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Will prepare the dose tonight and take it. Have been very tired recently.

Iron levels have been checked with Ferritin marker. Here is a copy paste :

Ferritine 34 µg/L ( 47-358 )

Just before calcarea, i did not have it checked. I had it checked last year, or maybe in september 2019. Will have to check my files. But just before calcarea, i did not have it checked.

Nowadays i'm taking no natural stuff. Was taking rosemary essential oil anf lemon essential oil in honey before the blood test for fatigue but nothing else.

Also i had a question.

For fatigue nowadays, can i take passiflora mother tincture at night, or ginseng mother tincture in the morning, or both? In order to sleep better and have more energy? Or are they not advised with calcarea?
[Edited by syria on 2020-01-15 18:30:12]
syria last year
Had other blood test reports...

I'm a bit worried

Chronogramin A marker is elevated

Chromogranine A 491 µg/L ( <102 )

Have my appointement today afternoon, I will report back.

This marker gets elevated when there is a neuroendocrine tumour (this is what I read on internet). I hope it' s just a false positive. I will see what the doctor says.
syria last year
I still have not seen the doctor but I have been crying since this morning with fear of cancssr and death... I have so much to do in life, I hope it's a false positive and there are no tumours.
syria last year
She asked me to retest in 15 days and do other blood tests, and do a scan of thorax-abdomen-pelvis.

She is hopeful it was a false positive but she says we need to investigate it further.

This result broke all my confidence and joy of life. I have cried all day.

Should i still take the new diluted dose of Calcarea Carb or wait till the tests are done?
syria last year
Yes syria go ahead with a dose of Calc. Calc. also helps with the stress of this diagnosis(?), fear. Let's wait for full tests and diagnosis before worrying too much.
maheeru last year
I went ahead and took the dose today morning.

All symptoms are kind of better and in control except mushy stools.

I get mushy stools or diarrhea two three times a day. It settles sometimes for a day or two and starts again.

Will I ever have normal stools again? I'm tired of this diarrhea, some day it will make me go crazy.

Fruits make it worse, I feel, but not sure.

I'm having no supplement, except Calcarea.

Blood tests will be repeated in 15 days... I fear it a lot but let's see.
syria last year
In the past, China 30 helped my diarrhea after 2-3 doses. Is that suppresive also, or not the right remedy innmy case?
syria last year
That we can't be sure. There are superficial and deep acting remedies. The first category can help to an extent but can't cure the second category can cure. We can not stop the usage of superficial remedies--they have their place but what people generally miss out will be like what is the next deep acting remedy that should have helped the first specific remedy's action.

Only in long run can I answer if your mushy stool problem will disappear once for all.
maheeru last year
Okay, so how do i take this new diluted version of Calc? I took a dose three days ago. How often should I repeat it?
syria last year
You can take one more dose in four to five days. After that, till this new diagnosis stress resolves one way or the other you can take one dose per 8-10 days. However should any change in your symptom profile demand otherwise, there will be change in repetition or the potency or medicine itself.
maheeru last year
I havent taken the dose you asked to take yet. Was waiting for tests and scan to be done today.

Haven't got other results yet, only ferritin. Ferriting is down from 34 to 31 despite me eating red meat, eggs, foods rich in vitamin C (vitamin C helps fix iron), fruits and vegetables etc.

All symptoms have vanished in this last week.

No more psoriasis, few flakes come off the butt crack every day, but no pain, no itching.

No more herpes outbreak.

Diarrhea has completely resolved. Formed stools, once or twice per day. This has been a miracle as it did not happen in a long time.

Still a bit tired even after sleeping 7-8 hours though.

I have changed my diet completely. I practice intermittent fasting and eat only from 12pm (midday) to 8pm, and for 16 hours i dont eat, only drink water. This has helped my digestive issues about 90%. I eat everything, i try to ban dairy products completely and any transformed/refined products, i eat raw foods, real food, no more added sugar. I feel much better since this diet change.

I have completely stopped psyllium/ispaghol. I feel it was doing more harm than good. We will see how it goes on the long term but stopping it might have been the best thing for me to do.

No arthritis pain anywhere in the body for now. Back pain is no more.

Dreams are still very animated/weird though, which might explain why I'm tired on waking up.

Shall I still go and take another Calc dose?
[Edited by syria on 2020-01-31 17:38:19]
syria last year
You could wait for some more days. If you notice any stress or any other discomforting symptom then sure take a dose.
maheeru last year
No discomforting symptom has returned by the grace of God.

No diarrhea, no psoriais.

Had a little back pain two days ago but it went away, I guess it was because of swimming.

I still get a pimple or two on right temple, despite eating no dairy and fatty cheeses. I have replaced bad fats with good sources of fats that include eggs, avocadoes and olive oil. I thought the pimples were caused by butter and cheese but I guess there's no link.

The dry cough that comes from the chest comes and goes, has been for 3-4 months now i guess. No mucus, no blood, just dry cough which settles on its own in 15 mins /1 hour.

Half of the results came back.

Chromogranin A is still elevated, but down from 550 to 369. But it still up. My appointement is next week, I do not know why it's still up, i thought it would be a false positive. I will keep you updated.

I'm trying not to take any stress despite blood results not being reassuring because I have an important day in my life on Monday.
[Edited by syria on 2020-02-06 11:13:07]
syria last year
For 2 days, mushy stools are back only in the morning, with hot feeling in anus. Todya morning, it was explosive.

No change in diet, except readding banana and raw carrot. Will see how it behaves in the next few days.

Diarrhea comes back with fear of death, having kaaansserr, pessimistic attitude, mini depression and easy tears in eyes.

Other symptoms in control.

Shall i repeat calc dose?

I have a very important day in my life on Monday, cannot afford to spoil it because of this fear
syria last year
Yes repeat.
maheeru last year
Took a dose two days ago.

Isnt that sound from chest and dry cough from chest worrisome?

Will see my GP tomorrow, for a diagnosis, but xrays and scans don't show anything in the lungs yet.

She will eithet give me antibiotics, cortisone or inhalers I guess, but you have strongly advised me not to take any allopathy so I won't take them.

Shall I get back to you after her diagnosis?
syria last year
Do you get sounds still? In last feed back they were less and less right?

Cortisone is steroid. Steroids are immuno suppressants. People have divisive opinions on taking this group of medicines.

Anti biotics sometimes essential at other times can be avoided, but started means finishing the course is wise to not let bacteria develop resistance.

I remember saying not advisable to suppress sycotic discharge by using anti biotics. But for other complaints my answer would be 'depends'.
maheeru last year
I never really had sycotic discharge by the way. I had "asymptomatic" gonnorrhea of throat and rectum, but they still treated it.

I will let you know what she gives me.

Even if she gives cortisone, i will not take it. I don't like shortcut, suppressive medicines.

It is less but depends on days. For a few days, it has been back, a few minutes to hour every day. Sound is there yes.

I remember having this kind of cough from chest when I was 12/13, and it also lasted quite long.
syria last year
Could not see my GP yet.

Saw the gastroenterologist yesterday.

Scanner negative, blood tests all negative, the marker (chromogranin A) that was elevated is still elevated but divided by two, she says for her it is a false positive and will go negative in a few weeks. She said to retest in 2 months but that i can live my life like before without any tension or stress as there's no kanssar according to her.

I'm really happy and relieved, it's a 4 week stress that is off my shoulders.

She gave me iron tablets, 50mg once a day, for 6 months for low iron. I read in a book that iron tablets are best taken with Ferrum Phos 6x to fix the iron better? Is that true? Shall I also take it?

She gave me vitamin D 100.000 UI capsules, highly dosed, once a month every 2 months for 6 months. I will take one, and then dose daily with another brand that corresponds to 7 drops a day (5000UI daily). I read a study where they tried to prove that dosing daily is better than taking the highly concentrated versions.

For the diarrhea, she just advised to continue this healthy and intermittent fasting if it suits me.

No new symptom or change after last Calc dose on Sunday night. All symptoms are in control except dry cough from chest 1 hour a day and wheezing sound. A few pimple on skin here and there but manageable. The worst and more serious symptoms are all in control.
syria last year
I shaved the butt crack area and butt area as i like to have it shaved but i scratched the dead skin on the butt crack a bit too much and the crack bled and opened. So i guess it is still here but under control with moisturizing creams actually. Right now it's open and hurting, i'm still hydrating it.
[Edited by syria on 2020-02-14 15:40:11]
syria last year
You would have felt relief, wouldn't you? About diagnosis :) My thoughts and prayers were with you.

I'm not sure about gonorrhoea, but my definition broadly included the heavy loose stools problem you had in the afermath for which you had to resort to anti-biotics.
maheeru last year
So much relief and positive feelings, I almost forgot to smile during these 4 weeks. I'm really really really really happy, relived, stress free and euphoric now. Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts. :-)

Is it okay to take iron supplements (50mg) daily for 6 months? Is there a need to take Ferrum Phos also?
syria last year
Try and see how the supplement thing goes. If it's necessary we can accomodate f.phos.

I have not found anything that would connect Calc as a homeopathic medicine to dropping iron levels. But it turns out that Calcium supplementations can cause problems in iron absorption. We have not used tissue salt or very low dilutions where some material calcium could be present. Have you used calcium supplements in the past?
maheeru last year
Yes she did advise me to avoid foods rich in calcium (and also tea and coffee) 2 hours before or after taking the supplements.

I have never taken any calcium supplement or anything containing calcium material.

I told you my levels were divided by 10, it was wrong, my mistake. I checked old levels again, they were around 70 (normal bring between 50 and 350). So my levels dropped from 70 to 30, not 300 from 30, but still dropped.

Will keep you updated, she asked me to retest in 6 months, but i will retest in 3 also.

Will also let you knox if anything changes in overall symptoms etc.

Thank you once again for everything. You're incredible.
syria last year
I guess the iron supplements are causing havoc in my digestive tract.

Everything was perfect since a month, but yesterday was day 3 on iron supplements, I had terrible, terrible tummy pain, 5-6 liquid, explosive black diarrhea in the whole day, terrible nausea and feeling of vomitting.

I took another today, will see how it behaves, but i'm sure it's the supplements.

Butt crack psoriasis also is opened and inflamed, coz i removed too much dead skin from it 2 days ago, it's hurting and bleeding.
syria last year
Butt crack psoriasis is flared up. It hurts and its open. Is it time for another dose of Calc 200?
syria last year

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