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Sir I don't know. This is a technical question, I did not chose the 7C potency for Phosphorus, she did. To be honest, I don't believe homeopathy works in such low potencies, which is why I did not want the homeoapthic follow up with her, as French homeopaths mostly work with low potencies.
She does sometimes work with higher potencies but until now she has mostly given me lower ones.

There's another homeopath in that center who is a unicist, who only gives one remedy at a time, and apparently gives higher potencies, he's the founder of that homeopathic center and my acupuncturist told me he has a "6th sense" for choosing the right remedy and curing people. But all the other homeopaths there give low potencies, which to me is a problem.

I never took Pulsatilla 30C, the last I took before Phosphorus was Natrum Mur and Ferrum Phos 6X for two days and then stopped.

Cough was better yesterday and today, it's a bit back tonight, I diffused an essential oil in my room, any strong smell is making me cough i think.

The nosode Tuberculinum was 1M, that's the one you're talking about?

I will update in a day or two about the cough.
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-10 10:33:12]
syria 9 months ago
Cough is very much in control, loss of taste and smell too. A little cough when I smell something too strong like a strong essential oil but no cough related to COVID 19 i guess.

Joint pain in control. Left toe bunion hurt a little 3-4 days ago with redness but got better itself.

Back pain in control.

Mushy stools still here.

Glans psoraisis still here but a little better.

Butt crack still whitish and flaky but a little better.

I realized I have three external thrombosis on anus. I always thought it was normal, but apparently it is not. They are non painful, non bleeding, not hard, they're soft, but they arr outside anus and you can see them on naked eye. Whether this is a symptom or not I do not know but I wanted to let you know. I have them since 2-3-4 years maybe. They NEVER hurt.

Chancre still here and itchy and hurtful.

Fatigue has never been better. I feel good, fresh, energetic, motivated, in a light and good mood, but maybe because of lockdown since I do not have much physical activity and don't move a lot.

IN A NUTSHELL, I do believe acute symptoms of COVID 19 have been resolved. Can I start Merc Sol 30C in 2-3 days?

Syphilinum 1m is on its way too.
syria 9 months ago
So you didn't proceed with puls at all. After nux only tissue salts ---ok.

Yes if you are confident, then you can go ahead with merc doses after 4 to 5 days from the last medicine/dose.
maheeru 9 months ago
Took first wet dose of MERC SOL 30 yesterday.

Was I supposed to take Merc sol or MERC COR?

Will update after two doses.
syria 9 months ago
Merc Sol first. What you have done is correct.
maheeru 9 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru, hope you're doing well, and your relatives too.

I've taken two doses of Merc Sol 30, the second one being yesterday.

No major changes.

After first dose, the next day, I did feel fatigue and weakness but just for a day.

Otherwise, I feel good and energetic nowadays. I just like to be alone, i'm easily irritated when someone from family talks to me or shows affection towards me. I like to spend time in my room or walk outside all alone.

Chancrz is still there and itching.

After how many doses should I report?

Merc Sol 200 and 1M have been prepared by my relative, i have one tube of each at home, and Syphilinum 1000K is on its way.
syria 9 months ago
You could go ahead with three more doses with a gap of three days. Is Merc. viv available?

"i'm easily irritated when someone from family talks to me or shows affection towards me." Since when are you feeling this?
maheeru 9 months ago
Okay will take three more doses of Merc Sol.

Merc Viv 30? Yes I have it at home. If another potency, let me know and I will enquire.

Syphilinum 1M I got the 1000K version from a French pharmacy. Is that okay?

Have been feeling this since a week or two I'd say... I don't know if it's because of lockdown and because i'm in the same house all day long and because i see the same family people again and again, but i feel more relaxed when i'm alone and nobody bothers me.

I was a very social person before, but since the last 2-3 years, i'm less social with my family. I am still social outside with friends and colleagues, but as my family interferes a lot in my life, it sometimes irritates me. This got a lot better in 2019-start of 2020, but nowadays, it is bothering me a lot.

I also get very angry on petty things. I can like someone, and suddenly, if the person goes against me, or my thinking, or does something wrong to me, I can start hating that person in a second. I know this is wrong but this has started happening a lot lately. :-/
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-20 10:39:34]
syria 9 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru.

Ramadhan 2020 is starting, I will start fasting on Saturday. I have not fasted for 3 years (2017 hepatitis A, 2018-2019 : arthritis with back and foot pain etc).

Now I'm fine and healthy, except some minor issues here and there, so I would like to fast.

Keeping in mind the current infection that i have (syphilis/chancre), and the remedy i'm taking (Merc Sol), is it a good idea to fast? Is it advised to?
syria 9 months ago
You may go ahead. Reduce the number of days or stop based on how you fare. As long as you are doing fine, you may continue.
maheeru 9 months ago
Thank you.

I will update after 4th dose which I'm taking tomorrow.
syria 9 months ago
My French homeoapth sends you regards, and has a question for you.

She does not want to interfere with your diagnosis and remedies, she's okay with Merc sol 30c but she's asking why are we delaying Syphilinum 1M? Is there any particular reason?

Also, have not taken fourth dose yet, will take it in a few hours, but experiencing a kind of "burning" in left foot's big toe bunion since yesterday. It's not constant, it comes and goes, doesn't hurt, but it kind of burns, inside and it's a kind of stabbing. This is the same spot where I had arthritis pain last year and two years ago.

No difficulty in walking or putting shoes.

Back feels stiff also and hurts a little, but that is maybe because I have started pushups again.

Chancre still there, anus dry and sometimes chancre itches all of a sudden.

Still don't feel like talking to anyone in my family, apart from my niece who is 4 months old.
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-24 16:00:58]
syria 9 months ago
Since she is used to do Syphilinum and Penicillin she is sort of expecting the immediate use of it. In my vision nosode comes much later either to finish the case thereby reducing the possibility of passing the miasm to a partner or to an offspring or to reduce the miasmatic barrier when indicated remedies do not work well(intermediate usage). And unlike other nosodes: syphilinum can prove to be palliative rather than a cure if used first.

Also based on Hahnemannian teachings found in Organon, Chronic Diseases, it's best to open syphilitic cases with Merc. derivative.

Additionally your case is multi layered than a simple syphilis infection. A multi layered case has to be interspersed with anti-psorics while a simple syphilis layer could be dealt with linear syphilitic course of action.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-04-24 22:17:25]
maheeru 9 months ago
Thank you very much. I grow daily with the knowledge you give me. <3

What's the miasm? Is it the ability to pass suppressed syphilis to a partner?

But then the whole world is miasmatic and syphilitic, the diseases must have been passed from generations to generations, didn't they?
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-24 23:57:25]
syria 9 months ago
Update after 4 doses :

Chancre on anus still there, more painful than before, itchy at times, anus is dry, chancre hurts even more when I poop.

Another weird thing happened after third dose : testicles started itching. I checked the area, nothing weird, just itchiness. There was some shiny spot, but doesnt look like a chancre. Buth both sides of testicles itch and are sentisitive.

Diarrhea 100% controlled nowadays. Bulky and good consistency stools once a day.

Butt crack psoriasis got better with first anf second dose but bad again now.

Glans psoriasis still here.

Arthritis and back pain in control, although after third dose, left foot bunion burnt for a few seconds then stopped. No pain.

Fatigue in control.

Acne 100% controlled. I think it's thanks to zinc supplements i'm taking.
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-27 00:45:08]
syria 9 months ago
You may go ahead. Reduce the number of days or stop based on how you fare.

What did you mean by this? Reducing number of days between doses?

Stop based on how I fare, if i fare well or if i start faring bad that i have to stop?
syria 9 months ago

You may go ahead. Reduce the number of days or stop based on how you fare. As long as you are doing fine, you may continue.

Oh that was about your immediately preceding query on fasting. Not about doses :)
maheeru 8 months ago
In a reply to your response about miasm, it's a dry subject but a vast field, it'd be a field ground for researchers to identify miasm patterns in various diseases. Miasm is a taint or pollution on the constitutional soil. Unless it's addressed it'd be carried forth over the generations. In Hahnemann times he had said 10% of people had contracted Syphilitic miasm, times have changed I'm not sure how many percentage of people have that now, but I'm quite sure that the number is not 100%. Geography also matters. You may find this and Sycotic miasm plenty in lands where there are unbridled physical relations.
maheeru 8 months ago
5th dose taken yesterday.

Chancre still here.

My Paris homeopath/naturopath, on my query, allowed me to do PUVATHERAPY (uv lights) at skin specialist's on butt crack psoriais and penis glans psoriasis.

What do you think about it? Is it natural or is it also suppressive like cortisone?

She's categorical about cortisone, it's a big no for her as well, but she does not mind PUVATHERAPY. Of course, i will not do it without your approval.

To be honest, i'm SICK of those dead ugly looking skins in those areas. Nothing seems to help, havr tried all natural hydrating creams, butters, oils etc.
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-28 17:06:34]
syria 8 months ago
Not inclined towards PUVA. Cortisone and other strong medicines can suppress. Give some time, skin will take time to heal.

Do you have these medicines and if yes, in what potencies?: Nitric acid, Merc corrosivus, Hepar sulph, Mezereum.
maheeru 8 months ago
"not inclined towards puva" ==> does it mean you don't advise me to do it? I don't understand the meaning of inclined. If it means you don't agree witht this method, then why not, is it suppressive also?

I know it takes time to heal, but the butt crack is healed now, it never hurts like before, it's just the white dead skins daily which bother me.

I have available at home :

Merc Sol 200c, 1M
Merc Cor 30c
Nitric Acid 9c
Hepar Sulph 200c

(syphilinum 1MK)

If any other remedy is needed, it can be ordered within a day or a few days depending on what it is.
syria 8 months ago
Having a skin eruption on the chest, both sides of stomach. It's painless, itchiless, odorless, just red round spots.

They start on side of tummy/stomach... They are still very light but visible when looked carefully and when I put light on them. Not sure if they're new or just colour of my skin, but never saw that before. It's still light, i checked again, there's some very light red spots, dunno if i can be sure.

I read this is not a good sign, meaning the syphilis is going into secondary stage.

What do you think? Is it worrisome?? I'm really worried after this sudden eruption.

I'm also having an unexplained weight gain since these last few months. From september to march, I gained 5kgs (while on Calcarea Carb I think), and now, within a week, I gained 3 kgs. I started doing pushups on the floor to build chest but I doubt i can gain 3kgs of muscle in a week.
I'm 185cm for 83kg right now, at 84, I will be considered overweight according to BMI...

I used to be 185cm two years ago, for 65 kg. I was clearly underweight, then in 2019, i was 73kg, perfect weight, but now 2020, 83 kg. My face looks fresh and healthy but this much weight in two years is not normal.

My diet, especially these last two months, has been so good, full of vegetables and fruits, low carbs, good proteins, healthy food, no added sugars, no junk nothing. Why did I gain 5kg in 2 months (3 in a week) is unexplainable.

My chest and stomach were flat, now the chest is stronger, it looks good, but stomach/tummy looks fuller, i liked it before. I wad always of slim nature, then why this change?

The only reason I find is i stopped ispaghol, but ispaghol was making me sick and causing arthritis. Also, while on ispaghol, the weight gain already started, so this reason seems unvalid...
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-30 00:51:48]
syria 8 months ago
Yes wanted to say ...wasn't favourably inclined towards PUVA. I'm not looking at suppression at this point, this is more for aesthetics rather than for something important and the process can be sort of carcinogenic.

Please get Merc corr 200c, Nitric acid 30c.

How many doses of merc sol 30 are up? Please reduce the gap between the doses to just one day for next three doses.

A lot of people have been gaining weight in this lockdown because of little activity and same food habits. But your case you say you started to gain much earlier?

Have you confirmed about the eruptions one way or the other?
maheeru 8 months ago
Eruptions have been auto confirmed by myself, both sides of ribs, red little spots, painless, itchiless. They got more red today, and extreme fatigue/tiredness since yesterday night.

Cant confirm at doctor's, too much risk to bring covid at home and if he confirms it, will ask me why i didnt take pennicilin shot and will think I'm crazy to treat myself with homeopathy (which i know i'm not as i believe in homeopathy and he doesn't).

Cant confirm with Paris homeopath also as I only video call with her and it's not visible on cam.

Havr ordered Nitric 30c and Merc Cor 200K. Will arrive on Saturday or Monday.

Going to take sixth dose of Merc sol 30 today, seventh dose tomorrow, eigth dose on the day after tomorrow as per your recommendation.

Yes weight gain started 1 year or 1.5 year ago. I'd say from April 2019 to April 2020, I have gained 10-12 kgs.


The cough and shortness of breath that I have been having since the last 6-7 months, dry one, at moments, with whistle sound from lungs, is still present. Happens depending on days, from a few minutes to a few hours. Some days, I don't have it. Paris homeopath advised me to consult pulmonogist to do tests and see if asthma or not. Lung scan showed nothing serious, just some mild inflammation.
She advised me to try allopathic anti allergy pills (cetirizin) for 10 days. She assured me it's not suppressive. I haven't taken them yet, do you advise them or advise to stay away from them?
[Edited by syria on 2020-04-30 14:21:41]
syria 8 months ago
Also get Mezereum 3c.

Cough if it's a big bother you can try those allergy pills---it'd have been better if it had improved with h'pathy. If you are not taking them, try to put a note on that symptom again, will review it.

I remember somewhere you said you wanted to have a fuller body and you disliked being slim, now with weight gain, it seems the position is reverse. Is the weight gain disproportionate or kind of disfiguring? Are you overweight according to BMI index?

I saw on another thread you had said your friend's mother or someone you know had short breath and was covid positive, how is she doing? Does any one you know currently have issues with this?
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-05-01 02:36:39]
maheeru 8 months ago
Will get Mezereum too. Is it 3c or 30c?

It's not a big bother, but sometimes I can't finish my sentences when I talk, have to cough once and resume. It's a weird feeling. Not taking anti allergy pills as of now, will wait for your advice.

Yes, I disliked being slim. I don't dislike the way my body looks now, it looks manly, but so much weight gain in such a short span is what scares me, is it okay to gain so much weight? What if it doesn't stop? Butt area has grown, which is good, chest has grown, stomach is kind of flat but with more fat from before, legs are still kind of skinny, face is healthy, kind of full.

According to BMI, I'm not overweight, but will be if I gain 2-3 kgs more.

My friend's mother is doing better, they are a big family, 10 live under the same roof, all got Covid 19. They got infected a month ago, and his father is still coughing, mother too, and one or two brothers as well. No other symptoms but still coughing, some days they are better, some days worse.

Another friend of mine also got dry cough in the last few days, with shortness of breath and whistling. Then got severe vomitting. Now he's better.
[Edited by syria on 2020-05-01 01:11:14]
syria 8 months ago

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