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2-yrs-old sleeps badly

I have a son of 2years and 3 months. He has never been sleeping well. He wokes up 1-7 times during the night. I can't take it anymore.

One reason for crying is nightmares, but most of the times he looses his pacifier. There are several of dummies in the bed, but he wants me to get up and give one to him.
Quite normally he wokes up the first time just after midnight and I take him by me. In that case I get at least some sleep. But still he can wake up crying. Or I don't know if he really is awake or half at sleep.

Somebody recommended me chamomilla and I gave twice a day. I didn't help.
Then I read more about chamomilla, my child is not like they are. Although as a baby he was yelling every night and the first 8 months I was just carrying him around.

Then I took mixliquid Quitude (chamomilla vulgaris, gelsenium, Hyoscyamus niger, Kalium bromatum, Passiflora incarnata, Stramonium). I followed the instructions: it didn't help in three days so I stopped it.

Then I started surfing in the internet: I found out that he sleeps like sulphur: is hot, nightmares, wakes up early (6am) but after that wants to sleep longer. He has also atopic exema, which is better with some specific vitamins, and it is worse in the legs.

Now I have given sulphur 2times x 3 pills for 5 days. I doens't help (he is also at the moment a bit sick, that might affect).
How do I know is sulphur the right one? There are several things don't match the sulphur type: my child loves water and is a tidy one. He is quite calmful and sits down nicely. Althought his fingers are moving all the time.

My boy is very charming and smiling. Everybody thinks he is adorable. But his mind changes very fast. He gets hurt easily. If he doesn't get something, he throws the first object and tries to bite. After 10 seconds he is happy again.

I have other worries about him: his exema, his is very small, hardly grows (we the parents are very tall), he still hits his head every day, and falls down where there is single stone on the earth. He have just started to talk the first words, still uses diapers. Somehow he seems babier than he really is.

What will I do? The homeopaths are really expensive around here. I can't go there with every problem.
  Maria&boys on 2004-12-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please read the post "lycopodium or Stramonium."

I suggest using LYCOPODIUM at this time to see how he responds. It has night terrors and difficult stomach, which may be the problem of the changing temper.

Also Pulsatilla is a remedy for constantly changing symptoms, But it is usually accompanied by greenish nose mucus.

As you have been reading up on remedies, check this. Also at the end of every remedy study, one finds comparisons of other similar remedies. Look them up too.

Look up Autism on the internet and check the symptoms and see if any fit your child. I am not saying it in a serious way, but if you read the other posting, you will see what I have written without having to write it again. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks for answering. I have been thinking a lot of this.

1. I checked out the post "lycopodium of Stramomium". I could not really understand it, because I don't have the same situation.
I found two topics that are the same with that boy and my boy. My son also needs to feel safe (I guess that's why he needs the pacifier so badly) and my son also likes relatively quiet atmosphere.
He likes markets and places with full of people. But he fears aggressive and outgoing children. (those who run and yell and come too close).

2. I checked out the autism. I am quite sure there is nothing of autism. He really takes contact to all the people.He finally started speaking, now the words are coming fast.
He likes playing by himself, but he also plays really well with his 4-yrs-old brother.

3. About Pulsatilla: I have been thinking about it a lot. There are lots of similarities like the sensitiveness and that the stool is every time different. But: Pulsatilla is chilly.
My son is hot. He hates the blanket at night and even if the room is cool, his feet are hot. He uses the blanket only in the morning.(by the way, the hands are not that hot than feet).
and no mucus.

4. About Lycopodium: that was interesting (I had never before even heard of the name).
My son is precocious, eats all the sweet you give him, and has hard time believing the word "no" (if he really wants to touch something). I would not call him shy, because scandinavian children are all shy to some extent. But f.ex. american point of view he is shy.
The differences are that my son doens't eat, hardly ever. Specially not in the mornings. He would just like to drink milk and eat cakes.
He doens't burb much (well, my older son never burbs, compred to him he burbs), and he doens't have much gas. I don't really know if he has digestion problems.
There is nothing wrong with his self-esteem. (We keep telling him all the time how good he is etc).

What else I should tell..? Well, he likes playing in the park with other children, but about once a hour there comes a "black moment". He comes to sit on my lap, wants the pacifier and needs to pinch my hand. He sits there for 15 minutes and then leaves. If I am not present (he is attached to me), other adult is fine.
He is very much awake in the evening between 7-9 pm. We have difficulties putting him to bed. He comes out hundred times and we carry back. At the end he falls at sleep alone.
About the excema: it comes from my family. I have the same kind of atopic skin, my older son has a skin like that, not that bad thoug. My mother has an asthma. This 2 year old also has allergy for egg. He had been fully investigated by the dermatologist and she said "the skin just is like that". Fortunately the vitamins have helped. Before the excema was everywhere, worse on the legs and worse after liying on the grass withous long pants on.

I didn't catch from your mail the sentence about how there are similarities at the end of remedies. Where? On this site?

Do you still think Lycopodium would be best? What kind of dosage? How many days I should use it until I see the change?

As you see, I am quite new in homeopathy. In my country it is considered more or less nonsense. I can't get much help in here.
Maria&boys last decade
Hello Maria,

The best way to decide the correct medicint is to note down all the symptoms first, and then refer to the relevant remedies. Otherwise you might try to "match" every remedy , and every other remedy seems partially fitting the case , causing a lot of prejudice and confusion.

The reason for writing this is, Dont disregard Sulphur because your son doesnt have ALL its symptoms. He might need it , if ALL HIS SYMPTOMS ARE COVERED BY SULPHUR.

I just went through the case of your son. You have provided a lot of information, thanks, a few more points need clarification:

1. Sweat: how much? which part of body? when ( day/ night/ while eating...)smell? stain?

2. Appetite: ( do you want to say he doesnt feel hungry in the mornings and he prefers only milk and cake? )

3. Thirst: how much? how often?

4. Stools: Diarrhoea/ constipation/ worms?

5. Do you feel he is fearful and feels insecure? If yes, any specific fear? ( dark/ insects/ animals etc...)
What do you mean by precocious?

6. Craving: to indigestible substances like chalk/ lime/ sand etc? eggs? milk?

7. Aversion to any food?

8. Intollerance to any food ( apart from egg ) gastric/ respiratory complaints after any specific food?

9. In which position does he sleep? ( on back/ tummy/ hands over head ....)

10. Any problems during pregnancy or delivery?

magicure last decade
Hi Maria, you gave a very good picture of your son. Your remark about difficulty in the evenings leads me to further want to try the Lycopodium. 200X or what is available. Give one dose at 5 pm for 3 days. You will know more then. If he responds well, skip the third dose. Wait a few days before another.

If pellets in bottle are large use 3, if very small use 5 or6. (as one dose) If the bottle is liquid, no more than half a dropper is one dose. (no licking) Do not give with food or water. Homeopathy goes from the saliva glands to brain in less than 3 minutes. Wait 10 minutes before any intake of liquid or food.

I thought you were reading out of a book. Remedies listed in a Materia Medica always lists comparison remedies at the end of the writings. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra,

As I said I don't know much about homeopahty. So this dosing suprises me: why do I stop after a few days? Shouldn't the remedy treat all the fears (if there is any?) that affect the problem? The western mind finds it hard to believe that a few days will be enough to solve the whole problem... ?

One thing I have forgot to tell: We moved the country last August. There has been times when the boy has been sleeping better, getting awake "only" 1-2 times per night. But this autumn has been the worse!
Actually my 4-year-old boy has also had sleeping problems. But I'll get to him after I solve this matter!

In the meanwhile I'll write to the other mail.
Maria&boys last decade
Hello Magicure,

I gave sulphur to my son for 8-9 days. (The homeopath in the pharmacy told me to give sulfur 30K twice a day). Shouldn't you see in that period, if the remedy is the right one? I stopped giving it few days ago.

Here comes the answers to your questions:

1. Sweat: he sweats only in one kind of situation. When he takes a nap during the day and if he has lot of clothes on, his head will be red and humid. The hair is also watery (well, he hasn't got much of it. The hair is typical for scandinavian small children: thin and white). The sweat doesn't smell. Even if the feet are hot, they don't sweat.

2. Appetite: In the mornings I always offer him yoghurt and bread. He wants the cheese etc. But he seldom eats them. Sometimes the bottle of milk is the only thing he has during mornings.
I give cakes only as dessert. I didn't mean he has one as breakfast.

His appetite keep changing. One day he eats well and everything I offer, then it takes a few days he eats only a spoonful or two. Those days he lives with milk.

3. Thirst: I don't know how thirsty he is. He wants his milkbottle several times a day. But I guess it is the bottle he wants...
If I give him milk from a glass, he drinks only 20 ml. From the bottle he drinks 200 ml three times a day.

4. Stools: they keep changing too (now I see it myself: the whole boy keeps changing in all matters!). In the same diaper there can be hard stool and almost diarrea.
Mostly the stools is "soft". He doesn't really have constipation.
Sometimes I wonder does he swollow the food without chewing it. You can clearly see the raisins and blueberries in the stool as whole.
No worms.

5. Insecurity: I guess that it is a sign of insecurity that he wants to have the pacifier? (Well, he always wants to have something in the mouth. Sometimes a chewing gum is enough).
He doens't leave me too far. He is not the kid who runs away and can dissappear. He keeps checking where I am.
The fear are the noisy, loudy, running and yelling children. Then he comes to me. I guess he has bad memories.
He also starts crying if there is a sudden and loud noise.
Otherwise he is quite confidental.

Sorry for the word precocious. English is not my mothertongue, I ment to write careful.
By being careful I ment situations like this: he has fallen down from stairs and he doesn't want to walk them down alone.
Once he had a small accident/falling in a specific climbing thing. After two months he still remembers it and won't go to this spefic thing.

6. Craving: he eats anything where is suger. He eats it with two hands and really fast. Candy, cake, icecream...
I don't know if there is any salty food that he likes that much. He never says no to olives or raisins. But he doens't crave them.
He wants the milk. But again: I don't know if it is milk or the bottle he wants.

7. Aversion: There are a lots of food he says "bad". At this moment I can't remember them. I'll write back if something comes to my mind.

8. Intolerance: I haven't seen any other intolerances than egg (he can eat that a littlebit f.ex. in pancaces. But he can't eat omelette and defenately a raw egg).

9. Sleep: mostly on his back. The hands are wide open. Sometimes also on his side and sometimes on tummy.

10. Pregnancy and delivery: no problems. He was born in two minutes and was already crying before he was totally out. Already then I thought "that guy must have really hot temper!".
He was small already in the stomach, below the average.

Hope I answered enough.
ps. one thing about the diapers. I think he could leave them off. Once the grandmother was here, he used the toilet. After that he has simply refused to give up the diapers.
Maria&boys last decade
Must do everything possible to cut out the sugars. The pile up of sugars is not letting him sleep. He will not like this of course, but it will be a short time of anger and tantrum. Be patient, the hand shoveling feeding on sugar indicated something like addiction. You may actually come up with a "new" child. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I reread your above questions. You are asking allopathic questions.

Homeopathy does not group things with a name. There are as many emotional and personality types as there are people.

There are similar remedies we gather and compare and try to pick the one that closest matches the needs of the child. Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra,
I have to correct the missunderstanding. I told you that the boy loves sugar in all forms. That doesn't mean I give him those.

We have once a week a "candy day". On this specific day he can have candy (and then he eats all he gets). On the rest of the days he doesn't get candy. He is allowed to drink lemonade only on weekends.

On weekdays he can have a cookie or a pudding as a dessert. If he doens't eat his food (or at least half of it) he doesn't get a dessert.

That's how I control the sugar. What I ment before is that IF I didn't do it, he would eat only sugar.

Maria&boys last decade
Hello Maria,

You have provided good information.
But in your post ( dated 6 th December) you wrote that his sleep is improved a lot...
Now do you want to give him medicine for something else?
Any other problem?
magicure last decade
Wow! that is great to hear! You are doing very well by him.

On fridays we would collect potatoe chips and dip, etc and this was the big after dinner "feast" on parent's big bed and watch tv and talk for my three boys. Even the dog was a part of the fri. celebrations. (little dog)
Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I guess my English a bit funny: there is a missunderstanding again.

On the 6th Dec I ment there HAS BEEN times he has been sleeping better. That time was LAST YEAR, not recently. I realized that after we moved abroad last August, almost all the nights have been terrible. Only once in a while there is a good night.

I bought Lycopodium today and gave him that for the first time. I'll let you know how it goes.

Magicure, you asked would I like more medicine. I do worry that he grows up so slowly and is so tiny. Can homeopathy help it? Does it need to be helped?
He is at the age of 27 months 86 cm tall and 11,5 kg heavy.(That is below average in here).

We, the parents are 177 cm and 187 cm tall. The big brother was at the same age 7 cm taller than he is. That is the reason I am so worried about it.
Maria&boys last decade
Hi again,
I remembered one more thing I should ask now. So I don't have to descripe my son again after a few months.

I'll be returning to work on March. So my son will go to a local playing school at the age of 2,5 years.

I am quite sure it will cause problems. Because
- until then I have been at home all the time
- he isn't even used to babysitters
- the school is french-speaking, he hardy speaks it at the time school starts.

I have started prepairing him to this: he has just started a french-speaking playgroup two mornings a week without me.
When the March comes: can you give me a name and a dosage of the remedy that could make the start at school a bit easier?
Maria&boys last decade
Hi Maria,

Now that you have already given Lycopodium, we will have to wait and watch for its effects. Any remedy ( if required ) is to be given after the action of Lycopodium is over.

Regarding your question , I would say , dont worry right now for his height. Some kids grow faster / taller during later years of their lives.

Apart from his height and weight , does anything bother you? Is his health good?
Its a good thing that you have started a Frech speaking play group for your son. He wont need any medicine for adjusting in new environment , because for his age its not very difficult. If he still faces some problem, then we can think of some remedy.

Take care..
magicure last decade
The first night with Lycopodium is over. He slept as badly as normally, but there was a new thing happening: he spoke out loud twice while dreaming and sleeping. He has never before been speaking at nights.
First time he was saying "cake, cake", second time "no, no". No crying. Does this mean anything...?

Maybe he is small now, but will grow later... But I am worried about it. Could he be small because of some problem? (He had been tested by keliakia and some hormons, they have been normal). As I wrote before, he is babier than others at the same age: he can't run as fast and he is clumsy. Fortunately he has recently started speaking and I can see there is nothing wrong with understanding.

About the health: basically there is nothing wrong in his health, but we all are sick all the time... Because of a new country and new bacteria. If there is a remedy for giving more resistance, I would be greatful. (one suggested nat.mur. únder some other topic).

I have spent hours for reading this forum during last few days. This is the most interesting topic I have been involved for a long, long time. I think I'm gaining more understandig about homeopathy. Or - the more I read the less I understand....
Maria&boys last decade
Hi Maria,

We will wait for a few more days , and see if Lycopodium gives any positive results.
Keep a close watch on all the symptoms.
We shall evaluate the case again in next week once you post. ( If possible , post daily , or atleast every alternate day )

Take care..
magicure last decade

The second night with Lycopodium is behind.
The boy slept until 4 am!!! After that he woked up in every 90 minutes.

Lately that has happened only about once in a month. (Normally he wakes up at the first time around midnight and keeps waking up every 1-2 hours) . So this is not unusual, but it is rare. But he never sleeps that well two nights in a row.

I have to check you instructions: if the next night (third night) is as good, do I skip a few days? If the next night is not good, do I keep giving them?

Maria&boys last decade
May repeat every few nights ONLY if doing well. If results begin to fail and no good response is seen, one will have to check for another remedy.

In homeopathy it is the least given and stop when better. Sometimes, not often, several doses are given.

As an individual progresses one needs to change remedies as new symptoms present themselves. This is a slow progress, not fast.

The only "fast" thing is if he turns up with a fever and actually becomes ill. Then we drop everything and heal that moment until we can resume the individual.

Being with other children will cause more bacteria exchange. Wash hands often. Teach him to do so. Get powdered vit C or chewables and give so that the vit coats the mouth and throat to try to prevent as you go. Keep out of reach, they are just too, too smart.

One big clue you gave. Crying for "cake" in the night. A deep craving for sugar is a sign of need for proteins. He didn't say "sugar, sugar," so he is unaware of his needs, only that his tummy wants something. This is the wakeful problem, tummy is hungry.

Is he on any meats? Sometimes mothers, while actually feeding child well, do not realize foods are more carbohydrate and thus, sugars.

Cereals, toast, rice, noodles, all these things are pure carbs. I think perhaps some meats are needed. Bananas are pure carbohydrate=sugar. (as bad as "cake") Actually, in reality most foods become types of sugars, and the proteins balance it out.

Baby food lamb is a good beginning. Consult a nutritionist at a health store about best ways to add protein to diet.

Look around and maybe you will find a book on it. I only know the highlights, not all the facts.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hello there,
Third night with Lycopodium is over.
He went to bed at 19.30. The first time he woke up at 23.45., second time 00.15, the third time 01.30. Then he slept until 6 am and after that more or less aware of the morning.

I won't hear from you until next morning (my morning, your evening). So I'll give him one more time Lycopodium. Because he sleeps a little bit different (I don't know if he sleeps better, but differently).Tomorrow I'll wait more advice from you!

I give him two warm meals per day with meat. Those days when he eats well, he also eats the meat.
In the evenings I cook oatporridge. Normally he eats it only about 50 cl. And has milk.

I am aware of healty and well balanced food. If possible, we eat healthy (f.ex. we have very seldom white bread, moastly dark rye bread. We don't eat cereals, we eat mysli and I use dark rice). Problem is that the boy doens't want to eat it.

I don't know about baby food lamb. But I'll check the proteins and visit a health store. Maybe I'll find something else for evenings he would like to eat.

Waiting for your reply!
ps. my other boy is as bad sleeper. He keeps his father awake. Do I tell about him in this chain, or start a new chain?
Maria&boys last decade
One more thing: there is no correlation between well eating and well sleeping.

If he eats well during the day, if he eats meat late in the evening or he doesn't eat at all : this doesn't affect the next night's sleep. I have never seen any causality. I have checked that out.

Maria&boys last decade
Dear Maria, you are doing well with this 2yo. Difficult times for both of you. So glad you are not like many mothers that do not understand eating habits. I really am curious about the "cake cake" though. Maybe just a favorite?

Please keep posting and we will keep reading.
Blessing, Sabra
sabra last decade
I have good news: Last night he slept until 6 am!!!! He fell asleep in the pushchair at 19.30. We had very busy day (crying at the playgroup, x-mas market), amazingly he didn't have any nightmares.

I won't give Lycopodium for the next two nights. I'll be back on monday. I hope and pray this will continue...

Maria&boys last decade
Always glad to hear good news. My remarks on the lamb was before I realized you already were feeding him using your wisdom.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

I am getting depressed: the boy is not sleeping. On saturday I didn't give Lycopodium. He woke up several times. Last night I gave Lycopodium again: he slept very, very badly. Crying several times despite of the pacifier.

The summary:
1. night: Lycopodium, sleeping normally, talking at night.
2. night: lycopodium, sleeping normally.
3. night: lycopodium, sleeping normally.
4. night: lycopodium, sleeping well until 6 am.
5. night: no remedy, sleeping normally.
6. night: lycopodium, sleeping badly.

What will I do next???
ps. by the bottle of the remedy it says "lycopodium clavatum 200 K". What is this "clavatum"?
Maria&boys last decade
I want to tell now about my 4 yrs 4 months old son. He is keeping awake his father all night long. And in general he has bacome worse during this August, after moving abroad, and after he started French speaking school without knowing a single word.

He is a talkative boy, good with legos and puzzle.,
He is shy and timid (f.ex. if a stranger comes, he hids under the bed) but wants to play with other children.
He moves around the bed at nights, sometimes the legs are towards east, sometimes towards north, sleeping in all positions. He sleeps tighly under the blanket, but hardly ever feels cold. He hates too hot weather.
He stays never still, the legs are always moving. (But he is NOT restless).
Hates being on the stage, where everyone pays attention to him.
Asks more why-questions than other children.
He has always been hysterical type (specially when he was younger): starts crying and it will never end.
Gets angry when you tell him he can't do/have something. When angry, can't be touched. Otherwise gets really hysterical.
Gets up early in the morning, is unable to take a nap during the day.

During this autumn he has changed in a following way:
- during the night he comes to our bed several times saying he is afraid.
- he asks a lot of questions about death. Says he never wants to die.
- he is always tired. Especially at nights he falls at sleep immediately. (before he kept talking in the evenings).
- there is dark circles around the eyes (getting better after multivitamins).
- his eyes are not that happy anymore. (before his eyes were shining when he was planning and explaining things).
- his doesn't talk that much (before he was talking and planning something all the time)
-teases me and the little brother. When I tell him, he is not allowed to do something, he will surely do the thing. (not anything dangerous, though). He is a real pain in the neck sometimes.

5-6 weeks ago I gave him gelsenium, because he had a slight diarrea for several weeks. The diarrea stopped at that time, but gelsenium didn't cure the sleeping problems.

My heart cries for him. It must be difficult to be at the school without understanding. He must feel incompentent and lonely. He says there is a boy who keeps hitting him to stomach and I've seen bigger children not letting him play.
Despite this all, he has started liking school more recently. The first two months were difficult, although he stayed at school only 9-12 am. Now he wants some days to stay at school all day.

Can you help him?
Maria&boys last decade

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