youre actually supposed to drink it without any additives. But juice should be just fine. Its such a natural thing for me now. I feel much more energetic than I used to before...I cant believe it. My friend massages 7 day old wee to her skin and I couldnt believe the difference in her skin. It was glowing and she looked much younger. The massaging is a very important part of the therapy...
Why not download a book from the internet. Im sure the one I bought from India is free on the internet. My hubby bought the book for a laugh...cause it had a drawing of a boy weeing into a glass...but on reading that book, I was determined to try this therapy..and it has changed my life completely. Im more happier as I always used to be depressed due to the insomnia. All the best! Cheers!
crabcanc last decade
Personal experience is always a solid scientific proof regarding the effectiveness of any therapy.
Crabcanc achieved the required result in just two days, which is not less than a miracle and is enjoying sound sleep for 6-8 hours like a baby---interesting
It is clearcut indication that this therapy is most effective and can reverse the progression
Of many ailments, thence, this finding needs sincere promotion and fair trial.

Mixing urine in squash is also a good idea.Honey, artificial flavors and other substances can be added to make this drink delicious and to avoid its noxious smell and taste.

It is a fact that to keep the body free from danger and poisonous matter all the waste and harmful products including allopathic drugs are eliminated out of the body through urine, it is my suggestion that after a certain period, when the require result is achieved, its use should be discontinued altogether or reduced till the re-occurrences.

Blood and hormones are also eliminated; the females can avoid 3-4 days before and after menstruation. Best of luck.
numbree5five last decade
Contrary to popular belief, urine is actually a by-product of blood filtration and not waste filtration. Medically, it is referred to as “plasma ultrafiltrate.” It is a purified derivative of the blood itself, made by the kidneys whose principal function is regulation of all the elements and their concentrations in the blood. Nutrient-filled blood passes through the liver where toxins are removed to be excreted as solid waste. Eventually, this purified blood undergoes a more extensive filtering process in the kidneys, where excess components not usable at that time by the body are collected in the form of the sterile, watery solution that is urine.

People who swear by this therapy have nothing to gain by letting others know of its wonders. They are not promoting or marketing a product for financial benefit! In fact, others might look down on them because they think it unclean. But the fact is that it has helped me and lots of others and I have nothing to gain by lying about this therapy when I have been an acute and chronic insomniac for the past 7 years. I can only hope it works on others ...that is if they are willing to give it a go!
Even 7 years of homeopathy by leading doctors hadnt worked on me. I was the subject of study in India by leading doctors at a hospital and university...but no one could cure me! Well...if I think this therapy works...I can assure you its definitely not psychological! It has benefited me and I can only spread my experience. I am on no medication what so ever at the moment.Meanwhile, when people in this forum are complaining of insomnia, I cant help tell them about my experience. Good luck!
crabcanc last decade
I see.You are a practitioner or a medical student. The way you explained the physiology of urine formation can be only from a well-educated person having full command on biochemistry. Your expression is simple yet comprehensive. A non professional like me can easily follow.

The book you mentioned is not available here. I will request my friend in Mumbai(India) to send me the copy. It must be worth reading. Why don’t to send your success story to the publisher ,which I am sure will be pleased to include in the book .it will be of immense benifit to the readers because ‘true stories’ always impress others.

Crabcanc, every body in this world is looking for happiness ---success in any field brings ‘happiness. I am new in this forum and wish to learn about every aspect of life. I understand this forum deals mostly in Homeopathy but I can see there are very nice and intelligent people they can of of great help.

In the last few months, I also faced this problem of insomnia. Consulted an allopath, who put me on tranquilizers, which gave me only temporary relief then psychotherapy, naturopathy and all sort of pathies but no relief. Somebody told me to go to the park—sit on the bench—watch the nature---look deep into the sky, and to my astonishment in a few days the problem disappeared. This may be some sort of meditation.If ever happen again shall try this therapy.

Urinopathy is just like drinking tea and coffee morning and evening. Once you are used to, the taste and smell makes no difference. This is very simple and free, and of course effective. It is a blessing. I will promote this pathy with the hope that needy people will be benefited.

numbree5five last decade
The discussion is very informatory.Unfortunately i cannot say anything about this therapy.I am ignorant of it.But it looks to me that it has some benefit.
We have to accept the experience of others because truth speak of itself.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Everyone has something that helps them. Lokoing at the sky might have helped nubree5five but thing like that didnt work on me. Well, if anyone wants to download the book on Shivambu...which is urotherapy, you can do so from the following website:

I am not a medical student or a practitioner. The explanation I made previously was from a website I had mentioned in my earlier posts. It seems no one is actually reading on this therapy at all...and just reading my experience of using this therapy. If you do a bit of reading on it and read the experiences of thouasands of people who have been cured of diseases where nothing else helped them, then maybe you would think a bit more on it. The choice is yours!
crabcanc last decade
Thank you for the link.I will try to download the book,shall read it and then shall say something.
sajjadakram635 last decade
On your recommendation, I read the book thoroughly with interest. The author claimed that this sacred water could cure almost all diseases, acute or chronic, simple or complicated in amazingly short time even of well advance stage where the other systems of medicine are helpless. He claims it cures permanently or at least ameliorates to such an extent that patient passes away without any distress. The author claims with confidence that it not only cures the particular disease for which the person is inspired to use but also the associate diseases and keeps the body free from any ailment which is not less than a miracle. The treatment is free and remedy readily available.

The topical use is also effective in cases of ulceration, injuries and even skin diseases and rashes.

Though this discovery of divine therapy is very old at least 5000 years, but beside its importance it could not achieve the popularity as it deserve even in the country where from it originated and have no religious opposition. The reason may be that it is not promoted properly. The feedback may be poor. The person who gets some betterment does not communicate to the promoters. The other reason may be that only few books are available on the subject in comparison to other therapies that are flooded with literature beyond imagination.

I cannot challenge your experience because you got rid of longstanding ailment. I have no reason to discard, deny or disbelieve your observation. By the way, the front-page photograph is natural, interesting, and impressive that reminds every body his childhood.

It needs crash programme.You can join the mission to propagate the awareness and importance of this wonderful divine therapy which is still behind the curtain for the benefit of needy people. Go ahead .Wish you best of luck.

numbree5five last decade
so....what is happening everyone? whats the latest?
crabcanc last decade

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sajjadakram635 last decade
No news from anyone...wonder whats up.
crabcanc last decade

By Robin Murphy.

History. Urine therapy is practically as old as man himself is. The Chinese treat wounds by topical application of urine. To these cooper has made some additions. The cases are these.

1. A youth for crops of boils which nothing could remedy was recommended to drink every morning for three mornings a cupful of his own urine. Then after of an intermission of three days to resume and so on until cured. He was cured on the ninth day
2.”blackheads”cured in exactly the same manner. This patient drank it when fresh.

3. Chronic bronchitis much relieved. This patient was deaf and misunderstood the doctor’s directions to bring some of his urine. He thought drink was the word and acted accordingly.
4. Ague.
5. Urticaria.
6. For thrush it is a custom in Yorkshire to wipe the baby’s tongue with his own napkin.
7. For pimples and blotches the natives of Barbados drink their urine and apply it locally.
8. For opthalmia in children it is the custom in Switzerland to bathe the eyes in the children’s own urine.
Cooper mentions the case of a man who suffered very much from weak and inflamed eyes until he adopted this plan, which after a time cured him. Taken internally it is believed to stimulate the circulation and is valued as an active oxytocic.
Anasarca, generally more marked in upper than lower parts of the body.Heaviness, heavy for work, having neither his usual life nor warmth in him. Losses her breath if she walks quickly is obliged to stop.
Acne, AIDS.Albuminuria, Baldness, Bolis.Cancer.Diabetes.Dropsy.Dysentry.Gout.Leprosy.Liver cirrhosis.Ophthalmia.Skin disorders.Scurvy.Tuberculosis.Uremia.

Urina is potentized urine. You can use urine topically. You can drink urine, and you can use it in potency. There are substantiated cures for hundreds of years. It is one of thy most ancient remedies. There are three remedies in homoeopathy. We have poetized uric acid. We have urea potentized, and we have poetized urine.

Clarke’s does not say where it came from. It says urine dilutions, so I assume it is human dilutions. In ayurvedic medicine, it is a major therapy. The had materia medica for all the different animals urine. A pregnant women’s urine is very powerful medicine
The Chinese use urine therapy, it was used in ancient India, and on and on and on. It has cured cancers. They still use it to soften leather, they never found any thing better .the have the hides there and put urine on them, and it softens the leather. One of the main symptoms is that it softens and beautifies the skin.

Student. The soldiers in Germany would urinate in their boots so they would not get sores and blisters on their feet from long hikes.

RM.there is many, many cures with urine! You should respect it more every time you g to the bathroom.

Student. The soldiers in Vietnam would urinate in their boots and pour the urine on the funguses. The jungle rots and things like that.

RM: right.there are many, many uses for it. It cures all kind of blackheads, acne, pimples—urine packs on the face.

Student. It is all major lines of cosmetics.

RM: Right.but they do not admit it. It was in the standard treatment for thrush-they do not take the diapers of the baby and they would take the diaper and they would put right on the diaper rashes. In Yorkshire, they use to wipe the baby’s tongue with his own napkin.
In Barbados, they drink their urine and apply it locally. In Switzerland, they bathe their children’s eye with the urine for conjunctivitis. The cattle breeders give teaspoons or tablespoons of human urine to cattle, and they win all the prizes for the nice hides and the healthy cows
.Cancer—there are of lot of cures of cancer.

Student. What kind of cancer?

RM: Any kind. They would go on urine fasts and it seems to cure many, many things.
It also gets rid of kidney stones and the tendency to form them.

The Chinese had a system where a pregnant women would drink a male child’s urine (and the child was four or five year old), and they had a system where a four or five year old child would have to urinate in three different bowls, and they would always take the middle bowl (which would be mid-stream), and they cured all kind of things with that, and it seems to stimulate easy labor.

Student. It is great for PMS too. I drink my urine all the time.

RM: we have someone who admits that they drink their urine. Several of us admitted in the fall.

Student. Would it work the same if you had a low potency of it?

RM: Dr.Eizayaga, when he has these bladder infections and things are not working, he always potentizes the person’s urine. He takes it up to a 6x or something like that and he gives it right back to the person as an acute
So if you are disgusted with the idea and the thought .then you could make a low potency, but I do not know if it would work as well. It is something to be experimented with.Thefeeling and the clarity of mind is unmatched.
I tried juice fasting, water fasting, going without water, and all these things, nothing gave me a clearer mind than urine therapy. It gives you a clear mind. It is an amazing thing, and you will have baby skin-your skin will be as soft and clean, as it was many, many years ago! Now in Europe they inject the urine, right. It is just best to drink it.
It causes polyurea, so if you drink it, you are going to urinate a lot. After the second or third day, your urine is clear as water an there is no taste. It becomes very pale. Unless you are really ----
Student. The Tibetans also use urine therapy.

RM: Right.the Tibetans whole system is based on urine. If you start your urine, you will taste every food that you had the day before. The heavy yogis would go of in the Himalayas where no human being could reach; they could only get there by urine. They would their urine and recycle it, and they would be able to go 30 to 40 days with no water, and just keep recycling their urine. That would keep them alive until they got to some place, and then they would just stay there and meditate until they died.
They use that as a longevity treatment. It is the number one Ayurvedic longevity treatment. These modern ayurvadic people do not want to associate with some of the old treatment, but that was number one. They would drink cow’s urine, mare’s urine-they had urine treatments for everything. Urine packs for mastitis; sore throats-it was a universal remedy for everything.

Student. I have heard urine of pregnant women is effective in weight loss.

RM: HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) has been used to inject it for weight loss, and it came from the urine of pregnant women.
A pregnant women urinated on a certain place on plants, and those plants grew twice the size of other palnts.So pregnant urine will stimulate plant growth, if you have some plants in your house ,put a little bit of urine in there but the pregnant urine is a powerful remedy.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Wow Sajjad...I hope that inspires people to try this therapy. It is remarkable and very effective.
Yesterday, I discovered that an acquaintence in Ireland has terminal bowel cancer. The doctors operated on him and put their hands up and literally gave up. I am going to send the patient some articles on AUT. He has the choice of trying this life saving therapy...
I read in the book on AUT that many cancer patients were cured by this therapy. So I have hopes for this friend of ours.
Anyway, thanks Sajjad for the post you put up. Hope youre trying this ...for long life! Cheers everyone!
crabcanc last decade
No doubt,it is a wonderful therapy.pharmaceutical companies do not promote it because it is totally free and readily available.The patient with terminal cancer should start this therapy without any delay,i hope he will be cured.there are so many cure cases on record.
sajjadakram635 last decade
yes sajjad, I can only hope the best for him...I have faith in this therapy as there have been so many people who have been cured of terminal cancer by trying this therapy.
By the way, whatever happened to justagirl. How are you?
crabcanc last decade

[message deleted by justagirl on Mon, 30 Jan 2012 18:13:21 GMT]
justagirl last decade
Crabcanc is cured of his/her a long standing complaint of insomnia by the use of mighty therapy ‘uropathy’.it can be tried by others for this and various difficult diseases. Every pathy has its value and importance for curing certain diseases. In some religions under certain circumstances, when life is threatened even the meat of dead animals is allowed.one should not hesitate to try a therapy that may help in the hours of need.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Justagirl, all my sympathies are with you.God may bless you with health and happiness.
A day will come when you will be free from depression, insomnia and all such problem.
sajjadakram635 last decade

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