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I don't remember you telling me about this surgery. If you are really going to do this--take two doses of Arnica and Hypericum 200 on the previous day of surgery. Immediately post surgery you will have to continue these two. Three doses per day initially for a week. Post surgery if there is bone pain you can add Ruta 30 based on how you perceive bone pain. If not immediately you can add Ruta after two days of surgery.

Also have Bellis perennis 200 handy.

In the first two weeks usually these will suffice.
maheeru last month
Thank you very much.

Didn't I tell you about getting braces, followed by a surgery due to a dental and bone related class 3 malocclusion ( I think I did...)? Edit : i told you about braces, but not about the surgery associated to it, you're right.

Will dry doses be okay for Arnica and Hypericum, and others?

Shall I ask the pharmacy to combine Arnica 200 and Hypericum 200, or should it be in a separate tube? If in separate tube, do I take them at the same time?

Is it okay to take 3 doses every day for a week in 200 potency?

They are basically doing this surgery to change my jaw structure, moving the upper jaw forward (could have also moved the jaw that is below behind but that was eventually not required) , and they will also align the chin, as it was going a bit to the right side.

The remedies should not interfere with the way the surgeon wants things to be I hope?
[Edited by syria on 2021-07-04 22:12:23]
syria last month
If you are talking about how things should be during surgery, our PRE protocol won't interfere. Some people recommend preventive medicines just half an hour before surgery in which case interference is possible. Here we make sure medicines are taken atleast two hours before(almost half a day before). If it's post surgery we are talking about, then very less chance of interference however if you feel anything amiss do report.

I'd prefer medicines kept separate, some people club them though. You could take them together or with a 5 -10 minutes gap.

Dry or Wet. Would like it if you can tolerate dry but with our past experience my hope is not high, however it'd be your call, if you can tolerate dry well you could go that way.

Yes three doses per day will be ok. May be first two days four doses a day may help.

You can also keep following things in hand: Symphytum 30, Calendula 30c, ointment/cream.
maheeru last month

Which ointment/cream are you refering to?

Symphytum 30 and Calendula 30 in granuels, or in an ointment/cream I did not understand very well.

The surgery will be done inside the mouth so I don't think I can apply anything inside...

I am ordering all the medicines today from my relative. :-)
syria 4 weeks ago
Was referring to Calendula, it's the one that has great affinity towards skin, scar, surgical site healing. Well out side mouth if needed cream/ointment. Inside mouth Q/MT of calendula can be diluted with water and used as mouth rinse. Some people won't like the taste. It can be diluted well enough to make it better...if you are not comfortable you can skip.
maheeru 4 weeks ago
I will take the remedies you advised.

They shall help with bruising right?

But my question was, since the surgery is more or less done for an "esthetic" reason, is there a possibility that the remedies remove the esthetical change by reversing the change in that is brought by the surgery and put bones back into original, pre surgery state?

Because the idea is to keep the changes brought by the surgery, not go back to the old state.

I have got all the remedies ready :-)
[Edited by syria on 2021-07-10 11:57:25]
syria 3 weeks ago
I think you are talking about Orthognathic surgery/to correct jaw alignment. This aesthetic surgery is known for unfavourable outcomes.... sometimes result doesn't match the initial expectation and people look for corrective surgery. So decision had to be made weighing all options. In your case I do believe a right decision had been made after using braces and we'd wish and hope the surgery is successful and brings upon the favourable/desirable change.

Homeopathic remedies are for healing bruise, swelling, pain possible nerve/bone/soft tissue injury they won't undo mechanical work usually performed with surgical procedures. If you are doubtful then you can skip homeopathic protocol altogether---allopathy would have pain management in their own way.

May be you could skip PRE protocol to feel comfortable. Post surgery based on your pain/discomfort you could use homeopathic remedies for POST protocol.
maheeru 3 weeks ago
Yes, that is exactly the surgery I'm going to have.

My misalignement was minor, so the "base" being good already, both the orthodontists, and the surgeon, assured me 20 times that the final result can only look good. The surgeon is a professor in hospital, reputed to be very good. I'm very hopeful and confident that the outcome will be amazing, I will let you know. :-)

I don't mind doing the PRE-Protocol homeopathic treatment, it doesn't make me uncomfortable at all, in fact, with our history together, anything you give me never makes me uncomfortable and in fact always makes me better, so I'm very confident about anything you give me. :-)

I will do the pre-protocol, and post-protocol too, and will keep you udpated on symptoms etc from Tuesday onwards.
[Edited by syria on 2021-07-10 17:07:43]
syria 3 weeks ago
Woke up at 3pm from the operation, slept until 6 as was extremely tired, and now it's 7:30pm.

Everything went well by the grace of God, for now there's no pain but I guess the pain killers given just after the operation are still working. Will update tomorrow if more main arises.

Doctor told me that I bled a lot. When I woke up, felt dizzy, and my right nostril started bleeding continuously for 30 mins, I've never bled from the nose before.

There's some swelling but minor, will swell more tomorrow.

I took 2 doses of Arnica and Hypericum yesterday, will take 3 doses of each for a week now.

According to the symptoms I described to you, is there anything else to take from what you asked me to keep handy? (the only thing I forgot at home is Calendula mother tincture, all the other remedies are with me).
syria 3 weeks ago
There 's some minor bleeding in the mouth, and the nose kept bleeding quite a lot yesterday, only stopping when they put some cotton in py nose. I can't blow my nose it hurts a lot.

There' s also a lot of dizziness, and some pain in the bone started yesterday night, for which they gave me paractetamol. There's headache too.

There's also swelling.
[Edited by syria on 2021-07-14 09:41:25]
syria 3 weeks ago
Arnica and Hypericum could be increased to four doses per day for first three to four days, then you could taper down to three a day.

Ruta should be included in a day or two for bone pain.

Bleeding issues may need additional remedies that may not be readily available at your hand(see if somebody could help you with these). Ferrum phos 6x tissue salt and Trillium pend or Millefollium in 30c. If you can get them add them three times a day.

Ice packs may also help with swelling.
maheeru 3 weeks ago
Ruta 30, how many times a day? What should be the distance with Arnica /Hypericum?
syria 3 weeks ago
Ruta, thrice a day. 20 minutes to 30 minutes gap will do.
maheeru 3 weeks ago
Medicines for bleeding were not required as bleeding did not occur again.

I'm on 4 dose daily or Arn/Hyp and 3 doses daily of Ruta.

Fatigue is better, no more dizziness or nausea, but God how swollen I am! I don't even dare to see my face in the mirror for too long as the swelling depresses me. The doctor and nurses say I'm much much less swollen than other patients, so I guess the homeopathic remedies are working.

I'm on a liquid diet, trying to drink vegetables soups, I added fish today too in the soup and mixex it, it was easy to swallow.

The chin is very stiff for now and can't move (as they also centered and moved the chin a little back).

Ruta can be continued for a week also?
syria 2 weeks ago
First three weeks are significant in healing any bone injury. So with my initial estimates we'd continue Ruta for three weeks atleast. If 30c is not enough at some point may move to 200c.

Good to know that bleeding stopped. Arnica can do the job but sometimes we may need reinforcement in terms of medicine.
maheeru 2 weeks ago
I have completed 8 days of Arnica and Hypericum 200. Shall I continue them?

Saw the physiotherapist today, she says it's good because there's NO bruising outside on the skin, but there's swelling and it will go with time.

The chin feels stiff and hurts sometimes and is somehow numb, and also the lower lips which soemtimes hurts and sometimes feels numb.

Palate feel a little numb also.

The lower lip "burns" a little on the left side, don't know why.

Fatigue is 100% in control, no dizziness.

The nose region also feels stiff. Cheeks are swollen.

Appetite is good, but since upper and lower teeth are attached and I can't open my mouth, I am on a liquid diet.

I have been on paracetamol the whole first week as the pain soemtimes was unbearable (i never take it in normal times)
[Edited by syria on 2021-07-19 23:28:06]
syria 2 weeks ago
There's been on and off pain in the chin today... Sometimes it burns, sometimes it hurts, same with lower lip.
syria 2 weeks ago
Yes continue Hypericum and Arnica. Slowly towards the end of this week, we can reduce dosage of arnica to twice or once a day and can introduce Bellis 200.
maheeru 2 weeks ago
So from Sunday onwards :

Arnica 200 two doses daily

Hypericum 200 two doses daily

? Bellis 200 how many doses daily?

Ruta 30 three doses daily

Is that correct?
syria last week
Hypericum and Ruta three.

Arnica one.

Bellis per two.
maheeru last week
Thank you.

Bellis should help with the rebuilding of nerves?
syria last week
Hypericum(exclusively) and Bellis p for nerves. Bellis also deals with soft tissues.
maheeru last week
Everything has been healing well. I'm continuing the remedies. I will complete three weeks or Arnica/Hypericum/Ruta next week, and will complete one week of Bellis on Sunday.

How long shall I continue taking them?

Also, lately, I've veen having hard stools that come out with difficulty, sometimes small round balls come out, could it be because I'm eating less, or is it a side effect to one of the remedy? I go to the loo once a day.
syria 6 days ago
Ruta 30 shall be replaced with 200 after this week.

Ruta 200-- dosage will be twice daily for first four days and once daily from fifth day onwards.


After third week, Arnica 200 may be reduced to twice a week. Hypericum 200 may be reduced to twice daily for four days and then once daily for another four days.

Improve hydration. It could be due to absence of regular food, lack of fibre ....sometimes allopathic painkillers/other medication can also contribute to constipation. Homeopathic medication can also be a remote possibility.
[Edited by maheeru on 2021-07-29 15:51:37]
maheeru 6 days ago
Thank you, will do that.

Bellis goes on for the moment, still two doses a day?

I had another point to discuss. France, in an unprecedent dictatorship way, is kind of forcing its people to get the vaccine. You cannot go to the restaurant, cinema, fast trains, aeroplane, library etc if you don't show your vaccination card (or a negative PCR test)... This will go on like this until November, and then, according to the situation, they will continue it or not.

I have not got the Covid vaccine, and with all honesty, I don't want to get it, but if things go on like this and life becomes a prison, then life will become hell...

What's your point of view, shall I get the vaccine or not? If yes why? What shall be the side effects (not the one they tell us but the deeper ones, since you know my sentivities/medical record). Does it really change the DNA as some claim (which I think is nonsense) but I still want your point of view.
If not, then why (why shall I stay away from it)?

Thanks beforehand.
[Edited by syria on 2021-07-29 19:30:07]
syria 6 days ago
Bellis, no change from the stated view---twice daily.

Vaccine --have you talked to paris homeopath and or any physician?

Whatever others say it'd ultimately be a personal call weighing the options/pros/cons.
maheeru 4 days ago

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