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Dr Maheeru only.

Dr Maheeru, hope you're doing well

Sorry for the delay in the post, as you wanted a detailed history and symptoms details, I needed some time to create a new post.

So you have been following my case history more or less, the case of several suppresions...

A little bit of history of my case :

Hepatitis A with elevated liver enzymes for more than a year (cured)

STD's, cured by antibiotics

Ankyloksing spondylitis diagnosed two years ago (arthritis), not cured but I took allopathic anti-inflammatoires twice, for three months, to relieve inflammation. It occurs in the back, spine, left big toe (hallux) and right knee.

I used to be very cold all the time before but now I do not have this problem anymore.

I still don't like cold weather but it doesnt hurt my body like before.

I love hot weather, summer, sun, I feel all my health problems vanish in summer.

I have skin psoriasis on penis glans, ona very small area. I use a mixture of inca inchi oil, geranium essential oil, immortal essential oil, camomilla essential oil and aloe vera on it. I started yesterday. Before that, I tried castor oil and coconut oil but they did not help. Rose oil helped a little.

Nowadays, the main symptoms are :

1) Herpes type 1 on butt cheek (where the cheek close). The skin opens, is red, hurts, burns, and white skin forms on botj sides of the cuts. Have been tested negative for fungus and bacterias, have been tested positive once for Herpes type 1, they retested this week, will get results on monday or Tuesday. It occurs suddenly, the skin cracks, hurts and gives me nightmares. Recently, I tried Vaccinotoxnium 9ch twice a day or three days made from a nosode, but it didnt help.

2) very tiring and stupid dreams at night. The fatigue is not there anymore ( I feel it's more prominent when it's winter, in summer the fatigue is much better), but the stupid and tiring dreams are there every night... Sometimes they are scary, sometimes disturbing, but most of the time stupid and meaningless and very long.

3) arthritis symptoms are almost not there, except some mornings when I feel a little pain in the back on the spine in the middle of the back, but overall, compared to three months ago, none of my joints hurt, back is fine, left big toe seems absolutely cured, right knee does not hurt but sometimes I feel a little feeling inside it when I walk up the stairs. For the arthritis, the homeopath gave me :

1. Tubercolinum. 1000
Once a week. For four weeks after that once a month.
2. Rhustox
Combine in 200 potency once every morning.
3. Ruta
Calc phos
Combine in 30 potency twice a day.

I took it for a total of three months.

4) i have 2-3 pimples on the temples, right temple of my face, it's always the same spot, I use a drying cream to dry the pimples, it's not a suppresive cream with cortisone, it only dries the pimples. Can I start Berberis Aquifolium 1x for it, or Fragaria Vesca 3x?

5)although pain in foot on left big toe hallux is gone, stiffness is still there. It is much better than before, but I cant bend the big toe as much as normal people do. It's like a bone spur happened inside the hallux which makes it difficult to bend. But pain is 100%gone.

These are the 5 main health issues nowadays, (number 3 is not an issue but I do feel the pain in spine some mornings), the main issue is herpes on butt cheek line which nowadays happens every week and seem to become chronic.

For the butt cheeck wound, a dermatlogist said maybe it could be herpes + psoriasis as it is a typical spot for psoriasis. They will check for herpes, if negative, they will give me cortisone cream to put on it, which you dont want as it will suppress psoriasis.

Also important, recently they checked my blood again, and PTT was 70%, normal PTT is 80-100%. They checked all factors, and factor 7 was low, they say it's genetic, it's a kind of hemophilia. No treatment was given for it as I never bleed, but they gave me a card to keep with me in case I have a major surgery that causes blood loss. During hepatitis, they thought PTT was low because of liver problem, but it turned out to be genetic low factor 7.

I used to be very skinny before, in a year, I have gained 15 kgs. I'm not a healthy 80 kg for 6 feet 1. I still have no fat/muscle in the butt region, it looks like a kid's butt, but maybe it will that is genetic.

I also still have food that disgests too quickly and makes me go to the toilet. It's not diarrhea, but it's mushy stools. If I dont take psyllium ispaghol daily with each meal, my stools are mushy. The ideal combination for perfect stools with perfect colour is ispaghol + 1 imodium a day, but this is suppresion as well, which you don't want.

I also have a lot of gas... I fart a lot, and if I dont fart because I'm in public, it gives me dizziness.

Thank you Dr Maheeru for your offer of help, it really means a lot.
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  syria on 2019-09-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I didn't know you went ahead with Tuber. 1M doses. This slightly changes the picture.

What medicine was the last taken?

How many 1M doses of Tuber were taken and when was the last dose?
maheeru last year
The last medicine I took was Vaccinotoxinum 9ch, one dose for two days.

I took a total of 6-7 doses of Tuberculinum 1M, the last one was on 15 august.
syria last year
I forgot to mention

The crack butt could be herpes, psoriasis, or both. They may perform a biopsy on it to confirm the diagnosis, but the rheumatologist told me it's a typical spot for inverse psoriasis and it causes skin to crack open, bleed, hurt and itch.

He's insisting that I start Methotrexate... But I cant, it's suppresive as you say and it's a poison. I dont want to grow old earlier than normal because of medicines.
syria last year
You say you did well on Tuber 1M all round? Would you say of all the recent remedies it did a good job in relief?
maheeru last year
I seriously have little idea...

When I started the three month protocol of Tuberculinum and others, yes I did stop allopathic anti inflammatories, but it was the month of may and the weather started getting hot and sunny, and last year also, at the same time, all my symptoms disappeared because of heat and sun.

The rhuamtologist said most patient with ankylosing arthritis or psoriatic arthritis get better in summer and when it's sunny because of heat.

But yes, my back and foot pain did get better aftet I started the protocol.

However, the psoriasis on penis glans came back with a bang after my joint pain got better. It was in remission when the joint pain was in full flare up, but came back as the joint pain got better.

The butt crack also came back with a bang as the joint pain got better.

The butt crack opened again yesterday, right now it's painful and red.

I really cross my fingers that on 25 september, they perform a biopsy on it as I have an appointement as hospital to perform blood tests and MRIs.
syria last year
You may try Calc. carb. 30c for upto 8/10 doses.

One pill/drop as a dose. Two times a week would be how you need to dose.

Any significant change in between let me know.
maheeru last year
Thank you. I will start today.

So if I take it twice a week, I have to take it upto 5 weeks to complete 10 doses right?
syria last year
If you go by the initial guideline--yes it would take 5 weeks to finish 10 doses, but based on your feedback-- frequency or interval of dosing might change that could affect the schedule ultimately.
maheeru last year
Took first dose of Calcarea Carb yesterday.

Got stung by a bee today, I don't know if it was a bee or a wasp. Felt something on my neck, touched it, felt a sting, i tapped on it, it fell on the floor, I killed it. It had a white sting.

It burned for 30 seconds, then I had no pain at all, even now, 7 hours later, I still have no pain or burning. The area turned red for an hour, I disinfected it with alcohol, and the redness is gone also now.

Just wanted to share with you in case the sting interacts with the treatment.
syria last year
After the first dose two days ago :

Psoriasis on the penis glans was a bit worse yesterday and today, plaques are red and more visible.

The skin cut on butt crack is a bit better, but this happens spontaneously every time.

Had a watery diarrhea today morning, quite a big one, with white diarrhea and undigested food.

I also have dry mouth and stuffed nose or a kind of dry nose since yesterday night.
Back pain was under control this morning, have to see how it behaves on a longer run.

Feel tired today morning and afternoon despite sleeping 8 hours last night. Have been yawning.

Yesterday, just met some friends, and aorund 9-10, I was hell tired and yawning and back was hurting just with sitting.

Gas was very bad yesterday night and today morning.

A new pimple came out, still right side of the face, below the temple, high side of cheek.

Dreams are also still very stupid and petty and tiring, very long and stupid dreams. Dreamt I was back in high school and failing all exams as I did not revise. This dream is recurrent, I have it again and again and again.

I forgot to mention, I started 2 drops of rosemary essential oil twice a day on a little piece of bread that I swallow for liver detox. A naturopath told me it's good to detox twice a year with rosemary essential oil in September and March. Is it okay with Calcarea Carb? Is it okay in general accordingt to you?

Also, I'm taking yogurt twice daily with half a teaspoon of turmeric, mix and eat, and i chew a piece of ginger after this that I swallow. Could any of these be causing the pimples outbreak, or maybe the diarrhea?
[Edited by syria on 2019-09-21 13:12:51]
syria last year
You could take natural stuff like you do before. Unless something is specifically contraindicated to a medicine being taken, no problem.

I see there is a push for toxin elimination after this dose.

Would you be able to take the doses in wet dose?
maheeru last year
Ummm sure, how do I make it? I only have it in pills not in liquid.
syria last year
Pills or drops do not matter. To prepare a wet dose, three pills/drops should be put into a 250ml packaged drinking water bottle with some gap at the top for air bubbles. Let them dissolve --leave the bottle to sit for a couple of days.

From this bottle, you need to take half a teaspoon as a dose. Just before every dose, one needs to shake this water bottle for FIVE times up and down. During the downward motion of the bottle, the bottle needs to gently strike against a thick bound book or the inner side of the other palm than the one that holds the bottle.

The bottle would be prepared once--would be preserved away from moisture and direct sunlight. A teaspoon or two of alcohol could also be added to the solution to keep it preserved.
maheeru last year
Thank-you will prepare that.

For my general knowledge, what's the difference between wet dose and pills or drops?

If i dont have alcohol to preserve it, shall I keep it in fridge?
syria last year
Alcohol is not essential. One could also use Vinegar in the same way. But to preserve it, other precautions have to be taken. Keep it away from sunlight, moisture.

Fridge is ok though there would be moisture, but one will have to label the bottle and keep it safe so that it doesn't get mixed up with other bottles in the fridge.

Pills/drops are like direct doses, dry dose administration. The wet dose is wet---actually and also a split wet dose, we prepare a collective wet dose in a bottle and from that, we incrementally step up the doses by very small steps. Advantage? i) Frequency can be fined tuned flexibly; with dry doses, one needs to wait. ii) For some conditions, medicines may have to be taken daily or more than once weekly for many many weeks or months, this kind of frequency will not be tolerated in sensitive individuals. At those times wet dose can come handy.
maheeru last year
Just prepared the wet dose. I was supposed to take my second dose today. How long should I let it sit before I can take it, as I just made it today?

For the very first dose I will take, should I also shake 5 times?

I will put alcohol to preserve it. Is it drinking alcohol like vodka or the other alcohol I need to put, the one to disinfect wounds?

There's pain in right buttock, extending to the right leg, when walking, resting, moving, all the time, it started yesterday. 2 years ago, the very first pain I experienced was at the same spot, but then shifted to other areas. The pain is bearable for now, I'm just extremely scared that it gets worse like it did 2 years ago, to the point I could not walk anymore, and had to resort to allopathic anti inflammatories.
[Edited by syria on 2019-09-24 10:53:30]
syria last year
Is suchi booti (also called dhamasa booti or fagonia) okay during Calcarea Carb treatment?

It is said to be a blood purifier, and to treat acne problems.

If you give me the green light, I can start it, otherwise, I won't.
syria last year
If you see the pills dissolved , you can take the dose from the bottle.(the shaking will complete the process anyway)

I see two weaklinks in our plan i) France has restrictions on remedies higher than 30c and getting various medicines. This can cause a delay in getting right medicines at right time. ii) The suppression is quite complicated that even with a single pill of calc. carb, diarrhoea and arthritis are appearing. Until these things resolve in a right manner to the point where they will no longer return, this is really going to be a challenge. There is this human element the discomfort and fear about the aggravation---not small things.

Will write about suchi booti later.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-09-25 04:04:30]
maheeru last year
So what is the plan, shall I go on with Calcarea Carb or stop it?

What do you mean by challenge, am I not curable at all and will have to suffer all life? :-(

Fear of aggravation is here because I suffered a lot, but I have high hopes in you and your treatment of course.

More than 30c is impossible in pharmacies, but possible through a friend who has boxes of homeopathy medicines he bought from Germany or England, she has 200c or 1m too. So there's hope in this field.she might not give me the same day, but it is possible.
[Edited by syria on 2019-09-25 09:40:32]
syria last year
I had missed the question about alcohol. Could be either-- drinking one as long as alcohol vol. is 40% or medicinal grade which is generally strong 80-90% vol.

Intuitively only you could say that suchi booti is not interacting with calc. Theoretically there does not seem any incompatible interaction between them.

Ask your friend if she has got medicines like Thuja 1M, Medorrhinum 1M?

I didn't mean challenge=incurable. I meant challenge as something not easy.

It's about your self-will, control and heart to weather out healing crises if there are any-- would matter in this. Even if you discontinue this treatment now, you are going to keep taking natural stuff and eventually you would come back to some homeopathic potency and then again the cycle would start diarrhoea/arthritis or even the sycotic discharge---so not sure leaving homeopathics would be the right solution.

From my side I'd keep you on wet dose mostly to minimise aggravation or something arising out of sensitivity.
maheeru last year
Thanks for the detailed replies. It soothes me so much to read them, and satisfies me.

She has most of them. Even if she doesn't, Boiron sells 1000k potencies, you told me it's okay to take 1000k in place of 1000c so I guess all is good?

Just took my second dose today (wet dose). Will report if any change.

Got my hospitalisation today. They did xrays, mris, blood test, all is good. A little pinch between the joints of left big toe on left foot which might have happened after the arthritis.

Clinically, they declared the disease as ankylosing arthritis or anklylosing spondylitis. HLA B27 gene is positive, which is present in patients having this disease.

The disease causes a calcification between joints, which then inflame and create pain. With time, they say calcification of back, hand, feet joints or any other painful joint will calcify, meaning some kind of "calcium" or "bone" will get between joints and cause inflammation.

For now, if I have another attack, they advise to keep anti-inflammatories as my treatment, as the immunosuppresant treatment is given as a last resort and and is too harsh. Of course, as advised by you, I will not take them and try to cure everything with patience and homeopathy.

For psoriasis, they want me to put cortisone on it, like I did in the past and it did work, but as it suppresses it into the system, I won't put anything on it and have patience.

Just summing up to tell you what they said.
[Edited by syria on 2019-09-26 01:09:56]
syria last year
Report after second dose.

Diarrhea is better, stools were formed yesterday, gas is still there.

Mood and fatigue are much better. I feel good.

Skin looks a bit pale and not fresh nowadays.

No new pimples on face.

No pain in any joint. Pain in right buttock is 90% better.

Psoriasis is stable. Not gone, but not getting worse, on both penis glans and butt crack. Butt crack has been diagnosed psoriasis by dermatologist.
It keeps opening again because the psoriasis makes whitish skin that is dead, and when I peel it, it opens. I'm trying Kalonji oil on it.

Confidence is a bit low nowadays because of pale skin and acne scars more visible . I feel more confident when my skin looks fresh and healthy. But it's okay, not worrisome.

No new herpes outbreak.

Yesterday I felt very hot. It was 20 degrees Celsius, everyone outside had a jacket, except me, I was in T Shirt. But I liked it, I don't like to be cold.

Is psyllium husk okay on a daily basis to treat soft stools, or it is also considered suppresive? It is natural, but without it, my stools are never formed and are sticky. Is it considered a suppresive method?
I also read somewhere that people with painful joint should avoid fibers like tomato skin, psyllium etc, as it can hurt their joints. What's your view on this?
I never read such a thing in European litterature, but it is a person called "Dr Bilquis Sheikh" who said it in one of her videos.
[Edited by syria on 2019-09-27 11:22:09]
syria last year
Stools were formed yesterday, but mushy and liquidish again today. This has been an ongoing case since childhood I think.
syria last year
Psyllium on a long run could be suppressive, but I'm not bothered with that suppression---you mistook my concern about suppression as I'm opposed to all kind of suppressions (my focus is on more dangerous suppression) , though ideally that would be great, but we have to be practical at times :)

Psyllium's primary action is to help with constipation, though it could also help with loose motion if taken with curd. Sometimes regular use of it can cause a feeling of loose bowel movement. That only you could check. I'm not aware of psyllium's effects on joints. We need to see.

I think overall the impact is stable. If it's dry dose, may be it'd have taken some time to achieve stability. Let's wait and see how this thing unwraps.
maheeru last year
Thank you.

I had quite good results with water and psyllium in the past, but not anymore.

I know people with diarrhea take it with curd, but I'm trying to limit dairy products as much as I can.

There is a whole propaganda against dairy products in the Western European world. They say it causes inflammation, acne, joint diseases, bowel diseases etc. Most people aorund me have stopped consuming any dairy at all, and they say they have never felt better.

The argument given is milk protein is too big for humans to digest, it's only for baby cows to make them big cows, and humans don't need to get that big. Therefore, ingesting such big milk protein molecules causes inflammation in humans.

Also, once touted as the best source of calcium, now people say there's plenty of calcium in other foods as well, no need to rely on dairy.

I always get confused because in other parts of the world, they say it's good. I guess this will remain a mystery. I love dairy products, so it is difficult to stop, but I guess I will stop them for a while to see how things go.

Also, most dairy products in France are made from sterelized (UHT) or pasteurised milk, so most of the benefits are gone I guess.
[Edited by syria on 2019-09-28 11:42:58]
syria last year

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