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For the past 5-6 years, I have been getting seasonal allergy / hayfever from pollen in May/June.

It causes a lot of sneezing from nose tickling, tickling in throat, burning of throat, runny nose, runny eyes, and sometimes like last night thz throat hurts so much.

Last night, as well as two nights ago, the hayfever was at its peak, but ALSO, THE BUTT CRACK suddenly in the night/morning start itching so badly, so badly, so badly that it wakes me up and makes me scratch. I HAD TO REMOVE MY CLOTHES to relieve it, followed by sneezes, burning of throat...

I had to take an anti allergy pill when I woke up this night, otherwise I felt i would die.

I don't know if hayfever from pollen can cause skin itching also but I feel there's a link, because the butt crack in normal tiles only has dead white skin, but right now it hurts so much, itches so much at times, and is inflamed.

Can we treat or atleast help symptoms of pollen allergy with homeopathy? Is it bad to suppress it with allopathy anti allergy?

Had to take it yesterday otherwise the skin was so itchy that I would hurt myself scratching it and it would cause more havoc, and also thar burning of throat and nose, unbearable...

Please let me know if it's okay to take anti allergy or if we can have something in homeopathy for it, and also the next step after Merc Corr 3rd dose.

P. S : the chancre on palate got double in size since two days... I've seen people getting holes in palates from chancres, hope this doesn't degenerate.
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syria 8 months ago
Please continue with Merc corr three more doses(same time interval). I will have a look at the allergic symptoms. In exigencies like acute flare ups you could use allopathic anti-allergic medicines but in long run it's not a good idea.
maheeru 8 months ago
Thank you.

I never take them more than 20-30 days in May-June, sometimes I alternate between days.

The sneezing anf burning stopped with anti allergy pills, but the skin itching and pain in butt crack did not, which means it was not linked to hayfever.
syria 8 months ago
May-June seasonal allergy--Which season is it? Have you done any tests to find out what you are allergic to---was it confirmed to be pollen?
maheeru 8 months ago
It is high peak pollen season in France.

Yes allergic reaction tests were performed, it was confirmed to be pollen indeed.

Looking at the sharp pain in the butt crck region, it looks like another attack of herpes.

5 months ago when I took ranunculus bulbosus, it worked wonders on herpes and never had an attack after that. Can I have a few doses, while on Merc corr, or is it better to avoid interaction, and wait to see how the pain evolves naturally?
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syria 8 months ago
I accidentally ate 5 mins after the fourth dose of Merc corr 200... I completely forgot i took the dose and i ate. Should i redose it, or wait 5 days again? This never happened before i'm so careful usually...
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-27 01:32:56]
syria 8 months ago
No need to redose again, you may advance the next dose by one day with a 4 days gap.
maheeru 8 months ago
20 to 30 doses in a month would concern me.

What I would suggest to tackle this hay fever/Herpes are:

1) When you have severe throat burning and sneezing stuff you could try one or two doses of what we are already doing i.e Merc Corr to see if this impacts the intensity or course of the allergic symptoms.

2) Yes we used Ranunculus last time, but this time if buttock herpes peaks(very intolerable) try Mezereum 3c first.

3) Get Mixed Grass Pollen 30c remedy. This needs to be used prophylactically to desensitise your system to pollen so this be better used one week before the actual symptoms come on. Dosage will be like once or twice a day for a week or two. This will be done over the years to bring the sensitivity to normal.
Also procure Sanguinaria 3c. If merc. corr. does not help with the hay fever symptoms at any point in this season, you could try this.
maheeru 8 months ago
Thank you so much. Very informative.

1) so merc corr for the hayfever symptoms. You say one or two doses, is it also with a five day gap? Honestly i don't think this works on hayfever symptoms as dose 3 (5days ago) and dose 4 (yesterday) didn't help in anyway for the hayfever symptoms.

2) mezereum 3ch. Herpes is at its peak, it's so painful that it wakes me up at night. Considering I had merc corr last night, can i take mezereum 3ch? How should i dose it, frequency etc? Can i have it while i'm on Merc corr?

3) mixed grass pollen 30c would be from next year then right? This year it's already too late?

4) if i get sanguinaria, is it sanguinaria canadensis? Same question, what's the dosage, can i take it while on merc corr/mezereum?
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-27 08:52:39]
syria 8 months ago
For Herpes please take One dose Variolinum 1M intercurrent every week. On the day you take it no other remedy before 12 hours past. Then Rhustox 200 three doses daily at 6 hour interval. Apply calendula ointment on the wounds. To prepare ointment get Calendula Q, mix 1 teaspoon medicine and 5 teaspoon water, mix well, and apply with cotton or soak a cloth and lay on affected area to get rid of itching of herpes. This is several times experienced remedy. Please don't take it routine advice.
arnadeem 8 months ago
1) When symptoms are intense need not wait for a 5 day gap and it's just trying one or two doses.

2) After a few hours gap Mez. can be taken. Could be tried dry at first---if it does not suit move to wet dose 2 pills in 150ml water. It can be repeated a few times till some relief or impact is noticed. For example one hourly or two hourly doses.

3) Based on observations and experiences from the past you would know if there would be other episodes and if other episodes could be anticipated this could be given a try. Or this could be kept for next year as well.

4) Yes that would be canadensis. In exigencies this can be taken frequently but two hourly would be a good example. Leave a gap of a few hours from other medicines. If dry does not suit 2 pills dissolved in 150ml water and from there half a teaspoon as a dose after four succussions.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-05-28 05:54:02]
maheeru 7 months ago
Okay thank you.

Started Mezereum today, dry dose hourly. Also had my appointement with a new skin specialist, who finally accepted to biopsy the butt crack. I'm not touching the area much as she stiched it, but the itching seems less and burning seems less also, don't know if its thanks to Mez or due to the fact i'm scared touching it too much. Can i take it for another day? How many days/doses max?

3) pollen 30c. If the allergy is going on right now, it's useless to take pollen 30C, it's only in prevention right? I dont really know exactly when the episodes happen, but it's somewhere from may to July-august. If the season has already started, is it useless to take it?

Going to take a dose of Merc Corr now, and also ordered Sanguinaria in case. As of now, the hayfever episode is HORRIBLE, eyes itch and cry, mouth is dry, lips are burning, throat is burning, nose is itchy and runny and stuffed at the same time. Will update if merc corr helped, otherwise will start Sanguinaria.
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-28 23:48:18]
syria 7 months ago
If it's needed you could continue Mez for another day or two but you could do more relaxed dosage than hourly doses.

Since you say this problem lasts till August, if we find a window of opportunity when we are not doing Mez and Sang., and your hay fever symptoms are in a remission, we could consider Mixed Grass Pollen.
maheeru 7 months ago
Okay will do that.

My French homeopath /naturopath called, she advised a plant complex which is 100% natural for pollen allergies to be taken twice daily for the whole allergic season, is it okay for you or is it too suppressive?
It contains : extracts of nettle, magnolia, green tea, plantain, perilla, blackcurrant, quercetin, quail eggs, vitamin d, vitamin c, magnesium, manganese.

She also advised to take anti allergy pills if the episode is too bad, every 2-3 days if the natural complex fails, but I will try to avoid it.

For the homoeopathic part, she advised Pulsatilla 7c twice a day, what's better, Pulsatilla or Sanguinaria?

I don't tell her much about the homeopathic follow-up with you, she does not mind it of course but as a professional she might take it personally if I have a follow up with you and her, she might think i don't trust her abilities, and I don't want that to happen.

She believes the herpes attack on butt crack is due to increased inflammation in the body due to pollen allergy, and it's important to reduce the inflammation with those plants.

As far as the mouth palate chancre is concerned, it's still there after 5th dose of Merc Corr. I took the 5th dose yesterday to see if it helps with hayfever symptoms, will take a sixth one and udpate, but it doesn't seem to help much.
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-29 09:47:17]
syria 7 months ago
Don't see red with the plant complex. If you think ok, you may take it.

Would prefer Sanguinaria.

It's a predicament indeed. You could have told her that practically you have been following me for some time and the one off request during that covid related loss of taste/smell was an exigency---it could happen again though---- no one could predict future. If you want to go with her exclusively, I'd step aside.
maheeru 7 months ago
I want to go exclusively with you actually :-)

I like her because she prescribes me blood tests without forcing me to take allopathy after (like after the syphilis results), and then I can talk to you about my symptoms and ask your help. Other French allopathic doctors would never accept a follow up if i don't take the treatments or injections they give me.

As far as the homeopathic remedies she gives, I'm not 100% sure about her vision of things. She only gives low potencies, like most French homeoapths, which is to me not applicable to a lot of ailments.

I have a kind of blind trust on your diagnosis and remedies, and I have followed everything you advised, thank you for everything you have been advising this past year. :-)
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-29 19:27:35]
syria 7 months ago
What do you mean when you say, "if dry dose doesn't suit, prepare wet dose..."

How do i know that a dry dose isn't suiting?

Mez fixed the itching, burning and pain by 85-90%. Took it for three days total. The area is still flaky, inflamed, red dots on it, but doesn't itch or burn, and hurts about 20% only.

Took Sanguinaria hourly today, did not help at all with allergy symptoms. Nose is still blocked, eyes itchy, palate and throat burn. Sneezing is a bit better. Shall i continue it or stop?

N.B : pollen allergy symptoms seem to be particularly violent this year amongst all my friends and people who live in France on Instagram... It's a very bad year for people suffering from pollen allergies apparently.

For the syphilis part :

I have taken 5 doses of Merc Corr in total (doses 4 and 5 didn't help with allergic symptoms), and going to take 6th dose as you advised tomorrow or Tuesday.

Mouth chancre is still here.
Bald spot on beard is still here.
A new bald spot occured on scalp where i lay my head if i lie straight. It's a coin size.
Bald spots in scalp or beard are signs of secondary syphilis... This worries me.
[Edited by syria on 2020-06-01 02:17:34]
syria 7 months ago
Continue Sang. a couple more days. Will look at your post in detail a bit later. Have you got the other one? Mixed Grass pollen?
maheeru 7 months ago
Yes I have got Mixed Grass Pollen 30c.
syria 7 months ago
You can continue Merc corr for another three to four doses.

You may continue Mez in a reduced dosage like twice a day or so till the residual effect is also cleared.

Please replace Sanguinaria Canadensis 3c with Sanguinaria Nitricum 6c.

I meant if dry doses were not comfortable due to sensitivity then you may move to wet dose.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-06-02 04:02:36]
maheeru 7 months ago
Sanguinaria Nitricum 6c, one dose every 2-3 hours, or two doses hourly?
syria 7 months ago
Whichever is comfortable for you. In sub acutes half/hourly doses and in acutes two/three/four hourly doses are fine.
maheeru 7 months ago
Have taken Sanguinaria Nitricum 6c yesterday, hourly, helped a lot with throat burning, dry mouth. Also helped quite a lot with sneezing and itchy nose which caused sneezing, but did not help with stuffy nose which is completely obstructed at times, preventing me from breathing properly. Eyes are also still itchy.

I did have a good night sleep and did not wake up with dry mouth/palate/throat and nose did seem less stuffy at morning but as soon as i woke up, the nose became blocked again.

If i put a piece of tissue in the blocked nostril, I breathe better, but sometimes both are blocked.
[Edited by syria on 2020-06-04 15:22:44]
syria 7 months ago
Can I have a 3 day gap between Merc Corr 200 doses, or 5 days must be respected?
syria 7 months ago
You can try three days gap, if it feels overwhelming, then make the gap 4 or 5.
maheeru 7 months ago
What would be the next steps for the syphilis part, what remedies will I be taking for it?

I started having symptoms 4 months ago and started homeopathic remedies 3 months ago, shall i retest now for the VDRL or wait a little considering Syphilinum has still not come into the picture yet?

I still have two more doses of Merc Corr 200 to take.

Pollen allergy updates :

Itching of eyes, nose and throat in control. Sneezing in control. Nose still blocked but better. Still taking Sanguinaria Nitricum 6 2-3 doses a day, and also the plant based complex of my naturopath since 2-3 days. The main symptom now is blocked nose, but it's better from before.
syria 7 months ago

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