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Thanks Dear Maheeru for reply.
I will take 3-4 cyclamen 200 doses with a 2 day gap and will report u back. Rightnow heel pain has reoccured and also having legs pain just after using stairs.

Further i will take 2 more doses of cocculus 200 with a gap of 1 week.Still having heaviness in head with dizziness and light nausea which mainly starts from head movement while offering prayer i.e. Namaz, lift jerks, revolving chair back /forth movement and up/down body movement involving Head movement. If any change in remedy for Heaviness in head is required, please advice.

Further please also advice for lower back pain, pain starts with just 30mins walking/standing.

Just for info that I am not taking any kind of painkiller or any other homoe or allopathic except advised by you.

Thanks and regards
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ahmad88 6 months ago
Let's see if Cyclamen improves all pain related symptoms else Berberis is likely to help pain related symptoms.

Cocculus if it improves you can continue a few more doses giving a gap of 7 to 10 days. If not either a new one for this or if there is one medicine that could cover both set of symptoms.
maheeru 6 months ago
Dear Maheeru
Thanks for detail reply.
Just to update that today i used electric lift in a shopping mall and afterwards i felt severe heaviness in head with dizziness.

However i will take Cocculus 200 the way u prescribed and will report back.

Further i will take cyclamen 200 for heel, legs and back pain and will note changes.

Much thanks and regards.
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ahmad88 6 months ago
Dear Maheeru
I have taken next dose of Cocculus 200 with a week gap. Shall update u.

Further I am having sore throat from yeterday, due to eating ice cream and drinking cold water and winter season and having following symptoms:
-Pain in throat while swallowing with greenish secretion.
-flu with secretions from nose.
-fever with pain in body

Kinldy advice some fast acting remedy advice for above
In past I have took belladona 30 on ur advice for sorethroat but it took 3-4 days for complete relief, so plz advice what u feel right for fast relief.

Shall be thankful
Thanks and regards
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ahmad88 6 months ago
You could take Calc. carb 30. Take two doses per day for four days. While you are taking this stop others. If this improves your motion sickness well enough you need not take Cocculus later.
maheeru 6 months ago
Dear Maheeryu
Thanks for reply.

Just after posting here i start taking Belladona 30 ( took 5 doses so far) as i got relief in past on ur advice.And now my sorethroat is much improved, pain in throat is very much reduced.

But Flu is severe with sneezing, runny nose,headach & body aches, fatigue and light fever.

I just saw ur post, so i am stoping Belladona 30 now and will take Calc Carb 30 as u prescribed.

Will observe changes in my motion sickness issue also and report back.

Much Thanks for ur advices and time.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-02-05 14:47:56]
ahmad88 6 months ago
Hi Dear Maheeru
I have taken Calc Carb 30 for 4 days before that i took 5 doses of Belladona 30.

My sore throat, fever and Flu has been Improved from ur advice and without taking any Antibiotic medicine.THANKS

However, from yesterday just after recovery from flu and fever, i have got COLD SORE/FEVER BLISTER on the outer corner of left nostril ( i.e. on the upper side of lips between nose and lips). And size of blister is noticeable. Kindly advice for this.

Further, i am having severe body aches specifiaclly aches/pain/fatigues in legs for due to this i am feeling very tired and fatigued.
HEEL pain is also there, and also feeling light burning sensation in feets from last 2 days. I have arranged Cyclamen 200.

Please advice.
Regards and THANKS.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-02-11 06:22:01]
ahmad88 6 months ago
Cold sores post fever can go away, if not you could try Nat mur 6x tissue salt for a few days.

You could continue Calc carb for a few days more if you have benefits.

Else leave a small gap and move to cyclamen and or Berb.

How are the motion sickness symptoms?
maheeru 5 months ago
Thanks Dear Maheeru for reply.

Will take Nat Mur 6x salt for 3 days for complete recovery.

Yes i feel benefit in flu and sorethroat from Cal Carb 30. But No improvement in Heel and legs pain/fatigue.

I am also observing motion sickness, and again on yesterday after a gap of 2 weeks,i felt heaviness in head with light dizziness alongwith difficulty in balance. I will further take Calc carb 30 for more 3 days and will observe changes.

Further, i was having again blurred vision from last 4 weeks, i visited 2 time to a senior eye specialist for a detailed checkup, and he told that there is no issue in eyes except dryness and just prescribe 0.5 negative eyeglasses. But my vision is not good i feel blurred and shaded vision in a very small distance.Kindly consider this problem.

Can i also start taking Cyclamen 200 especially for heel & legs pain as these pains are hindering my daily routine movememt?

Regards and thanks
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-02-15 19:04:46]
ahmad88 5 months ago
Yes try Cyclamen after calc. or if the heel pain is severe along with it. I have talked about Cycl and Berb. already in a couple of posts in relation to this problem, please follow the posts.
maheeru 5 months ago
Thanks dear maheeru for reply.

I have taken calc carb 30 for 3 more days, however have not felt further changes. Today still having heaviness in head.

Further today heel pain is very much severe alongwith fatigue in legs (i was unable to sleep at night due to Heels pain and legs fatigue intensity), i will take cyclamen 200 and shall report u back after few doses.If berberis q can be taken alongwith this for more relief plz let me know, i have already arranged that.

With regard to heaviness in head issue, I have noted that after physical and mental work i feel very exhausted and start feeling heaviness in head alongwith headache, and also whenever i come outside in cold wind i get start headache and heaviness in head alongwith nausea headache.
First i was in doubt that it may be due to EYESIGHT issue but after checkups its .50 negative and is fine, but i still feel that heaviness may be due to eyesight issue because it is taking pressure to see while driving that is not normal, i am just taking normal drops to avoid eye dryness.

UPDATED : Today i.e.Wednesday, again having balance issue, having difficulty in retaining balance alongwith nausea feeling but not vomiting. Movement aggravates this issue.

Kindly also advice for heaviness in head and balance issue. Plz also let me know if further info i required.

Regards and thanks
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-02-19 14:23:07]
ahmad88 5 months ago
Hi dear Maheeru
I hope u r busy.Please advice once u come back and saw my posts.

Right now i am taking cyclamem 200 daily from last 7 days for heels pain. This gives some releif after taking but pain reoccurs with same intensity very next day and even sometime pain starts on the same day with some little walk or standing.
Heel pain is very much severe alongwith in legs (most of the time i am unable to sleep at night due to Heels pain and legs fatigue intensity).Please let me know If Berberis q can be taken alongwith Cyclamen 200 for more relief plz let me know. PLEASE note that i have done Uric Acid test and there is no issue of Uric acid as test is Negative.

Further today again after almost 2 weeks i am having feeling severe heaviness in head, alongwith difficulty in balance and headache and Nausea feeling.Movement aggravates this specific issue.

Please advice for Heels and legs pain , back pain and heaviness in hea issue. Please let me know if further info is required.

Regards and thanks
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-03-03 12:21:22]
ahmad88 5 months ago
Yes you may add Berberis Q to deal with the heel pain.
maheeru 5 months ago
Dear Maheeru
Thanks for ur prompt advice.

Could u please also advice for the issue of heaviness in head alongwith headache and balance issue specifically after taking elctric lifts in office. I am having difficulty in daily life.

As per thorough checkup with Eye Dr my eyesight has No issue, but i am consistently having blurred vision even at some normal distane.

Further i am again having dry itching on chest and around legs, thighs and pubic area and itching is leaving permamnent Black spots of 1 inch, this issue was earlier identified by skin specialist as Lichen Planus and had presribed certain creams. BUT this issue has again reoccured 3rd time in a year. KINDLY also prescribe for this as this is continuosuly leaving marks.

ahmad88 5 months ago
Ho dear Maheeru

From last week I have started Berberis Q (very bitter taste:(.

Have also taking Cyclamen 200 from last 2 weeks one dose daily, but heel pain & fatigue alongwith legs pain/fatigue is still there. Further also having back pain.

Kindly advice for pains and skin issue posted in earlier post.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-03-13 20:16:29]
ahmad88 5 months ago
How are you taking Berberis? Take upto 8 drops in 100ml of water, stir the solution and take most of the solution as a dose---you can do this twice daily.
maheeru 5 months ago
Thanks dear Maheeru for reply.

As u prescribed earlier I am taking 7 drops of Berbeis Q in around 100ml water twice a day.

Please advice, after heel pain i feel severe fatigue and pain in my Feets alongwith legs.

Thankd and regards.
ahmad88 5 months ago

Try cyclamen 200 twice for a few days or upto a week to see if it helps more for heel related issues otherwise come back ....will suggest you another powerful medicine in it's place to work with such sensitivity of heels. This would be a long journey because you have complex set of symptoms. So if some other symptoms like skin does not improve in the immediate vicinity, bear with that. We'll come to them later.
maheeru 5 months ago
Thanks Dear Maheery for prompt and kind advice.

I shall take cyclamen 200 for one week 2 doses per day alongwith berberis q and shall report back after 10 days.

Skin issue is still there , its leaving marks, but yes we can postponed that, because my Heel and related Feet and legs pain is my priority. And still also have back pain:(

Currently having severe fatigue and pain in both heels and feets, and once it starts i continuously stretch my feet and massage them very hard:( to feel relax. I also feel severe fatigue and weakness in legs while climbing stairs.

Thanks again for ur advice and time. I will observe symptoms in detail and will report feed back.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-03-15 16:12:46]
ahmad88 4 months ago
Hi Dear Maheeru.
I have taken Cyclamen 200 for 1 week and currently observing heel pain but have taken Berberis q only once a day. I am observing symptoms and will report u back after some days.

Currently please advice me, i am very worried , i suspect that i may having early stage CORONA-VIRUS Symptoms ( i am from Punjab of Pak.). I am having following prelevant symptoms from last 2 days:

1-Main Symptom is Feeling feverish like 100F and body also feels hot like feverish ( BUT as per thermometer there is no fever i.e. temperature is around 97F-98F noted various time in last 2 days)

2-Mild Headache continuous (may be due to tension of corona symptoms )

3-Mild Burning eyes.

4-Mild Body aches, Tiredness and fatigue that makes me to lie down and rest.

5-Difficulty in Breathing (the reason may be due to nasal blockage as one nostril seems blocked.As i have to take breath with more than normal pressure.

6-Passing soft stool 2 time in a day.
7-Frequent Urination than normal.
8-Loss of appetite and thrust.
9-Severe Anxiety due to above symptoms.

No diarrhea yet.
No sore throat yet.
No loss of smell/taste.
No flu.
No sneezing (or very little sneezing 3 or 4 in a days)
No dry/wet coughing yet.
No runny nose.
Difficulty in falling asleep due to anxiety /worry that i may have corona and i feel that i am in early stage of Corona.

I have taken Paracetamol tablets only for more prelevant symptoms i.e. Headache, body aches and feverish feeling but have not felt any permanent Improvement yet.

Kindly advice and anything else to strengthen immune system.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-03-31 19:42:03]
ahmad88 4 months ago
I'm pretty much tied up ahmad and won't be available for some days. Please see if you can locate a capable homeopath close by to treat if this is corona.
maheeru 4 months ago
Dear maheeru
Thanks for ur reply.

Clinics are closed due to lockdown and further there is no good homeopath in my nearby.Whenever u have time in these days i would appreciate ur advice

Mainly i am having feverish feeling with hot body (fever upto 98F), body aches and tirdeness/weakness is, till now alongwith anxiety/fear of corona.

[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-04-01 14:40:37]
ahmad88 4 months ago
You could try Ars alb 200. If it does not work and I'm not available you could take help outside.
maheeru 4 months ago
Dear Maheeru

Thanks for ur reply.I have taken 1 dose of Ars Alb 200 as adviced

However, therafter upon ur suggestion that u may not be available for some days and may not follow up so i craeted another thread for my current suspected symptom of coronavirud and requested Anuj for advice, Anuj adviced some remedies and i just give him feedback.

Thanks for your kind support, i was about to post my legs and heel pain feedback but my current new symptoms has given me body aches and also severly affected legs and heels pain. Will update you about legs and heels pain once current symptoms comes to normal.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-04-04 06:51:07]
ahmad88 4 months ago
One dose[Ars Alb] may not be enough. Try to take two times a day for four days.

Why you stopped Berb V? Any problem?
maheeru 4 months ago
I noticed late that you have started Bry and Gels with Anuj. In that case stay with one person and one advice till this clears up.
maheeru 4 months ago

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