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Dear Maheeru
As advised, I have taken 4 more doses of Lachesis 200 with one week gap and 5 days has passed since last 4th dose.

I am not having Burning sensation in chest though was in exams stress.First some days of taking Lachesis 200 the bowl movement was feels good.

But No major Improvement in Bloating, still feel bloated very tight tummy after eating any meal and also having Flatulence. Bowl Movement is not very good, first portion of stool is dry.

No improvement in Severe Heel pains as it has again started from last some days along with associated severe tiredness/ in feets even without any prolong walk/standing. The pain is so much severe this time that i am unable to walk properly and also having associated pain in Leg Calves.

No improvement in Severe Back pain.

No improvement in Whitish foamy secrteion from mouth and Nasal Bloackge.

No Improvemwnt in Skin Issue (Lichen Planus) having itching on stomach, neck, chest and legs), which left dark black spots of 1-2cm approx. Skin doctor prescribed Atarax tablets which keeps me sleepy all the day, but it helps in itching.The itching gets worse in anxiety and stress and with warm air of room heater.

Plz advice especially for Heel pain & leg calves pain and Back pais issue.

If u need further explanation plz let me know.I shall be pleased to provide.
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ahmad88 8 months ago
Ok resume Cyclamen 30 dosage one dose per day. If this is not adequate(in relieving back and heel pain) move to two times per day. You might stop Lachesis.
maheeru 7 months ago
Thanks Dear Maheeru for advice.
I have stopped Lachesis 200 and will start Cyclamen 30 and will report u back changes after some days.

Though bloating is very severe but I assume that we will deal Bloating and other issues later.

Thanks for ur time.
ahmad88 7 months ago
Dear Maheeru,

I have taken Cyclamen 30 one time daily for 7 days and have seen some minor improvement in heel pain but no improvement in legs calves pain , however i will take 2 times per day after few days and will update further.

In the meantime, i want to share that from last some weeks i am suddenly suffering form severe Premature Ejaculation (though i am married from last 2 years).

The issue was mainly started in last month during my Exams days, when i was taking so much tension/pressure for my exams, though i am in a good job but this exams will give me a promotion in job, so i was very much worried that if i get failed, i will not be promoted. During worriness in exam days i was having following symptoms(approximately same symptoms i feel in anxiety/tension):
-Frequent urination;
-severe excess gas & some loose motion;
-feverish body temperature
-difficulty in falling asleep due to constant worriness in mind of exams.
-loss of appetite and thirst
-severe skin itching on legs, hand palms and chest etc.

Now currently i am suffering from premature ejaculation (unable to delay ejaculation even sometime without arousal), feel feverish when aroused and having severe weakness after sex.

Kindly suggest for this issue.
Shall be thankful
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ahmad88 7 months ago
Will come back to your sexual system a little later.

Try a few doses of Pulsatilla ---need not be 1M could be 30c or 200c. Then continue cyclamen doses. If 30c is not adequate, use 200c of cyclamen.
maheeru 7 months ago
Dear Maheeru
Thanks for advice. I will take 5 doses of Pulsatilla 200 daily one dose and thereafter will take Cyclamen 200 doses and will update.

Right now may heel pain is reoccuring and i am having severe pain and also having legs pain whenever i use stairs i feel like not have not energy in legs calves etc.

Further there is back pain that gets starts with standing or walking.

If any change in doses of 2 remedies is required , then plz let me know.
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ahmad88 7 months ago
After puls. 200, resume cyclamen 30c. If cyclamen 30c is not adequate then you can move to cyclamen 200c.
maheeru 7 months ago
Thanks Dear Maheeru
I have arranged Puls 200 and will follow the adviced protocol of remedies and will report back.

ahmad88 7 months ago
Dear Dr.Maheeru
Thanks for your time.I am taking Puls 200 and have taken 4 doses still now, but there is no further Improvement in my Heel, leg calves and back pain. However i will take 2 more doses of Puls 200 and will take cyclamen 30 as u advised and will report back.

I further i want to take advice of an urgent issue. A few days before Punjab Area was struck by a earthquake, that time i was in my office and our building swing due to this and from that time i am having following symptoms which are still there:
-Heaviness in head with headache. (Head movement aggravates symptoms, Feeling something is moving in head with head movement)
-loss of balance;
-Disrupted equilibrium,
-Nausea feeling:
-Motion sickness (i have a history of motion sickness also.),
-Use of electrical lifts severely escalates the symptoms, as lift Jerks cause serious Nausea and motion sickness

Yesterday these above symptoms get so worse that i was unable to stand and sit in office and fell down, i visited to ENT specialist he just prescribed Serc 8mg, Sleeping pills and Grevante tablets, but despite taking these medicines there is No improvemnet.

Since many days has passed after earthquake Currently still i am having all above mentioned symptoms, especially feeling they i am experiencing an earthquake/swing etc. even sitting on a revolving chair feels me like i am swinging/earthquake.

I have noted BP during aboce symptoms and BP is normal 120/80.

Kindly prescribe for this issue , due to this i am on leaves from office and unable to move and restricting my movement,
Much Thanks
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ahmad88 7 months ago
Puls or Cyclamen in isolation are not likely to show results. They have to work in tandem to see visible results. But we have another pressing task---let's deal this acute issue arising out of earthquake and swinging. Try Cocculus 30c for some days. Twice a day for a few days.
maheeru 7 months ago
Thanks Maheeru for detail reply.
I shall take Cyclmem 30 after puls200.
And shall also take cocculus 30 for few days and get back to u.

ahmad88 7 months ago
For now go with cocculus first and hold other 2.
maheeru 7 months ago
Dear Maheeru
I have started cocculus 30c and not taking other 2 as prescribed.
Will report back after few days.
Thanks for ur time
ahmad88 7 months ago
Hi Dear Maheeru
I am taking only cocculus 30 from last 3 days two time a day.

I am feeling minor improvement in loss of balance symptom but still having following symptoms:
-Severe Heaviness in head and Headache alongwith light Dizziness (Mostly with motion/ movement and with Head movement i.e. while passing on up and down in roads in car and when i move fastly back and forth in a room it feels that something is moving in head)
-get loss of balance feeling especially while on revolving chair and with mild jerks of electric lift
-motion sickness gives nausea like feeling.

Further this winter is getting very tough for me, as a matter of fact i dont like winter season as its tough for me.In this winter, i get Severe Headache with Nausea whenever i go outside in opem air even for short time. Then I usually take Grevenate for Nausea and Panadol for Headache.

Moreover, still having severe heel pain even when get up in the morning i.e. without standig and walking.

Kindly advice.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-01-11 17:27:15]
ahmad88 6 months ago
If you have finished atleast 5 doses of 30c move to 200c. Once or twice a day based on tolerance and relief levels.
maheeru 6 months ago
Thanks Dear Maheeru for reply.
Will take cocculus 200 one dose daily for 5 days and will report back.

Can i take now Cyclamen 30 one dose daily while taking cocclus 200 one dose?
As i am having severe pain and tiredness in heels and it gets start in the morning and get severe with pasage of time till night.

Unfortunately all the symptoms i have reported to you till now, do not have complete solution in allopathy, so i report u all these symptoms in very detail.And therefore i am much greatful to u for giving time to my case and advising me.

[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-01-12 12:13:17]
ahmad88 6 months ago
Ok if cycl. 30 does not give much relief[heel and leg pain], you can use Berberis vulgaris Q 7 drops in half a cup of water two times per day for a few weeks.
maheeru 6 months ago
Thanks Dear Maheeru for ur time and kind prompt reply. Will follow advice and report back.

Before moving to Cocculus 200 I want to further update that though i am having Improvement in loss of balance, but still i am having Heaviness alongwith Dizziness in head whenever i offer prayer (i am Muslim), that involve movement towards & upward from ground and also same while sitting on revolving chair due to chairs back and forth movement of backside i feel that something in head is moving or feeling heavy.

I have noted that just right after taking last 3 doses(total 8 doses so far) of Cocculus 30 i felt heaviness in my head with dizziness.
So should i move towards cocculus 200 potency?

[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-01-13 12:38:21]
ahmad88 6 months ago
Yes cocculus 200 should be used before we look for another option.

You could make the gap between any two cocc.200 doses to four days instead of taking once or twice a day. Then for later doses once in a week.
maheeru 6 months ago
Thanks Dear Maheeru for reply. Will take Cocculus 200 with 4 days gap and will also take one dose daily of Cycl 30 and report back after few days.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-01-14 06:00:12]
ahmad88 6 months ago
Dear Maheeru

Just to update that last night i have taken one dose of Cocculus 200. However, today at noon i again having heaviness in head with dizziness alongwith very mild nausea.The heaviness aggravates with movement on moving chair, with lift jerks and with up down body or head movement and while passing on road bumps in car driving etc.

Right now I am taking daily one dose at night of Cyclamen 30 and just heel pain (not leg pain) intensity seems reducing but i am constantly observing pain and will report back about pains.

Kindly advice further , i am very worried due to this issue and plz let me know if u need more information as i may be missing some information that i should note.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-01-16 18:21:53]
ahmad88 6 months ago

The heaviness, dizziness nausea after cocculus dose---similar to what you had post earth quake[or in the past] or they are different from what you had already?

Hold the next dose after 4th day--if need be can be taken after a week.
maheeru 6 months ago
Dear Maheeru
The heaviness and dizziness after cocculus 200 dose is NOT as such exactly as i was feeling after earthquake. Because after earthquake i was having severe swinging/loss of balance type feeling alongwith severe Dizziness that i was completly unable to stand.

However now a days and after cocculus dose its now heaviness in head with dizziness(not so severe as it was after earthquake) and light nausea. The symptoms gets starts and severe with earthquake and with lift jerks and up/down body movement involving Head movement.

Just to add that I also gets heaviness and dizziness alongwith mild nausea when i sit in back seats of Car i.e.when my vision is blocked or when i sit in opposite direction in Van/train etc.(that i must have to sit the direction in which car/train is goin). So these symptoms also get starts otherthan earthquake. I relate these to motion or movement related thing that gives me these symptoms .

Just for information In the past i was also having lightheadedness problem but that was not related to earthquake or movement.

I am observing more closely and will update if noted further symptoms clarity.


Thanks For ur time for my case.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-01-17 04:28:45]
ahmad88 6 months ago
Hi dear maheeru
It is to update that i have taken 2nd dose of Cocculus 200 after a gap of 1 week and this time there was no heaviness in head just after taking dose.

However, have not completly cure from heaviness in head with dizziness and light nausea. The symptoms still get start & aggravates with lift jerks, revolving chair back /forth movement and up/down body movement involving Head movement.

Further i have taken 8 doses of cyclamen 30, i have felt minor improvement just while taking this, but it REOCCURS, after some day, so may i move to Berberis Q ? <br>&lt;br&gt;

Further plz also advice for my lower back pain, which is still there?

[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-01-28 06:58:50]
ahmad88 6 months ago
Before moving to Berb v try Cyclamen 200. Cyclamen also has the picture of motion sickness in it's pathology. We'll see if this improves woes associated with head movement.
maheeru 6 months ago
Thanks Dear Maheeru for reply.
I will take 3-4 cyclamen 200 doses with a 2 day gap and will report u back. Rightnow heel pain has reoccured and also having legs pain just after using stairs.

Further i will take 2 more doses of cocculus 200 with a gap of 1 week.Still having heaviness in head with dizziness and light nausea which mainly starts from head movement while offering prayer i.e. Namaz, lift jerks, revolving chair back /forth movement and up/down body movement involving Head movement. If any change in remedy for Heaviness in head is required, please advice.

Further please also advice for lower back pain, pain starts with just 30mins walking/standing.

Just for info that I am not taking any kind of painkiller or any other homoe or allopathic except advised by you.

Thanks and regards
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ahmad88 6 months ago

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