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Ricinus Communis

Ricin, Ricinus, Ric-c.
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HPUS indication of Ricinus Communis: Collapse
Common symptom: Exhaustion..

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ricinus Communis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Diminished mammary secretion

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Ricinus Communis

Urt-u > relationships
Compare: Medusa; Nat-mur.; Lac. Can.; Ricin (diminished mammary secretion); Bombyx; Rhus; Apis; Chloral.; Astac.; Puls ( urticaria); Boletus luridus and Anacard ( urticaria tuberosa); Lycop. AND Hedeoma (uric acid conditions); Formica.

Eupho > general
Gum euphorbium is one of the remedies of Hahnemann's chronic diseases. It is the principal member of the group of Euphorbian drugs, and should be studied with Croton tiglium and Ricinus. Like these it produces gastro-intestinal irritation and all degrees of irritation of the skin. It also affects the eyes, teeth, and bones. Burning pains in the bones is an indication, and along with Euphorb. heterodoxa it is a remedy for the pains of cancer. (In a desperate case of sarcoma of the pelvic bones under my care nothing gave greater relief to the pains than repeated doses of Euphorb. 6.) Painfulness of the coccyx. Caries. Old torpid ulcers. Hartmann says Euphorb. often affords excellent service in gangrene of internal parts, "especially when consequent on inflammation of the stomach or bowels, &c., and the temperature of the body is continually diminishing, a great degree of torpor being present and the affected parts without sensation." Gangrene of old persons. Erysipelas bullosa. Burning, which characterises the Euphorbias generally, is well marked in this. Among the peculiar sensations are Sensation, as if teeth were being screwed together. Jerking in tooth as if it would be torn out. Taste as if mouth were lined with rancid grease. Burning in throat as from a hot coal. As if flames were rushing out of mouth and throat. Feeling in middle of chest as if hot food had been swallowed. As if left lobe of lung were adhering. (Münninghoff records a case in which the patient had two violent attacks of night cough. They occurred as soon as she touched the bed in lying down, and continued as long as she remained in it. Accompanying symptoms were Pain in right temple, cold feet, and pain in heel. After failure of many remedies Euphorb. off. Ø, one drop in a glass of water, to be sipped occasionally, gave instant relief; but she had to continue the remedy or the cough returned.) Sudden starting up in bed as from an electric shock. As if a thin cord lay under the skin. Prostration is present as with the other Euphorbias.

Crot-t > relationships
Compare Elat., Verat., Ricin., Euphorb., Anac., Colch., Rhus, Phos.; in pains in breast, Bry., Borax., Phelland., and Sil.; in faintness during stool, scanty stools, Dulc., Ox. ac., Petrol., Sars., Sul. (stools not scanty, Apis., Nux mosch., Puls., Spi., Ver.); faintness after stool, Nux.

Eupho > relationships
Acalyph., Crot. tig., Jatroph. c., Mancin., Mercurialis, Ricinus, Yucca fil., and the various Euphorbias.

Hura > relationships
Compare Croton., Ricinus, Euphorb., Hura crepitans.

Hura-c > relationships
Compare─Hur. bras., Ricinus, Croton.; Caps. (burning in throat not amel. by water).