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Hello Dr Maheeru,

I took Aurum';s second dose 7 days ago, no change in mental health.

I'm going to make Syphilinum's 1M wet dose and take it.

Should it be made in a 250ml bottle or 500ml bottle?

How many doses, gap etc ?

I have also completed 6 doses of Nitric Acid 200. Shall I go on with it? What am I taking it for?
[Edited by syria on 2020-11-27 22:56:46]
syria 3 months ago
Follow similar procedure that was adopted with Calc carb 1M, Merc 1M and Aurum 1M for Syph. dose regarding water quantity and other stuff only exception being first dose shall be on first dilution instead of straightaway third dilution.

It's early to think about how many doses, second dose could be taken after three weeks.

Did you see any specific change while you were taking Nit Acid 200 doses? Leave 5 days after Nit acid dose to take Syphilinum dose. After a week let me know what you registered after this dose--will let you know how to accomodate Nit. Acid doses.
maheeru 3 months ago
Thank you, will do that.

I think Nitric Acid improved something from a digestive point of view. I have not had a single bout of diarrhea or mushy stools lately, I usually go once or twice a day max and the stool is bulkier anf floats in the water which is good. Despite all the shhhhit I crave to eat and finally eat, the digestive system has been strong.

Apart from that, no specific changes, but overall I have been doing well, except mood/mental issues. I would just like to stop dwelling about petty things and all details of life and enjoy life like before. My colleagues say it happens when you become 30 (which happened last week) but I link it to the syphilis last March, because before that, I was doing better mentally, I did dwell about petty things but things got worse after March.
syria 3 months ago
And if I'm not wrong, we have not done Calc 1M yet :-) we went upto 200 then had to stop for some reasons but you never asked me to resume, I kept wondering why as it seemed to be an important remedy for you. :-)
syria 3 months ago
You are probably right about calc carb 1M :) Oh we had to move to other strongly anti-syphilitic medicines given the test results.
maheeru 3 months ago
Hello dear doctor,

I've taken Syphilinum 1M wet dose last week (Tuesday), here is an update :

Terrible herpes outbreak on butt crack region (on the same spot where i have chronic white skin) and around, very painful, itchy, burning, feels there's a lump stuck under the skin, hardened and rough skin, feels like being stabbed. Cannot even sit properly.
The crack which was in remission for a few weeks (as far as pain is concerned, not white skin) is now reopened like a split, and red and painful.

Worsening of psoriasis on penis glans, red and scaly plaques, non painful, non itchy.

Mood was overall good, except on the weekend, when I get depressed, but that might be the covid and confinement effect. I do feel there was a little less dwelling than usual, be it at work or home.

Energy has been good.

Back pain has been in control. I wake up light, with no pain.

Bald spot on hair still there, no improvement.

Urine has been a bit more smelly than usual.

Stools were a bit weird after the wet dose, no diarrhea but instead more dry than usual, less fluffy and a bit clay colored for two-three days, then it got better.

Terribly terribly weird and stupid dreams after Syphilinum 1M dose. Almost delusional. Tired me a lot for two-three days as brain did not get rest, but then got better.

On the ALLOPATHIC/LAB front :

Redosed my chromogranin A, it's still not in normal range, it's 275 (was 500 before), so it's down but it keeps fluctuating... This high level kills my mood and confidence, and makes me want to stop testing and going to doctors anymore. They cause more harm in my life than good!!

Ferritin is up from 30 to 50 and is now in normal range but still on the lower side. How can I make it better? Ferrum Phos doesn't help?

Vitamin D is still low. It's up from 21 to 28 but should be within 30-70 range. I took a booster in march 2020 (50000 ui) and then I took a daily dose of 1500 ui, never missing a single day, and despite that it's only up by a few points. Either am I not absorbing it well, or the dose I'm taking (1500 ui daily) is too low? What do you think? Should I increase the dose? Is there a homeopathic way to increase Vitamin D?
[Edited by syria on 2020-12-08 00:02:30]
syria 2 months ago
Let things settle for a week or more. Probably we need to move to second dilution for next dose :)

Hold on Nit acid doses.

Vit. D dosage are you taking on your own or follow someone's directions?

Yep your allopathic test results always keeps you on the edge.
maheeru 2 months ago
Thank you.

"hold on" as in continue, or stop ?

Vitmain D dosage was advised by my French homeopath / naturopath. She told me if levels were not optimal, she would probably increase the dosage. But she seems a bit lost sometimes.
She takes things lightly, for example, when you didn't start following my case, she would give me homeopathy but very low potency, like 3c, 4c, 7c etc... I don't believe you can treat someone with low dilutions only.

I have started eating cod liver once a week and I also drink the oil in the can as it's the cod liver's natural oil and its full of vitamin D, A and omega 3.
[Edited by syria on 2020-12-10 07:29:23]
syria 2 months ago
...as in 'Wait, Stop'.(Hold on)

Something to do with skewed laws. France mandates homeopaths to operate within 30c.
maheeru 2 months ago
The outbreak is 80% better. I applied honey and aloe vera with a little bit of propolis balm on it.
syria 2 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru,

It's been two weeks since the first dose of Syph 1M. What shall be the next step?

Glans psoriasis is back in full form after being calm (suppressed?) for a year and a half.
[Edited by syria on 2020-12-15 22:29:49]
syria 2 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru,
Hope you're fine, i'm worried.
syria 2 months ago
Oh I wasn't alerted to your last but one post. Will answer in one or two days. If anything has changed in the past week you can add.
maheeru 2 months ago
Oh that's good :-)

Butt crack somehow improved by 35-40%, there's less dead white skin.

Glans psoriasis plaques on the right of penis glans. It's not too flaky, but the red plaques are visible.

Left foot big toe hurts a little since yesterday (but it happened two weeks after Syph 1M dose).

Werid and stupid dreams are a bit better but i'm not sure.

Fatigue is in good shape, i dont feel tired nowadays.

Mental dwelling is better i dwell less about petty things, but some bouts of mini depression still happen sometimes. But that must be the covid effect.

Self confidence is not fully back. I used to love my looks and my pictures, and now I'm not as confident as before about them.

Overall, I've been feeling hotter than usual. It's cold nowadays in Paris but I like my window open and t shirts at home if i can.

Skin looks yellowish, not as white as before (but that started happening after hepatitis A and i never got my old fair skin back)

Weight is stable (80kgs) but i need to lose 5-8 kgs. During my Hep A, i took mother tinctures of Carduus Marianus and Chelidonium. Were they responsible for the weight loss in that period?can they help me lose weight again?

Sugar and fat cravings are uncontrollable, once a day, at evening / night. They make me full, real good food does not.

Bald spot behind the head still present (1 euro coin size).

I think i'm becoming allergic to human nature in general. I'm fine with colleagues, but cannot bear my family members nowadays, especially my mother. I think all this will solve when I get a flat, but that might not be too soon.
[Edited by syria on 2020-12-24 12:11:53]
syria 2 months ago
Cheli and Cardus rarely help with weight loss. Associated names with weight loss are : Fucus and Phytolacca. But I'd not suggest to go with them. The best practical method is to show some self discipline in reducing fats/junks and an exercise regime. Some examples are cutting on deeply fried things, red meat even cutting yellow yolk from eggs can help weight control.

As far as syphilinum 1M you can go with another dose but with second dilution solution not with first dilution. Seeing how your system receives this dose next dose would be second or third dilution.

You could accomodate Nit. Acid 200 every 5 or 6 days. If you notice increase in spite, vengeance, anger/irritation with human members you could stop however if you notice improvement you can continue. It should be spaced 4 days(minimum) apart from Syphilinum dose.
maheeru 2 months ago
Will do that. :-) i took second dose of Syph yesterday, will report in a week or ten days.

For what symptoms / problem am I taking Nit Ac and Syph exactly?

I have been taking Kalonji (nigella) seeds for overall health and immunity. Is it okay to have it?

If yes, how many seeds? Some sites say not more than 8 seeds, some say half a tea spoon. I personally do not understand how only 8 seeds can be beneficial, i take about 1/4 to 1/2 tea spoon.

Another important thing I never mentionned, is my alopecia. It started when I was 22-23 and is more or less stable but I have much less hair than normal people and you can see my scalp. My brother and sisters also have it. Eventually, if it keeps getting worse, i will get hair implants.
Do you advise the minoxidil type lotions they give or finasterid to take orally to avoid the hair we have from falling even more?
[Edited by syria on 2020-12-27 16:08:32]
syria 2 months ago
Happy new year :-)

Right shoulder pain (which i never had before), dont know if it started before syph second dose or after... Of course not as painful as right big toe pain which prevents me from walking, but there's pain, especially if i move the arm etc. 5.5/10 if i had to rate it.

I have not been fatigued, but I've been sleeping a lot after Syph second dose at night, as if body was healing. Sleep is disturbed by stupid and long dreams, vivid dreams, but it feels like repairing night sleeps.

A few minutes or an hour after Syph dose, anal itching as if herpes was coming, but went away on its own after 1 or 2 hours thank God and no outbreak occured.

Also some very mild throat pain, but very very mild.

A new bald spot on the beard, with a red dot beneath, which hurts. Is it a bald spot or a spot under the beard which i scratched and removed hair unintentionally i dont know but it looks like a new bald spot.

Bald spot behind head is still the same, and i hate it..

Mental anguish has been kind of better, i dwell less about things, but i still like to be alone... I'm also sad about not having a lot of friends due to my temparement, but i also like being alone... It's a bit contradictory.

I'm slowly starting to forget my last love story from 2020, but I still miss that person sometimes, which gives me anxiety/dwelling episodes. I would so much want to erase that person and those memories from my mind.
Most dwelling recently is because of that person, i never had feelings for anyone before, but for that person yes, and we stopped talking around my syphilis episode, which made mental dwelling worse...
[Edited by syria on 2021-01-01 00:24:21]
syria 2 months ago
Reintroducing Nit Acid 200 doesn't cause digestive issues, but stools are less bukly and softer/mushier. I was doing 100% fine before Nit Acid 200 and after Syph 1M.

Maybe it's just temporary.

A little bit of a cold since yesterday, nose is blocked, no other symptoms. I bought a locally produced honey, i'm wondering if it's a cold or it's the pollen in the honey that's making my nose blocked the way it gets blocked during hay-fever.

For the cold, i'm taking Zinc 30mg a day, Acerola vitamin c 250mg a day, and hot teas of fennel, cinnamon, turmeric and black pepper.

Update : a bit tired today because of cold.
[Edited by syria on 2021-01-02 21:56:46]
syria last month
You may also add F.P tissue salt till cold is better.

This is 2nd dilution right? I'd want more stability, let's use 3rd dilution in future.

May be you can press a pause for N.Acid till we go onto 3rd dilution.
maheeru last month
Ferrum Phos 6x how many times a day?

SYPH 1m was second dilution yes. I took second dose of Saturday 26th december.

I will move to third dilution or dose 3, when shall I take it?
[Edited by syria on 2021-01-03 09:45:41]
syria last month
F.P tissue salt two tablets four times a day. If needed can be increased to 5 or 6 times. Last time wasn't it Nat. Mur 6x that helped when there was allergy? May be that can be added later.

Yes 3rd dilution---will wait till mid January. Roughly three weeks wait.
maheeru last month
Yes Nat Mur 6x relieved allergy symptoms after a month of struggle, but it came into the picture just when the type of pollen i'm allergic to started decreasing in the air.

And not sure this is pollen allergy, there's no pollen at all in December in Paris (France) and i stopped the honey so it is indeed a common cold.

I started coughing also since yesterday night, its a dry cough with a feeling of something stuck in the lungs.

I don't think it's covid as i already got it last april. I will have it checked tomorrow.

Nose is still blocked/runny alternatively.

I feel hotter than other people/colleagues.

Terrible back pain since yesterday. It doesn't feel like ankylosing spondylitis pain, as it doesn't get better from movement/with the day passing. I started feeling something in my back yesterday, washed my hands by bending, and something got stuck innmy back and it started hurting. The same "stuck" feeling happened to me that even before spondylitis diagnosis around january/February. On a scale from 1 to 10, it's a 7.5/10 constant pain. It doesn't feel good.

Update : antigenic covid test is negative.

I personally think Fer Phos 6x made the symptoms worse.
[Edited by syria on 2021-01-04 19:37:14]
syria last month
syria said I personally think Fer Phos 6x made the symptoms worse.

You can stop F. P 6x.

Rest+ plenty of fluids with whatever measures you were taking already like vit C and zinc continue with them if they had helped.

Have Nux v 30c wet dose handy. If things don't stabilise in a few days we can use it.
maheeru last month
I did much better today. Still some blocked nose but better, and back pain better also.

No cough today.

I didn't take FP 6X today and took last dose last night and woke up better so maybe it did something good but I'm not sure if its that or the natural end of the cold course.

4 horrible pimples on the face started on Saturday /sunday, around the cold symptoms. My acne had been in remission for 9 months so don't know where this comes from.

I will take Syph 1M third dose around January 15th and report.

If the cold gets worse, i will report too.

About Nux Vomica, if I take it if ever needed, won't it erase Nit Ac and Syph efforts? I was told it erases every other medicines' effects.
[Edited by syria on 2021-01-05 22:39:41]
syria last month
Dr Maheeru,

I am getting braces on Monday for 1.5/2 years, with a surgery at the middle of the treatment.

I thought you have to know that, to avoid any interaction with homeopathic treatment (silicea etc in case).

I have a mild class 3 and alignement problem and this will fix this. Wish me luck and remember me in your prayers like you've always had, it means a lot. :-)

As far as the cold is concerned, it's 90% better today. But back pain is terrible. It's not thz ankylosing spondylitis type pain. It was okay today, i was climbing up the stairs, and the middle of the back kind of got stuck as if something was pulled inside. It happened to me also a few years ago... Can I take something for it/do something? I think Arnica or Rhus Tox helped in the past, but I'm not sure...
[Edited by syria on 2021-01-06 18:22:50]
syria last month
Udpate : back is fully blocked, 10/10. Can't move positions while sitting or lying down, can't stand up without getting hurt so much, doesn't hurt while walking... It's so weird, I'm sure its a muscle pulled inside. It's not the typical pain i usually get.
syria last month

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