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Gosh... Labs are closed due to Corona, will not get results before Wednesday / Thursday.

The rash is not better, i shaved the area around, it's red, swollen and the size of a chancre. What do you think would be the best thing to apply to heal such a thing?
syria 10 months ago
If the dose does not improve it, you may apply calendula or some other thing you use without strong chemicals.

Yep a lot of business activity has come to standstill. France, Spain and Italy have some serious lockdowns.
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maheeru 10 months ago
I'm just applying pure honey on it.

Waiting for syphilis results, but it strongly looks like it to me.
syria 10 months ago
Having throatache since yesterday night, got worse today morning, feeling cold, leg pain, cold hands and feet, and sensation of oppression in throat/dry throat. I think fever too, will have to check. No fever yet, 37 degrees Celsius. Whole body and face/head feel hot, hands and feet feel cold when touch. Overall i feel cold and feel like being in bed under blanket. Headache also.
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-22 15:05:24]
syria 10 months ago
Fever is going up, 37.9 now, terrible headache and foreheard hurts.
syria 10 months ago
Fever at 38.2, not taking paracetamol unless you allow it.
syria 10 months ago
Family friend is advising Ferrum Phos 6x for fever. Can I take it? I don't want to take anything without your approval.

Fever is still 38. Heavy forehead and eyes
syria 10 months ago
Yes you may take ferr. phos 6x.

Did you take calc. dose in last few days?

You can add any other details about current symptoms. For example chill, sleep, fatigue, appetite, thirst and other things that you or your closed ones may have observed in you. Any known reason for this fever?

I will go through your given symptoms and let you know my thoughts.
maheeru 10 months ago
I took Calcarea dose two days ago, started feeling sore throat yesterday night, and fever today morning.

No even i'm shocked about the fever, it's soooo sudden, it came out of nowhere.

The only suspicion i have is the red thing I have on anus, but it's not even infected.

Current situation is I havr slept all day, sleeping brings the fever a bit down I feel, but head/forehead is soooo heavy and painful.

Headache is very very bad.

Still no cough, no runny or stuffy nose, just a feeling of dryness/oppresion in throat.

Fever is stable, 38 degrees.

I'm not very thirsty, not like in normal times.

Over the last two days, I did take stupid stress about people not replying to my messages, and getting angry because of that and thinking about it all day. This is one of the things in my nature i hate, i can dwell about a stupid thing for long hours/days sometimes.
Not hungry like in normal times also. I did eat but only two meals and don't feel hungry.

I have also been taking my iron tablet on an empty stomach with warm water, honey and lemon. But i don't see how this can cause fever.

Two days ago, i also started raw green banana powder, one teaspoon twice a day in soya yogurt.

Chills are better, sweating a lot, but still need blanket.

I looked everywhere, I do not have Ferrum phos 6x, neither homeopathy, nor biochemic so I couldnt take it...

I have self isolated in my room in case this is Corona and to avoid infecting my family members... Do the symptoms sound like corona to you?

Right now, i'm having ginger essential oil, two three drops in honey, to bring the fever down, but it doesnt seem to come down.
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-23 00:31:49]
syria 10 months ago
That's unfortunate that you don't have FP. Under normal circumstances would have wanted you to bide time so that this plays out---if it was healing reaction from the calc. dose some benefit would have accrued, but given the prevailing situation, I'd suggest you to try Belladonna 30 or 200. [One pill dose three or four times a day for 2-4 days but if things improve before ---you can taper the dose down]

If need be can you get tissue salts or other medicines in a short time? I remember you saying that you can get medicines in a day with someone you know helping you out.

Given the situation, self-quarantine and or usage of protective mask while interacting with others would not be a bad idea. Please follow the practical sense/intuition.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-03-23 02:40:48]
maheeru 10 months ago
Biochemic salts will be difficult as country is locked down and I cannot go to Paris. But I can get Ferrum Phos 6x in homeopathy, is it fine too?

If I get Ferrum Phos 6x in homeopathy, what would be the dosage?

That lady has a box of homeopathy, she does have Ferrum Phos 6x i think in liquid and she puts a few drops in normal, classic homeopathy pills anf shakes it. It's not the bigger pills like when I buy biochemic salts in a pharmacy in Paris, so I don't know if they are different of not.
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-23 05:13:40]
syria 10 months ago
Ok i just found Ferrum Phos 6x at my relative's. As stated above, she puts drops in classic homeopathic pills, is it fine ? If yes, how many pills, how many times a day?

I also have Belladonna 30 at home.
syria 10 months ago
The fever is better today morning, i checked its down to 37, no more chills, head is hurting but 70% better from yesterday, feet and hand are not cold anymore, feet a little bit but not like yesterday. I still feel weak overall but its 50-60% better from yesterday

Legs feel weak and tired and hurt, and i dont feel like moving from bed

Still no fever in afternoon yet

(do read my two previous posts too)

Is it still necessary to take any medicine?
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-23 12:49:55]
syria 10 months ago
If things continue to improve medicine will not be needed.
maheeru 10 months ago
Ok, in the future, do you advise to have Ferrum Phos 6x in homeopathic pills, or the real biochemical salts (larger pills) at home?

Are there any other emergency medecines or basic medicines I should always have at home? If you can give me a list, I will make sure to buy all of them after Corona.

Current symptoms are :

No fever again, whereas yesterday it was constant and chronic.

Not cold anymore, but still under blanket.

Upper arms and legs feel weak and hurt, especially when I stand up. Right knee hurts.

Sinuses around nose hurt when i cough (the same cough that has been causing shortness of breath for 3-4 months which comes and goes and which still has not been diagnosed properly by any doctor because they dont hear anything when they listen to lungs)

Head hurts, and is heavy. Scalp is sensitive when hair is touched.

Slept all day all night, and slept again 2 hours right now, as if my body needed all this sleep.
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-23 17:14:37]
syria 10 months ago
Yes FP, K. mur, C.phos should be regulars[Tissue salts]. Would help to carry through fever episodes, acute illnesses even in congregations with a risk of spreads.

Generally people who know about homeopathy keep a kit that covers essentials.
maheeru 10 months ago
I will make sure to have them.

I have a doubt on Echinacea tablets the naturopath gave me.

2 years ago, I took Echinacea, and this is when I had my first arthritis outbreak. It started with the left foot hurting, then the back, then knee, then hand joints.

I'm taking them again after her advice for dry cough and shortness of breath at times. Could it heavoc the immune system? I think it's better to stay away from this plant when you have autoimmune diseases...

What do you think? Shall I stop it?

Someone speaks about it here, and she also doesn't give it to her patients with auto immune diseases :

[Edited by syria on 2020-03-23 22:20:59]
syria 10 months ago
You have a fair point. You can stop and check.


On the above link I have presented some essential medicines for a travel kit, one can improvise on it making additions or subtractions :)
maheeru 10 months ago
Gosh, still no results on the syphilis test. The lab called me to go to the lab again as they did not take enough blood. -_-

If the VDRL comes back positive, and the doctor forces me to come and get the injection, what do you think I can tell him? (as you told me to not get any kind of suppression for gonorrhea or syphilis)
syria 10 months ago
You are the best person to handle this by thinking on your feet---my inputs are going to be generic.
maheeru 10 months ago
All symptoms in control. No more fever, throat pain, weakness. Weakness in legs has remained, I feel they are weak and hurt a little.

Diarrhea in control. It had been bad again for 3-4 weeks but I feel Calc dose set it again. I've been having good stools for 2-3 days.

Fatigue in control.

Anal lesion still present, painful only when I touch it, red, not hard or particularly swollen. Not painful when I go to the toilet. I've been putting raw thyme honey on it evert night. It's either herpes on syphilis. Syphilis results will come on friday or monday. They also searched for hepres, will take more time.
It cannot be a fissure because it would hurt when i use the loo, but it doesn't. Hemorroids (piles) maybe, but it's not hard and swollen.

Butt crack psoriasis still present. Flakes everyday coming out from it, and when i remove the Flakes, it bleeds sometimes.

Another symptom which appeared a bit suddenly is bleeding gums. I have sensitive gums and have to be extra careful with cleaning, flossing, and descaling every 6 months to avoid bleeding gums. But they were not bleeding three days ago, now they're bleeding, so I thought maybe you wanted to know.
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-25 16:01:27]
syria 10 months ago
Syphilis has come back positive... I guess the thing on the anus is indeed a chancre...

VDRL which had been negative for 4 years is now up at 8, which means there's syphilis.

What to do next Dr Maheeru? Please explain me every step, even the next ones, so that I can prepare myself mentally, and materially (next medicines, potencies etc) so that i can order everything.

Can we treat syphilis with homeopathy? If yes, it means that after treatment, the test should come back negative?

N.B : last syphilis test was performed in janaury, and it was negative, the VDRL was at 0. So this is very recent.

Throat felt tight again today, as if i cant swallow but i actually can. Breath is also not fresh as it usually is.

Weak legs, no energy in legs, energy is low too, fatigued.
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-26 00:55:13]
syria 10 months ago
Will review the latest development.

Have you used homeopathic mercurius compounds in the past? If yes what were they and what reaction you had to them?

Homeopathy has good scope in this. However we need to go step by step based on evolving symptoms. However like I said earlier, if our efforts do not yield fruit ---last resort as usual would be anti-biotics.

I presume this is from the past and not due to any fresh exposure esp. post january! If I'm wrong let me know. Yes the test should be negative if we succeed in treatment.

Will you able to get medicines in this corona chaos?
maheeru 10 months ago
I have used Mercurius compounds in the past, first when I got syphilis 4 years ago, but right after I took pennicilin shot as the doctor forced me, and back then i did not really understand how homeopathy worked, i did not give it time, ijust took a dose or two i think, so i dont remember how I did on it.

Reva also put me on some Merc compound, if i remember MERC COR and sol, but he changed remedies every single week, sometimes twice a week and never waited for the reaction, it was quite strange to change so many remedies. So i dont know how I did on it.

I can get the remedies despite the chaos, either from pharmacy or from my relative, no problem at all, be assured. Some merc compounds I even have them at home. But even if not, i can get them in a day or two.
The only difficult thing in this chaos is Biochemic tissue salts as only one pharmacy sells them and i cant go there coz of Corona chaos, but I already have Kali Mur and Ferrum Phos now at home :-)

What will happen to our Calcarea protocol if we start Merc compounds? Will we stop it, or just pause it?

Whether it's the suppressed syphilis in 2016 by penicillin coming back or a new exposure, i cannot tell you for sure to be honest... :-(
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-26 18:33:39]
syria 10 months ago
At a time I recommend at most one remedy, rarely two. So calc. will be likely paused for now... however I won't rule out coming back to it based on necessity.

By fresh exposure I meant if it was contracted by new sexual activity with an actively/latently infected person. If this can be ruled out, then it should be from suppressed thing.

Would you be able to buy a nosode syphilinum in high potencies like 1M/10M? I'm not going to start with this---though would be helpful to know about this.
maheeru 10 months ago
I will let you know about Syphilinum tomorrow morning. I think it is not a problem, but will have to confirm.

I cannot rule it out myself to be honest, if it was suppressed syphilis coming back, would the VDRL become positive after being negative all these years? Or does it become positive only in a case of recontamination?

So what is the next step, based on the symptoms I described? I have read in literature that it's not good to let the chancre disappear, as then it becomes secondary syphilis. Isn't it better to start a remedy while the chancre is still present, and painful?
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-26 19:20:54]
syria 10 months ago

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