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I will let you know about Syphilinum tomorrow morning. I think it is not a problem, but will have to confirm.

I cannot rule it out myself to be honest, if it was suppressed syphilis coming back, would the VDRL become positive after being negative all these years? Or does it become positive only in a case of recontamination?

So what is the next step, based on the symptoms I described? I have read in literature that it's not good to let the chancre disappear, as then it becomes secondary syphilis. Isn't it better to start a remedy while the chancre is still present, and painful?
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syria 9 months ago
Normal pharmacies cannot get it in France, they stop at 30c for Syphilinum (they call it Luesinum here, is it the same thing?), but I called the naturopath who is also a homeopath and she said we can get it from Switzerland by post if needed, in 1000K or 10000K, or even Belgium if I ever go there, so do not worry, if needed, I can have it, just let me know 2-3 weeks before I have to take the dose so that I can arrange things.

My homeopath in Paris usually advises patients to have the pennicilin shot and also gives them Luesinum 1000k one dose, that's the only thing she gives, I told her i'm not ready to have the penicillin shot and I want to wait and continue the homeopathic followup with you, to which she pleasantly agreed and is happy with your homeopathic follow up and visions of things.
syria 9 months ago
Weekends are risky. If you told me the medicine today, i could have got it tomorrow, now it will only be on monday, unless I already have it.
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-27 22:17:46]
syria 9 months ago

If you want you can get syph/lueticum 1M.

Send my regards to your homeopath :)

Will write remedy suggestion in next post.

If you want to write a note on symptoms, you could write in the meanwhile.

When you say you are not sure about fresh exposure, are you straying off the initial agreement we had(staying off of this vice during the treatment period atleast?). If you indeed are, then it's a disappointment and our work gets diminished in value and importance.
maheeru 9 months ago
Okay I will order Syphilinum 1M on Monday. Are there any next remedies which might be rare that you want me to have?

Symptoms are :

Anal lesion still present, and a little painful when touched or scratched, otherwise doesn't hurt. To me it is a chancre for sure.

Nose is stuffy since yesterday night.

Dry cough and shortness of breath is very disturbing since yesterday, almost chronic now. Though the whistling soubd is not here, like i usually have... It makes talking difficult also. I get short on breath while talking, while breathing.

Fatigue is in control.

Diarrhea in control, but very gassy. That might be because I reintroduced psyllium, psyllium causes intestinal fermentation.

Arthritis is very much in control.

Psoriasis still present, a little bit on penis glans, and butt crack very present.

Night dreams still very present.

Hair looks disgusting, and greasy. A lot of dandruff.

There is some throat pain too today. Dry nose, dry throat, stuffy nose, I did not also feel the taste of food or drinks today, weird. I felt it but not as much as usual.
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-29 01:50:24]
syria 9 months ago
I have the Corona Virus for sure... There's a complete loss of taste and smell. Had lemonade, which is so strong in taste, i only could feel 10% taste, had apple cider vinegar, it tastes so disgusting in normal times, i drank it without any problem. Chicken seems tasteless, everything except very sugary or salty food is tasteless.

I cant smell ANYTHING! Strong essential oil smell like Eucalyptus, it's so strong that it can sting your eyes, and i cant smell it, i applied it on my hand, i smelled the bottle, there's no smell at all. This is such a weird feeling, as if my sense smell is forever gone.

I thought the fever was gone so i was safe but this was really corona. I even stopped isolating myself at home, how stupid of me...
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-29 02:26:48]
syria 9 months ago
Syria that's unfortunate if indeed it's the case. My availability will be very less for some days. So if it's possible I will post a line or two about my thoughts. Otherwise you can also take help from other members.
maheeru 9 months ago
I can only ttust your advice, you know my case so well...

Please post a line or two about your thought, and especially on how to treat the syphilis and chancre. I will take the advised remedy and keep dosing depending on symptoms until you are back...

Dry cough is getting worse today... I cough when i count up to 10. Please advise something before leaving, please please please.

Shortness of breath too, when i speak, i cant finish my lines.

When will you be back?

Edit : Anuj has taken up the case. Nux vomica followed by Antimonium Tart 30 and Nat mur 6x. I hope it doesn't interact with all our efforts during all these months with calcarea.
[Edited by syria on 2020-03-29 20:55:37]
syria 9 months ago
Regret the inconvenience syria. Sorry I could not post my thoughts. Still I'm tied up and unable to give my time for a few days more.

I'm not sure the fever you had earlier was corona. But now it may be different. Your h'path in paris could have helped you right if this was corona?

It's possible that some medicines could interfere with our past protocol. But if need be medicines can be taken for current exigencies---the thing is medicines should be reasonably similar to the symptoms.

Will try to get back soon.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-04-01 04:26:10]
maheeru 9 months ago
Hope everything is fine on your side...

She could help me but she only consults on video on Friday, and that was too long to wait. Anuj is helping me instead.

Let me know whenever you're back please. I feel safe in your hands.
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-01 19:12:50]
syria 9 months ago
For syphilis, Chancre, I was to put you on Mercurius. Who Knows it might have also helped with other current symptoms. You possibly had 30c, 200 of Merc. So would not have been a problem for you.

Let's see how your current phase goes.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-04-01 21:38:27]
maheeru 9 months ago
Oh that's sad because yes 30c is available at home, 200 would have been ordered within a day without any problem... I'm soooo worried that the other treatment might cause unnecessary interactions now... :-/

I think the syphilis is a priority, it's not good to let a poison like syphilis' bacteria in the body...

Please let me know whenever you're back and whenever I can start the Mercurius compounds.
syria 9 months ago
You may get 200c and 1M of Merc sol/Merc corr in addition.

I think you know the drill from how we used Calc carb 30c and 200c. The same water dose procedure will apply.

The best remedy for loss of taste and smell would be Phosphorus. However need to see what other symptoms you have acutely to come at a conclusive picture.

Need to see to what extent Merc covers your current symptoms like loss of smell/taste, short breath, cough.
maheeru 9 months ago
Okay, should I get MERC SOL 200K and 1000K AND MERC COR 200K and 1000K or just one of them?

Shall I already prepare the wet dose for Merc Sol 30c?
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-02 18:19:43]
syria 9 months ago
First merc sol. You can prepare it any time but dosing do it at the right time :) Possibly you will have to see where your acute treatment goes.
maheeru 9 months ago
Okay so basically, Anuj put me on Nux Vomica 30c three times a day for three days. This did not make the cough better at all, nor taste and smell, but worsened my acne, glans and butt crack psoriasis and triggered liquid stools (once or twice a day, no urgency).

Right now since yesterday, I have been on Ferrum Phos 6x and Natrum Mur 6x which made cough 70-80% better, and sense of smell and taste came back 15-25% tonight. It came back as suddenly as it disappeared. There's more taste than smell, smell is 10-15% back. Still 60-70% loss for taste but it's coming back. Diarrhea still here, one/two stool a day but liquid.

Chancre still there, more painful after Nux doses. Still red and inflamed.

He advised Pulsatilla 30c as the next step if cough does not resolve 100%, but i will wait for your instruction next.

Two friends of mine contracted corona in january and February in France, even before it officially existed here. They had same symptoms as mine, and it lasted 10 days approximately. They both lost taste and smell 100% and it came back after 10 days.

Let me know what's the next step. I think the acute episode will be more or less over in a few days, it's better to do the follow up with you for my peace of mind, and also because you know my case so well, and because you've showed numerous times how good you are at what you do. :-)
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-03 00:09:43]
syria 9 months ago
Still I'm uncertain about my regular availability. So if you want you can go ahead with puls and see and then you can follow it up with Merc. Merc does cover loss of taste, smell, shortness of breath to an extent.

I was sharing my thoughts as I had said the other day. You need not rush through things. Give a few days to see acute stuff is really gone.

And I really really want you to adhere to our agreement to stay away from the vice that can give rise to sycosis and or syphilis. I can not but reinforce this again and again. Please do not make me desperate on this.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-04-03 02:03:23]
maheeru 9 months ago
Yes I will adhere to it...

I don't know if it's a reactivation of the olf syphilis or a new one to be honest, I was forced into doing something end of january, so it might also be new, i cannot tell you for sure.

I will try my best not to be in a situation like this anymore.
syria 9 months ago
That explains the sudden jump in VDRL test. Retracement of ailments seldom cause this. And you say this was forced, that makes it even nasty. Please shun the company and the situation!!!
maheeru 9 months ago
Yes, but I'm still not sure how it happened. I was forced but there was just some "rubbing", and I managed to avoid penetration. But maybe the rubbing was enough to transmit syphilis.

The naturopath has put me oN ZINC tablets, 30mg a day, ACEROLA 1000 two tablets a day. Both are natural and help the immune system to fight corona.

Update on symptoms :

Taste and smell are back, between 90-100%.

No fatigue, fever, runny, stuffy nose, sore throat.

No arthritis, body pain, back pain.

A little bit of cough left. Yesterday I did not cough at all, today I coughed a little bit but there's only 5-10% left.

Mushy stools. After first dose of Nux, started having diarrhea, liquid stools, once or twice a day, which have now become Mushy.

I took last dose of NM and FP 6X on Thursday night, after that I did not take anything. Had my homeopath on video call, she told me it's better not to take so many remedies one after another and to wait a little. She asked me to take Phosphorus 7C today if taste and smell weren't back and if cough wasn't better. But since both are better, I won't take it.

Psoriasis on glans has flared up big time. I'm trying to relieve it with oils. Butt crack psoriasis is also flaky, she advised me to use an antifungal cream to see if the cause if not fungal. But glans psoriasis mostly on right of glans is really, really bad suddenly, when it wad in remisison for the past 6 months. It's either NUX which flared it up, or Echinacea (which I stopped), but it doesn't look nice.

Chancre hurt a lot yesterday. It's smaller in size but it hurts when I touch it, and itches.
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-06 12:11:47]
syria 9 months ago
Taste and smell 100% back.

5% cough left, but that was the case even before Corona, I had been talking about it to you...

Chancre still here.

Glans psoriasis a bit bettet with hydrating creams and oils.
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-07 12:02:01]
syria 9 months ago
After 2-3 days of remission as far as the cough was concerned, it aggravated a little today.

My naturopath/homeopath in Paris has taken up the case until you're available again.

She has put me on Phoshorus 7c. After one dose, there is aggravation of cough.

Let mz know whenever you're back and can take the case back.
syria 9 months ago
Why this switch when the previous remedy brought the cough down? Once you are confident that things have come under control you could give a gap of 4 to 5 days and start on Merc doses unless we have to do something about this acute also.

I'd be hard put to make quick responses within a matter of hours or within a day, otherwise it'd not be a problem to give my inputs like a couple of times a week.
maheeru 9 months ago
Understood. I don't know why this switch, but she assured me that if the cough doesn't cure 100%, i would have to switch to Phosphorus... That's why I only trust you as a homeopath, I'm not very fond of the other homeopaths' methods...

Okay so once this acute episode is over, after a gap of 4-5 days, what would be the dosage for Merc Sol? 30 wet dose, that I know, but how many times a day/week?
syria 9 months ago
Merc sol dosage can be taken four days apart. Based on the feedback from the first two/three doses-- the interval could be changed.


The consensus from the ground is that potencies above 30c work for the virus pathology. So would 7c be right?

And if puls 30 had helped the cough down by 90%, possibly 200c would have resolved it in full. It is a general remedy for cold that causes loss of smell and taste.

See which remedy helps with cough and stuff, if nothing works or takes a long time, my idea would be to use the nosode you used a while ago, Tuberculinum, so that whatever mischief the new virus is upto is thwarted.
maheeru 9 months ago
Sir I don't know. This is a technical question, I did not chose the 7C potency for Phosphorus, she did. To be honest, I don't believe homeopathy works in such low potencies, which is why I did not want the homeoapthic follow up with her, as French homeopaths mostly work with low potencies.
She does sometimes work with higher potencies but until now she has mostly given me lower ones.

There's another homeopath in that center who is a unicist, who only gives one remedy at a time, and apparently gives higher potencies, he's the founder of that homeopathic center and my acupuncturist told me he has a "6th sense" for choosing the right remedy and curing people. But all the other homeopaths there give low potencies, which to me is a problem.

I never took Pulsatilla 30C, the last I took before Phosphorus was Natrum Mur and Ferrum Phos 6X for two days and then stopped.

Cough was better yesterday and today, it's a bit back tonight, I diffused an essential oil in my room, any strong smell is making me cough i think.

The nosode Tuberculinum was 1M, that's the one you're talking about?

I will update in a day or two about the cough.
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-10 10:33:12]
syria 9 months ago

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