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Depression is better, but the sad news I got because of my job did have an impact on my health and I keep getting sad moments, but it's better.

The symptoms were not intense, but in a span of 2-3 days, the mouth ulcers hurt so much that it became very difficult to eat, and even drink.

I was happy with the way our treatment was going, but the severity of symotoms and look of ulcers in the last 2-3 days before pennicilin did scare me.

I will keep taking Nitric Acid for 4-6 days and update.
syria 6 months ago
We could have advanced Nit Ac doses by a few days. That was my initial plan but somewhere around treating allergy symptoms there was a bit of slack.

If there is no serious symptom picture change I think you could replace Merc sol 1M with Aur met. 200 when Merc sol doses end(gap 7 -12 days). However Nit. Ac will continue first 30c then to 200c.
maheeru 6 months ago
I have not been taking Nat Mur 30c seriously. I take one dose at night but always forget the day dose.

Syphilis symptoms are all in control. No more ulcers, chancres, painful or non painful, no more sore throat, no more ulcerated tongue.

The chancre on palate left a dark stain on the palate.

But since a week, chronic diarrhea/mushy/smelly stools are back. The pennicilin i was injected caused havoc in my digestive track, from perfectly dark and bulky stools, I'm back to diarrhea.

I also finished my 3 month course of Zinc 30mg. I wonder if that's not what's causing the return of diarrhea. I remember, before starting Zinc, i was still complaining of diarrhea, as soon as I started zinc, i never ever had a single day of diarrhea or mushy stools.

Back pain has been on and off since 10 days, I STRONGLY believe PSYLLIUM causes my arthritis /back pain to flare up. Had a dose again last night of psyllium because my weight and fat on side of belly has been worrying me, and woke up with severe back pain on spine. Whether it dehydrates from inside or something else, there's a strong connection between my back pain and psyllium for sure. It must cause havoc in the digestive track, which causes inflammation throughout the body.
Also have fatigue and body aches today, i think it flares something up. There's no fever, but I feel it will come soon. Will stop and report.

Depression is better, but I still feel a bit sad and empty at times, as if nobody can understand my pain in the world. I was doing so fine, and that news really had a negative impact on my life and health i feel. I was so happy with the way thinfs shaped up, personally, and medically thanks to all the remedies you gave me, but now my personal stuff and my diarrhea and back pain make me sad again.

Shall I go on with bi-daily doses of Nitric Acid and a last dose of Merc Sol 1M on Saturday, or should i switch to Aurum Met 200?
[Edited by syria on 2020-07-16 18:29:32]
syria 6 months ago
Bi daily doses were suggested given the intensity of ulcers. If palate issue is not concerning, then one dose a day would also do for Nit Acid.

You could switch to Aurum met. 200.
maheeru 6 months ago
Thank you will do that. Ulcers have completely healed and do not hurt anymore. The stain left will go away in a week or two hopefully, otherwise I will report.

I ordered Aurum Met 200. :-)

Can I have zeera/jeera/cumin water in the morning empty stomach and apple cider vinegar once or twice a day for weight loss or will it interfere with the remedies?

I will also join gym to build muscles soon. I had no energy three years ago when i joined as i was skinny, but now hopefully as I have more weight, it will be easier.
syria 6 months ago
You may use cumin water, ACV---if you notice any specific issues like with Psyllium, then you can stop them.
maheeru 6 months ago
I've taken Aurum Met 200 first dose. I took 2 granules. Was i supposed to take it like this, or the wet dose?

Is it also necessary to leave a 1 day gap between Aurum Met 200k and Nitric Acid 30c daily dose?
syria 6 months ago
If you tolerate dry you could do that otherwise go wet.

Yes one day gap between Aur and Nit ac is fine.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-07-20 21:50:27]
maheeru 6 months ago
I was reading about Aurum Met a little, a few paragraphs caught my attention.
First of all,
We never really spoke about my relationships / love life, but this paragraph characterizes me so well, be it in my friendships, or in my love relationships :

Resentment and Vengefulness

After such a grief, resentment and vengefulness lay claim to his character. He takes his revenge on his next lover, acting very coldly toward her. He gives nothing of himself in this relationship like Natrum muriaticum and lgnatia, Veratrum album and Hyosyamus, but for different reasons. The relationship is primarily established on an intellectual level, the Aurum individual being considered attractive especially because of his mental capabilities. However, he may display great sexual excitement in this relationship (though not so great as would Platina ). Eventually, at some point in the relationship when he feels that his lover has become quite attached to him, he begins to take advantage of her and to treat her coldly and cruelly. He inflicts suffering on her while at the same time suffering himself because of his behaviour. This suffering leads to deeper grief which augments the earlier depression. He feels that there is no possibility in this world to have a successful love affair because he recognizes his own weakness in that regard – his fear of rejection. [Still, that which Aurum fears most is a downfall and the loss of his self-esteem and the respect of others.]
syria 6 months ago
Took first dose of aurum met 200 yesterday.

Already had diarrhea before starting it, but last night was horrible. 6-8 liquid and explosive stools in the evening/night, body pains, no fever, skin hurts when touched, joints hurt everywhere in body, headache, hallucinations while dreaming/cannot say if dreams are real or not, very very weird dreams and disturbing ones, unable to wake up from them, dreams inside dreams.
syria 6 months ago
Move to wet dose from next dose onwards.

Regarding previous post, that's a good correlation :) We'll have to be careful whenever remedy's deep psychological symptoms match with a person there may be a good deal of aggravation to deal with. Also we have got some suppression to deal with.

Keynotes, Materia medica symptoms, Repertory rubrics are sort of a index to peek into one's whole symptom profile in a condensed format. Often remedies will improve symptoms that were not disclosed by patients :).
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-07-21 14:35:22]
maheeru 6 months ago
Took 2nd dose of Aurum Met 200K yesterday, and daily doses of Nitric Acid 30C throughout the week.

Symptoms :

Great fatigue and body/joint aches are better.

I sleep the samr amount of time at night but get sleepy again during the day, whereas this trait got much better in the last 6 months.

Back pain in spine comes and goes but is much better than last week.

Bald spots in beard are starting to refill a little, but still there. I have not been able to check the one on the head.

Depression is mild, but I get sensitive about little and petty things. What others think about me matters a lot, and I get upset if anyone starts a debate with me or says something i don't like.

Diarrhea has been constant throughout the week and that's the main problem of the week. First two days, it was 8-10 stools per day, now it's 3-4, but liquid or mushy, never bulky, and tummy pain/urge before going to the latrine.
Stool analysis is negative for bacteria, parasites, and Clostridium Difficile bacteria. Covid 19 test is negative as well.

N. B : During the three months I took ZINC supplements, I never had a single day of diarrhea. Zinc supplements course came to its natural end when antibiotics where introduced three weeks ago. If the diarrhea doesn't resolve in a week or two, i will try them again. Have you read any studies correlating chronic diarrhea and zinc supplements?

My French naturopath advised a supplement of clay and blueberries for 10 days, then a liver detox and probiotics to relieve inflamamtion. She also prescribed Arsenic album 7C which I did not take as the homeopathic follow up will be with you.
[Edited by syria on 2020-07-27 11:38:22]
syria 6 months ago

Great Prognisis!
Srini3553 5 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru,

Please read previous post also.

Back pain/spine pain is becoming increasingly worsr every day.

Stools are still kind of explosive and not bulky but not more than 3 per day. Could Nitric Acid 30c be causing this as it flushes toxins out?

Sleep is full of vivid dreams, and very difficult to wake from a sleep, not knowing what's real and what's not...
[Edited by syria on 2020-07-29 11:16:22]
syria 5 months ago

Try to increase Nit Ac doses to twice or thrice a day for next three to four days. It can help with loose bowel movements if that does not help we need to see other options.

Yes there is a positive correlation between Zinc and diarrhoea.

This is a recurrent theme we have seen more than once after penicillin shots and a homeopathic remedy follows it. I think from your feedback it'd be Aurum than Nit that would have pushed out toxins.

I didn't think you would prove positive for covid19---so no surprises :) My observation has been this---many people despite negative have symptoms and many others despite positive have less to no symptoms. The tests are not accurate they are only 40 to 70% accurate.

By the way, the second dose of Aurum, how did you take it?
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-07-29 22:27:01]
maheeru 5 months ago
Long time no see, Srini3553 :) Hopefully you are doing well and good. Thanks for your kind words.

Please let us not use dr title casually :)
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-07-29 22:33:47]
maheeru 5 months ago
I will increase Nitric Acid 30 dosage.

The second dose of Aurum met was taken dry. I did not have a bottle at home and it was the day of the dose so took it dry... :-/ will make sure to have wet dose ready for third dose. Is it a 7 day gap between doses?

Covid19 - i know i dont have it. I already had it in March, but my doctor wanted to make sure it's not that again. She said i'm immune normally but still wanted to be sure.

Yes, you are right, Aurum must be pushing the toxins out, causing great, great fatigue anf body aches.
syria 5 months ago
I readded milk kefir into my diet yesterday, anf within a day, the diarrhea and tummy pain imoroved by 80%. Will see another day or two, if it comes back, i will increasr nitric acid doses, until then i'll stay with one.

You told me to let you know about any emergencies, the back pain/spine pain is getting increasingly worse. Very painful in the morning, a bit better by exercise but not perfectly fine, stretching doesn't help much... I lived a nightmare with the same kind of pain last year and two Years ago, and NSAIDS were the only option, otherwise i was in much pain. I dont want to take them again so I'd rather inform you to see if there's something we can do.

Last year, and also two years ago, HARPAGOPHYTUM mother tincture helped quite a lot. I don't see this medicine quite often in homeopathic books or sites. Is it a good one, or is it too suppressive? Would you advise this to relieve inflammation, or something else?
syria 5 months ago
Nit acid can also help with back pain. So it's a good idea to increase the doses than to wait. If 30c is only helping a little, you could also use 200c. But always use wet :) else we have counter effects. How soon would you be able to get bottles to prepare wet doses?

Harpa., I don't have experience with this, but since it worked for you earlier, you may try it out if the pain's really bothering.
maheeru 5 months ago
Wet doses can be prepared quickly, I will buy Nit Acid 200 and prepare the wet dose, until then, I will increase 30c doses to twice or thrice a day. :-) what would be the dosage /frequency if i switch to 200?

It is very hot nowadays in Paris, isn't it risky to have a bacterial grow in the wet doses bottles? You told me about alcohol, but they don't sell "unnatured" alcohool in pharmacies anymore, they sell alcohol and they write on the bottle that it cannot be swallowed. Can i put pure vodka instead?
[Edited by syria on 2020-07-31 08:38:31]
syria 5 months ago
Do not remember talking about de-natured alcohol. But I was referring to medicinal alcohol. If it's hard to get, vodka may also be used. Even Apple cider Vinegar could also be used. Keeping the bottle away from sunlight and moisture and in a cool place would usually keep it safe. One could also keep it in a fridge appropriately labelled(though fridge could be a moist place the temperature is ideal to keep it preserved).

200c dosage would be initially twice and if shows relief after three or four days could be tapered to once a day and later twice a week.
maheeru 5 months ago
Thank you. And the frequency for Aurum Met 200 remains once a week?
syria 5 months ago
I had said the initial gap to be between 7 and 12 days for Aurum doses. So this dose can be done after two weeks. I believe you have wet dose of Aurum?

This week let's concentrate on Nit Ac doses.
maheeru 5 months ago
So did not take Aurum';s third dose this monday. Will take it next monday (2 weeks gap)

I increased Nitric acid 30c to twice a day, the back pain is in remission after doing so, no more pain in spine or anywhere in the back.

Diarrhea in full remission. No more liquid or mushy stools.

Herpes came back on butt crack fold 4-5 days ago but not as painful as usual and it's healing. It's very itchy.

Penis glans psoriasis came back ten days ago but quite mild, i'm hydrating it. Butt crack psoriasis is at its peak.

Sad state of mind is better, I'm trying to detach from things that irritate me, people who irritate me, and I try not to give them importance. I have been quite sad thoughtful for the last few weeks also about being single. My relationships mostly failed or never went past the first phase as I never wanted them to go forward in the past, finding faults in others and being happy single, but now it makes me think. Would you like to talk about my sexual attraction, which you know about I guess, or is it a detail that doesn't matter in homeopathy?

Is it okay if I take Nitric Acid 30c twice a day for another day, and then switch back to once a day?

N.B : the cough I had is completely gone. It got cured somewhere between Merc Corr 200 and Merc Sol 1M :-) we never really spoke about it again but I think it's important for you to know when it got cured.
[Edited by syria on 2020-08-04 02:33:04]
syria 5 months ago
Read previous post too please Dr Maheeru

Little udpate : did have an urge to go to the loo this morning and it was all mushy, second stool was mushy too. Had 4 mangoes yesterday hehe so maybe that's because of them, I have mushy stools when i eat too many mangoes.

Shall I keep twice daily doses of Nitric 30 or shall I increase the dose?
syria 5 months ago
Good to know about the cough:) Was high time and was wondering why it did not respond to Calc.

Symptoms on any plane could be of relevance to homeopathy. Are you insinuating about orientation here? If things aren't normal and healthy then it could also be a holistic symptom.

Yes you may increase thrice[N.Ac] for a few days and see. Then you could tone down to twice daily.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-08-04 19:50:27]
maheeru 5 months ago

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