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Will get Mezereum too. Is it 3c or 30c?

It's not a big bother, but sometimes I can't finish my sentences when I talk, have to cough once and resume. It's a weird feeling. Not taking anti allergy pills as of now, will wait for your advice.

Yes, I disliked being slim. I don't dislike the way my body looks now, it looks manly, but so much weight gain in such a short span is what scares me, is it okay to gain so much weight? What if it doesn't stop? Butt area has grown, which is good, chest has grown, stomach is kind of flat but with more fat from before, legs are still kind of skinny, face is healthy, kind of full.

According to BMI, I'm not overweight, but will be if I gain 2-3 kgs more.

My friend's mother is doing better, they are a big family, 10 live under the same roof, all got Covid 19. They got infected a month ago, and his father is still coughing, mother too, and one or two brothers as well. No other symptoms but still coughing, some days they are better, some days worse.

Another friend of mine also got dry cough in the last few days, with shortness of breath and whistling. Then got severe vomitting. Now he's better.
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syria 10 months ago
Please read previous post too.

Red spots are confirmed by myself. There are red spots on both sides.

Was to tired yesterday all day, had a nap of 3 hours, then woke up, was feeling better, then again slept a good night of 7 hours.

No appetite today, forced myself to eat, have a little bit of dizziness also. Felt full after eating a little portion.

Also forgot to mention, have a small bald spot on beard since january. Had one two years ago also which resolved on its own after 3-5 months but i also applied garlic on it after incising it a little. The bald spot is less than 1cm.
syria 10 months ago
It'd be 3c of Mezereum.
maheeru 10 months ago
If 3C is not available in France, can I get 4c or 4d? What's better? Still waiting for confirmation, but 3C might not be available.

Gonna take 8th dose of Merc Sol 30c today. Whats the next step?

Was Merc Sol 30 supposed to make the chancre better or not? Because even after eight doses, there's no improvement in chancre at all, in fact it's worse.

The doctor scared me so much, saying that syphilis has become worse than before and some people develop a neurosyphilis even in the first stage of syphilis, if not treated. And if a neurosyphilis happens, then I will have to be hospitalized for 14 days for IV pennicilin. I hope I don't reach that stage! :-(
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-02 18:01:48]
syria 10 months ago
First preference 3c. If not 6c or 4c.

Yes Merc. was supposed to work for chancre as well. Mez. will be used for itching of chancre when it gets worse(that's why it's 3c to work on skin we need lowest potencies and since we'll be using another general medicine, this skin medicine will be used as a local organ remedy)

Three more doses of Merc 30 doses.

Then you prepare a wet dose of Merc Corro 200 wet dose---that would be the next step. Keep an eye on the rash on upper body, if they start to bother we change to an appropriate remedy.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-05-03 02:40:15]
maheeru 10 months ago
Going to take 11th and last dose of Merc Sol 30c tomorrow.

Update :

Another lesion/chancre appeared on anus, first one is on right side, second one on left. It's sensitive when touched. Appeared 2-3 days ago. First one did not get any better.

Eruption on both sides of upper body part, on the side of the stomach /tummy are now very much visible and red. No itching, smell or pain in them.

I fall asleep very easily in the afternoon. Had a 3-4 hours nap after sleeping 7 hours at night. Just did pushups for 5 mins, and after that started yawning and was so tired.

Appetite is on the lower side. I'm not eating as much as normally.

Empty feeling in mind/spirit.

Sweat a lot at night when sleeping or during naps. Debilitating dreams, inability to know whether they're real or not. They seem so real, and disturb me when i wake up. Negative dreams only.

I only fasted 3 days, my body is too weak nowadays, I feel, with that syphilis infection going on.
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-05 00:40:04]
syria 9 months ago
My question is, why am I getting this rash on upper body when we handled the infection in its first stage with the appropriate homeopathic remedy and no suppression.

The rash means it is going into secondary stage, isn't it?

Also, after a little bit of effort, my heart beat becomes fast, which never happened before. I've been noticing that since 2-3 weeks. Today, i climbed up stairs, heart beat got fast, then started coughing (same cough i've been having since 6-7 months).

Gonna see a pulmonogist soon, whatever he tells me, i will let you know and of course i will not take the treatment he will give me unless you tell me to.
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-05 18:06:29]
syria 9 months ago
All 11 doses of Merc Sol 30c taken. (11th dose of tuesday, may 5th).

Merc Corr 200K wet dose is ready at home.

Mezereum 3c has been bought in granules form and is at home.

What's next?
syria 9 months ago
When three or four days have passed from the last dose of merc 30, you can take one dose of merc corr. 200. Wait for three days and post your dose related feedback.
maheeru 9 months ago
Going to take Merc Corr 200 tomorrow.

Have a headache since yesterday, skull feels numb on left side, and eyes have been hurting since 4-5 days, not hurting but they feel weak.

I really hope this does not transform into a neurosyphilis which can be very dangerous, and then it's not one shot of pennicilin but 14 days of pennicilin for 14 days at hospital...

I believe we will cure this with homeopathy, but i'm also scared... :-(
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-07 12:45:34]
syria 9 months ago
True things have not worked upto our expectations. Things can change. My tight schedule is preventing me talking to you in detail.
maheeru 9 months ago
Took Merc Cor 200 three days ago.

60-70% improvement in anal chancre. Started improving the day before taking the dose, but improved even more after taking it.

Eruptions on upper body are fading, 70-80% improvement.
syria 9 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru,

What's the next step?
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-13 14:47:49]
syria 9 months ago
After 7 to 9 days from the last dose, you could repeat one more dose from Merc Corr.
maheeru 9 months ago
I retested my Chromogranin A two months after the last test.

January 2020 : 500

February 2020 : 350

April 2020 : 500 again

The normal rate should be below 100.

I emailed the doctor, waiting for her answer.

It is worrisome, why would a marker for neuroendocrine tumours be up in my case? :-(

If she advises more tests and ct scans etc, is it worth doing them, considering I don't have any such serious symptoms?
syria 9 months ago
Chromogranin A could also be elevated due to liver disease, bowel disorders, renal insufficiency, stress. We already know you had difficult time with liver and bowels.

If a doctor advises you to undergo tests it'd be worthwhile to do them unless you have strong reasons not to.
maheeru 9 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru.

Took second dose of Merc Corr 200 yesterday.

Right now having a kind of outbreak in butt fold region. It's not painful like herpes, but it's very itchy and i can feel little spots left and right.

Also, since last week, have pain in LEFT knee anf LEFT big toe hallux valgus area. Left knee especially hurts when I bend it and then stand up.

Anyway, the pain is very mild, there's discomfort but nothing alarming.

What shall be the next step after Merc Cor second dose?

My homeoapth called me to ask if I took Syphilinum 1M for syphilis, I had to lie to her and I said yes. She asked me to retest start of june.

As far as you are concerned, when do you think i will complete all the remedies and be able to retest for the VDRL?
syria 9 months ago
Let's give some time for this medicine to work, we may repeat doses in 5 to 7 days for a few more doses.

These tests can be done with 3 or 6 months' interval. Irrespective of the medicines completed, you could take tests. Tests would serve as a milestone.
maheeru 9 months ago
Okay, so I think Ishall not inform the r French homeopath doctor about the results then...

She thinks I've taken Syphilinum 1M, and if the VDRL does not come back negative, or atleast did not decrease from last time, then she will want me to take pennicilin shot...

So mid June at 3 months I will retest for VDRL, and retest in September at 6 months.
syria 9 months ago
I could feel something on my mouth palate, i checked with torch, it looks like a red thing, it's painless... Could it be a chancre?

Could Merc Sol and Merc Corr bring out/cause other chancres? It's kind of weird to see a new thing in this area suddenly...

Or could it be yet another manifestation of secondary syphilis, which can involve ulceration of the palate?
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-20 00:33:19]
syria 9 months ago
Advance the next dose from 9 days gap to 5 days this time.
maheeru 9 months ago
Okay will do that.

The gastro enterolohist called and said I will have a fibroscopy soon for the elevated Chromogranin A under general aenesthesia.

Hope they don't find any ulcer/chancre inside due to syphilis that we are treating, because I read that some people also develop unseen chancres inside the body.

Because if they find it, they will want me to have penicillin shot
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-20 10:18:53]
syria 9 months ago
Also getting a very bad kind of diaper rash in butt crack region... I had some mild kind of irritation, I applied Kefir Milk on it, the next few days the thing got worse, white skin on both sides and reddish irritation in the area.

Is there anything natural to apply on diaper rashes/fungal infections? Or do I have to use allopathic anti fungal creams?
syria 9 months ago
For fungal infections one could use---external application of baking soda with water, apple cider vinegar in water, tea tree oil a few drops mixed with a few tablespoons of coconut oil.
maheeru 9 months ago
Thank you.

Took third dose of Merc Corr 200 yesterday.

What shall be the next step?

Generally if I have to sum up symptoms lately :

My IBS/ chronic diarrhea / light stools / extreme gas has completely resolved over the past two weeks. No gas at all, no mushy stools at all, stools always bulky and good brown colour, whatever I eat. This coincided with the start of Merc Cor. I do not know if it has a link, but this is definitely good news.

Butt crack is irritated, itchy and hurtful. It happened suddenly, when psoriasis in that area was in complete remission... Will see how it evolves.

Energy is great, at another level. I feel very fresh, very happy.

Back pain is in control, left toe pain in control, but left knee hurts, especially when I'm sitting for long and then walk, it hurts, then after walking a bit it stops hurting.

Gums bled all week long, suddenly, for no apparent reason. I put one drop of tea tree oil on my paste when i brush and it's a bit better.

Anal chancres have more or less disappeared i think, not too sure, but doesnt hurt anymore.

The thing that looked like a chancre on palate is still there, but doesn't hurt.
syria 9 months ago
For the past 5-6 years, I have been getting seasonal allergy / hayfever from pollen in May/June.

It causes a lot of sneezing from nose tickling, tickling in throat, burning of throat, runny nose, runny eyes, and sometimes like last night thz throat hurts so much.

Last night, as well as two nights ago, the hayfever was at its peak, but ALSO, THE BUTT CRACK suddenly in the night/morning start itching so badly, so badly, so badly that it wakes me up and makes me scratch. I HAD TO REMOVE MY CLOTHES to relieve it, followed by sneezes, burning of throat...

I had to take an anti allergy pill when I woke up this night, otherwise I felt i would die.

I don't know if hayfever from pollen can cause skin itching also but I feel there's a link, because the butt crack in normal tiles only has dead white skin, but right now it hurts so much, itches so much at times, and is inflamed.

Can we treat or atleast help symptoms of pollen allergy with homeopathy? Is it bad to suppress it with allopathy anti allergy?

Had to take it yesterday otherwise the skin was so itchy that I would hurt myself scratching it and it would cause more havoc, and also thar burning of throat and nose, unbearable...

Please let me know if it's okay to take anti allergy or if we can have something in homeopathy for it, and also the next step after Merc Corr 3rd dose.

P. S : the chancre on palate got double in size since two days... I've seen people getting holes in palates from chancres, hope this doesn't degenerate.
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-24 12:34:44]
syria 9 months ago

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