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U got up at 0530 AM
After sleeping at night
Did you go to sleep again yes or no
Your sleep is too deep in the morning hours is it so
Then how did you wake up at 530AM
Do you wake up fresh or no ?
Are there any interruptions in your sleep ? Whether due to ur son waking up or any thing else
Any dreams, if yes describe specially if you tend to manipulate your dreams
Post soon
Kaps last year
Antimonium Crudum 200 for skin tags for your husband
02 pills twice a day for three days thereafter only once a day
Kaps last year
I went to sleep around 11 pm or after. I slept until 530 am. It didn’t feel like a real deep restful sleep. My boys have been waking up between 7 and 8 am typically. And we’re living in a small camper trailer for several months so I can’t get up and do things without waking them up. So I tried going back to sleep. I did finally go back to sleep this morning and when my older son woke up at 8 am I was sleeping very deep and dreaming I think. When I get woken up from a deep/dreaming sleep I feel awful. And it’s very hard for me to get moving around and waking up. I don’t remember what I was dreaming. I rarely remember any of my dreams. I just want to get to sleep easier at night and I wish my deep sleep was not so close to waking in the morning.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Have Aurum tonight about an hour before sleeping
Post about the symptoms now posted
Kaps last year
I took Aurum before bed the 2 nights in a row that we talked about and that’s it. I am terribly apprehensive about bedtime now. Just thinking about it makes me get anxious. And when bedtime gets closer I worry if I think about it much. I am so scared that I won’t be able to fall asleep. I’m worried that I’ll wake up and not be able to go back to sleep. And I’m worried that I won’t be able to get enough sleep to function.
Things are a little bit stressful right now in our tight living quarters and my husband and I are at odds a lot now too it seems. But that’s pretty common.I don’t know what brought this on but it is awful. I think it’s worse than when I had it before. I also do not feel like I’m getting deep enough sleep. I’ve been drinking the warm milk and turning lights off and following my bedtime routine and trying to relax but it hasn’t helped enough. Please tell me there is something I can do to help this?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
It’s time for you to sleep
Have Aconite 4 pills and post if you do not fall asleep
Kaps last year
I feel Aurum has aggravated if you too agree with this Post it
Kaps last year
I took it and feel even further from sleep now. My skin is kind of prickly/itchy. I feel a little irritated, anxious. Sigh. I have not fallen asleep obviously
homeoEvangelist12 last year
I’m not sure if the Aurum aggravated it or what. But the aconite did not help.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Wait for some time
Are you still anxious about sleep
Do you feel Aurum has aggravated your symptoms
Since you are awake
Can you summarise all your symptoms once again
Kaps last year
I don’t know for sure if it aggravated it. It hasn’t been worse I don’t think since taking it. It’s just no better. I’m not as anxious just upset and weary and still a bit worried about getting to sleep and getting enough sleep. Why am I having so much difficulty with this again all of a sudden? Is it from something I took to try and help the daytime fatigue? Because I’d rather be tired during the day and at least sleep well at night then having trouble with sleep altogether.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Do you feel it is like the withdrawal symptoms of the psychiatric drugs ?
Cool down you seem to be agitated the things seem to be beyond your control try to do something constructive maybe read about the course u r undertaking
Put your mind away from the sleep
And get back after 30 minutes if you are still awake
Kaps last year
Not like withdrawal symptoms. I slept much better than this when I was dealing with worst of the withdrawals.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Since you did not reply
Shud I take it that you slept off and slept well?
Kaps last year
I did not sleep well. I did go to sleep at some point. It didn’t feel restful or deep. I woke up several times. I’ve been waking every night between 3 and 345. Plus some other random times. But always between then.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
What makes you wake up
Jerking of the limbs
Disturbances like noise movements
Or you just wake up
How long does it take to go back to sleep

Any remedies taken today ?
Kaps last year
No it’s not dreams that wake me. I wish I could sleep deep. I’m not sure. Sometimes I think it’s sounds. Snoring from my husband or our dog who has to be in our room in this camper. I’m not sure if needing to use the bathroom wakes me up or if I’m just in the habit of doing that when I wake up. Sometimes I just wake up. I’m not sleeping deep and get restless. A lot of the time I feel too hot during the night when I wake up.
I took the Calc phos today. Nothing else.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Try Ignitia 200 just one pill
Let us see
Kaps last year
I took the ignatia 1 pill. I feel like I got to sleep easier. Still woke up a lot. But it felt like a good choice. I’ve also been getting a little depressed. Not really wanting to get out of bed in the morning. Not feeling like doing my everyday tasks. Feeling a bit anxious too. I think Ignatia is good for that too. What do you think about me taking it for a little bit? If so what dose, frequency do you suggest?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Take one pill every three hours today
I feel it appears to be a change of place etc too
Hope it gets you better
Kaps last year
My father in law
Asked me today if the homeo gave up on him. Haha. He said he has taken an entire 2 vials of crocus and has another one on the way. He wants to know if you think he should continue 3 pills twice a day….I told him, he was supposed to stop for a full week. And then take it for only 3 days and stop. I said if he continues to take it and the “parasite” had died that he could have the exact symptoms of a parasite without even having one. He said he understood but that it’s not dead but still going strong. So I don’t know what to tell him. What do you think he should do now?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
My father in law also said: his legs and feet still has worms as numb feeling and movement. Still alot of worm evidence exiting.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
I have not given up on him
Since you’re going thru a lot I thought not to bother you
He shud get Lac Sac it is homeopathic Placebo
Shud have Croc 200 04 pills once a week and Lqc Sac 02 pills twice a day

How are the kids ?
Did get Any Crud for skin tags ?
Kaps last year
Is there another name for Lac Sac? I am not finding anything with that name. Not even on ABC homeopathy.

And you said “Did get Any Crud for skin tags ?” Can you explain what that means please?

My boys
They are doing pretty well. Littlest one still is having problem with runny nose a lot of the time. I’ve given him arsenicum a few times over the past week but not helping real well.

The Ignatia seems to have really helped me today. We’ll see how I sleep tonight. Should I take more of the Ignatia at all tomorrow?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
It is Antimonium Crudum 200 for skin tags for ur husband
Sorry for the spellings

Runny nose
Type colour smell thick thin time triggers for the discharge of younger son
Does his eyes also water along with the runny nose

don’t have anything tomorrow If your sleep and tiredness are about 40% better

Sorry my mistake
The placebo
Saccharum Lactis
Homeopathy bug failed to bite your mom
How is she?
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-08-25 03:09:45]
Kaps last year
I’m really not sure what triggers his nose running.
Occasionally his eye will bother him but usually they do not. It’s just his nose running several times a day
It is clear and thin mucus.

I’m not sure how much better it is. But I’ll not take anything today and see.
homeoEvangelist12 last year

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