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Butt crack psoriasis is flared up. It hurts and its open. Is it time for another dose of Calc 200?
syria last year
Yes but we need to do something to balance issues arising out of supplements.
maheeru last year
I will take another dose of Calc tonight.

Had 6 explosive stools on saturday, which completely resolved on sunday.

When she put me on iron, she also advised me to take a water rich in magnesium/calcium (500mg calcium per liter and 80mg magnesium per liter).

This kind of water can cause stomach pain and diarrhea.

I stopped the water, and the diarrhea resolved. It was either the water, something i ate, or iron supplements, time will tell.

I will take iron supplements another week and see how it goes. For now i'm kind of fine.

Other symptoms in control , except a little stiff back in the the morning, and psoriasis on butt crack itchy ,open, with white skin around the crack. It is a bit better with hydrating creams.

Had my follow check up with rheumatoligist today, she's happy i have not been on any medication for arthritis or back.

For the never ending inverse psoroasis on butt crack, she advised to try cortisone cream for a week, once, then another week, every two days, then another week, every third day, then stop.
I told her i'm not comfortable with cortisone and its suppressive quality, but she says it's the only solution and that it's not suppressive.

I will not put cortisone cream and try to control things with hydrating creams as you advised, but i must admit, it is tiring.
syria last year
All symptoms more or less in control except :

Back pain in the the morning some days, with stiffness around spine. Back and left bunion pain worse after drinking coffee. Every time I had coffee in my life, I had worseining of joint pain and diarrhea.

Diarrhea in control. Gas still too much. But gas is back because I cheated a lot last week and this week and had dairy (a looot of cheese and milk chocolate biscuits)... I crave cheese, i will have to find a way to stop

Psoroasis in control.

Fatigue in control .

Mood is good.

New pimples every second day on face, not only temples now but also cheeks, forehead, and they do not heal, leave scars.
[Edited by syria on 2020-02-25 22:26:01]
syria last year

My availability will be iffy for a week. My response may be muted.
maheeru last year
No problem I can understand. :-)
syria last year
All symptoms in control except new pimples here and there on the face :-) and of course my stupid, long, unreal dreams but i dont even know if this is a problem or i'm destined to have them

Also hurt my pinky toe today while walking, it hit a wall. It hurts but it's not red or swollen yet.

Hope you are fine.
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-02 02:16:52]
syria last year
You could use a dose of arnica if it hurts. 30c would do for minor bruise.
maheeru last year
Mushy stools are back, and they come in small quantity... As if iron supplements were constipating me and blocking stools from coming out completely. But also did not have an ideal diet last week, so will try to get back to a better diet and see how it goes. A lot of gas also, that smells bad.

Psoriasis no more flakes thanks to a hydrating cream, but still skin colour is different in the butt crack.

Fatigue is quite present, despite sleeping a lot at night, I need a nap during the day. I feel there's a link with the daily dose of Vitamin D 2000UI i take everyday. Everytime I start Vitamin D supplements, i have this excess sleepiness problem, a few hours aftet taking the dose. I don't know if it's because the Vitamin D is "healing" something inside, or because the dose is too high, but it definitely knocks me out.

Stupid, tiring dreams each and every night. This might make me go crazy at some point, because I NEVER go into deep sleep I feel, and I wake up being tired. I never have any happy dreams, they are either negative, stupid or scary.

Some stiffness on spine upon waking up but goes away as I walk.

A mild herpes attack in anus region.

Pinky toe still hurts a little despite one dose of Arnica 30c, but it's better from before.

Mood was good after last dose of Calc, but now it's a bit down again because of stools and especially disturbed sleep.

When I had hepatitis A 3 years ago, I made the mistake to try and treat it with homeopathy, when it's a disease that goes away by itself. During that time, a not so good homeopath advised me Sulphur and Bryonia in 30c for a long period, I took it for almost 4-5 months. Could it be that the Sulphur disturbed my sleeping patters forever?
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-05 22:49:11]
syria 11 months ago
Saw my GP today morning, who is also a naturopath/homeopath.

She is happy about the work and progress you and I have done together in homeopathy with Calc Carb and wants me to continue the homeopathic follow up with you.

She will take care of the naturopathy follow up/general medicine follow up.

She switched vitamin D drops to more natural vitamin D drops from lanolin. Some patients reported her that they did not digest the first ones well, nobody reported fatigue and sleepiness like me, but she says maybe i don't digest them and therefore they cause fatigue.

She asked me to take Acerola once a day after the meal when i take iron. Vitamin C in acerola will help me fix iron.

For the lung cough, she listened to the lung. Nothing particular. Very discreet inflammation of lungs on scan. She gave me Echinacea to take for a month to clear any infection and boost the immune system.
syria 11 months ago
All symptoms more or less in control.

Fatigue much better from switching to a natural Vitamin D.

Herpes outbreak in anal region since last thursday. Not very painful but it does hurt when i touch, and feels dry. Last time, 3-4 doses of Ranunculus helped and prevented any further outbreaks during atleast two months.

Psoriasis not hurtful but still flaky on butt crack, despite proper hydration.

Pinky toe still hurts a little.

Mood is a bit low nowadays...
syria 11 months ago
You could take Arnica 200 one dose for that injury site. Probably 30c was not enough.
maheeru 11 months ago
Will take tonight.

Anal herpes is still there by the way.

President of France announced closure of schools, universities in France. He advised people to stay home and avoid going outside. I guess the situation is bad.
Are there some preventive measures (homeopathy or others) for me and my parents, brother, sisters etc?
syria 11 months ago

Take a look at the above link.

Those who are healthy or already undergoing homeopathic protocols may not need prophlaxis, they can follow simple hygienic measures like washing hands, sneezing/coughing under handkerchief, not using fingers casually on Mouth, Nose, Eyes, toilet hygiene etc. Sugar/BP/Asthma/COPD patients should be watchful.

Helped a couple of patients with Aco--->Bryonia--> Sulph, Hepar/Spongia much before this brouhaha started. Symptoms would be the key.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-03-14 03:12:16]
maheeru 11 months ago
I'm young and healthy now by the grace of God and your help during these last months. :-)

I am a bit worried about my parents who are respectively 65 and 75.

We have been advised to give to the whole family Arsenic, Aconite and Gelsinium 200 twice a week and Chelidonium 1x three times a week as a preventive measure.

I'm of course not going to take it because I'm already under treatment witb you, and I do not believe mixing so many medicines works in homeopathy.

But my other family members want to follow the recommendations, they are unsure because i'm telling them not to, so it's a kind of dilemma...

Maybe only my parents can take it as a preventive measure?

Because if they do get it, i'm scared it would be too late. And if they go to hospital, then nobody can reach them, they are locked in a special area, then how will I give them homeopathy based on symptoms?

Right now, thz country is locked down, any gathering of more than 100 people is not allowed.
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-14 11:48:56]
syria 11 months ago
All symptoms in control more or less.

Back pain and stiffness in morning, but very mild.

Anal herpes still there, its been 8 days. I checked and saw the red spot. Its mild, but there.

Butt crack psoriasis keeps flaking. Naturopath advised an omega 3 supplement for 2 months, and pure vaseline, topically. I'm trying rosemary essential oil on it right now.
syria 11 months ago
Yes things are a bit problematic with huge lock downs and emergency or war like measures. There are a couple of issues with respect to prophylaxis. They may not be fool proof 100%. And what if sensitive people develop fever or similar symptoms after medicines were taken as proving or accessory symptoms?

If it's so important elderly members can take something. It's likely there is a palpable fear in the air, then Ars. might help. Instead of twice a week, this could be done once in a week or so. Want to add that in pneumonia like symptoms Ars has to be followed by another deep acting medicine like sulph/phos. soon.
maheeru 11 months ago
Thank you for the reply.

With the good and sunny days coming back in France, I would like to know what is your take on suncreens? Should they be used or not?

I'm 29, until now, I have only been applying hydrating creams, even in the summer. Skin specialists here insist that sunscreens must be used during whole spring and summer whenever there is sun, even when there is no sun actually, to protect from skin diseases, and also avoid acne scars getting darker.

I don't understand how a natural thing like the Sun can be soooo harmful?

Are sunscreens also considered suppressive, or do you recommend them?

I get tanned very easily, like 15 min into the sun and the tanning starts, and I'm a faired skinned boy normally.
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-15 11:24:23]
syria 11 months ago
Anal herpes is still there after 10 days and hurting and red. It occured after the doses of Arnica I feel. Any link?

Butt crack psoriasis not hurting but white dead skin coming out from it everyday, it's mentally exhausting. It's esthetically disgusting. I feel sad because of this, it is disgusting to have flakes getting off from that area whenever i touch. Is it sooooo bad if i put cortisone for 3 weeks total on such a small area of my body? Nothing seems to help, really nothing.

Stools no more formed since a week. No diarrhea, but not formed either, and a lot of gas. I have been taking Echinacea and Acerola, that might be why, but I can't stop them, she asked me to takr them for a month for dry cough and short of breath.

Back pain in morning but mild. Left foot bunion/big toe a bit stiff but mild.

Fatigue is better.
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-18 17:34:58]
syria 11 months ago
I checked the anal region again in the mirror. To me, it looks like a syphilitic chancre. It doesn't hurt and sting like my herpes usually does, and it's taking more time than usual to heal.

Could it be that the suppressed syphilis is coming out? Should I get tested for syphilis? I'm scared that if I get tested, the doctor forces me to come and get pennicilin injection.

I'm waiting for your next step regarding this.
syria 11 months ago
You could go ahead with next dose of calc. Let's wait and see what becomes of this. If you can confirm in any way if it's chancre that would be helpful. By the way did you have chancre at any point in the past?
maheeru 11 months ago
I will have my blood drawn now,

I did not see the chancre back then, maybe I had it and I missed it, but I did test positive for syphilis, and got treated with a single shot of Pennicilin.
syria 11 months ago
It may be an anal fissure, if that's the case, can Calendula cream help? Or any other cream /oil?

Is calendula 200 advised for anal fissures?

I will get it diagnosed tomorrow, the doctor is not a proctologist, but still better than nothing. Proctologists are closed due to Corona quarantaine.
syria 11 months ago
Calendula cream may be used. But internal medicine may not be a right idea.
maheeru 11 months ago
He checked, he said no anal fissure, either herpes or something else.

He tested for herpes, chalmydia, gonorrhea.

Wants to to take valaciclovir 500mg twice daily for 5 days. It suppresses herpes.

You told me not to suppress, so i wont take it until your approval.

Gonna take calc 200 now.
syria 11 months ago
Gosh... Labs are closed due to Corona, will not get results before Wednesday / Thursday.

The rash is not better, i shaved the area around, it's red, swollen and the size of a chancre. What do you think would be the best thing to apply to heal such a thing?
syria 11 months ago

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