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7 days gap over (last dose was taken last Sunday).

During the whole week, back pain was in control , except the days I took ispagol, strangely. I'm beginning to think there's a link between both.

I'm back to work, despite 6-7 hours sleep, I feel very sleepy at work... Maybe I need 8 to 9 hours but it's not easy to get that much sleep. Very fatigued at work. Very difficult to stay awake in train, or in cinema after work.
It' s a mental work, I read exams and correct them, 6 hours a day. I feel so sleepy while reading, the reading and mental exercise seems to make the fatigue worse. The head feels heavy while reading as if the brain will explode.

2-3 new pimples on face, one left a scar... I hope it fades away, it doesnt look good, on left cheeck, the other two on right temple again. Putting oils on the scar to fade it away, I have 2-3 creams but they have chemicals and I'm avoiding them following your advice.

Butt crack is healing. It started to heal before 11th dose (last week) , but healing even more now, but still white dead flakes on it, but no more pain or itching.

Diarrhea was in control the whole weeek, except since yesterday, went to the loo 5 times, today morning, loose motion. Had a tightness feeling in chest, had nausea yesterday and today, felt like vomiting but no vomit, stomach pain and chest pain, with a very scary feeling. I don't know what it is, it's maybe gastro as it's the season. Despite nausea and vomiting feeling, was hungry. I'm always hungry, even when I get a bad episode of gastro. I thought it was a heart attack, but no pain in arm, no hot flushes etc.

No pain in any other joint.

Skin looks good and fresh, except the pimples who come out and leave scars.

So what's next Dr Maheeru?
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syria last year
Any thing about that lung issue? You reported some pain and whistling and all?

Thinking of moving to 200c. That would be next step.
maheeru last year
It occured only one time this week, usually when i'm inactive for a few hours, at home. It comes suddenly, and stops suddenly. Happened on Saturday i think. I will get it checked by a physician, but does not serm worrisome.

Ok, so shall I stop 30c and order 200c? If I don't get 200c, 200k is okay too?
syria last year
Yes 200k is ok in place of 200c.

Yes you may stop 30c now.
maheeru last year
I have got Calc Carb 200C (from a relative).

How to take it?

I asked two different pharmacies and Boiron, they keep saying 200K and 200c are not the same thing at all, that the dilution method is different (Korsakovian and Hanhemmanian method), and that there is no equivalent for 200C in K dilution...

I insisted that homeopaths on abchomeopathy told me otherwise, but they insist it's not the same, and if I want to buy 200K, it's at my own risk.

Why do homeopaths here and pharmacists say two opposite things?

Anyway, to avoid any doubts, I managed to get the 200C.
syria last year
The same procedure you followed with 30c. Prepare a wet dose and go from there. Most things will be the same like dilution, number of shakes. Sometimes they will differ---will instruct differently when those situations arise.


C, K, CH are practically same. If we want to nitpick between H and K, yes they are different with respect to manufacturing procedure. From the time of Hahnemann, Korsakov method's practical utility and comparable working of both potencies has been acknowledged widely in the literature and beyond 200c, only K potencies will be available for potencies like 1M, 10M without H equivalent. In some places 200H itself is rare. If you want to understand the technical details please search for my posts on this forum dealing with these topics. I have made some technical posts where the differences are explained. The key point being multiple jars used for walk through/intervening potencies in Hahnemannian method while only one jar is used in Korsakovian method where succussions are automated and straightaway one can produce a required potency. Say for example 200c, 200 different jars will be required and manually one has to prepare from 1 to 199 potencies before one could come up with 200CH. In korsakovian, the one same jar will be filled and emptied everytime and at the end of 199th leg of succussions, the jar will have 200CK.

Even minuter nitpicking will lead to another troublesome and peculiar problem of plenty :)---that even within H or Hahnemannian potencies not all are same, some dilutions are succussed two times, some ten times some thirty/forty times(because when machines are used to succuss they can not start and stop sharply at the end of ten succussions) and some hundred times. Not all H potencies are same. But since Korsakovian method is automated, the potencies likely to have the same succussions atleast for the same manufacturer.

There are these beliefs/convictions that exist in homeopathic community---1) Some think german made potencies are superior 2) Some think 4th Organon preparations are superior while others think 5th and 6th preparations are better 3) Some think branded medicines like Boirons are superior 4) Many homeopaths think medicines only work or work better when patients take the medicines without knowing what they are taking.
We can not accept them as universal truths but there may be some truth in these statements.

Why so? People tend to think in black and white, 0 or 1 like flip flop switches and forget that a grey area can exist where things can be true as well as false :). So nitpicking would only lead us to get bogged down over such trivial details. Let's just simplify things and focus on things that actually MATTER!
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maheeru last year
Wow. Thank you for such a detailed reply. This is the kind of reply that educates. Love it.

So once the wet dose is ready, 10 doses total as well right, like I did for 30c?
syria last year

Just take one dose as a test dose. After a week will assess and let you know the gap between doses. There after you can report after every three doses. We might go upto ten or more or may stop earlier than that ---it depends on the response.
maheeru last year

Took first dose on Wednesday night (pellets). I didnt have a 500ml bottle so I thought I would take the first dose in dry pellets and next doses in wet doses.

Will report after a week.

I have been having diarrhea since Tuesday ( 1 day before starting Calc Carb 200C).

Monday and Tuesday, I had milk, with honey, twice a day. Tuesday night, started having bad cramps and liquid stools. Also had fast food that day, my friend also got stomach pain after eating but it didnt trigger a diarrhea in him. So i dont know if it's the milk or the fast food.

Today saturday, diarrhea still here, 3-4 liquid or mushy stools a day.

Thought it was important to inform you.

I have finished my green clay course. I started a high quality probiotics course today, is it okay while having Calcarea Carb?
[Edited by syria on 2019-11-30 07:29:39]
syria last year
I did not suggest 500ml water bottle. For 30c had suggested 250ml and the advice was good for 200c as well. So you can get 250ml bottle.

What probiotics are you going to take? I think you are stopping one thing and starting another thing. Unless there is a serious interaction you can continue natural stuff though.
maheeru last year
Oh sorry, yeah for the 30C, I bought a 500ml bottle, emptied half of it, and prepared the wet dose. Did I do it wrong?

Actually, 250ml bottles are not the standard here in France, they sell 500ml bottles, that's why I did it.

The probiotics brand is Lactibiane, it has these live bacterias :

Bifidobacterium longum LA 101

> Lactobacillus helveticus LA 102

> Lactococcus lactis LA 103

> Streptococcus thermophilus LA 104

10 billion bacterias per pill, I take it once a day.

If you advise against it, I will not take it. Do you think i'm taking too many things?
syria last year
A week almost since I took first dose.

As I said, one day before the dose, started having loose stools (3-4 times a day), explosive and liquid with tummy pain. Better now, but stools still mushy, not formed.

Had a herpes outbreak in the anal region on Saturday, but a very very mild one, there's itching and uneasiness in the area, but no pain like some outbreaks.

Energy levels have been good this week, and in general since the last few weeks.

Skin tone is good, people tell me I look fresher and better.

I sleep well, 7-8 hours in weekdays and 9-10 hours on weekends.

Dreams are very much frequent, and tiring.

Acne is still there on right temple, but better. I get a pimple a week but it doesn't flare up.

Butt crack completely healed withik three weeks, and is remaining healed and not painful. Skin is still white and not smooth in the area and white flakes come off when i scratch it, but with no pain or open cut. But the area is 70-80% better. Still the skin there does not look healthy.

Arthritis was good overall, but last week, I had a back pain flare up with back pain being worse in the morning, and better with movement and throughout the day, with almost no pain at night. Had the flare up in the back before the 200c dose, and it is better since sunday/monday, two days after the 200c dose.

Dont feel cold overall, feel hot, started feeling cold last week but better after the 200c dose.

The herpes attack occured the next day after the probiotics. Don't know if it's linked.

In a miracle turn, I started burping after 26 years. I never burped from 3 to 29, unless by mistake, but now I know the technique to burp, it takes me a lot of difficulty to burp and a lot of energy, it's a difficult technique, it doesn't come naturally, but I can burp, and it feels good.

Gas is still terrible and smelly.

5 mins after showering, if I don't put deodorant, my armpits smell as if I didnt shower, despite using a lot of soap and washing the area twice or thrice.

Penis glans psoriasis is very much healed, 10-20% left.
[Edited by syria on 2019-12-03 22:17:11]
syria last year
Ok syria.

As long as the water content is going to be 250ml, it does not matter if the bottle's capacity is 300 or 500 or 1000ml. Any thing that's easily available can be used.

You can go ahead with probiotics but watch out for any negative interaction.

The gap between the doses shall be 12 days. Take one or two in wet dose and report changes.
maheeru last year
Thank you. Will do that.

For my general knowledge, I would like to ask a few questions if I may.

1) Facewash cleansers, which claim to clean pores deeply, are they also not recommended? Are they also suppresive? I have tried natural ones, or allepo soap (made of olive oil and bay laurel oil), they do seem to clean and foam but I feel I have more pimples when I use them as they don't "deep clean"...

2) Hydrating face creams. So many people in the world use regular creams found in shops , not natural ones, sometimes with parrafin (vaseline, petroleum) or sometimes with other, unnatural ingredients. Are they all doing it wrong, and suppressing something in their body? Same question for anti-acne creams, one that is famous here in France is a BENZOYL PEROXIDE cream, which dries up pimples and makes them disappear, are all those youngsters using these creams/gels for acne, suppressing it in their bodies and therefore suppressing illnesses inside?

I'm not asking because I want to use all these chemical things, I am patient and very hopzful that you and I will win this battlz with homeoapthy, but I'm just curious and want to increase my knowledge.
syria last year
1) Things you mention here seem harmless. Even natural things can suppress a bit, but the impact is likely to be negligible unless there is a specific vulnerability like in allergy.

Certain things may happen out of no choice. For example a civil person will have to suppress his anger or other socially non-acceptable impulses otherwise one can land in a soup. These suppressions can also impact based on a range of factors. Another one could happen with young children going to school--children may suppress the urge to urinate or for a bowel movement and this suppression can cause issues in some children but not all children. A lot of factors come in to play like susceptibility, their genes, constitutions etc so while one person can suffer with suppression, another may not.

2) Natural moisturisers most often won't suppress. But occasionally they also can suppress but the impact is not likely to be as bad as with chemicals. Vaseline is fine. But the per oxide is likely to suppress more with it's chemical nature.

You wouldn't believe some homeopathic puritans would even restrict their patients not to take tea/coffee, perfumes even soaps/tooth pastes/talcum powder etc. Theoretically a lot could be said, but cases have to be analysed on merit and also on an individual basis. Blanket restriction will only discomfort the patients.
maheeru last year
Thank you for the detailed reply. Means a lot.

Took 2nd wet dose yesterday.

Back arthritis/pain has been back in full swing for the last 10-15 days.

Very painful spine in upper area, back pain in upper area, worse during sleep and awfully worse when I wake up, better from movement. Cold weather and humidity is back in Paris nowadays, and ankylosing spondylitis arthritis usually is worse with cold and humid weather.

It's so painful in the morning that I have difficulty breathing, and difficulty moving while sleeping.

Diarrhea and gas is better nowadays. Stool colour is very nice.

I feel whenever my diarrhea is checked and under control, back pain comes back in full swing.

Also restarted psyllium, will stop to see if it relieves back pain. I have a feeling it's linked but not sure.

Also having milk kefir (fermented milk full of good natural probiotics) and cheese. May they cause inflammation?

I hope it doesn't get worse like last year and two years ago, because the back pain, and left toe joint pain was so bad that I had stopped walking and had to take anti inflammatories.
[Edited by syria on 2019-12-14 14:41:02]
syria last year
Lets wait and see. With 30c too, with the first dry dose you reported some thing similar. So let's give some time.
maheeru last year
One dry dose taken, and one wet dose taken, here's a report 12 days after the wet dose :

Butt crack psoriasis is stable, no itching, pain or open cut, just dry white flakes coming off everyday.

Diarrhea not in control, explosive stools and mushy stools. In control with yogurt and psyllium but comes back every time I stop it.

Gas is kind of better, but still there.

Acne pimples are better, no new pimples, but tiny old ones not completely healing.

Back pain has been quite bad since 2-3 weeks, worse in morning, better from moving. No pain in any other joint.

Back pain comes back as soon as diarrhea resolves, and vice versa. I dont know if it's psyllium that causes back pain, or resolution of diarrhea that triggers back pain, but there's a strong link between both. As soon as a i stop psyllium, diarrhea is back and back pain settles.

Glans psoriasis also come back when psyllium is restarted, and settles down when I stop, but it is there.

The last two weeks, I felt so hot, so hot, that everyone around me felt it was abnormal. It's cold in Paris nowadays, 7-10 degrees celsius, but I feel so hot at work or in trains. Everyone in trains has a jacket on, but I need to remove it. There's also a strike in Paris with a lot of people in trains, but people generally feel cold while i'm hot.

Mood is very nice, I'm very social nowadays and have positive ideas.

I still have cravings for the bad things I mentionned in another post, but I try to control and suppress them.

A few reminders of my old (suppressed) ailments so that you know all my history :

2010 : staphylococcus aureus gastro intestinal infection after eating fast food, 10 stools a day, after a week, bacteria diagnosed, and treated with antibiotics. This is when my health started deteriorating.

From 2010 to 2017, kept getting diarrhea episodes, treated with same antibiotics I took during first episode in 2010, 3-4 times in this period.

2015 : cryptosporidium worm found in stools, treated with anti parsite medicines.

2017 : hepatitis A, treated with Carduus Marianus, Chelidonium, and homeopathic medicines. The mother tinctures were taken for a year almost, which I personally feel was too much. I feel homeopathic treatment was useless also, it complicated my case, whereas hepatitis A heals on its own without any treatment.

From 2016 to 2019, syphilis once, and anal and throat gonorrhea and chlamydia, treated with antibiotics everytime.

2018-2019 : arthritis treated with allopathic anti-inflammatoiries.
[Edited by syria on 2019-12-25 16:02:53]
syria last year
I have been bed ridden since Sunday night.

Mild flu attack (no fever) but runny nose, body aching, and cold body... Havent had any flu attack for 4-5 years, everyone around me used to be so surprised that i never get flu..

Very very very painful and dry kind of herpes on anus. So painful that I cant even touch it. Started Ranunculus Bulbosus today. Will take it for 2-3 days.

Last wet dose of Calc Carb 200 was taken on Saturday afternoon.

Have been having wild and vivid dreams again since Saturday, snakes and very vivid situations in dreams.

It's New Year but i'm celebrating in bed... I'm sad i cannot meet my friends but my health does not permit it right now.
syria last year

I wanted to have a bit more time for your body to settle. Wait for my nod for the next dose.

Flu like symptoms did they appear before or after calc. dose?

Don't worry about New year eve. You can have a great year without partying on the eve. You could always pray though even if you are taking rest.
maheeru last year
They appeared after the calc dose, but I didnt sleep for two days and had been very tired two days before the calc dose also, so I guess my body got very tired.

Flu symptoms getting better but body is tired overall, herpes on anus is still very painful and dry.

Is it okay to take Ranunculus Bulbosus to settle the herpes down?

Ok i will wait till next instruction for the next wet dose.

Yes this is what I did, I slept early and also thanked God for an overall beautiful 2019 year, after horrendous 2017-2018 years as far as health was concerned. 2019 was definitely more peaceful and a lot of good things happenned.

Happy new year to you too Dr Maheeru. 🤗
syria last year
Unless the herpes pain is bordering on intolerable one, you need not use Ranunculus. You could stop it.

Thinking of diluting the dose further. Increasing dilution could reduce the intensity of reaction.
maheeru last year
Hello Dr Maheeru

What's next in plan?
syria last year
First time in 29 years, I'm having low iron in blood test.

Always had very good levels of iron (250-300),and now I'm depleted to 30... What could explain this sudden change? I'm shocked. Can Calc Carb deplete you of your iron levels?

Also found low vitamin D but that was expected.

Mouth ulcer, tiny little bump on tip of tongue, very painful, not going away. Keep removing it with nails but keeps coming back. Very painful and irritating.

Abnormal hot flashes at work and in trains... Everyone is cold, I'm super hot. Never faced this before.

Back pain, butt crack psoriasis and glans psoriasis in control, but white skin does come off butt crack.

Sleep is good, energy is very low when wake up.

Eyesight has been weird for two weeks. I see a little more blurred than before when i read from a long distance.

Stools have never been so bad, alternation of diarrhea and mushy stools...
syria last year
Had given an inkling into next step in my previous post. Next dose of calc. would be more diluted. I want you to use third dilution meaning you have dissolved it in 250 ml, out of this keeping 10% back, 90% should be poured out and replaced with 90% of fresh water. Turn the bottle upside down a few times to let the solution mix, then again pour out 90% of the solution out keeping 10% back in the bottle. Now add 90% fresh water to the solution. Now from this solution you shake the bottle up and down for four times and will take a dose.

It's unlikely calc is behind low iron levels, but I will research into this aspect and another thing I haven't been able to do this till now, the alternation of diarrhoea and back pain. Look into other things that you continue to take to see if they have any reported connection with low iron levels.

Also a couple of questions: Which units are you using to refer iron levels? Do we have test results that were taken exactly before calc. protocol?
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-01-11 02:51:26]
maheeru last year
Will prepare the dose tonight and take it. Have been very tired recently.

Iron levels have been checked with Ferritin marker. Here is a copy paste :

Ferritine 34 µg/L ( 47-358 )

Just before calcarea, i did not have it checked. I had it checked last year, or maybe in september 2019. Will have to check my files. But just before calcarea, i did not have it checked.

Nowadays i'm taking no natural stuff. Was taking rosemary essential oil anf lemon essential oil in honey before the blood test for fatigue but nothing else.

Also i had a question.

For fatigue nowadays, can i take passiflora mother tincture at night, or ginseng mother tincture in the morning, or both? In order to sleep better and have more energy? Or are they not advised with calcarea?
[Edited by syria on 2020-01-15 18:30:12]
syria last year

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