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ear problem

my daughter 9yrs old is having itching from 4 yrs. It started like this. when we went for swimming , she had a terrible earache. we went to the doctor immediately. he gave antibiotics and some drops to put in her ear for outer ear infection. from then she started itching her ear, only right ear and complained some roaring inside her ear. when we went to doctor for this he did hearing test and said nothing is wrong and prescribed NEOMYCIN AND POLYMYXIN B SULPHATES AND HYDROCORTISONE OTIC SUSPENSION USP.
whenever i put this in her ear she was complaining lot of roaring and burning in her ear. but nothing seems to be improved. we have been going to the doctor from then often. they always said nothing is wrong and asked me to continue the ear drops. we got tired and stopped going to the doctor. but her itching is terrible our whole bed moves when she puts her finger inside the ear and scratches her ear. the part where the finger touches became like wound and it is never healing of because of her scratching. now and then she gets discharge from her ear which she ends up in taking antibiotics again. now she has itching in both her ears. One of my friends who did homeopathy told me to give puls. 30 , morning evening and next day morning like three doses and give a week gap and do it agin for three weeks. though she improved with this, it keeps coming back after i stopped the medicine. so i am thinking of giving PUL. 30 ONE DOSE AND WAIT FOR ONE WEEK.WOULD THAT BE BETTER? SO HOW MANY PILLS(PULS 200 , BOIRON BRAND,BOUGHT FROM HEALTH STORE) CAN I GIVE HER?



Re: ear itching From John Stanton on 2004-08-16
start treatment single dose "only" nux-vomica 30c...

child is to AVOID...allacidic foods and drinks...i.e..coffee;tea;coca-cola,pepsi and the like;vinegar;fruits and juices;tomatoes;alcohol based products...etc


NO other medicines;ear drops;remedies;herbs;skin cremes/ointments;...etc

post back response or lack of response to nux-vomica 30c...

Re: ear itching From anon99 on 2004-08-17
I already gave puls 200 , 4 pillsbefore receiving any post.
it's been 18 hours and now she is complaing lot of roaring in her ears. What should i do now?

Re: ear itching From John Stanton on 2004-08-17
give nux-v 200c as directed in previous post

Re: ear itching From anon99 on 2004-08-21
I gave nux.200c the next day i gave puls 200c. Her ringing in the ear stopped.
Usually whenever she scratches a lot because of itching, i think may be it gets bloody inside the ear, and because of that the ringing in the ear comes. She describes the ringing like when we close our ear with our finger some sort of sound we hear that is her ringing sound. some times she says even she speaks in a low voice , she can hear it very loud.
What she tells me is because of her scratching, wound is forming inside as well as outside of her ear. It is getting scabs in the process of healing, which makes it itchy, and tickly Thats why she scratches again a lot to take the scabs out of her ear. So again everything is coming to the begining. ringing in the ears. the wound is not at all healing.

When i gave nux. 200 she said that her ringing in the ear is gone. but still itching is there. It's only two days after i gave nux 200.
i have to wait for some more days i believe.

Re: ear itching From John Stanton on 2004-08-21
have you stop usage of ALL allopathic medicines-antibiotics and ear drops ...etc?

what are./were the characteristics of the discharge mentioned in earlier post?

parotids affected?

how deep itching felt to be?

Re: ear itching From John Stanton on 2004-08-21
single dose sulpher 30c

MUST avoid all SWEETS--
MUST avoid all acidic foods and drinks (as listed above for nux-v)

NO other medicines ..remedies..ear-drops-skin ointments ...etc

post response or lack of response of sulpher 30c..

Re: ear itching From anon99 on 2004-08-21
Hello john,
I didn't mention one thing about my daughter's itching. Whenever doctor sees inside her ear she says it's scaly inside and she has lot of wax in her ear. I tried mullien oil, and the dewax too. but my daughter doesn't want to put any drops because it brings burning sensation and ringing too.

Re: ear itching From John Stanton on 2004-08-21
get sulphur 30c for daughter and give to her NOW .
Re: ear itching From anon99 on 2004-08-25
I gave her sulphur 30 , 5 pellets , which i bought at whole foods health yesterday.
Today she was complaining pain in the ear when touched.
Not unbearable but pain is there. still i have to wait and see for some more days, i think.

Re: ear itching From anon99 on 2004-08-25
yesterday before giving sulphur she went to swimming. i didn't put rubbing alcohal
+water 1:1 ratio which the doctor told me to put everytime after swimming.
Because that may interfere with the medicine.

Re: ear itching From John Stanton on 2004-08-25
yes-if this pain is as before--and not too intense --then wait--no other remedy or repetition

follow dietary restrictions--no acids or sweets (particularly products with refined white sugar)..

post back

Re: ear itching From anon99 on 2004-08-31
Hello john,
I gave her sulphur 30 last MONDAY night. First three days it was as before. THURSDAY it was very icthy, she scratched a lot and in the middle of the night she was complaining ringing in her ear and was crying. i gave her nux 30 and she was sleeping in 10 min. in the morning the ringing was less and she felt o.k. i didn't give her any medicine after that. For now her ringing is gone and it is less icthy. so which medicine should i give her now. sulphur or nuxvomica?

Re: ear itching From John Stanton on 2004-08-31
observe allow stablize then go up to nux-vomica 200c--we'll see after that what symptoms exist.

Hi john,
I was afraid to give nux 200, so i gave her nux 30 everyday night one dose for three days. her itching is the same, but ringing in the ear is gone.

so, what should i give her next? it's been a week since i gave her nux 30.
  anon99 on 2004-09-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
"...afraid to give nux 200..."
why you ask and not follow instructions? because your afraid?

single dose nux-vomica 200c and access case after...
John Stanton last decade

one dose -one time before child goes to bed at least 1 hour after last meal---NO OTHER time --just this one evening...

post back
John Stanton last decade
it's been one week since i gave her nux 200c. on last saturday i gave her one dose.
until 2 days less itching, and after that its as before. she had new symptoms, sneezing, nasal congestion, pain while moving her neck. which are all gone now. but itching is the same. she is getting scabs inside her ear, which she tries to take them out.
anon99 last decade
back to sulphur ---single dose "only" sulphur 200c--

NO SWEETS --particularly refined white sugar products...
John Stanton last decade
my suggestion is also no intake of all and any dairy products milk,cheese,ice cream,yogurt. this might be aggravating the problems here.
a herbal garlic oil droped on a cottonball then placed inside the ear perhaps will aid some.
tyler last decade
what current status?
John Stanton last decade

Graphites 30,
liquid one dram,
two drops in spoon ful water twice daily for 5 days
and post response.

Remember to take the medicine immediately after putting in water as delay may cause evaporation of the remedy which is alcohol based.
freeservice last decade
i think it sounds like silicea, based on:
stuartm last decade
Sorry john. for not replying.
I was into another thing.

Actually i cannot buy sulphur 200 right now. May be after one month. Her itching is increased. today she scratched until it was bloody outside. she said she couldn't stop. Any other alternative to try?
anon99 last decade
please list all symptomology as it is currently existing..
John Stanton last decade

The problem started after going for a swim.

Antimonium crudum can be tried in such cases.

Three doses in 200 potency.

What is your opinion?

bandarbabu2000 last decade
how deep in is the actual itching? she able to reach it with finger?
John Stanton last decade
where did swimming take place? natural water source (lake-river..etc?) (pool-chlorinated ..etc?)
John Stanton last decade
The itching started when she went to swimming pool in the apartment complex. She is itcthing a lot now. She could reach the place with her little finger.
anon99 last decade
single dose "only" hepar sulphuris calcareum 30c

important child must avoid acidic foods and drinks..
John Stanton last decade
I didn't try hepar sulph yet. after you told me to give sulphur 200, i gave her three doses of sulphur 30, may be two weeks back. now she is itching all over her body, even on the scalp. what do i do now. is it because of sulphur?
anon99 last decade
and she is icthing a lot around her ears(on the ear). it all became red.
anon99 last decade
probably not avoiding dietary restrictions --will bring on such response with sulphur...

what is the itching like in the ear?any change?
John Stanton last decade
Itching is the same in the ear.
anon99 last decade
SINGLE dose"only" hepar sulph 30c..

no acids
John Stanton last decade
Graphites 30, as stated above would surely help.
freeservice last decade
I gave sulphur 30, 3 doses
morning evening and next morning one month ago. From then she started itching all over her body, including genitals.
Now the body itching is controllable, but urethra itching is severe. When i used the homeopathy software for urethra icthing i got sulphur as remedy.
So is Sulphur causing itching. if so how many days it is going to be there.I mean it will wear off.
That's why i was afraid to give 200 before, i know sulphur works for skin itching.
anon99 last decade
SINGLE dose"only" hepar sulph 30c..

no acids
John Stanton last decade
anan-sulphur is basically a left side remedy (and the itching started in the RIGHT ear).It is a wrong remedy here and your daughter has so called DISSIMILAR AGGRAVATION-gets symptoms of the remedy (sulphur)- in other words: she is proving the remedy. Diet has nothing to do with it.
Astra2012 last decade
Hi everybody

I think the following is the key to the case

"some times she says even she speaks in a low voice , she can hear it very loud."

Pl.come out with remedies for this condition.I will also look.

bandarbabu2000 last decade

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