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Hello Dr Maheeru, I have bought Mez 6c today, what is the dosage/frequency per day?

I have started with one dose three times a day, let mr know if I have to change anything...
syria last month
Usually the pollen I'm allergic to is in start of may or mid may, but thus year, due to nice weather, the pollen season has started now.

The pollen I'm allergic is now on level 2 in my region (level 4 will be reached in a week or two) and I'm beginning to notice symptoms (itchy throat, itchy nose, stuffed nose, sneezing). Mild ones but it will degenerate as usual.

I don't want to live the same nightmare as previous years. Please let me know what I can take, but if it gets too bad again, I will go with anti allergy pills for a month or so... The pollen I'm allergic to lasts for a month usually. I can't give that amount of stress to my body again for a month, the sneezing/stuffed nose,dry mouth and irritated eyes is too much stress for my body and health and it's a very disgusting feeling.

I think you advised remedies in this order last year :

Pollen 30c

Sang Nit 6c (you advised it but I didn't take it as symptoms got worse and you advised Puls 6c instead)

Puls 6c

In the end, Puls 6c helped with the symptoms, but it matched with the end of the pollen seaso so...
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syria 4 weeks ago
The herpes keeps shifting from the butt crack to the anus region, when one area heals, the other one gets inflamed...

I switched to Mez 6c 3 doses a day but no improvement. There's much less burning and stinging but the area is red and inflamed as if it was cut.

4 days ago, I developped a mild sore throat with a mild irrigation of the throat. Yesterday, I woke up with a right earache, which got bad by night, it became very painful and gave me migraine, worse from lying down. I took one dose of Belladonna 30c before sleeping, and when I woke up, the pain was almost gone magically, I still took another dose when I woke up. Was it the right choice of remedy? If so, shall I stop as the pain is gone or continue?

Please advise something for the herpes also, it's too painful. Shall I switch to Ranunculus 30c? If yes, how many doses?
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syria 3 weeks ago
Didn't get the reminder but no harm as I checked the forum. What happened to Rhus 5ch? if it was working why wasn't it continued?

Ok Ranunculus 30, first one or two doses dry, if not tolerable move to wet dose first dilution. Initially try twice a day if need be move to thrice a day.

As for pollen, only if problems start(because you already have flared up herpes we aren't going prophylaxis) try pollen30c if not enough then move to puls6c.
maheeru 3 weeks ago
Rhus Tox 5ch I felt you didnt approve of it and you wanted me to try Mez 6c instead, that's why I discontinued it, I do feel it helped a little but I'm not sure...

Okay going to start Ranunculus 30 now.

Never had such a long outbreak... I do believe the plants I'm taking are causing it by pushing toxins out.
syria 3 weeks ago
It's only THREE years since dear Syria came to this person Maheeru. Going strong.

Here's one more who does not know what he is doing.
I tried to count number of medicines dear Maheeru has prescribed so far, I failed and I gave up.

Will dear maheeru summarise what is the case as he understood and why he has not been able to do anything for THREE years.

Maheeru is another Anuj.
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rajukmar 3 weeks ago
Rajkumar, I have been doing much better than 3 years ago, on many levels, thanks to Dr Maheeru, please don't spread hatred here. :-)
syria 3 weeks ago
Madam: I am glad you are so satisfied.
If you had enrolled in some college instead, you'd have been in final year of Homeopathy Degree by now.
Homeo medicines if selected correctly do not take so long to take effect.
I wish you well.
[Edited by rajukmar on 2022-05-08 05:25:39]
rajukmar 2 weeks ago
Syria I did give a clue about using whatever works with the two you were trying to use.

maheeru 2 weeks ago
Ranunculus 30 worked extremely well from the first two doses onwards : the skin's inflamamtion improved, the itching decreased, the burning stopped, the wounds started healing, the area stopped having that "smell".

I take one dose in the morning, one in the evening.

Now the area is 100% healed, but there's some sudden itching sometimes that doesn't last too long.

Shall I continue or stop?

The pollen levels have gone red today, for now i'm taking an anti allergy pill every 2-3 days and I've bought essential oil sprays for the nose to be able to breathe better and have less sneezing and they seem to work, let's see how things go now that the pollen count is red.
syria 2 weeks ago
Hello Dr Maheeru.

Why are you not getting notifications anymore? Can't we fix it?

The herpes outbreak is 100% cured after Ranunculus 30. I took two doses a day for 10 days.

The pollen allergy has fully kicked in in full swing. Nose is runny and blocked alternately, the eyes and nose are itchy, palate and throat are itchy too, sometimes some cough at night, dry mouth as breathing has to be done through mouth... Lots of violent sneezing... Red eyes...

You asked me to start Pollen 30c. How many doses a day?

I'm also going to take my anti allergy pill, every two days for now... I can't afford to suffer for a month.
syria last week
Butt crack ulceration is 10% back. I've restarted Ranunculus Bulb 30c.
syria last week
Butt crack herpes is back.

What am i supposed to do?

I have noticed that you have been replying with a lot of delay lately, do you feel like the case is too complicated and have lost any hope or is it something else?

Right now I'm taking :
Pollen 30c once a day
Pulsatilla 6c twice a day
Ranunculus Bulb 30c twice a day

Another French homeopath advised me to move up to Mez 30c after your approval, since 3C worked so well, she thinks it's a good idea to keep exploring Mezereum. What do you think?
syria last week
My delay in communication is either I don’t get reminders(for most part this works but sometimes it’s broken-not sure if it could be fixed to work ideally) or I’m stuck in a personal situation(probably I talked about this a year ago) that makes me unavailable on a regular basis. Some patients and some people who prefer my insights reach out to me on mail. If you can find someone who is hands on with advanced homeopathic methods like wet dose and LMs you could work with them flexibly(on time factor and in practical no non-sense manner because you would find going difficult with partisan homeopaths.)

However your case is not an easy one. If we hadn’t tweak the dosing every remedy would keep your herpes/diarrhea flaring up and we’d be going on in circles (in a forum setup it’s a recipe for disaster as partisan members and batty people would want to disrupt). Since you are very sensitive it’s likely that most (homeopaths and approaches)’ failure would have made you more IRRITABLE.

If the pollen+ puls works ok. Else stop pollen in a week and work with puls for allergy symptoms.

I have no objection trying out 30 of mez based on another homeopath’s advice.
maheeru 6 days ago
Very difficult to find a homeopath who works with LM and wet doses...

My French homeopath is away, I consulted another she advised as you were unavailable :

She told me Pulsatilla were making things worse (which I strongly doubt) and asked me to stop it. It took it for one day total.

Rather, she put me on :

Belladonna 15c (but I took 30c) twice a day for 15 days
Pollen 30c three doses a day for 3 days
Then switch to Pollen 1000k two doses a day for 15 days.
After 10-15 days of this protocol, she wants me to start Mez 30c.

I have kept Ranunculus Bulb 30c twice a day ror the herpes that is fully back, but its not itching as it usually does, its just painful when touched.

I started what she advised because I was really really suffering badly but I've never heard of Belladonna for hayfever, and 1000k of Pollen also.

The allopathic antiallergy are not working as well this year... The pollen is pretty agressive.

Please let me know if there is something to change or not, I feel i'm taking too many remedies and I don't believe they are the right ones...
syria 6 days ago
Some supplement you were taking aggravated this. Note that and mark it in black list.

1000k(possibly 1M) of pollen not unheard of though 30c is more common and my rationale was isopathy---niche specialised allergy treatment in homeopathy. I thought I had fairly established that protocol pollen 30c(to desensitise allergen might take years) every season with a satellite adjuvant like puls or nm or ars or sang based on symptoms.

I too doubt 'puls' could be problem. Yes Bell is less of a hay fever remedy but we can't segregate any remedy as such because sometime symptoms can guide to an unlisted remedy for a pathology. That only the homeopath can confirm. If it's working good fine otherwise may be there's a problem with this selection.

Not sure why allopathics are not working well.

I'm unable to say with certainty to change this or that as I will have to do some sort of case taking+analysis which I'm finding difficult when I'm not available.
maheeru 5 days ago

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