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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You said you wanted time to get symptoms from your mother, yes you can re-post on that thread. It's good that her heel pain got better.

Contact, sexual activity, contamination can aid in spreading(Helico bacter) but the spread is not straightforward---its somewhat complicated and this can also run in families.

If the bottle that was supposed to be 250ml and you are using 500ml, first do the procedure only once to make a second dilution bottle, if need be third dilution can be produced later.

Yes Syphilinum :). We'll use it.
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maheeru 5 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru,

So the gastro enteroligst called me, she said that they found gastritis in the stomach and inflammation, which may be caused by H Pylori. She's not sure if the inflammation is caused by H Pylori or by some auto-immune disease, but she wants to eradicate H Pylori to be sure it's not caused by it. After treating it with antibiotics, she wants me to have another fibroscopy in December, and then meet her in January with fibroscopy results, chromogranin A results and auto-immune results.

If there was no inflammation in the stomach, she says the treatment could be questionnable, but as there is inflammation and gastritis, she says we must treat. I'm really confused now, I don't know what to do. On the one hand I have you and my naturopath who told me not to take antibiotics, on the other hand there's her telling me to take them because of inflammation seen on biopsies.
syria 5 months ago
What can I say? You know course of anti biotics then the repercussions. What I can do is to accomodate gastritis and inflammation(this I had sort of expected given your woes with stools) in my analysis but we may or may not see results in the immediate aftermath but slowly we'll try to address the stomach inflammation in due course.
maheeru 5 months ago
So there is only one solution :

I will have to quit the conventional medical system, as if i keep refusing their tests and treatments, they will also refuse to follow me up.

I will have to give ourselves a year, not go to any appointement by pretending i'm abroad, and see how things evolve with homeopath. The next fibroscopy was programmed in december, 3 months after doing antibiotics to see if h pylori disappeared and if inflammation resolved. But if i dont take them, it's better to cancel it i guess, as the gastritis wont resolve in 3 months with homeopathy most probably.

Homeopathy treats symptoms, if i had not done these tests, i would havr never known i have h pylori, inflammation anf gastritis, so how would we have treated it with homeopathy then?

Did not have any joint pain after Aurum';s 5th dose (second dilution).

Diarrhea is very very controlled nowadays. Stools are bulky, healthy colour, which positively affects my mood, less depression. No gas at all. I don't know if both remedies i'm taking are doing this, or the daily chlorella powder ive been taking (chlorella helped me in april with stools post covid), but there's no gas, no diarrhea oe mushy stools.

Depression is better, found a new job while waiting for my dream job.

Friendly and love relations are still difficult. I try to find petty things to start an argument and stop tlaking to the person as if it relieves me not to talk to them and be left alone. I'm so perfectionnist in my relations that i want them to be perfect, if the other person makes a single mistake, i don't feel like forgiving and i get disgusted.

Energy is good nowadays.

I think there's a herpes outbreak coming on the anal region. The region hurt the whole day, usually it explodes into herpes the next day or two days later.

Acne never came back after 4 months zinc supplements.

Fatigue is very much controlled nowadays. I do get sleepy some days but it's bearable.

Bald spot on back of head is still there, same 2 euros coin size.
syria 5 months ago
Don't quit anything. Try to maximise therapeutic benefit. Not sure why you feel so pressurised. Is it important to follow up with the same practitioners? Can't you pick and choose some of this decision-making? I hear people doing it all the time.
maheeru 5 months ago
My naturopath who is also a GP supports each and every of my/our decisions.

The gastroenterolgist doesn't. If i dont want to take antibiotics, she won't force me of course, but then she wont do another fibroscopy to recheckh pylori and inflammation.

Yes i can tell her to wait a year or two to see if homeopathy resolves it, she can't force me into anything, but she will say, as she has said before, that homeopathy is useless, that h pylori will eat my stomach anf cause ulcers and increasing inflammation.

Personally, i dont mind waiting a year while doing homeopathy, but i do want results. I don't want to give it a year while the h pylori and inflammation and gastritis keeps growing.
Everyone knows that inflammation is corrosive, see what happened to my left foot big toe, within 2 months (in 2018), it stiffened the big toe forever. I don't want the same inflammation in my stomach long term and end up with holes or ulcers in my stomach.
[Edited by syria on 2020-09-14 00:36:58]
syria 5 months ago
Do I continue with Aurum Met weekly doses and Nitric Acid every second day?

Health is good nowadays, except left foot big toe pain yesterday and today but this usually happens when I drink alcohool with friends.

Digestive issues are in control. No diarrhea.

Back pain in control.

Still impatient and angry easily. I want to be right all the time, I don't accept failure. If anything wrong or negative happens or is said to me, I dwell about it for days. Emotional relationship are difficult, a single wrong thing and i want to end it, be it a friendship or a love relationship.

Butt crack thick skin has been removed with a urea cream i prepared myself. I prepared a 10% urea cream with an organic cream, it healed tve area, i kept applying it, my dermatologist advised to increase the dosage to 30%, but that removed too much skin, even around, and the skin is white/pink, like after a burn/new skin, so i will decrease to 10 again. That's just a temporary solution as the thick skin will form again as soon as i will stop urea cream. Urea cream above 10% removes dead skin.

I haven't taken antibiotics for h pylori and gastritis. She called me to ask me to take them as according to her, it's not a mild inflammation, it's grade 3 inflammation, just before grade 4, and she absolutely wants me to take them. I'm a bit confused. Even my French naturopath/homeopath wants me to take them as inflammation is severe according to her.
syria 5 months ago
Yes continue Aurum weekly doses upto 8 doses. Replace N. Acid 30 with 200. Follow the wet dose preparation procedure you did with calc and Aurum 200 with N. Acid. The gap between N. Acid 200 doses shall be 4 days.

Not much to add on your anti biotics puzzle from what I said already. But if you want to follow your paris homeopath and or gastro enterologist I'd step aside. If you want to give homeopathy some time you can always add your symptoms/concerns or issues arising out of H Pylori. You know corrosiveness/Ulcers are strongly Syphilitic miasmatically and that's what we are dealing with already.
For your mother's H Pylori, let her continue Robinia Q for a few weeks, then she can move to Robinia 30c.
maheeru 5 months ago
I decided to first complete Aurum Met doses (8 doses total) and gonna start Nitric Acid 200K next week.

All symptoms in control except sad mood/mild deprression :

I am happy at work with my colleagues and students, but I'm not happy with my friends and love relationships. One single wrong thing makes me very angry, sad, tearful, revengeful and I keep dwelling about it for days and days.

I don't like to talk much to my family members also. Like in every family, there have been quarrels in ours too, but since I do not tolerate wrong things, i can not forget a few things that happened in the past and even though i forgave them, i dont like talking to them much...

But the dwelling I experience about things said to me or things done to me are really annoying. I would like to forget like most of my friends and let go but it's difficult.

Apart from that, all the other symptoms are in control, except hyperplasia (abnormal production of dead skin) on butt crack, as usual.

Also, had those "balls" checked on anus by two proctologists, both said they are not hemorroids or thrombosis but just swollen veins which is not a problem. But it doesn't look esthetic.
[Edited by syria on 2020-10-10 09:10:55]
syria 4 months ago
You could try a dose or two of Aurum 1M for your anger and other emotional issues. But be careful with wet dose preparation. Follow the instructions followed in merc sol 1M preparation.
maheeru 4 months ago
What should be the gap between Nitric Acid 200 doses? Once a week?

Shall I start Aurum Met 1M now, while being on Nitric Acid 200? What's the gap between both medicines?

A fear I have just crossed my mind, we never talked about it, I have fear from heights, I cant look down from height as I feel I will fall. Might be a detail, but homeopathy is about small details :-)
syria 4 months ago
Yes you may start Aurum 1M. Gap between the doses would be 15 to 20 days.

Gap between Nit Acid 200 would be between 5 to 8 days.

If the Aurum and Nit acid doses have to be placed closely give a gap of three days.

Long standing fear of heights? Relate some more details about this fear.
maheeru 4 months ago
It doesnt scare me to death, but whenever I'm looking down from a building, or from high areas, I cant look down, I feel I will fall or someone will push me from behind.
syria 4 months ago
I dont know why I forgot to tell you about some important traits of my personality, I'm sorry, but as I remember them, I'm updating them.

Another trait of mine, and that from childhood/teen times, I'm extremely possessive about my friends, family members, colleagues, love relations etc. I do not like to share my people with anyone, if that happens and anyone gets more attention than me, I become extremely posessive, and I would say jealous, and this is when my negative attitude begins towards the person who did not give me full attention and gave it to someone else.
Be it a compliment, a look, too much chat with someone else instead of me, it drives me angry and jealous...

Along with jealousy, I keep finding faults in others, even if they are nice to me and are good people. A single fault in someone makes me hate the person and I list out all the fault that person has, and this only if the person disappoints me, otherwise I rather support the person, but once I feel cheated, i become negative and find faults in the person.

I get crazy while eating food, unable to stop, I never get satiated. I keep eating, large amount of food, good food like protein, carbs, nuts, fruits and vegetables are not my cup of tea, i force myself to eat them, but once I've eaten the daily recommended amount of good food, I eat a lot of chocolates, biscuits, cheese, crisps. These are the 4 things i love the most. Earlier in my life, i used to eat them without weight gain, but now I gain weight, the weight is stable since last time I told u, still 80kgs, but i need to lose 5-7 kgs as it shows a little bit on the side of my belly. Nobody finds me fat, but when I'm in front of the mirror, i see the little bit extra fat on side of belly. And it will never go away if i keep eating the amount of junk i mentionned, my body craves for it, like a drug.
[Edited by syria on 2020-11-01 15:08:33]
syria 4 months ago
Read previous post also please. Its important.

I think Nitric Acid 200 wet dose causes lower back pain. Every time I take it, for a day or two after the dose, i get lower back pain a'd stiffness.
syria 4 months ago

Did you take Aurum 1M doses? If yes how many?

How many doses of Nit Ac 200 have you taken till now?
Which dilution of wet dose are you using to dose? First or second or third?

What is the interval you are employing between Nit Acid doses?
maheeru 4 months ago
I only started taking Aurum Met 1M AFTER my last post, I took the first dose yesterday.

I have taken 3 doses of Nitric Acid 200 until now, it's the first wet dilution.

The back pain after Nitric Acid 200 wet doses usually lasted a day or two, and was in the lower back pain, and not in the spine or middle or upper back the way it usually happens.
syria 4 months ago
For the emotional symptoms I would want to see if there is any impact from Aurum 1M doses.

Nitric Acid 200 doses, you can prepare third dilution and continue doses from that solution.
maheeru 3 months ago
Forgot to make third dilution of Nitric Acid 200 before taking the fourth dose. Will make it for the fifth one.

I will also update 10 days after Aurum Met';s first 1M dose.

Thanks for everything. It's been a year or so since you took my case, and generally I've been doing well. :-)
[Edited by syria on 2020-11-11 23:02:36]
syria 3 months ago
Update :

Nitric acid 200k wet dose :

forgot to dilute it to third dilution, took last dose 4 days ago, lower back pain occured for a day then subsided.

Aurum met 1M wet dose : took it 10 days ago. Nothing special happened. When i work I'm fine, but on the weekend, whenever i get free time, i dwell about things, for hours and hours, feel revengeful and negative about a few people. I also have low self esteem since a few months, whereas I used to be full of confidence before about myself and my looks.

In general :

Pain free globally. Digestive system is doing good.

Butt crack is still irritated with daily white stuff coming off. This seems never ending. Have an appointement with a professor proctologist so he can tell me what's going on with the butt crack.

Gums have been bleeding for ten days, started bleeding around Aurum Met's 1M first dose.

I have also added probiotics to my diet, can good bacteria make gums bleed?

Weight is stable, but i really need to lose 5 kgs. I' m 80kgs for 1m85.

Cravings for biscuits, cakes, crisps and cheese is top roof. Until I eat these things once a day, i never get satisfied. Even after eating them, i'm still hungry, i'm hungry all day long, i never refuse food, and i crave for food, especially junk, like the one i mentionned. This is clearly urgent, otherwise i might become obese.

1 euro size bald spot behind head in hair in still there and has not improved, hair is not back... :-(

Even though I sleep well at night and fall asleep easily, the vivid and unpleasant dreams persist. Can I try passiflora mother tincture for these never ending dreams? I heard it also helps with cravings, so for the sugar and fat cravings and the dreams, can i try passiflora mother tincture? If yes, how many drops how many times a day and when?
[Edited by syria on 2020-11-15 22:42:05]
syria 3 months ago
I regret I couldn't be more detailed in response.

If you want to try Passiflora, try it in mother tincture. 10 drops twice a day. Such lower dilutions have to be taken for two weeks atleast to see any visible effect.

If you have not seen any special effect, you may stop Aurum 1M. What potencies do you have off Syphilinum and Sulphur?

Report after taking third dilution of Nitric acid one or two doses.

Your thanks appreciated :) it's such a thankless job.
maheeru 3 months ago
Thank you for the reply.

Do you think Passiflora mother tincture will help, if yes, what symptoms shall it relieve? Is it necessary according to you?

I have only taken one dose of Aurum Met 1M. Was there supposed to be improvement from the first dose onwards? It doesn't deserve a second dose?

At home, I have Sulfur 15ch, 30ch and 200ch.
I also have Syphilinum 1 MK. All in pill form.
syria 3 months ago
Do not think passiflora is necessary but I thought you have made up your mind and wanted to know about the dosage.

No problem if you want to take one or two doses more of Aurum 1M. But if we don't see much change, then you could take a dose of Syphilinum 1M.
maheeru 3 months ago
If you do not think its necessary, I will put it on hold for now.

Will try another dose of Aurum Met 1M today and report.

If it fails, will switch to Syphilinum 1M. Should I take granules or wet dose?
syria 3 months ago
We'll go with wet dose. First dose on first dilution; if you feel the dose could be gentler based on effects then second dose on third dilution.
maheeru 3 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru,

I took Aurum';s second dose 7 days ago, no change in mental health.

I'm going to make Syphilinum's 1M wet dose and take it.

Should it be made in a 250ml bottle or 500ml bottle?

How many doses, gap etc ?

I have also completed 6 doses of Nitric Acid 200. Shall I go on with it? What am I taking it for?
[Edited by syria on 2020-11-27 22:56:46]
syria 3 months ago

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