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How much is shipping and how long does it take?

For Customers in the USA

The cost of shipping depends on which brand you select and the value of your order. Whe cost can be found in your shopping basket. Click to see a standard (surface) delivery times map for Hylands or WHP. Orders from Boiron (USA) typically take a week or so.

Express shipping:

Next day shipping is only available from Hylands at the moment. , but three day shipping is available at increased cost. Orders from Canada (Boiron or Homeodel) normally take around 2 weeks.

For Customers in Canada

Shipping from our Canadian partner (Boiron and Homeodel brands) typically costs $3.00 (CAN) and takes about 2 weeks. We can ship WHP products to Canada for around $38.00 (USD).

For International Orders

The cost depends on where you order your remedies from - either WHP (USA East Coast) or Boiron (USA West Coast) will be able to ship remedies to you.

From Boiron (USA West), the cost is $23.00 and will take 1-3 weeks (depending on size of order and destination).

From WHP (USA East), the cost is standard UPS cost plus $2.00 for handling.The UPS cost depends on your postcode and can be found here http://wwwapps.ups.com/calTimeCost?loc=en_US (coming from the city Berkeley Springs, and the postal code 25411). Typically it is around $40 (Canada) to $80. Boiron is normally much cheaper than WHP for international orders.