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Strange feeling in head

I have an awful nagging symptom that presents in my head and this feeling is very difficult to explain. It is strange, is not constant but comes and goes. It doesn’t feel exactly the same each time. Sometimes more of a dizzy sensation or even a brain “zap” if you will. It is typically worse in morning after waking (especially if I’m woken from a really deep sleep) or it has regularly occurred during the later morning to the late afternoon.
Mentally I feel caught up in a cloudy state in my head. Or a fullness maybe. I just can’t shake the feeling. I almost feel out of body and sometimes vertigo or extreme dizziness when it’s real bad. Sometimes I get a headache but I’m not sure it is related.
I get overwhelmed, have trouble thinking of the words I’m looking for to say a complete thought.
I feel very spacey. It makes it hard to make plans and drive or do much outside of the house. This symptom is not anxiety but sometimes it causes me to get anxious. I’ve recently come off of ALL conventional pharmaceuticals (after being introduced to homeopathy a couple months ago)that I was taking in less than 2 months. 4 of those were controlled substances. (Stimulants, benzo and sleeping meds)
Here’s a list of some of the remedies I’ve tried:
Avena sativa mother tincture helped for a while with withdrawal from prescription conventional medicine but I began having symptoms it was treating.
Nux vomica
I was also taking Natrum muriaticum 200 every day for several weeks (which my professional classical homeopath had me on) and it really helped but then I started have negative effects start again.
I’ve taken camphora 200 several times to clean my slate from any unwarranted drug or ill chosen homeopathic remedy effects
Please help me find out what a good remedy would be for me to try for this.
  homeoEvangelist12 on 2021-06-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Age M/F
Any other health issues
For how long did you take the allopathic medicines?
Any other medication which you are taking?
How did you arrive at the remedies that you took
Kaps last year
I am 35 year old female. Most of my health issues have been psychiatric in nature (anxiety, depression, insomnia, OCD, attention issues.) those have all pretty much resolved. I was diagnosed as a toddler with asthma. The symptoms have improved but I do take a rescue inhaler as needed. I probably used it 3 or 4 times in the past week. Like I said, the Natrum muriaticum was prescribed to me by a classical homeopath. I started feeling fantastic for a while until I felt my progress moving backwards so I stopped it. She prescribed the avena sativa too. The others I have tried because I’ve been studying remedies and just decided to try on my own. The very first remedy I ever tried was Aurum Metallicum. A friend told me about it and I didn’t know a thing about homeopathy then. This was several months ago. She had me on way too high a dose. The first couple of days were great but then I started having these like shock feelings and I got extremely sensitive to noise and light and so I stopped it.
I’ve really just been experimenting with different things. I’ve tried 4 of the cell salts off and on too.
I have eczema and a sugar addiction.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
I was on asthma medication since 18 months of age. I went through regular intervals of needing steroids once or twice a year most of my life. I started antidepressants for panic attacks and anxiety when I was 12. I took birth control for menstruation issues much of my younger life since teenage years anyways. I’ve since discontinued birth control too. I started benzos in my late teens, adderalls in my early 20’s and conventional insomnia meds after my second son was born 3 1/2 years ago. But I was able to wean off all of that stuff when I started Natrum Mur a month and a half ago or so.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Most probably the strange feeling in the head is due to Camphor or overdose of Aurum
What potency and dose of Aurum did you take and when ( as accurately as possible)
How are your other psychiatric symptoms now ?
Since when Have you stopped the Benzos and Adderalls ?
As per ur post it was about 45 days back when you started Nat Mur
Nat Mir what potency and dosage and for how long?
These are very addictive drugs having a lot of side effects and withdrawal symptoms can you relate your present symptoms with withdrawal symptoms if yes please post before I decide the prescription
Strange feeling in the head needs to be described emptiness congestion a tight band around the heat feeling of something hammering from inside try to describe it
Aurum is a very deep and long acting remedy
Do not self medicate tell your friend too it is dangerous though homeopathic remedies rarely cause trouble but it is possible
Dr JT Kent says homeopathic remedies can kill specially the higher potencies. this is not to scare you I mean well for you hence quoting
Past can’t be fixed but what you do today will shape your tomorrow.
Please post replies
You will need Nux Vomica 200 to start rest on your reply
Kaps last year
I started Aurum 200C on April 29. I took it once a day for a short time then twice a day even though it was against my better judgment. I’m taking courses on homeopathy and materia medica and God has given me a good gut instinct with this medicine but I did not listen to it soon enough when I first started. I saw a registered classical homeopath on May 13 and she told me to keep taking Aurum and started me on Natrum Mur. 200C. I took Natrum mur once a day and Aurum twice a day until may 18. Then I took Aurum twice a day alternating with natrum twice a day the following day. May 23 was my last day to take Aurum. Looking back at my journals I was feeling absolutely terrible on the Aurum. I was about ready to give up on homeopathy. But keep in mind that I was withdrawing from strong and highly addictive conventional drugs at the same time, so we thought my symptoms were from that. I kept taking Nat Mur until beginning of June. I stopped that because I feel like it was causing me to have symptoms of pregnancy. Like I literally thought I was pregnant. But the test kept coming back negative. I also had horrible cramping and throbbing pain in my feet and legs on Nat Mur and today I’ve been feeling that same pain again. It’s awful. The weird pregnancy symptoms stopped when I stopped taking it though. I have a follow up appointment with my homeopath next week but I don’t know if I should keep the appointment? I’m disappointed that she didn’t recognize that the dose of Aurum was too high and was a factor in causing me the extremely distressing symptoms along with the other awful withdrawal factors. I guess she must have thought it was a good choice for me based on my history and terrible obsessive compulsive disorder that I’ve had for much of my life.
As far as current psychiatric symptoms…there’s the head feeling I’m dealing with (if it’s even a psychiatric symptom. I guess it could be a withdrawal or a negative effect from the Aurum too) and I have a little OCD (but it’s much much more manageable now) and some anxiety. I am not anxious much now though. Although today was terrible with our travel back home because I had to drive my boys so far by myself which I’ve never done.
5/5/21 was the last day I’ve taken Klonopin (Benzo). June 2 ,2021 was the last day I took any Zoloft. I don’t remember the last day I took both adderall and adderall xr. I think it was sometime in May. Last day for Ambien was end of May sometime.
Withdrawal symptoms were the dizziness, electric shock feelings in my head/brain. I don’t know how to distinguish between the withdrawal symptoms and the bad effects from the Aurum. They were all terrible. I know the Aurum caused a weird vibrating in my head and I had extreme sensitivity from noise which makes sense as that’s the chief symptom in which that remedy addresses.
I don’t know how to explain this current feeling. All of these withdrawals and side effects and symptoms run together. I had to drive 5 hours today because we were heading back home from another state as my husband was done on the job site where he’s been working. Anyways I have never driven that far and I had some weird head sensations and anxiety. I felt maybe like my brain was getting disconnected from my body in a way. The road was like spinning and I was dizzy. I thought I was going to have to pull over several times.
Another thing I’ve noticed lately is that Places on my body where I got mosquito bites over a month ago are coming back up to the surface and itching and swelling up. I have never had this occur in my life. Not sure what it’s about but thought I’d mention it.
Did I give you the information you need? Or do you have more questions about anything/my head feeling or whatever. I ordered the nux vomica 200 like you said I’d need to start. What else do you think? And do you think I should cancel appt with homeopath or see her this week?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
You did not mention about Camphor
Just do NOT go back to Benzos and other allopathic medicines
Teens to 35 years means 20 years of medication and suppressed symptoms as most of these psychiatric drugs suppress the symptoms and that is why there is always need of bigger and bigger doses and the side effects of the same keep building up in the system
Give it some time a couple of weeks maybe 3-4 weeks more

You are more than half way to cure so be a bit more patient

Nux Vomica 200 05 drops in water/05 pills thrice a day for one day
Next day onwards Thuja O and AvenaSativa MTas mentioned below

Thuja 1 M pills 02 pills once a day for three days empty stomach ( wake up rinse mouth have thuja no brushing or anything orally for next 20 minutes) no coffee alcohol perfumes raw onion and raw garlic for three days replace coffee with tea if you can’t overcome urge for coffee

Avena Sativa mother Tincture 10 drops in half a glass of warm water half an hour after dinner for 10 days

The day u finish Thuja next day onwards

Five Phos 200x/12x/6x which ever 200 12 or 6 is available in the same priority preferably 200 if not then 12 else 6x
Four tabs thrice day half an hour before meals
Aconite N 200 liquid as SOS I’ll explain how to use it once you start on the above
Choice to keep appointment with the homeopath is entirely yours

How long does it take for you to get remedies after placing the order
Could you complete ur drive without incidents ?
You are right in your assessment these are mixed symptoms of withdrawal and the action of Aurum for removing/ neutralising the suppressed ailments and side effects of meds taken for long

Also you have used birth control pills for long any Gynae issues now ?

Feedback as and when you feel a significant change in symptoms or new symptom but definitely after finishing Thuja
Kaps last year
I only listed the major remedies that I took for an extended period. I actually think the camphor helped neutralize some of these negative effects from Aurum and maybe even the conventional meds. I only took it a total of 2 times in the 200 potency.
Do I need to take anything to clean my slate again or will the Nux 200 take care of that?
I ordered Nux Vomica 200 yesterday and it should be arriving today. Should I start it today if it comes or wait until tomorrow?
I do have a recent love of coffee. So I have been drinking it the past month. I won’t have a problem skipping it for 3 days though. My husband will still be brewing it for himself as he is a much more avid coffee drinker. Will it negatively affect anything for me to smell it in the house when he is making it for himself?
I just ordered the Thuja O 1M and those pills should be arriving Monday.
I have about half or less of a small bottle of avena sativa MT from my homeopath. I might could get her to prepare more for me. Otherwise it would take several weeks or a month or more to get that in from Europe. We live in the States. I wish I had enough on hand for the 10 days but I’m not sure that I do. I could at least start your order though anyways and hope it lasts.
I just ordered the Phosphorus 200C (you have X on your order but I only found the C is that okay?)
Can I make the aconitum liquid if I get the pills? I can’t find where to buy the liquid. The liquid preparations on Amazon don’t come in 200 potency.please let me know what to do about this remedy. Would pellets work for anxiety attack? You mentioned that you would explain how to use aconite as an sos. What are your thoughts?
As far as genito effects…until getting off of those horrible drugs, I had zero libido. That was improving dramatically but it kind of leveled off and waned a little. I hope that these things will improve it even more.
I was able to drive alone yesterday the entire 5 to 51/2 hours with my boys in the truck with me. It was very difficult though. I had the bad head feeling,dizziness and some bouts of anxiety and a couple times panic but I got through. I took the nux vomica 30 that I had on hand. And I think gelsemium once.
I hope I can start the nux vomica 200 if it comes today. I’m getting irritated and angry easily and this foggy head feeling. I’m having trouble dealing with my preschool aged boys noise and little disputes they have with each other.
I will never go back to Benzos or any conventional medicine unless an emergency crisis requires it. I was only on them for so long because I had never even heard of homeopathy until recently. I am so thrilled to know that a cure is in my near future. Thank you so much!
homeoEvangelist12 last year
It is not Phosphorus
It is a combination of five biochemic salts
Natrum Kali Mag Ferrum and calcaea Phos
It comes in tablet form with potency marked as 200x or 12x or 6x and like that
First you modify that order ASAP
Kaps last year
Did you modify that order
The name is
You may start with Nux Vomica today
This irritation is natural and as you control these feelings they will start getting less intense and less frequent
post the list of remedies you have in stock
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-06-19 14:57:05]
Kaps last year
Oh, okay I cancelled the phosphorus. I’m not finding pills for Five phos. I found this liquid preparation on Amazon. I have no idea when I could receive this. Would this work or not? Do you want a list of all the remedies I have or are you wanting me to list out what you prescribed to make sure I understand? I have a horrible headache. Anything I can do for that today?

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

homeoEvangelist12 last year
Here’s my little pharmacy. I have not used all of these. I have used many to treat acute problems my husband and our boys have had (like insect bites, etc).
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Your list/ pharmacy was not attached
Five Phos liquid should do
Try this site SBL Wilmar Schwabe, Reckeweg
You may get some site which delivers fast
Does not matter liquid or pills
Headache Have Aspirin or some other allopathic pain killer
post the list so that I can tell you If you can have something for headache
Kaps last year
Not sure why I’m having trouble posting the file picture of my remedies. I’m kinda busy unpacking today and can’t sit and list everything out right now.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Would bioplasma (the combo 12 cell salt) work in place of 5 phos or does that have too many additional things in it?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Aconitum 30c
Agaricus Mus. 30c
Allium cepa 30
Apis mellifica 6x and 30x and 30c
Antimonium crud 6c
Argentum nitricum 30
Arnica mon 30
Arsenicum album 30
Aurum Metallicum 200
Bovista 200
Calcarea carb 30
Calc Fluor 6x
Calcarea phos 6c
Camphora 30 and 200
Chamomilla 200
Coffea crud 200
Ferrum phos 6x
Gelsemium semp 30
Ignatia 200
Histaminum 30
Mag phos 6x
Nat phos 6x
Nux vom 30 and 200 (just arrived!)
Phosphorus 30
Rhus Tox 30 and 200
Sambucus nigra 6c
Spongia tosta 30
Staphysagria 30
Stramonium 30 and 200
Tabacum 200
Thuja O 30
Wyethia 30

Is there anything I can take for headache on my list? Or should I just start the nux vomica 200 that I just received? Should I take nux once today and twice tomorrow for the full 3 doses?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Ohh and the avena sativa Mother Tincture
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Take Aconite 30 5 drops
Start Nux Vom at bed time today
Kaps last year
I don’t have drops. Just the pellets for aconitum. Is that okay? And I already took the nux vomica 200. I took it as soon as I got it. So should I take any aconite or not?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Take 04 pills of Aconite
Kaps last year
Would Hyland’s bioplasma work in place of the five phos or not? I don’t think I’ll be able to get the liquid in for a while
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Let it be and wait for the effect of other remedies
Kaps last year
Can you explain how to use the aconitum for SOS, please? And I do not have liquid, only the quick dissolve tablets in 30x potency. Will that work? I started thuja 1M this morning. I feel a little more spacey in my head than usual and a little more tired than normal but very calm. I started jogging/exercising for the first time yesterday evening. My asthma has always prevented me from doing much of that. So my body may just be sore and fatigued from that…
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Aconite is basically for extremely agitated mind you have tabs or pills/ globules just take one tab let it dissolve under your tongue or 02 pills
How much Avena Sativa do you have with you 1 ml is 20 drops
Good that your mind is inclined to to do physical activity and u are doing it
Kaps last year
If I were to make a very liberal guess I’d say I have about 10 ml of Avena Sativa mother tincture, but maybe less. I will have plenty to take 10 drops in evening X 10 days. I took 10 drops in half a glass of warm water this evening, 30 minutes after dinner. About an hour after taking it I started feeling better in my head. I’ll continue with the same dose of things unless you think I should do otherwise.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Good to know
these two remedies shud take care of all the ill effects houses in your body
You may take 6-8 drops of Avena shud have Similar effect
Post in detail if you are still having Asthma
Did you father in law get the remedies?
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-06-23 06:34:45]
Kaps last year

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