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I took one dose of the apis mellifica earlier and it helped a little for a short time. My itchy throat and clucking started again. It seems to be worse after I eat. Do you want me to take the apis mel every morning or just the one dose?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
No you can not see blood visibly. Her urine tests just come back positive for it.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Youngest son:
Ghee, as in clarified butter? We have that here right now. Why?
I’ll try arsenic tomorrow on him. He does get a very red upper lip and it gets irritated. He tries rubbing his upper lip on anything he can. He has a speech delay so I can’t communicate with him in depth about anything too complicated. And he’s only 3.
During night and sometimes during the day his nose gets severely congested. He and his brother share their own room so I don’t know what he does when he’s waking up/if he gasps or not. But I’ve never heard or seen him do that.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Yes clarified butter
For kids with such issues it’s one of the best things that I have come across it works for all nasal throat and chest congestion’s and also as preventive before winters

Take 3-4 table spoons of ghee and heat it moment it starts fuming turn off the gas the preparation is ready to use
Just keep it covered
Heat up either in a small spoon or the bowl again such that it is hot to touch just touch the surface with finger tips and apply on the rim of the nostrils and upper lip just apply like we apply a very thin film of creams if there is irritation on the throat apply it apply like Vicks if the chest is congested or any spot on the chest is painful when having cough it also helps in rescuing the bad effects of smoking
You have some irritation in your mind hriday try it
In the cases of kids it has never disappointed me
It gets better and more effective as it ages
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-06-27 06:33:56]
Kaps last year
Try the ghee on your throat too
Let her finish with this protocol and then post the symptoms
Did he take Aurum
Kaps last year
How do I “use ghee on my throat”? Just melt some and gargle with it? Or rub it on with my toothbrush? We use ghee for grilling so I’m confused about how to use to for my throat.

He did take Aurum last night.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
He did not get enough sleep. He said he is very groggy and irritated today. And I second that. He is VERY irritated and a grump.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Ghee read the post about ghee again
Apply it outside closest to the location of the itch on you neck
Your husband woke up bad what a great news if it is him tell me what happens tomorrow it is called aggravation by similar remedy
In simple terms he is carrying these symptoms in his being without being aware of it so tell him Ina day or two he will be a bigger fan of homeopathy
Elder son sleep ??
Nephew what is your sister’s opinion on remedies thru oral pills?
Mom did she start
Kaps last year
Ghee:(youngest son)
I’m sorry I completely missed your first post explaining how to use. After church my young son started getting stuffy nose right before nap, so I heated ghee and put a thin layer on his nostrils and lip and it seemed to clear out and he fell right to sleep. I gave him arsenicum this morning when he woke up and he has not had a runny nose at all since then. Yesterday he had horrible constipation. He gets large hard poop like his brother and the outside is often bloody. I gave him a single pellet of nux vomica but he was already so stopped up and miserable so I ended up giving a children’s enema which I rarely do. I wish I could resolve my boys constipation issues but they are both very picky especially youngest and he refuses to eat vegetables/fiber.

Eldest son:
Slept through the night as far as I know. Taking a nap now too. He is still doing some stimming. I think the drool might not be as bad but I’m not positive. He only took the one dose of gelsemium. Was I supposed to be giving himself anything else?

I told him that you said his symptoms this morning are actually good news and he said grumpily “well it doesn’t feel good. All I wanted was something for my skin tags. But he said he will stick to the regimen. Should I let him continue thuja or hold off for now?

She has not started. We are going to see her this afternoon and I will give her some of the remedies that I have to get her started. She wants to know what the remedies are for that you’re starting her on. I told her the thuja and nux vomica are to help bring her body to some form of homeostasis before moving forward. Is that correct?

I told my sister in law about the medicine to lose wbc count but she does not want to try anything right now. She said he is in such a critical state right now that she has to trust his doctors for his survival. I’m not going to argue with her. Trust me it won’t go well.

I will discuss her treatment with her this afternoon and I hope she will be willing to give it a shot.

My aunt
She has no idea that she has ca. She called me this afternoon. As far gone as she is mentally she still seemed to have some apprehension about her doctor appt Wednesday. She has no idea that it’s an appt at md Anderson. My mom does not want to share the news with her over the phone but waiting until Wednesday. I pleaded with my mom to talk to their brother about just trying homeopathy for her. And I talked to Granny. Brothers wife said something ridiculous like “I’m hoping they will just do hysterectomy.” That is probably the worst thing they could do. It will cause metastasis and only lead to further unbalance in her body. I have so much sympathy for my aunt as I know first hand what effects of mental illness do to a person. I can only trust God to handle at this point.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
You have too much on your mind
Take care
Kaps last year
Use ghee on bread instead of butter use the heated ghee on their naval
Scare them like if they keep on having constipation their body will start smelling like potty anything any such story to ensure that they eat vegetable
Increase their water intake
Milk yoghurt are mid laxatives orally administers castor oil
No refined flour constipation leads to piles hypertension u know it being from a medical background

Let him first feel the wonders of homeopathy also post if his symptoms do not subside after 2-3 doses of Aurum
Thuja 30 May or May not help Just give him 01 pill every third day Monday Wednesday... I suggest get Thuja 1M liquid

Younger son don’t repeat Arsenic and keep applying ghee every night before sleeping
Elder son monitor sleep do not repeat Gels as yet till his sleep is normal
Post his reaction once you tell him to stop going close to furniture (stimming) and observe this very minutely for changes
Tell her or you ask his doctor only one question that if hisWBCs count normalise what will his condition be he will give some answer post it here
I told you that he need not take anything internally or orally

Mom yes U are right there is something called the vital force of the body in homeopathy thuja enhances that, Nux is to take care of the ill effects of the medicines taken previously like cleansing the body of the side effects of allopathic medicines
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-06-28 01:50:58]
Kaps last year
Younger son
Delayed speech
Nat Mur 30 01 pill every alternate day half an hour before breakfast
Kaps last year
Quick question. You keep telling me to get some liquid remedies, as they do not expire. Do you mean mother tincture or dilutions? And what’s the difference? Besides Thuja could you list out a few or more than are very commonly needed. I want to order several together so I don’t have to pay multiple times for shipping. Because it is not available in the US. I’ll have to order from another country. And the price gets steep quickly.

Younger son:
Should I try Nat mur even if his speech has improved a lot over the last 6 months or so? And I don’t supposed Natrum Muriaticum 200 would be appropriate? Because I have it in stock already…
homeoEvangelist12 last year
List of dilutions
I ll compile

Younger son
Is he still behind in the speech as compared to other kids his age
There is no harm it will also help in constipation
Just give him one pill only once
Kaps last year
Which dilutions are most important to have on hand?

Is it possible to dissolve one or 2 pellets in distilled water to make my own dilutions?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Dissolving is required if the remedies are to be given I. Half pill which is rare or to be given to babies who can’t take a pill
When the remedy nis to be used for external applications
Need then if you are to distribute then it’s simple to put the remedy on the pills and give it and it is a better and more effective way
So once you start practising you procure those
How are things
Both sons and your husband
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-06-28 18:10:10]
Kaps last year
I am very unusually angry and irritated today. Should I take aconite?

Youngest son:
Gave Nat mur 200 1 pellet this morning. His big brother jumped on him and banged his face/head real hard. It was red. So I gave him arnica Montana 30 2 pills and he was all better. He had a large bm this morning and the first part of it was hard for him to get out but last part was easier. Ghee seems to be helping his nose well

Older son:
He is being a brute and aggravating me and his younger brother. But typically he doesn’t interact a lot. So I guess that’s good. His sleep was good, through the night again last night. His drooling seems a little better. He is still stimming. I told him this morning to stop touching/rubbing the furniture. He grew increasingly fidgety and was rubbing the furniture even more extremely than usual, then he slowed down. It hasn’t been so bad this afternoon.

He said he did not sleep better last night. He seemed happy enough this morning but had to go to a job site so he hasn’t been around the house most of the day.

My father in law has started doing hydrogen peroxide enema again. Even though I told him not to do enemas anymore. He also wants to take something to reduce his sugar cravings. He thinks the “parasite” is causing his extreme sugar cravings. Is there something he should take? The crocus sativus will not be here until around July 6 I think.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Elder son
Give one pill is Gels and watch the effect
Younger son
just watch the symptoms and continue Nat Mur till his constipation is about 60% better (less force and normal stool) note mucous and blood
Aurum to continue total 04 doses
He shud describe just sleep light can he hear if someone is talking or the TV does his sleep gets disturbed how many times what hour approximately
Triggers that interupt his sleep Or he just com s awake dreams if any kind repetitive of diffeeent describ one or two
Does he have wake up tired
Take 01 pill and note the effect time taken to get rid of anger and irritation
What remedies are you taking ?
Kaps last year
Father in law
He shud avoid hydrogen peroxide
Rest is his life and health
Since when does he have this sugar cravings
Argentum Nitricum 30 02 pills half an hour before breakfast
Only once
the urge to be monitored on the day he takes Arg Nit and posted change no change aggravations or improvement
Kaps last year
I’m only taking avena sativa 8 drops in half glass warm water 30 minutes after dinner. No other remedies. I took aconite 30x 4 pills. Cause I hadn’t heard from you and was feeling extremely angry and frustrated. It helped a considerable amount.

Youngest son

I gave him Nat mur 200 because that is all I have. You said to do one dose. Now you say to continue. So how often? Once a day?

Older son

He is having a snack right now but I’ll give him a gelsemium in 30 minutes.


He has a serious aversion to answering questions. He HATES repeating himself and he hates being asked questions. So I’ll do the best I can but it is very very difficult to get any detailed information out of him.
homeoEvangelist12 last year

He doesn’t want help. He’s grumpy as hell and yelling at me about this medicine. He said he didn’t want help with his sleep or anything else. Only the skin tags. So I’m not going to tell him to take anymore remedies. He said I need to get the plank out of my eye before I worry about him. So he can just suffer since he feels that way.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Younger son dot repeat Nat Mur
I had written Nat Mur 30 one pill alternate day since you gave 200 wait for a week
Husband tell him to complete 04 days of Aurum tonight give him only 2 pill
Hope all well at work front
Hates being questioned is one symptom. Respond with anger is another
Regretting listening to you is one more anyway
Men by nature are not expressive
Skin tags
How much Thuja have you given these issue take long
You did not reply about your father in law
Next time don’t take Aconite 04 pills take only two
Kaps last year
I am very irritated and have an attitude again today. I’m waking up extremely exhausted which I haven’t done recently. Why am I having these symptoms?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
My father in law has had the severe sugar cravings for many years.

I deal with pretty severe sugar cravings too.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Young son:

Was very congested during the night. He woke me up around 430. Ghee didn’t work so I gave sambucus niger 30 2 pills and it opened his nose.

Eldest son:

I was sleeping in the boys room this morning since my youngest woke me during the night, so my alarm woke him up at 6 am. But I think he slept all night until then. And I haven’t noticed him stimming yet today.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Take 2 pills of Aconite and post after 30 minutes
Describe attitude
Did you wake up tired yesterday too as you had to care of the younger one during your sleep
You must have finished taking Avena stop now
you are writing about every one but yourself do that today
Apply ghee for 10-15 days not SOS
Good about elder son

Argentum Nitricum is remedy for sugar cravings but first you post your mental symptoms after taking Aconite
Kaps last year

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