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writer's cramp
As Advised earlier I took Mag Phos-6x 4 pallets twice a day & Plumbum Met 200 6 pilles
dkverma67 2013-12-20
6   AsadGhumman 5 years ago

nervous system disorder? joepathy?
Dear, After taking ritalin (a Central nervous system stimulant) for 5 weeks i developped

tara1000 2013-12-21
38   tara1000 5 years ago

medicen for stomuch pain
Good evining all doctors. Sir meri wife ke stomuch me barabar pain rahta hai.ultrasoun
jeetendra prasad 2014-02-09
3   Zady101 5 years ago

Brain problem not remeember quickly
I am 24 years man. sir what is name of calcium and protine in hemeopathic name. And my
jeetendradsingh 2014-02-10
1   Mahfoozurrehman 5 years ago

Help Urgent IBS + Saliva
I am 27 ,Male ,5 feet 5 inches, 52KG(Previously I was 57kg),Single I have IBS over 2
destro 2014-02-09
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

allergic rinitis
my 4 yr old daughter earlier had adenoides hey have perhaps become better but now she may
sheeakhan 2014-02-04
3   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

semen fall during urinate
Sir I am so tensed for this I am feeling very bad when I was drop semen during urine and
prakas 2014-02-10
1   akshaymohl 5 years ago

Dr. Akshaymohl please attention
Please have a look at this thread http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/417543
HamzaMehmood1 2014-02-09
1   simone717 5 years ago

Weakness Please help
Dear doctors I started masterbating when I'm 14 years old now I am 19 years old and

HamzaMehmood1 2014-02-02
15   simone717 5 years ago

over mastrbation
hi doctor, i m 30 yr old unmarried male.i hv been mastrbating from last ten years or
anuj987 2014-01-12
11   fitness 5 years ago

lung malignancy and on vantilator
Few days ago 10-12 day when my mother-in-law was admitted in hospital, she was swollen
neha.singh 2014-02-09
1   simone717 5 years ago

Need help for Treatment of epilepsy in labrador
Hi This is Sobhan . I have a Labrador retriver of 4 years. 2 monhs ago he had a severe

sobhan 2013-12-28
42   fitness 5 years ago

Narcissist Personality Husband -- Need Help!!
Hello. I have been married to a Narcissist Man and right know at his Middle Age Crisis

ceci.moralesu 2014-02-03
14   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

Severe Thigh Pain
My wife has a Severe thigh intermittently on left side. the pain is moving from abdomen
maliks 2014-02-09
1   libra981 5 years ago

right side of testise pain on before 5 days
sir my right side testsie pain and when run then
jeetsingh 2014-02-09
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Frequent urination
There is any homeopathic medicine for Frequent urination, The Patient is 34 years old, he
waseem131 2014-02-09
1   Zady101 5 years ago

Throbbing Pain IN Temple and Neck
Hello. Am a 29 year old Guy. I experience throbbing pain at temple for almost a decade
aquif 2014-02-06
10   aquif 5 years ago

Non-Hodgekin's Lymphoma
My father (Age -75) was diagnosed and operated for Hydrocele in April'13. During
rutusara 2014-02-08
4   rutusara 5 years ago

persistent cough
i am male 48 years suffering from since last two weeks by sputum yellow colour
andy_65_in 2014-02-09
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

recurring yeast infections
i have been dealing with recurring yeast infections for a couple years now and taking

naturenut 2014-01-22
16   fitness 5 years ago

increased urination for 80 yr old man
my 80 plus yr old father has had problem of increased urination since last abt 6
andy_65_in 2013-12-16
8   andy_65_in 5 years ago

Naturallt growth of new hairs
I want to ask that is there any medicine in homeopathy which can grow new hairs on bald
HamzaMehmood1 2014-02-08
3   HamzaMehmood1 5 years ago

Please advice me homopathy medicine for Lichen planus or guttate psoriasis
Patient ID: Sex: Male Age: 42 years . 1. Describe your main suffering? Lichen planus

chauhanms 2013-08-11
13   mike d 5 years ago

Mental issues during puberty
My 14 daughter is having serious mental issues since puberty set in. Her most intense
StephPA 2014-02-08
3   simone717 5 years ago

Feeling tired all day and want to sleep
Hi, My wife left me past 6 day due to some quarrel and went to her mother home. After
forfeit 2014-02-08
3   fitness 5 years ago