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Dear Dr.Maheeru
Feet toe puss nail issue is not going away.

Puss filled in outer side of toe nail corner.  
Skin is dark redish, painful,light swollen and puss comes out with pressure. NOW sever pain has syarted and walking is becoming very painful Allopathic dr suggets antibiotic despite the fact that for this issue i have already taken antibiotic:(.

As i have taken Bell 30 for approx 4 days and my flu and sore throat symptoms are Improving But this problem is not going away.

Kindly advice me for this.
Thanks and regards
ahmad88 last year
Dear Dr.Maheeru

My feet toe puss is still there and now that feet has started pain amd i am having very much difficulty in walking.

Toe Skin is redish,light swollen and Puss comes out with pressure.
I have taken Bell 30 for almost 4 days and Merc 200 for 2 days and my sore throat and Flu symptoms are Improving but this issue is still there.

Plz also advice for this issue.
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ahmad88 last year
Dear Dr.Maheeru

Feet toe nail puss has not cured yet and now severe pain has started in this feet.

Skin is redish, painful,light swollen and Puss comes out with pressure

I am feeling improvement in Sore throat and Flu symptoms.

Plz advice for feet issue.
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ahmad88 last year
If fever is there continue Bell., else stop it.

Continue Merc for a few days more.

Also get a medicine Myristica 3C. Take three pills/drops from this thrice daily for a week or a little more till the feet pain improves.

Please leave out the dr. title for anyone including myself when you post on this forum. Thanks.
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maheeru last year
Hi dr.maheeru
It seems that there are some technical issue on web,as ur latests post on my forum is not appearing to me.

ahmad88 last year
Yes ahmad88 there is a display problem. This thread has suffered a lot because the posts were posted during the blackout period during the server upgrade.

If you have an email alert from day before y'day you can view all the missing messages by visiting the thread from that alert.

Or if you can view this post, I'm copying the last relevant message for you:

"If fever is there continue Bell ., else stop it.

Continue Merc. for a few days more.

Also get a medicine Myristica 3C (not 30c) . Take three pills/drops from this thrice daily for a week or a little more till the feet pain improves significantly.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-10-18 20:23:33]
maheeru last year
Hi Dear Maheeru
Due to some technical issue i was unable to see ur posts even from email notifications.

I have taken bell 30 for 5 days and now there is no Fever, just have nose blockage with secretion from throat. However as per ur advice i will take Merc 200 for some more days.
Thanks for ur advices as this time i just recovered from flu and sorethroat without taking antibiotic.

Further Due to reason i dont see ur latest post i started pain killer for feet pain and now there is no pain in feet, but the skin around nail has some puss and has not compelety dried yet and also that especific area has some sweeet type pain.
So should i take now Myrostica 3C? Further 3C potency is not avaialble there.
FURTHER may i start now Cyclamen 30 as my heel pain seems to be reoccuring?

Plz advice
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-10-20 14:41:42]
ahmad88 last year
If 3C is not available, get 6c or 30c. 6C use in the same way as 3C, if 30c twice daily. (myristica)

Please wait a few days for cyclamen.
maheeru last year
Dear Maheeru

I have arranged & started Myristica 30 from today.Will update u after taking for 3-5 days.

[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-10-21 17:06:06]
ahmad88 last year
Ok. Definitely take for 5 days unless the problem is resolved totally before that.
maheeru last year
Dear Maheeru

It is to update u that i have taken Myrestica 30 for 2 days (4 doses) as of now and continue.

Today pain has started in rigt feet toe nail and in Feet while walking.

The feet issue is not ingrown nail, actually while cutting nails i mistakenly overcut toe nail from corner and also cut outer skin around nail corner , then there starts puss. But as of now there is no Puss but skin is still redish and painful and toe nail have pain.

Plz advice.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-10-23 10:55:58]
ahmad88 last year
Yes continue myristica for a few more days.

Feet pain related to toe nail or the previous heel pain?
maheeru last year
Dear maheeru

The pain is not related to heel pain, i assume it is link to feet toe pain issue as the pain is in the toe finger and middle of feet while walking.

I am feeling improvemet in heel pain since i have taken Cyclamen 30 but still i am observing heel pain as it has reocuured in last week but intensity is low. I will update u regarding this once the toe finger issue compelety resolved.

Stomach issue:
From last some days i was having bloating. Howeved, from yesterday night the symptoms gets worse and i am having following symptoms:
severe bloating i.e. very tight tummy ,
severe tightness in chest area right under centre of chest under ribs
severe Flatulence and some burps. Severe Headache (as in Nausea eyc.)
Irregular Bowl movements.

I took ulsanic surup , motilium and risek 40mg tablets.But no major improvement.

There is so much flatulence even while sleeping at night.I have not talen any fast food or deep fried oily food.
This stomach problem is with me from last some years but just reoccured.kindly also advice for this

Update 25 Oct:
Feet toe outer skin is still Redish and due to peel off skin on toe has become thin. Still Having pain in toe as nail press into skin while walking.
Stomach issue alao still there despite having above said stomach medicines.

Plz advice.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-10-25 13:05:26]
ahmad88 last year
Stop myristica if you have taken it for more than 5 days.

Let symptoms settle and give an update after a few days.
maheeru last year
Dear Maheeru
Thanks for reply.
Will complete today 5 days of Myrestica 30 and will update in few days.

In the meanwhile can u please advice for stomach issue, as from last some days i am continuously having dull pain in just below ribs in the very upper portion of Stomach, as some thing is stuck/trapped here like a knot or a ball which i understand is gas, which causing difficulty in breath also.And also having Severe Bloating but Gas is not passing out normally and Irregular Bowl Movement.But No heartbrun in chest.

I have taken allopathic suspensiom syrup and Motilium and risek rablets but gets only temporary relief.

[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-10-26 16:49:03]
ahmad88 last year
Hi Maheeru
i have taken Myrestica 30 for 5 days and shall update in 3 days after seeing symptoms/improvements.

I was feeling relief in heel pain and back pain from last some weeks but these reoccured from today as i did some work involving prolong standing, however, i am still observing these pains and shall update if these pais increase.

In the meanwhile plz advice for stomach issue following Symptoms:

Continuously having dull pain in just below ribs in the very upper portion of Stomach, as some thing is stuck/trapped here like a knot or a ball which i understand is gas, which causing difficulty in breath also.
Severe Bloating
Flautulence but Gas is not passing out easily and some burps.
Irregular Bowl Movement.
But No heartburn in chest.

Despite having allopthic medicines from last some days, stomach problem is not curing at all.

Thanks for ur time.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-10-27 20:17:30]
ahmad88 last year
Have you stopped myrist? How many doses did you take, when was the last dose?

Have you stopped merc? How many doses did you take, when was the last dose?

What do you mean by irregular bowel movement?

Did you show the site of pain to any physician to investigate? If yes what was their diagnosis?

Have you had any history of lung/liver conditions before?
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-10-28 04:10:59]
maheeru last year
Dear Maheeru thanks for reply.

Below are my answers:

Have you stopped myrist? How many doses did you take, when was the last dose?
Yes i have stopped Myristica 30. I have talen approx 10 doses.The last dose was 2 days ago.

Have you stopped Merc ? How many doses did you take, when was the last dose?
Yes i have stopped Merc 200. I have taken approx 6 doses.The last dose was on 2-3 days ago.

What do you mean by irregular bowel movement?
Sometimes i pass stool with a one day gap and sometime its 2 days gap like constipated and stool first part is dry and hard to pass alongwith Bloating and Gas.

Did you show the site of pain to any physician to investigate? If yes what was their diagnosis?
Yes i have visit Physician and he says its mainly gas.
Actually i understand its not pain , it is like some thing is stuck/trapped here like a knot or a ball.
Physician says it is due to Gas which stuck in the upper portion of stomach right below ribs.The pain/knot feeling comes and goes whole day, normally when it starts it remains for 30mins.

Physicain adviced Digex Mp and Ulsanic syrup, Risek and Motilium Tablets but its gives very temporary relief and advice for walk daily.

I have severe Bloating, Flatulence and White sticky secretion(not phelgum) from mouth gistory/issues from approx. last 5 Years.

Have you had any history of lung/liver conditions before?

If there is a need of further explanation, please let me know, i shall be pleased to provide for remedy selection.

Much Thanks
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-10-28 08:21:48]
ahmad88 last year
Take one dose of Lachesis 200c and report changes after a few days.

This should not be repeated often. So take just one dose and report. If need be let's think about repetition later.
maheeru last year
Thanks Dear Maheeru for advice with detail clarity.

Will arrange Lachesis 200 and update u after 5 days of taking one dose.

Below is my update for your consideration:
My feet toe outer skin/wound is drying. Pain in toe and toe related feet pain has improved.

However, Heel pain in both feets and its associated tiredness and fatigue in feets is reoccuring on the same place with same intensity. Which mainly starts after prolong (i.e. not so prolong just slighly more than usual) walk/standing. However, pain in legs is not so much reoccured though have reoccured but less intensity.

Back pain has also reoccured but with less intensity.

Having difficulty and tiredeness & fatigue due to above both pains but especially Heels pain, which hinders daily routine and office work.

Plz advice and consider, whether above both pains can be addressed alongwith stomach issue.
Thanks and Regards
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-10-29 21:58:33]
ahmad88 last year
Ahmad --Unless there is a specific need to address an isolated issue(like fever, pus etc) I try to address all the complaints in a recommendation. How many will be addressed with a medicine and to what degree is generally not in my hands---it can not be predicted beforehand. Yours is a bit difficult case. But will continue to suggest medicines based on my perception and the signals I get from your vital force. God Willing we should be able to make some progress.
maheeru last year
Thanks Maheeru for reply.

I was not aware that latest adviced remedy will also cover my pains issue, however, i got ur point,and i am following ur advices and will report u back.

I am observing my all symptoms and after few days i will report you feedback regarding all symptoms i.e.stomach issue, heel & back pain, Eye vision issue and other psychological and physical symptoms to have a complete picture, which might be helpful for further advice.

Much thanks for your support and time, as i am tired of taking painkillers (especially pain killers are not even giving any releif to my heel pain issue, though ur adviced remedy gave me relief)

Best regards
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-11-01 14:47:32]
ahmad88 last year
Hi Dear Maheeru
I have taken one dose of Lachesis 200 and 4 days has passed. Below are my updates alongwith detailed description of all my current and prevalent symptoms/sufferings (stomach & nasal issues are 5-7 years old) that I have observed/noted for your kind consideration. I highly appreciate and thankful to you for your time and consideration to my case.

1-Stomach Issue (Bloating & Flatulence):
For the first 2 days of after taking one dose of Lachesis 200, i pass stool daily for and stomach was not so tight, and was feeling relief in stuck/trapped like feeling very upper portion of stomach but even then there was excess gas excretion.
But from 3rd day symptoms starts reoccurring and now having same tight like feeling in very upper portion of stomach like something stuck in the opening of stomach, severe bloating alongwith burps, very severe Bloating and chest burning just after meals and irregular bowl movement.
As a background, I have history of having Bloating, Flatulence, Canker Sores on lips & inner sides of cheeks and burning Sensation in Chest after meals (Heart Burn or GERD) issues from approx. last 5 Years.

2-Heel Pain in both feet and in Legs (Calves):
Heel pain and its associated tiredness in feets is reoccurring on the same place with same intensity and even gets worse just within 10 min of wearing formal shoes which are not so bulky, though currently I am wearing soft heels open sandals.
Heel pain starts even when get up in the morning time without any walk/standing.
Normally it strats & worse with prolong (i.e. not so prolong just slightly more than usual) walk/standing and when put pressure on heels by pressing. However, pain in legs calves is also slowly reoccurring. I have also taken Vitamin D3 Ampule as advised by Ortho dr.
There is no swelling in the feets or uric acid issue at all.

3-Back Pain:
Back pain is reoccurring and also get start when sit on car seat in morning may be due to posture but Normally it strats & worse with prolonged Walking & Standing. Stretching (Knees to chest exercise) gives relief and improves back pain.
I have also visited last month again with a senior Orthopedic Doctor and done X-Ray and after all physical and reports checking he concludes that it is muscular pain due to excessive wrong posture of sitting on office chair and it is not elongated Pain as it does not travel to hips/pelvis/legs. Doctor advised me some stretching exercises and pain killers when occurs.

4-Eye Vision issue (Blurred Vision/ lack of sharpness in Both Eyes):
Within some months my eye sight is from minus .25 to current minus 1.25 (after thorough computerized and manual checkup). From last 6 months I was having Blurred Vision at some normal distance alongwith irritation in both eyes (irritation was due to some concretion deposits (Conjunctival concretions) which has been currently from my both eyes, now there is no irritation.).

I have checked to 3 senior Eye Specialist and have gone through detail manual and computerized checkup, and done latest Pentacam Corneal Scan of both eyes and everything is right in all tests and so eye doctor prescribed artificial tear drops and prescription glasses. But don’t describe why eyesight getting weak and increased within a short time, however, in this week I will again visit to eye hospital and get done latest eyesight as i am having difficulty in daily Car Driving.No hotness, redness, itching or pain in eyes and no secretion from eyes.

5-Nasal Congestion and Post Nasal Drip (Stringy whitish mucus Secretion):
I am having this issue from last 7 years, and 5 years back I have also done Septoplasty operation for my DNS (Deviated Nasal Septum) due to nasal blockage and had felt relief.
Now from last 1 year again having nostrils blockage alternates between right and left but mostly LEFT Nostril remains congested. Breath gets blocked in Smoke. I have also observed that in anxiety my both nostrils also gets congested.

-Excessive Stringy Whitish foamy Secretion i.e. mucus (it not like green/yellow phlegm) accumulation at the back of throat after eating anything & especially after eating spicy food/soup , after long talk and after some exertion work. Also in the morning when I clean and suck water in my nose then afterwards I have to spit a lot of foamy whitish mucus from mouth.
Constantly hawking and spitting out mucus from the back of my throat. Frequent throat clearing need. I feel that this secretion is may be due to Nasal Blockage, as air is not going through well. Have very bad breath in morning as some mucus accumulates in throat when get up in the morning.
I have check from ENT specialist and he says it is like post nasal drip and prescribe me Nasal Sprays (Xynosine and another spray) and allergy tablets and steam, but these does not gives permanent relief.

6-Skin Issue:
Two years back I had suffered from Lichen Planus (was having itching on stomach, neck, chest and legs), which left dark black spots of 1-2cm approx. on skin which are still not fading away. At that time I took Atarax tablets and some cream and gets relief from itching.
However, Currently now skin itching has also restarted from last 5-6 months (itching on chest, hips, inner thighs, and pubic area except genitals), i visited a skin specialist in the start of November 2019, who prescribed a single injection and Atarax tablets for 3 weeks and creams.

Psychological Symptoms (more prevalent from last some years):

- Fatigue and feel exhausted and weakness after some little Physical & Mental work and after having Sex (Married).

-In Anxiety & Stress, my body temperature gets up like fever and quickly have stress headache, urination, excess gas and feel very restless.

-I am very much habitual to quickly Finish given official and personal Tasks as early as possible even though I have enough time as tasks going on every time in my mind unless I finish/complete task. This habit creates stress for me and is disturbing my daily routine life.

- Perfectionist nature and Restlessness nature (Mental & Physical) and Poor Decision Making.
- Usually I do Anticipate Anxiety.
-I usually make Strong Affiliation with Place & Peoples to whom which i have passed little time, like homesickness etc.

Better Feeling/Likes:
When in fresh and open air, likes Lightness everywhere in room/office, Feel better in morning and i love to be in Sun (Sunlight) and feel comfortable in sunlight. Likes summer season

Worse Feelings/Dislikes:
When Wet Raining or cold weather, Darkness. Feel very uncomfortable at sunset in evening when sunlight is yellow.

I have tried to cover all aspects/symptoms for your observation and kind advice. I have visited specialist doctors for all above symptoms but unfortunately not cured yet so request your kind attention to all above symptoms. Sorry for very detail post but if there is require any more information I shall be pleased to provide.

Very much thanks for your
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-11-06 14:08:18]
ahmad88 last year

Thanks for the detailed post, but this can wait for the next review. We are midway of Lachesis course. Please continue Lachesis 200 a few more doses. One dose every week for four to five doses.
maheeru last year
Thanks Dear Maheeru for reply.
I will take Lachesis 200 with a gap of week and update about changes.

Just for the update, i am having severe burning sensation in chest after eating anything and bloating with gas. I usually avoid and refrain from junk food and oily foods.

Further, heel pains has also get worse along with associated severe tiredness/fatigue in feets even without prolong walk/standing. I am having difficulty even in car driving. Feet stretch gives only temporary relief.

Due to these both above issues currently having difficulty in daily routine life that's why update you. However, i will take Lac 200 and will update.

Much thanks
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-11-07 20:30:52]
ahmad88 last year
Dear Maheeru
As advised, I have taken 4 more doses of Lachesis 200 with one week gap and 5 days has passed since last 4th dose.

I am not having Burning sensation in chest though was in exams stress.First some days of taking Lachesis 200 the bowl movement was feels good.

But No major Improvement in Bloating, still feel bloated very tight tummy after eating any meal and also having Flatulence. Bowl Movement is not very good, first portion of stool is dry.

No improvement in Severe Heel pains as it has again started from last some days along with associated severe tiredness/ in feets even without any prolong walk/standing. The pain is so much severe this time that i am unable to walk properly and also having associated pain in Leg Calves.

No improvement in Severe Back pain.

No improvement in Whitish foamy secrteion from mouth and Nasal Bloackge.

No Improvemwnt in Skin Issue (Lichen Planus) having itching on stomach, neck, chest and legs), which left dark black spots of 1-2cm approx. Skin doctor prescribed Atarax tablets which keeps me sleepy all the day, but it helps in itching.The itching gets worse in anxiety and stress and with warm air of room heater.

Plz advice especially for Heel pain & leg calves pain and Back pais issue.

If u need further explanation plz let me know.I shall be pleased to provide.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2019-12-08 14:37:37]
ahmad88 11 months ago

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