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What would be the next steps for the syphilis part, what remedies will I be taking for it?

I started having symptoms 4 months ago and started homeopathic remedies 3 months ago, shall i retest now for the VDRL or wait a little considering Syphilinum has still not come into the picture yet?

I still have two more doses of Merc Corr 200 to take.

Pollen allergy updates :

Itching of eyes, nose and throat in control. Sneezing in control. Nose still blocked but better. Still taking Sanguinaria Nitricum 6 2-3 doses a day, and also the plant based complex of my naturopath since 2-3 days. The main symptom now is blocked nose, but it's better from before.
syria 7 months ago
Test can wait. Not because of nosode, but I'm looking to have a clean skin picture where chancres and the palate ulcer are off.

Do you see incremental progress on merc corr 200? If yes we can do more doses.
maheeru 7 months ago
The anal chancres have disappeared, but they were already 70-80% better just before the very last dose of Merc Sol 30, then completely healed after Merc Corr 200 first dose. Whether it was Merc Sol which cured them or Merc Corr, i cannot tell...

As far as the palate chancre is concerned, I see no difference at all on Merc Corr 200. In fact, I feel it's getting deeper, and is more sensitive now.

Also, bald spot on beard and behind head still here.

Weight gain seems to be problematic. My weight is on the upper side, until 75kgs it looked good, now at 81-82 kg, i start to look a bit bulky... What is shocking is that I'm not eating much nowadays, appetite is very, very low from usual, and there's strong aversion to indian/pakistani food with spices and chillies, i can eat it one time but at night i hate it. Despite the low intake of food i'm having, weight is going up/is stable but it should actually go down.

Weight gain might bz linked to sudden stop of ispaghol after using it for 4 years daily. My whole diarrhea issue was due to ispaghol i think, but I closed my eyes and thought it was doing good to my body, whereas it wasn't. It was just causing, unimaginable gas, causing me to have more stools and therefore making me lose weight and not absorb vitamins and minerals properly.

But my overall health is better nowadays, because of Merc Corr or not I don't know. I sleep so well, nightmares and silly dreams have come under good control, mood is good, skin is amazing, diarrha in full control, no more gas, i only have bulky stools once or twice a day, no liquid or mushy stools anymroe.

Rhinitis (blocked nose and runny nose, alternately) is very disturbing. All pollen allergy symptoms in control with homeo and plant based pill but this symptom is still here.
[Edited by syria on 2020-06-08 05:20:29]
syria 7 months ago
Nose is still stuffy most of the time, at night it's blocked, have to breathe with mouth open, this has inflamed the whole throat/mouth/palate/side of tongue. Both sides of the tongue are swollen and hurt.

Appetite is so low because of sore throat and mouth. Taste buds are dead (not 100% like during covid 19) but i hardly have much taste..

Gas is back since 4-5 days.

Acne pimples are back too, 3 pimples over 4 days, same side, right temple and cheek.

Took another dose of Merc Corr 200c today but will switch to 5 days gap again. 3 days gap caused fatigue and sleepiness and maybe that's why gas and pimples are also back.

But read my previous post, I doubt Merc Corr 200 has done anything positive on mouth palate chancre. It is more and more sensitive each day.
[Edited by syria on 2020-06-10 01:47:17]
syria 7 months ago
Ok, after finishing 8-10 doses of Merc corr, you can move to Merc sol 1M. If you are doing wet dose the water quantity will be more than the one you used for 30c/200c by 100ml.

In place of sang 6c you could use Ars alb 6c or nat mur 6x. If not much progress you could also use allopathic medicine.
maheeru 7 months ago
Will try Nat Mur 6x, if it fails, will get Arsenic 6c. Is dosage still same, hourly if acute episode etc?

Merc Sol, I wait a week after the last dose of Merc Corr 200c right? So I should make it in 350ml of water, is that correct?

I checked the palate chancre with torch light, my God, it looks terrible. It has doubled in size, and is very red and deep... That's why my whole mouth and palate feels sore.
syria 7 months ago
Yes if it's intense/acute hourly to three hourly dosage may be employed.(NM 6x or Ars alb 6c)

Yes merc sol 1M one or two pills in 350ml water. You can wait 4 days after the last corrosivus dose. But the gap between Merc Sol 1M doses would be around 7/9.

Ok that's good you checked it out with the torch otherwise we'd be thinking that this was due to allergy :) If Merc sol doesn't help with the palate we may employ Hepar or Acid nit. Keep 200c of Hepar and 30 to 1M potencies of Acid Nit handy.
maheeru 7 months ago
Thank you will do that. :-)

I think I will get them from my relative since there are 4 remedies I should have handy. Are there some others I might have to take (for syphilis, allergies or something in the continuation of our Calc Carb treatment) so that I can tell her to make them and go and get them?

Pharmacies do provide it too, but 30c or less potencies are cheap but 200 and 1m are more expensive so I'd rather get them from her.
[Edited by syria on 2020-06-10 19:38:04]
syria 7 months ago
Remedy ideas as they come up(as they evolve based on symptoms), will let you know. Don't want to predict :) then it'd feel like a restriction.
maheeru 7 months ago
Going to start Merc Sol 1M in 2-3days after completing 9 doses of Merc Corr 200.

I have painful ulcers on the inside of my mouth around teeth on the back which i can feel with my tongue. I checked with torch, they look like cuts or mouth ulcers, and this time round they are so painful and irritating. Could it be due to Merc Corr? They appeared 10/14 days ago, I thought they would heal by themselves but they aren't.

Palate chancre still here, sensitive and hurt by food. I cannot stand any spices/hot food, and appetite is very low because of that. Food hurts the whole mouth.

People have started noticing the weight gain and asking me if I changed anything... Skin has been looking dull and not fresh because of blocked nose and not being able to breathe normally and also because of weight gain, the face looks more round and less fresh.

Nat Mur 6x relieved itching of eyes, nose, and after its doses, the nose does get unblocked, but gets blocked again in the morning with very very dry mouth and nose and throat, but overall it did control the pollen allergy symptoms quite well.

The throat hurts a lot when swallowing or yawning.
[Edited by syria on 2020-06-15 16:37:40]
syria 7 months ago
Took first dose of Merc Sol 1M 2 days ago, will update in a few days, right now, chancr and palate ulceration still present, both painful mouth ulcers still present.

Also, hayfever allergy (pollen) is in full control, including blocked nose, which got relieved after each passing day with Nat Mur 6x. No pollen allergy symptom at all. Is it time to include Mixed Pollen 30c? As you told me we shall try to include it when the episodes are in remission...

Biopsy results are somehow disappointing. They did not find any inflammatory disease on the butt crack, meaning no psoriais, no lichen, no crohn lesion, they only found abnormal thickening of skin in that area... The skin specialist was herself surprised as the area is indeed chronically irritated with dead skin but biopsy didnt show anything.
Around the butt crack, she also checked for herpes 1 and i went there during an acute episode of herpes and it is indeed herpes 1.

So chronically there's the white dead skin and inflammation of butt crack, and acutely there's herpes 1.
[Edited by syria on 2020-06-21 02:02:58]
syria 7 months ago
After a few doses of merc., let's consider Pollen 30.

I would take it as a positive if there's not much sinister about the buttock skin issue.
maheeru 7 months ago
Indeed, it's positive if there's nothing serious, but a bit disappoiting since it doesn't tell us why it's chronically inflamed.

Okay for Pollen 30c, will wait.

Mouth ulcers hurt quite a lot to be honest.
syria 7 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru,

Tell me honestly, isn't it worrisome that after 3/3.5 months of remedies, we still have not treated the syphilis symptoms?

The chancre on palate looks bigger and bigger and whole left side palate is sore. Both mouth ulcers hurt. I mean, is it normal, or is it going worse? I hope the chancre doesnt transform into necrosis...
syria 7 months ago
If symptoms are bothersome we can go aggressive or use different approaches. But I really do not take time factor in to account but if you are worried about time it's another matter. Different people heal differently with different conditions. Yes I'm concerned about mouth ulcers--- we need to see Merc sol 1M's action before next step.

Updating the post:

You could advance the second dose of Merc sol. 1M by a few days.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-06-23 17:33:20]
maheeru 7 months ago
Just took second dose of Merc Sol 1M (today happened to be the 7th day after the first dose coincidentally)

What remains of the remedy when we prepare a wet dose in so much water?

I'm not worried about time, but about worsenig of symptoms. If it takes time and I know things will not worsen, then it's okay. ( for example, i'm scared about the palate chancre, i have visions of the chancre eating the palate and getting a hole there).

Another symptom I must note here since two weeks : the sore throat, when yawning especially. I feel its sore but when I yawn it really hurts. This also happened 4 years ago, and resolved on its own (or maybe with antibiotics suppression i took at that time for an std like gonorrhea or chalmydia or maybe syphilis). I gargled with sodium bicarbonate but no relief.

Also, one white spot/thing on right side of tongue, and one in the middle.

And testicles skin hurt/itch only when touched or when clothes touch them. Never had this before. Not the testicles themselves but the skin on them.
[Edited by syria on 2020-06-24 02:39:12]
syria 7 months ago
You could advance the third dose by a few days. Yes list out worsening symptoms in your view when we complete a few more doses of this medicine.

You think there is not enough of the remedy in the wet dose? We are diluting more to reduce the aggravation...let's see.

Itching of testicles seems a proving symptom---you reported this during 30 as well.
maheeru 7 months ago
What's the next step after third dose of Merc 1M which I took 4 days ago?

Both ulcers still hurt, difficult to open mouth.

Throat still hurts, difficulty to swallow.

White thing on tongue exploded into a disgusting thing which is so hurtful and with skin coming off of it. It tripled in size. It formed a deep kind of hole in the area. Very very painful. If i go to a hospital and show this, they will keep me in for kanssserrr suspicion I'm sure. It's very worrisome.
syria 6 months ago
Take 4th dose of Merc. immediately. After this dose two/three more doses with weekly interval.

Leaving two days from 4th dose of merc., start on Nitric acid 30c. Prepare the wet dose with the same procedure you followed for calc and merc 30. Take Nit.Ac twice daily for four to five days and then take once a day for another four to five days. In between when you take Merc 1M, you can skip the Nit Ac doses on the day you take Merc and the following day. Based on feedback Nit Ac dosage can be finetuned on-the-go.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-07-03 19:52:40]
maheeru 6 months ago
I was taken to the hospital by my family after they saw my tongue. I was not able to talk properly and I stopped eating anything the last two days. I started to cry in front of them because of the pain and depression it was causing. I also got a bad news at the same time, about my next job appliance being suspended due to Covid 19.

The doctor did not tell them it is syphilis... I was given a penicillin shot, and was told that I was taking very dangerous steps for my health and that it was not acceptable for my private and professional life...

I have kept crying since yesterday when they injected pennicilin. We did all this hardwork for nothing I feel.

Is there anything else we can do now to minimise the suppression?
syria 6 months ago
You continue the dosage as mentioned in the above post. After taking Nit ac for next two to three days give a report.
maheeru 6 months ago
Painful Mouth ulcers healed completely. No pain anymore anywhere in tongue or mouth or palate.

White painful ulcer on side of tongue doesn't hurt anymore, swelling has reduced, but it left a white spot.

Chancres on palate are not swollen anymore, not sensitive anymore, don't hurt anymore, but have left a purple/red spot on the bigger one, and a red spot on the smaller one.

Throat doesn't hurt anymore.

Appetite is back, can swallow without any pain, but I'm not eating good food at all, i crave for junk and junk only, any good food fulls me up quickly, and junk food never fulls me and i keep craving it.

No pain when I yawn.

Diarrhea started right after penicillin shot, with terrible gas and liquid stools. Lasted 5 days, is a bit better now, but stools are not bulky and with a good colour like before. I'm taking kefir milk daily to resplenish gut flora.

And pain in the back spine in the middle of the back is back in the morning with stiffness and difficulty moving. Better with movement. Also reintroduced psyllium, I really really feel there's a strong connection between my joint pains and psyllium. I reintroduced it because weight gain is problematic. I need to lose 6-8 kgs asap.
[Edited by syria on 2020-07-10 12:29:58]
syria 6 months ago
Ok. I believe these changes are after taking the above said medicines? Going forward keep me posted.
maheeru 6 months ago
I dont know if it's the above medicines, or the pennicilin shot which usually cures all symptoms within a week according to the doctor.

So today is my next dose of Merc Sol 1M.

Shall I go on with Nitric Acid 30? I took two doses a day for three days.
syria 6 months ago
How is your depression?

Yes go on with nit.ac doses.

A couple of posts earlier, you talked about the delay in treatment, that discussion did not convey me the intensity of the symptoms....wish it had.
maheeru 6 months ago
Depression is better, but the sad news I got because of my job did have an impact on my health and I keep getting sad moments, but it's better.

The symptoms were not intense, but in a span of 2-3 days, the mouth ulcers hurt so much that it became very difficult to eat, and even drink.

I was happy with the way our treatment was going, but the severity of symotoms and look of ulcers in the last 2-3 days before pennicilin did scare me.

I will keep taking Nitric Acid for 4-6 days and update.
syria 6 months ago

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