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Date and time u gave Gels to your son as it’s about 8 O clock in the evening there and u posted about 7 hours ago about giving him Gels
Kaps last year
Ohh I see, that is great to know about the liquid preparations thank you!
I gave my son the gels today (6/24/21)at about 1:15 pm before his nap. I only gave him the one dose. I did not give it again at bedtime. I’ll monitor his condition tonight and give you an update on his sleep in the morning.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Monitor his sleep and symptoms as I have posted them
He shud be sleeping for 8-10 hrs 90 minutes is one sleep cycle and at his age 5-6 cycles or maybe 7 are more than adequate mind his other symptoms too tomorrow
Once his fear of the flushing noise goes away he will start using public toilets too
Kaps last year
He is not scared of the flushing of the toilet at our house. He used to be but I worked on it with him. He still has a bit of an aversion to it and he will not sit on a regular commode to use the restroom but he would flush the toilet himself if I asked him to. It is the high powered electric automatic flushing toilets in public that terrify him. And those awful hand dryers. And the sound of air sucking or squirting out of something, like the tools that dentists use. I took him to the dentist for his first check up a few months ago and the sound of the air squirting and water sucking tools sent him into shock panic mode. He had a meltdown and started crying and asking/demanding we leave.
I know this is a weird change of topic but another odd behavior that he has, which I just thought of, really concerns me. He has an aversion to touching his penis. Every night at bath time we go through the same discussion. I tell him that he needs to clean his penis and he refuses to. Then he says, “do not clean my penis Mommy. Don’t touch my penis.” And I tell him, “honey it has to be cleaned. You should clean it yourself but if you won’t, then I will have to do it.” Then he makes a big fuss and wiggles around and tries to get away from me. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. I’ve tried to ask him why he doesn’t want to touch it or let me clean it and he says he doesn’t like the feeling. The best word he can come up with is that “it tickles.” Then he does the same thing when it’s time to dry off. I have never heard of this. Our 3 year old son can’t keep his hands off of his privates. They are both uncircumcised. Do you think something happened to him that could have caused this? He has never been alone with anyone but us except for my husbands parents and my parents. So I am totally clueless as to what this might be about.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Nothing to worry if our system are functioning fine every thing is designed for self cleansing do not worry on that too much
Rather younger one needs to be looked into this symptom
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-06-25 04:06:24]
Kaps last year
MALANDRINUM 30 single dose 02 pills for the younger one if he does not stop on coaxing and training
Kaps last year
My son slept all night from around 9 last night to 7:45 this morning. I asked and he said he slept good. He is still doing some stimming and drooling on his face. I do not see MALANDRINUM in pellet form. The liquid preparation would take over a month to be here and we’ll be in another state on vacation during that time. Is there a way I can buy the crude material and prepare it myself? I wish homeopathic medicine was more available in the US.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Good for his sleep no need to give Gels more
I am not sure how Will you get the raw material too
It is grease of the horse
Why is it so difficult to get are there some restrictions to import if there are no restrictions then why don’t you explore to be a stockist or something like that homeopathy is becoming popular in USA again.
Just observe the change in the frequency and quantity of stimming and drooling or I ll look for something else
How is your strange feeling in the head
Try to coax your younger one to stop touching he will learn
Kaps last year
Elder son milk intolerance
Magnesia Carb 30 one dose only
Kaps last year
I can’t find magnesia carb 30. Only magnesia carbonica 200. What about Aethusa Cynapium?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Mag Carb 200 will do
Aeth. If you feel that the stomach symptoms are matching it’s fine
Kaps last year
Im still trying to get my husband to write out his symptoms for me. He joking with me about not having any symptoms. I told him his symptom is denial then. Hahaha. I know that he has a long history of anger. Even as a child. He has trouble sleeping too. He falls asleep easy at bedtime, but he is an extremely light sleeper and wakes easily and then it is hard for him to get back to sleep. And he also has the skin tags.

I spoke with my 86year old grandma today, who might be interested in homeopathy. She said she is NOT looking to get off of all of her medicine. (She is a typical old school western medicine stubborn woman.) As of right now she’s saying she might only consider getting off of the Lyrica and the Klonopin. But here is a compilation of her symptoms and current meds:
She said about a year ago her calves started hurting so bad that she couldnt sleep her feet started swelling on top and her neurologist started her on lyrica. She said her vision has grown worse recently and she has a “dull grey film” in front of her eyes. She’s worried it might be a side effect of lyrica. She’s been diagnosed with neuropathy in feet and legs and she explained the pain in her legs as a terrible constant ache when lying down.
Wants to get off of klonopin which she started 10-20 years ago for insomnia, according to her. She said she goes to sleep okay in the evening but can’t get back to sleep when she wakes up to use the restroom during the night.
She had a total hysterectomy in her 30’s
She suffers from supra-ventricular tachycardia and takes Flecainide, Bisoprolol, aspirin 81 mg, and plavix 75mg every day.
She had a stroke 21 years ago. It has affected her balance.
She also takes Thyroxine for a slightly low thyroid. What are your thoughts about her? Would she have success if she only stopped some but not all conventional meds? How would you advise she stop Lyrica and Klonopin and what to take instead?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
U are influenced with homeopathy as I was in 1990
Since then I m prescribing a super specialist radiologist also consulted me once
First how is that strange feeling in your head ?
How much or change in the stimming and drooling of your elder son ?
Could you check up the availability of remedies
Nux Vomica 200 3 pills thrice a day for two days
Hypericum 200 02 pills twice a day for three days, start after Nux Vomica
Acid Phos 30 03 pills thrice a day for three days, start with Hyp
Five Phos 12x 04 tabs thrice a day for a month start with Nux
Feedback after five days till then she should continue all meds and after three days she must post symptoms mind and head to toe
The pain in the calves is only once she lies down or thru out the day
These remedies with being her nervous system to some level then we will start with her after observing her total symptoms as of now the rich cocktail of chemicals has put her system in a merry go round
I think your mom too has started a thread

Husband sleep and anger
Let me not ask him for his symptoms
And try to give him a taste of homeopathy

Aurum Metallicum 200 one dose at bed time for three days feedback on fourth morning
Kaps last year
Oh my goodness. You are very wise. I helped my mom set up an account. I told told her that I bet you will realize our relation quickly. I know it probably seems strange that I would post everyone else’s problems but make her manage her own. My mother, like her mother, is a very very stubborn and independent person. I would have made my grandma do it too if she could use a computer. My mom is more interested in this than anyone I’ve talked to about it, so I wanted her to take the initiative and own this. That way she can’t put it back on me. Besides she’s overwhelming me a bit with everyone she wants me to talk to about this. And I get it. I’m a walking miracle as far as results from conventional medicine go. But I have not been given a very good reception by most. Sorry I know I’m not here for counseling, but I was so shocked that while sharing my convictions about western medicine with my mom yesterday (because she asked me to), I offended my sister in law. She started yelling at me for calling her a bad mom and saying the the pharmaceuticals she gives her son are going to make him more sick or give him ca or kill him. She is hypersensitive and irrational. And I wish she’d be willing to try this for my poor nephew. He’s only 3 and has a feeding tube, eosinophilic esophagitis, he was born several months premature. But I wasn’t even talking to her or directing this stuff at her. I can only pray for her eyes to be open.
My head feeling is much less intense and occurs less frequently and for shorter duration now. My main concern now is asthma and allergies. I also have an awful itch in the back of my throat that causes me to “cluck” and hack to try and scratch it. I can’t remember if you’ve found anything for my asthma or not?

I shared the bad experience with my mom that I had with Aurum and so she is a bit hesitant to take it. But I told her I was on an extremely high dose for weeks. And that this form of medicine is not like western. Most remedies work differently for every person.
I’m kind of surprised about the Aurum for my husband though. Just so you know, he is not depressed and he does not have any sexual problems that I’m aware of. We have a very good and faithful sex life. He had a struggle with pornography for a time but I believe God has worked on that for him a lot. Besides I’ve come alive so I’m as much as he can handle now. Hahaha just kidding. So you still want him to just try the Aurum at bedtime for three days? You said one dose is 2 pellets right? Okay we can do that.

As far as my Granny goes, I will certainly encourage her to try this. But I would not be surprised if she throws it all out the proverbial window. Even though I sat and talked to her about it for hours. She has very much baggage. It is her husband that committed suicide 33 or so years ago. And she found him. She lives with my parents (granted she has a little mother in law suite but my mom is so awful to her mother-they do not get along. Her other twin daughter is severely mentally ill. And she’s never had counseling or anything. She is a very strong and mostly stoic woman. I love her and admire her deeply but I know she is broken inside.

Thank you thank you for all you do. And yes I LOVE homeopathy.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
You have placed so mush of trust in my prescriptions then why doubt one his case

Since you are going to be dealing in mental issues Aurum is just like your Second skin so study deep about Aurum
There is nothing about human being, body, mind, conscious, subconscious, halo and the aura of the body which remains unaffected by this metal

depression is a coined term which covers things like he goes to sleep late and wakes up early I don’t think there is anything called depression there are only symptoms and there are only matching remedies proven by great homeopathy on healthy people and the only thing that is of relevance is LIKE CURES LIKE the principle of SIMLIMUM If it anything else it not homeopathy it is something else
For a student of homeopathy nothing else is relevant Trust me on this since soon you will be starting a career in homeopathy just tie it around your neck like a Talisman.
I request you to post symptoms anyone’s on a separate post rest everything separate as I am tuned to reading and catching symptoms from the post though I read every word but concentration declines if what u r looking for is not there or its spread out u May mail me other things
You too shud try to pick up symptoms from now on to be a better practitioner

Any changes in your elder son sleep stimming and drooling please be careful on this as he must be cured early since u yourself are thinking that he maybe autistic
just wait for your asthma and allergies
Take a single dose of Apis Mel for that cluck
Kaps last year
You may want to try
Baryta Mur 30 and 200 both to be bought to bring down the number of WBCs which shud automatically improve his condition Let me know whether you get pills/ pellets or liquid get whatever u can get earlier
Once you have procured post it also post whether your sister is willing to give it orally or not rather ask her now it’s purely scientific Bar Mur brings down WBCs
In case she is unwilling for oral use then you order only 1M else 30 and 200

You shud be understanding with her she is under going a lot but persuade her
Kaps last year
Tell me once you finish with all the prescriptions for yourself to manage Allergies and Asthma
Kaps last year
I’m confused about part of your reply: “I request you to post symptoms anyone’s on a separate post rest everything separate as I am tuned to reading and catching symptoms from the post though I read every word but concentration declines if what u r looking for is not there or its spread out u May mail me other things” can you clarify what you mean by that?

I am concerned about healing my son more than anyone too. He is still stimming and drooling on himself. I’d rather get that taken care of before the milk allergy. He did sleep very well again last night. He went to bed around 10 (which is late but we had a family get together and were out late) but he slept this morning until 845 or 9 I believe. He does seem happier than usual and more affectionate. He joined me unexpectedly, in singing praises this morning and he started dancing. I was so joyful that I cried.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
My mother is having trouble with logging into this site on her computer. Do you want to just give me the information and I’ll pass it along, until she can figure it out. She sent me a text message with your response And said you want her to get these remedies:
Nux Vomica 200
Thuja Mother tincture or Thuja 1M whichever u get earlier
Aurum Metallicum 200
Aconite N 200
I have Nux Vomica 200 pellets and Thuja 1M pellets that she can use if the course is short. What is your order for her on these remedies?
She also has a bottle of Aurum that I purchased for her a month or so ago, when I was responding so well to it.
We could get her the Aconite 200 pills in the next few days I’m sure.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
My youngest son (3 year old) is having a horrible time with his allergies. He has a very runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing. He often wakes during the night with his nasal passages completely stopped up. I’ve tried allium cepa during the day for runny nose, because his upper lip gets very red and irritated too and it helps some but keeps recurring. I’ve also given him sambucus niger during the night for extreme congestion which seems to work for a time. Any other ideas for helping him? A little about him: he has been a super fractious child. Complete opposite of my first born. He hardly slept the first year of his life and with me having severe postpartum depression that meant my husband was stuck getting up with him. I started him on Chamomilla and he has responded great to it. Not sure how long I should continue it or if I should jjust use it when he starts getting really difficult
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Ok do not bother about my suggestion write it your way be yourself
Nux Vomica 02 pellets every 04 hours thrice daily for two days
Day three onwards
Thuja 1M one pellet empty stomach for three days
Aurum Metallicum 03 pills at bed time
Post symptoms after five days
BEFORE you start the protocol go thru my post on your mother post replies fast as it’s a p PM here
Take one dose of Apis Mel in the morning half an before breakfast

Points for learning (PFL)
Coffee antidotes most of the remedies specially Thuja
Camphor antidotes most of the plant remedies
With high potency 1M and above following precautions must be taken
For the duration the remedy is being taken plus one day
Nothing smelling strong, perfumes lotions creams soaps
Nothing tasting pungent, eg., raw onion and raw garlic and pickles with raw oils specially mustard oil
Empty stomach means wake up rinse mouth thoroughly and take the remedy no brushing teeth or anything orally for next 20 minutes
Apis Mel shud preferably next given in the morning hours
Keep thes in mind always
Kaps last year
Sorry I took so long in responding about my mom:
Mom is not going to be able to lose weight or manage cholesterol on her own with diet and exercise. Unless God does a miracle in her. My family has some genetic factor that causes high cholesterol in us. I even have high cholesterol and I eat fairly healthy and I am not over weight.
•Mom has sleep apnea, which is why she uses the c-pap machine. She stops breathing while asleep and then wakes up gasping for air.
•She is a very very light sleeper. So she falls asleep fairly easily but wakes up a lot and has trouble going back to sleep. She said she’s been taking Benadryl to try and help her sleep. She used to take Klonopin but hasn’t in a long time.
•She has always gotten a lot of headaches.
•Every time her urine is checked she has blood in it and doctors have never been able to figure out why. She also gets edema in her feet especially when she’s been up on her feet a lot.
•I told her she needs to explain what she means by depression. To try and put in words what she is feeling or thinking or doing when she’s “depressed” because that term is so general it means something different to everyone. I will submit her explanation when she gives it to me.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Sorry I did not read it ost on ur younger one
Stop all
Try Arsenic Album 30 01 pellet give him now if possible or tomorrow empty stomach post symptoms after 10 hours of giving Ars
Kaps last year
Sorry got stuck somewhere
Does she see blood in urine or it is just when a urine test is done
Cholesterol levels are statical every individual is different but exercise and right diet helps
It not counselling but when a person is happy from within the first frost effect is on such levels BP Sugar cholesterol
Our body has not evolved from the time since we were hunters and gatherers and that is why all these abnormalities in our body
Auto Physiotherapy
Stop using shower sit on your haunches and use a bucket and mug for a bath your back and knee will last longer and will be healthier just. Y this much .
Anyway start the protocol for her
Did you take Apis Mel what is the outcome?
Kaps last year
If Arsenic does not help
Describe the runny nose
The colour any odour is it watery or thick
Does this occur thru the day or particular time then at what time
Does it cause any itch or burning sensation on the upper lip
What are triggers for his sneezing and the allergy
How cold air or room does it aggravate or symptoms improve
Does he feel too hot or too cold
Does he wake s up gasping for air or just the discomfort of the blocked nose

Goggle ghee and explain what do you understand by it and check if it is available one of those shops stocking Indian grocery will have it
Kaps last year
I took one dose of the apis mellifica earlier and it helped a little for a short time. My itchy throat and clucking started again. It seems to be worse after I eat. Do you want me to take the apis mel every morning or just the one dose?
homeoEvangelist12 last year

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