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Good to know about the cough:) Was high time and was wondering why it did not respond to Calc.

Symptoms on any plane could be of relevance to homeopathy. Are you insinuating about orientation here? If things aren't normal and healthy then it could also be a holistic symptom.

Yes you may increase thrice[N.Ac] for a few days and see. Then you could tone down to twice daily.
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maheeru 7 months ago
Should I redose Aurum Met 200 for a third time on Monday after a 2 week gap?

Back pain and diarrhea are much better. No back pain for 2-3 days and stools are better too, not perfect though. Sometimes i get a nice stool, and just after, i get a little bit of mushy stool that comes out...
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syria 6 months ago
Yes you may go ahead but with wet dose.
maheeru 6 months ago
Dr Maheeru it's an emergency.

Being tired of having diarrhea, I readded a mixture of psyllium, flax seeds and chia seeds to yogurt twice a day. Took it for 5 days, perfect stools, but foot inflammation on big toe hallux valgus started increasing two days ago, it's so bad today that i cannot walk properly. I was walking okay this afternoon but its night time and i cant walk, it hurts so much and it's swollen.

This link between diarrhea resolution with fibers (flax, chia and psyllium) and joint pains is unexplainable. Searched the Internet a lot, couldn't find anything. Is there something to do to solve this emergency? Because the pain is so bad and i cant walk, if it continues i will have to take anti inflammatory, otherwise same scenario as two years ago, i will stop walking i fear.

The whole area is red, swollen and i cant bend/fold the big toe anymore. It's a sudden inflammation, coming at the same time when i added fibers.

I'm stopping the fiber mixture by the way
[Edited by syria on 2020-08-10 01:47:25]
syria 6 months ago
The pain is becoming unbearable. Whole area and foot is getting swollen and red, not able to walk properly or put my foot down. It really really hurts, just like two years ago, it's not a minor pain. Do u allow me to take an anti-inflammatory?

I have taken Harpagophytum mother tincture right now waiting for your reply.

Edit : I'm sorry Dr Maheeru I took an anti-inflammatory (ketoprofen 100mg). The pain was like someone's stabbing my big toe, and i have important appointements tomorrow morning where i will have to walk...
[Edited by syria on 2020-08-10 02:39:52]
syria 6 months ago
Ok you can go ahead with whatever seems practical given it's an emergency. I will revert when I have had a chance to have a look at the posts in detail.

Did you take Aurum BTW? Any trigger to this toe aggravation.
maheeru 6 months ago
I have not taken Aurum yet, was supposed to take it today.

No trigger at all, diet has been clean, no physical shock, no emotional shock or stress...

The only trigger I can think of is this fiber supplement (chia, flax and psyllium). To me it definitely triggers something, by bulking up stools, and causing joint inflammation.
[Edited by syria on 2020-08-10 10:09:22]
syria 6 months ago
Took Aurum';s third dose yesterday.

Stopped fiber supplement.

Pain started again in foot yesterday, it was red and swollen, had to retake one anti-inflammatory pill (ketoprofen).

Today i didnt take it, its red and swollen but less than yesterday, the pain is bearable enough not to take an anti-inflammatory. It's 60-70% better from two days ago and yesterday.

The pain is electric sometimes, as if electric current is passing through the big toe area. It's better with movement, worse from rest.

I'm attaching photos :


In the fourth one, you can compare both feet. I folded right foot's big toe to show you how it folds, and how the left one doesn't even if i try. This happened over years i think, i got a hallux rigidus because of tight shoes, a kind of bunion, because left foot is longer than right one, and then two years ago, the ankylosing spondylitis and inflammation settled on this area first, then on back.
[Edited by syria on 2020-08-11 20:02:16]
syria 6 months ago
In place of Nit Ac, you could try silica 30 in wet dose to see if this improves toe pain.
maheeru 6 months ago
After Aurum';s last dose (Monday 10th agust), I have not taken Nit Acid daily doses. The last thing I took wad Aurum.

Big toe pain stopped as soon as I stopped the fiber supplement. The link between both is very obvious, but unexplainable by science or medicine.

So big toe pain is cured.

Back pain is there every morning though, with spine spain, stiffness, worse in morning, better from movement.

Lower back pain has installed since 2-3 days, but maybe because I sleep a lot and don't exercise much. I'm clearly depressed about my life, my future, my profession, my health, my friends... Everything was going fine until this bad news start of July. I don't feel happy anymore, no matter what I do. All happiness or smiles from me is superficial and fake, I used to be happy all the time from inside, I don't know what's happening to me.

Right shoulder pain too. Difficult to move it. Not unbearable like big toe (as that pain makes walking difficult) but still painful. Never had pain in this area before.

Butt crack white skin is an unending skin issue. No pain or anything, but the skin is white, and not looking healthy. The biopsy says it's not psoriasis or an inflammatory skin disease... Is cortisone cream still not advised if it's not an inflammatory skin disease? You said suppressing psoriasis was not a good idea, but according to biopsy, this is not psoriasis, so is suppression with cortisone still bad?
[Edited by syria on 2020-08-18 01:02:58]
syria 6 months ago
You could continue Nit ac doses --if not daily a little less frequent manner. Any reason why you stopped this? And how was August in terms of allergy?

Please reconfirm if the bad news of july was about job loss/career setback.

Psoriasis or not cortisone is a strong suppresant to be precise immuno suppresant. Not a good idea unless it's a life saver.
maheeru 6 months ago
I've been on holiday since Thursday and will go back to Paris on Monday - needed a big break from routine life, otherwise I would have gone crazy. It feels good to change atmosphere and new people. So will restart Nit Ac doses from Monday, don't have the wet dose here.

I stopped Nit Ac for no reason, just kept missing doses and slept a lot, making my whole routine upside down.

The bad news was about loss of a new job for which I got accepeted in April and then the recruitment process got suspended in July because of Covid. I had been waiting for this one for three years, first got hepatitis A, then ankylosing spondylitis, and the third year i had everything ready but did not know how to swim so couldnt apply. In 2020, finally applied and Covid shattered my dreams.

Will not use cortisone. :-)
[Edited by syria on 2020-08-22 02:41:00]
syria 6 months ago
I forgot to reply.

July and August were remarkable for pollen allergy. No symptoms at all. I have allergic episodes to pollen from Mid May to end of June approximately.

Right now, since July start, it's completely okay.
syria 6 months ago
Should I go on with Aurum met 200? I have only taken three doses until now.

Also restarting Nitric Acid 30 today.
syria 6 months ago
Yes continue Aurum wet doses with a gap of 10-14 days.
maheeru 6 months ago
The heat wave is over in Paris. I did not put bottles of wet doses in fridge, nor did i out alcohol in the bottles. Should i remake the wet doses to be on the safe side? Or do i have to continue with old bottles?

Also, i have to takr nitric acid 30 two doses a day every second day. Is that correct?

By the way, hair came back on beard, after a total of 7 months. The bald spot on hair occurred later, around May-June, and that one is still there. Is it covered by Nitric Acid or Aurum Met?
Is there anything to apply locally, like mustard oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil or garlic?
[Edited by syria on 2020-08-29 11:34:42]
syria 6 months ago
If the solutions are not off colour or appear polluted you can use the old ones. Remember when one is dependent on wet doses, there is a need to carefully preserve them else when fresh preparation is needed, one has to undertake the tedious process to follow all the dilutions and succussion steps that have been made already so as to make the dose from the new solution on par. This could also be avoided by taking a few drops from the old solution but if the old solution is absolutely stale, then we have little choice.

Use nitric acid one dose once in two days.

If you are able to tolerate Aur doses every week you could do weekly doses.

From your past reporting I had the impression that bald spot refilled after starting Aurum but we cannot underestimate the complementary forces as well. Have heard about onion external application I will have to see if the things you mentioned could have some impact.
maheeru 6 months ago
Thank you for the reply. The solutions havent changed colour or smell. By the way, Nitric Acid bottle is almost finished (it was a 250ml bottle). So to make a new one, I have to take a teaspoon of the old one and put it in the new one right? Do i have to reshake it according to how many doses I took? I seriously don't remember how many doses I took during the course.

Took two doses of Nitric today, will switch to one from the day after tomorrow.

Will switch to Aurum weekly doses too.

I also have the impression that the bald spot on beard started refilling after Aurum.

My naturopath gave me a liver drain plant (Desmodium) which I'm going to stop. Whenever she gives me that, I believe it wakes up joint pain. Why the hell would we want to drain the liver when nature knows when and how to drain it naturally. She gave it to me post the antibiotics I took, but I feel it does more harm than good. I will let my liver do its job itself, no need for these liver drains and blabla.

Or is it Aurum Met waking joint pain up? I had a dose on Saturday, and the big toe pain started on Monday, 2 days later, could there be a link?

For the big toe pain, I had to take Ketoprofen anti-inflammatory today. I can bear any emergency, be it back pain, diarrhea, sadness, skin problems, but when it comes to foot pain, it's unbearable. When the big toe hurts, i cannot walk and my life stops, what am I supposed to do then?

I think the inflammation is worse in that area because of tight shoes during childhood and teenage which either caused a bone spur there which causes stiffness of big toe, or it caused stiffness of the joint without a bone spur, but in any case, i think it could be interesting to adress the issue with homeopathy, so that when inflammation happens in the body, the area does not hurt, as we fix the bone spur/stiffness. I again and again informed Reva about the problem, but he thought it a secondary problem. To me, if that is fixed, the big toe pain will occur less frequently, posture will improve, and back pain may also decrease. I will also get soles for my shoes from a podologist.
[Edited by syria on 2020-09-01 14:24:00]
syria 6 months ago
Yes you could use a few drops/tea/tablespoon(s) or even a portion of older solution to increase the medicinal solution. It's good that you asked before the solution was finished. A few weeks ago a patient forgot to alert me about the solution ending and there was no old solution left to increase the solution. Fresh preparation despite redoing the number of dilutions and succussions did not give the earlier result.

Possible that Aur. is working up the toe pain (suppression). So to make the solution gentler you could move to third dilution bottle of this solution. I think we have done this before if you have doubts let me know.

Nit. acid doses --you could do twice or thrice a week.
maheeru 6 months ago
"So to make the solution gentler you could move to third dilution bottle of this solution. I think we have done this before if you have doubts let me know."

We have never done that before Dr Maheeru. Could you explain me?
syria 6 months ago
We did that with Calc carb 200. I'd copy and paste the instructions here:

"..I want you to use third dilution meaning you have dissolved it in 250 ml, out of this keeping 10% back, 90% should be poured out and replaced with 90% of fresh water. Turn the bottle upside down a few times to let the solution mix, then again pour out 90% of the solution out keeping 10% back in the bottle. Now add 90% fresh water to the solution. Now from this solution you shake the bottle up and down for four times and will take a dose."
maheeru 6 months ago
The fibroscopy with biopsy results are ready : Helicobacter Pylori infection in stomach (4 years ago, it was negative). Where could have I caught this in between? My mother has it, despite two antibiotics therapy, could she have transmitted it to me? I'm quite surprised, as I never haf any reflux or anhthing...
That could explain the elevated Chromogranin A.

The gastroenterolgist has not called back yet, but she will most probably prescribe antibiotics high dose.

What shall we do now?

In the case where there's no reflux or acidity, should it be teeated? Can't we live with it? If it wasn't diagnosed following the elevated chromogranin A, who would have known I have it since I have no symptoms?
[Edited by syria on 2020-09-03 21:35:08]
syria 6 months ago
I think we discussed about Helico bacter pylori nosode for your mother. If time comes we could use it for yourself as well. Remedies that we have used like merc corr/nit acid cover some important symptoms of this condition and we don't know how much they may have helped already. How old's the test?

Anti biotics may not be needed unless symptoms are serious and intense. This bacteria normally exists in gut but only when the population goes out of control(anti biotics can do that by wiping out good bacteria), does this become distressing condition. Yes it's contagious though.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-09-05 17:52:46]
maheeru 6 months ago
How is it contagious, if someone drinks in your glass, or eats with your spoon, or by kissing on the cheek?

I'm not taking antibiotics as I have no issues/problem.

The test is one week old.

We discussed it for my mother. She took both the mother tinctures you advised, one was for pain under foot, the other for H pylori. The pain under foot got resolved a month after taking the mother tincture, h pylori did not. She did not continue it regularly. Do you want me to reply on the other thread so that we carry on her treatment? Her H pylori and ulcer is 20 years old now, she treated it after 20 years, both antibiotics therapies failed, she seems hopeless when she speaks about it, she doesn't even want to consult now...
syria 6 months ago
I just realized a mistake I did with Aurum Met';s 200c wet dose.

Instead of making it in a 250ml solution, I made it in a 500ml bottle... Shall I still do the procedure you advised? I'm sorry i completely forgot it was supposed to be a 250ml bottle...

Also, we did not use Syphilinum 1M in my treatment I think, but I did buy it. Will that ever be used some day?
[Edited by syria on 2020-09-06 23:12:15]
syria 5 months ago
You said you wanted time to get symptoms from your mother, yes you can re-post on that thread. It's good that her heel pain got better.

Contact, sexual activity, contamination can aid in spreading(Helico bacter) but the spread is not straightforward---its somewhat complicated and this can also run in families.

If the bottle that was supposed to be 250ml and you are using 500ml, first do the procedure only once to make a second dilution bottle, if need be third dilution can be produced later.

Yes Syphilinum :). We'll use it.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-09-07 22:18:45]
maheeru 5 months ago

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