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I will have it in the morning. Do you think this could have any negative impact, like increased discharge again?
cg8080 9 years ago
Sorry for so many questions. This is my last week of school so it is stressful. All of this. I will also be shipping out soon so I am worried. Thank you for your help
cg8080 9 years ago
Its likely that there would be an increase but it should be very slight.

Normally there should not have been but I am basing my feeling on the way your body has been reacting to the remedies.
fitness 9 years ago
I took the Arnica 30C at 1:30 today. About an hour ago, so 9 hours later, the discharge has increased and smells really bad. How long do you think this will last and is there anything I can do about it?
cg8080 9 years ago
i had to leave a holiday party because so many people noticed how bad I smell. Can this be reversed? I have finals this week I am really worried.
cg8080 9 years ago
The Arnica aggravation should not last long, if it does, I'd recommend to have a surgeon look at it since your body's response is indicating a persistent mechanical cause i.e. hair lodged or something of the sort.

If any of the other homeopaths would like to give their opinion I'll appreciate that.
fitness 9 years ago
Here is a brief summary of your case for other homeopaths to look at. If something is wrong, please correct:

5 month old draining pilonidal sinus not responding to remedies.

My prescription:
Hep-S 200c prescribed 4 weeks ago to abort suppuration which caused aggravation with no subsequent amelioration.

Cal-C 200c prescribed 2 weeks ago as constitutional which caused some aggravation but no amelioration.

Arnica 30c prescribed 1 day ago to eliminate the suspected causative factor i.e. injury to cyst location. Aggravation resulted.

My analysis: Persistent mechanical cause i.e. hair lodged in that area which is preventing cure. Surgical removal of hair required first to cause healing.
fitness 9 years ago
Thanks for answering. The aggravation is still the same as last night. I read your assessment. When I took the Calc-C, I did notice a little improvement. Actually, yesterday it seemed a little better again and I didn't have any blood, only a little pus. Should I not have taken the Arnica? Any way I can get this aggravation to die down today?
cg8080 9 years ago
I think it should be ok overnight.

I was under the impression that there had been no improvement todate.

We can continue with Cal-C as the next step.

Please keep me posted.
fitness 9 years ago
Do you think the Arnica cancelled out the cal-c? I was wavering back and forth, if that makes sense. The day before it had increased slightly, but then yesterday I still had pus but no blood. Will the cal-c continue to work? If it was working?
[message edited by cg8080 on Sun, 08 Dec 2013 19:52:56 GMT]
cg8080 9 years ago
No Arnica has not cancelled it.

If you can keep giving detailed and accurate status, we may be able to get it cured.

Please give a recap of your symptoms from 1st Cal-C dose till Arnica upto now i.e. how things changed from before to after dose right up today.
fitness 9 years ago
When I first took the Calc-C, I experienced no further aggravation and the redness diminished a little, though I was still wet and smelly. I then took a second dose. 24 hours later, when I woke up that morning, I had an initial burst of red blood. I still smelled the same but noticed as the day went on that I wasn't feeling as wet as I was previously. After letting two days pass, I felt as though the overall wetness seemed to decrease by 50%. But from there, the drying up process seemed to stall. I then took the third dose of the Calc-C. When I woke up the next morning, I saw another decrease in blood and my discharge was mostly puss. It still smelled. The following day, I showed a slight increase again, as the bloodiness to my discharge had returned. Two days later, I noticed another decrease in my discharge of about 10-20%. The smell was still there. The following day, recovery was at a standstill again. The next day, though, I had another decrease in discharge; this time it was about 30% less. It still smelled. The following day, progress stalled again, and I thought there could have been a slight increase. The next day, which was this past Saturday, I woke up and noticed another decrease in discharge, with very little puss and blood draining from me. On this day, I took the dose of Arnica 30c. About nine hours later, I noticed an increase in my discharge of puss and blood and the smell was significantly worse.

So, I would say that the thing I neglected to tell you was the day that I took the Arnica, I felt as though I had another decrease in discharge, though the day prior I had felt a slight increase. This is what I meant when I was saying that the healing process seems to be wavering back and forth.
cg8080 9 years ago
I didn't have this info earlier. Anyways.

Now, we will wait 24-48 hrs i.e. enough time to let Arnica run its course.

After that we will use Cal-C exclusively and it looks we will get a cure through it.

Please keep me posted about the exact situation and I will advise you accordingly when to take Cal-C.
fitness 9 years ago
Ok, thank you. Do you think the Arnica will do anything to help this?
cg8080 9 years ago
Yes, if the cause of this issue is an injury to that area.
fitness 9 years ago
Wanted to give you an update. The discharge has once again decreased to what it was before the Arnica. However, the smell seems to be a bit amplified for the amount of discharge coming out. What do you think is happening? Please know how thankful I am for you always answering me. I am very grateful for your help.
cg8080 9 years ago
You are welcome.

This is good news, it means Arnica has done what it was supposed to do. Now we will just observe for 2-3 days and then decide future course of action.

We may need to repeat Arnica or Cal-C, your body's response in 2-3 days will tell that.
fitness 9 years ago
There is no change today. The smell is still elevated. I will keep you posted. Thank you.
cg8080 9 years ago
I have had an increase again. Blood and pus is like 50 % more. What do you think this means? I found out that I am possibly shipping out at the end of next week. I will be on ship for two months
cg8080 9 years ago
Please have a dose of Cal-C, just one dose.

In case you are shipping out, you can keep the remedies Hep-S 6, 30 & 200, Cal-C and Arnica with you.

You can follow up thru email too, click my name on the post for details.
fitness 9 years ago
fitness's prescription is based on beleif as he said earlir, while homoeopathry is based on principles not belief, so his prescribed medicine will not work, he cant produce his success record.so patients should avoid wasting their precious time.
Dr Zaair Husain 9 years ago
Zaair, please prescribe for this case and let's see if you are a Dr. or someone who just wants to call him one.
[message edited by fitness on Wed, 11 Dec 2013 21:26:05 GMT]
fitness 9 years ago
The Cal-c lessened the discharge when I took it last. Do you think it will do the same this time? Do you think the Arnica did something? Was the increase a sign it did what you wanted it to? Thank you. I appreciate your help and trust your advice.
cg8080 9 years ago
I am hoping that Cal-C will not aggravate but I am not sure.

By using Arnica we have tried to eliminate one of the suspected causative factor i.e. injury to that area a few months back.

Please keep me posted daily.
fitness 9 years ago
I will. I am hoping it will calm down before I leave because I will not have internet access when I am on ship. I am sure you can help me fix this, but I am not feeling positive that it can actually dry up before I leave. I will keep you posted. Thank you
cg8080 9 years ago
In all likelihood it will not dry up before you go but if we are able to see a trend, I can give you dosage guidelines and you can get it cured hopefully.
fitness 9 years ago

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