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Dr.Maheeru.....Please Advice

Hi Dr. Maheeru
I have some problems/symptoms for which i need your advice.If you may please advice me, shall be thankful.

Married male 31, Weight 60kg

Pain with feeling of tightness/compressing from internally in the lower back in the area of middle to lower region of the back (around kidney).Pain starts and get worsens after prolonged Sitting, Walking or Standing.

It is not elongated Pain and it does not travel to hips/pelvis/legs. I can easily do Stretching (Knees to chest exercise) and leaning forward and it gives relief and improves back pain. As per Orthopedic Doctor it is muscular pain due to Wrong posture of sitting on chair and advised me pain killers.

2-Pain in HEELS and Pain in Legs(Muscles Calves):
Pain on the bottom/sole (bones) and ending sides of Both Heel. Pain Mostly tarts after prolonged Walking or Standing but it also starts when i get up in the morning without any movement.

There is No swelling/infection on heels.I have done uric acid and other necessary tests and all are Normal.As per Orthopedic Doctor it is Plantar Fasciitis and gives vitamins and pain killers and stretching exercise, but no permanent Improvement.

Now pain (tightness/tiredness) has started in leg calves while climbing Stairs. Orthopedic doctor says it is connected with with Heel Pain. Due to this i feel severe weakness and fatigued even driving becomes very difficult for me.

3-EYES ( Blurred/Glare Vision/ lack of sharpness in Both Eyes ):
Blurred Vision at some normal distance from last some months.
As per Eye Specialist, eyes are dry and dandruff in eyes lashes and advised Artificial tears, i have used them but no effect. Due too this i am having difficulty in daily Car Driving and my daily office work which is completely on laptop.
No hotness, redness, itching or pain in eyes and no secretion from eyes.

Other Symptoms:
-Chronic Bloating & flatulence Problem with Irregular Bowl Movement.
-Excessive Mucus Secretion from Mouth(especially after eating.
-Nostril blockage.
-Hair fall & Itchy Dandruff.
- General Weakness Tiredness,Low energy level Fatigued,Exhausted after little work, not feel fresh even when get up in the morning.

-Very restless nature (Keep going around in office after little work and keep watching mobile etc.)
-Perfectionist Nature.
-Loss/difficult of Concentration.
-Anticipate anxiety/future commitments.
-I am very very talkative and inclined to laugh during talking with jokes.

If you need more information, i will share it. Further, Two months back i I have taken Rhus Tox 1 M and Cyclamen Europaeum 30C for 2 weeks, but no major Improvement in Pains.

Shall be thankful if you may give time and advice me.
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  ahmad88 on 2019-06-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

In a forum setting Dr. title may be avoided.

You can try Ars alb 30c one pill/drop two times a week leaving three or four days between doses for upto eight doses. Over the weeks observe changes and report.
maheeru last year
Hi Maheeru
Thanks for ur prompt advice.

I will take 8 doses of Ars Alb30 with 3 days gap and report back.

Further I forgot to add that from last 1 month i am having 2 Redish balck spots on upper side of my Pubic Region like 1 inch in diameter in which i am having little swelling and Severe dry itching without any puss in it.(just for info..in last month i was in very much stress/anxiety of failure in exams due to my professional exams and also was not eating and getting sleep properly.)

Allopathic dr have prescribed a cream for these spots but so far it is not giving only permamnent relief, and he thought may be it is ingrown hair but he has not even checked it physically.

Kindly also advice for this, because it is very much uncomfortable and having itching and i fear spots may increased .If picture is needed i can send it in your email.

One more remedy that i have taken 2 months back was One dose of Sulphur 200 after cycl 30 but that was for pains.
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ahmad88 last year

You should have ideally included the later information in the first post itself.

I see no change in the medicine after your new information. Ars. alb can also work for your skin issues.

It's rare that I will recommend more than one medicine because of added information---I should feel the need to recommend more than one at a time. I would have merely modified the medicine if there was a need.
maheeru last year
Dear Maheer
I forgot to add in first post thats why added the information in later post.

However as u said that there is no change/addition in remedy, i will take Ars Alb30 and will give u feedback of symptoms.

ahmad88 last year
Dear Dr.Maheeru
Hope u r fine.

i have taken 8 doses of Ars Alb 30 with 3 days gap.

No Improvement in my Pains (Heel Pain with legs and Back Pain).

For Heel pain I have also visited Orthopedic Doctor and done Heel X-Ray and as per Dr my heels were perfectly fine.
Afterwards Dr advised for Detailed NCS (Nerve conduction studies ) and EMG (Electromyography) study. I have also done the same from reputable Neurologist and as per the reports my both heels nerves are fine and all findings are in Normal Range.
Now Orthopedic Doctor is unable to find any reason of Heel Pain and advised pain killers and steroids injections in Heels which in my opinion is not a solution. Even most pain killers are also not giving me relief :(

HEEL Pain Symptoms (updated):
Pain on the outer sides of Both heels starts when get up in the morning with slight pins and needles tingling sensation and slight numbness. From morning feet feels like heavy and hot and with burning sensation and i strongly feel urge to keep feet in ice cold water for relief.

Pain starts in morning and get increased with as time passes and gets worse till night.
Pain specially starts and increased with prolonged standing and even with sitting on chair.
There is No swelling/infection on heels.I have done uric acid and other necessary tests and all are Normal.
Stretching exercise, and massage with ICE gives relief but no permanent Improvement.

------Due to heels pain i am having Severe Weakness, Tiredness,Fatigued, and Exhausted when i reach home at night from office and then i am unable to do any home task and get sleep.------

NO Improvement in pain (tightness/tiredness) of leg calves while climbing Stairs.

NO Improvement in back pain which gets starts after 10 mins of bad posture and also starts specially after prolonged Standing of only 1 hour.

I have not noticed Improvement in EYES ( Blurred/Glare Vision/ lack of sharpness in Both Eyes from some normal distance.)

NO Improvement in Bloating and flatulence and still having Irregular Bowl Movement.
For skin i have also used a cream and it has improved.

Kindly Advice me Specially for Heel Pain and Back pain, due to which my daily life is very much disturbed and allopathic dr are only relying on Pain killers.If you any further information i shall be pleased to write.

THANKS For Your Time and Advice.
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ahmad88 last year
Did you check for sciatica and or Vertebral disc issues?

Take Thuja 30c one pill/drop two times per day for four days.

If this improves pain, you need not follow the below suggestion else try this after 10 days have passed from the last thuja dose.

Take Ars. alb. 200c, repeat doses with a gap of 5 days.
maheeru 11 months ago
hi Dr. Maheeru
Thanks for advice.

I have also checked for back pain in the recent visit to the orthopedic, and he told that my Back pain is not elongated pain/Sciatica Pain as it does not travel to hips/pelvis/legs also it is also not a continuous pain all the day.

And due to the fact that I can easily do Stretching exercise(Knees to chest) and can lean forward towards feet. So As per Orthopedic Doctor it is muscular pain due to Wrong posture of sitting on chair and only advised me pain killers.

Back Pain symptoms is like feeling of tightness/compressing in the area of middle to lower region of the back (around kidney). Pain mostly starts after prolonged Sitting & Standing.

Heel Pain with Leg Calves Pain;
Just to inform you that First there was only Heels pain but with passage of time Pain has also started in leg Calves area.As per Orthopedic the legs/calves pain is due to heels pain but it is not Sciatica Pain.

I am worried that pains are not going away completely, despite having all x-rays/checkups/test/pain killers:(

I am having blurred/glare vision due to which i am having difficulty in car driving.Kindly also suggest for this.
Thanks for giving time to my case.
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ahmad88 11 months ago
Ok, no change in the suggestion.
maheeru 11 months ago
Dr.Maheer thanks for reply.
I have started Thuja 30. Will report back soon.

ahmad88 11 months ago
Dear Dr.Maheeru
I have taken Thuja 30 for 4 days and now 1 week has passed.I just want to update here.

1- No Improvement in Heel Pain. But burning sensation in feet and pain starting intensity when get up in the morning time has been minor reduced. But pain gradually increases with the routine movements in the day.
2- No Improvement in Back pain.

3- Having severe Bloating (very tight tummy) with severe Flatulence (Foul Smell). Bowl Movement is very bad , stool passing after every 2 days, feels constipated. Blisters on tongue (Now a days i am not in any stress/anxiety).
4- Still Blurred Vision even at some normal distance.

Checkup Update:

In this week i also visited an other senior Orthopedic Doctor for Heels and back pain. He did X-ray of both Heels and back.

Heels Pain:
As per Orthopedic Doctor there is no issue/problem in joint or bone of Both Heels and there is no heel spur. Dr told that it is Plantar Fasciitis and stated that pain is due to stiffness in Muscles and Deficiency of minerals and Vitamin-D , therefore prescribed some stretching exercises of feets and Calves and vitamin D, multivitamin tablet along with one painkillers.

Back Pain:
As per Orthopedic Doctor, there is no issue/problem/symptom of sciatica or Disc issue. As there is no issue in back X-ray. He mentioned that back pain is due to bad posture and muscular pain and therefore just prescribed some stretching exercises.

Please guide, should i proceed towards Ars Alb 200?
Specifically Due to Heels pain i am unable to walk and unable to do my routine & office work and i feel very much painful and fatigued. And pain killer is very temporary solution. However i have started exercises.
Thanks for your advice.
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ahmad88 11 months ago
Yes do take Ars. alb 200.
maheeru 11 months ago
Ok Dr.Maheeru
Will update u after taking Ars alb 200.

ahmad88 11 months ago
Hi Dr.Maheeru

I have taken 4 Doses of Ars.Album 200, but there is No Improvement in my Heel Pain and Back pain and other symptoms(Bloating, Flatulence, and constipation and Blurred Vision).

Having severe Heel Pain which starts even without much movement from morning.Further Back pain starts just with a 30min. standing and with just a bad posture.

Kindly advice.
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ahmad88 10 months ago
Take Pulsatilla 1M three doses, every dose 10 days apart.

After pulsatilla third dose, leaving four days gap, take Cyclamen 30 one dose per day for four to five days.

Keep me posted about the changes.
maheeru 10 months ago
Thanks Dr. Maheeru for prompt advice.

I am observing my symptoms so will keep you posted about changes.
ahmad88 10 months ago
Hi dr.maheer
I have taken pulsatilla 1M 3 doses as u said but observe no improvement, however, once i started Cyclamen 30 after pulsatilla, i felt improvement in heel pain. Now i am observing pain in my heels especially and will update u including other symptoms in a few days.

Further from yesterday I am having Sorethroat with Pain in throat, pain while swallowing and light fever.
It may be due to Vinega/chilli souce in a soup taht i took or may be due to cold drinking water as Weather is getting cold. Please advice me for Fast relief and avoidance from antibiotic.

Thanks for ur time.
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ahmad88 8 months ago
Take Bell. 30 two doses per day till this sore throat episode improves significantly(stop after 4 to 5 days)----if still problem persists you may take conventional medicine along with cyclamen.

Continue Cyclamen 30 [two doses per day] for next two weeks. You can resume Cyclamen after three or four days.
maheeru 8 months ago
Thanks Dr.Maheeru for advice.I have started Belladona 30 and shall take Cyclamen 30 as per advice.

I also want to add some following further symptoms that started from today morning:
-greenish secretion from throat;
-Pain in throat has increased even without swallowing;
-Hoarse Voice;
-Feverish feeling with weakness;
-FLU with watery nose and sneezing.

Considering above, if there is any other addition in remedy required, plz advice (i can arrange easily from nearby homeostore), in the meanwhile i am taking Belladona 30.
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ahmad88 8 months ago
Ok if the same symptoms continue despite 6 doses of Bell, you could try Merc. sol 200 doses.
maheeru 8 months ago
Thanks dr.maheeru
I am taking Belladona 30 twice a day and also have taken one dose of Merc.Sol 200 in afternoon.

Thanks,I am feeling improvement in fever and and secretion. But still currently have following symptoms:
-pain in throat while swallowing
-loss of appetite,
-watery nose with Nasal Congestion,
-Fatigue and severe Body aches and due to these i am unable to sleep properly at night.

Further some days ago i cut my right Foot Toe Nail from corner more than required. So therafter puss filled in outer side of toe nail corner. I took antibiotic and wear open toe shoes, but it has not cured yet.
Skin is redish, painful,light swollen and Puss comes out with pressure. Plz also advice for this also, as walking is very painful.

For flu I will keep continue Belladona 30c for 4-5 days.
How many doses of Merc.Sol 200 should be taken?
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ahmad88 8 months ago
Take Bell. 30 four times per day for next two to three days. Until then take merc. once or twice a day, and when you finish Bell., move to merc 200 thrice daily for a few days till significant relief.

Put Cyclamen on hold till you finish merc. sol and this acute resolves.
maheeru 8 months ago
Thanks Dr.Maheeru for reply.

I hope the Bell 30 and Merc 200 will also cover Feet Toe nail puss issue.Will update u.

Yes i am holding cyclamen as u adviced.

[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-10-16 20:22:13]
ahmad88 8 months ago
Was there feet toe nail pus issue when you posted earlier? Or was it my oversight? I do not remember seeing that point. Please do not add any new info. to an old post. There is a risk that I may not see it.

Bell could work for pus. Let's see.
maheeru 8 months ago
Dear Dr.Maheeru
I mentioned the feet toe nail issue in just my last post. In future i will add new info in new post.

I am taking Bell 30 and Merc 200 and feeling Improvement in Sore throat and flu symptoms.

I also want to update that now from today Severe pain has started in that feet and i am having very painful walk.As i have taken Bell 30 for almost 4 days but it seems that feet issue is not being cured by Bell and Merc. Kindly advice.

[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-10-17 20:25:45]
ahmad88 8 months ago
Dear Dr.Maheeru
Feet toe puss nail issue is not going away.

Puss filled in outer side of toe nail corner.  
Skin is dark redish, painful,light swollen and puss comes out with pressure. NOW sever pain has syarted and walking is becoming very painful Allopathic dr suggets antibiotic despite the fact that for this issue i have already taken antibiotic:(.

As i have taken Bell 30 for approx 4 days and my flu and sore throat symptoms are Improving But this problem is not going away.

Kindly advice me for this.
Thanks and regards
ahmad88 8 months ago

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