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Kali Oxalicum

Kalium Oxalicum, Kali-ox.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Oxalicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




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Stomach; vomiting; black

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Kali Oxalicum

Kali-c > relationships
Compare: Kali salicylicum (vomiting, especially of pregnancy; arteriosclerosis, with chronic rheumatism); Kali silicum (gouty nodosities); Kali Aceticum (diabetes, diarrhoea, dropsy, alkaline urine, very much increased in quantity); Kali citricum (Bright’s disease - 1 gr. to wine-glass of water); Kali Ferrocyanatum - Prussian Blue - (physical and mental prostration following infection. Inability to sustained routine work. Neuralgic affections depending on impoverished blood and exhausted nerve centers, especially spinal. Fatty and functional heart troubles. Pulse weak, small, irregular. Uterine symptoms, like Sepia, bearing-down sensation and gastric sinking; profuse, pus-like leucorrhoea and passive hemorrhage); use 6x); Kali Oxalicum (lumbago, convulsions); Kali picro-nitricum and Kali Picricum (jaundice, violent eructations); Kali tartaricum (paraplegia); Kali Telluricum (garlicky odor of breath, salivation, swollen tongue). Also compare: Calc.; Ammon. Phos.; Lycop.; Bry.; Natrum; Stann.; SEPIA.

Rumx-a > general
Sorrel was at one time cultivated in this country as a salad, and the Buckler-shaped, or French Sorrel, is still cultivated in France, where it is considered as a powerful antiscorbutic. The leaves contain a large quantity of Binoxalate of Potash (Kali oxal.). The symptoms of the Schema were observed on three men who ate largely of the leaves. In one very violent convulsions were induced of a peculiar kind, the limbs being thrown reciprocally backwards and forwards and the head from side to side.

Ox-ac > relationships
Compare Kali ox. In cholera infantum, Ars., Ip., Ver. In gastralgia, Colch. Gastric symptoms, Kre. In spinal disease, Pic. ac. (Pic. ac. more heaviness; Ox. ac. more numbness, blueness; and pains in small spots), Arg. m., Phos. ac. Induration of testicles, Puls. Headache agg. from wine, Zn. Faintness during scanty stools, Crot. t., Dulc., Pet., Sars., Sul. (stools not scanty, Apis, Nux m., Pul., Spi., Ver.). Pain lower lobe left lung, Sul. agg. From sugar, Arg. n. Backache, Variol., Ant. t. agg. Shaving, Carb. an., Ant. c. agg. Thinking of ailments, Oxytr., Piper meth. (amel. thinking of them, Camph.). Causation.

Rumx-a > relationships
Compare Kal. ox., Lapath. In persistent cough, Rx. c.

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