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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Take 2 pills of Aconite and post after 30 minutes
Describe attitude
Did you wake up tired yesterday too as you had to care of the younger one during your sleep
You must have finished taking Avena stop now
you are writing about every one but yourself do that today
Apply ghee for 10-15 days not SOS
Good about elder son

Argentum Nitricum is remedy for sugar cravings but first you post your mental symptoms after taking Aconite
Kaps 2 years ago
Younger son
Apply ghee after warming when you put him to bed
Kaps 2 years ago
I have 3 days left of Avena. But I’ll stop it now if you think I should. I was doing really well but moving backwards yesterday and today so far. Yesterday I was a little more tired than I have been but today I am exhausted. And I was only up with my son for 20 minutes or so during the night.
I’ll take 2 pills of aconite now
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
I feel like irritation is a little more manageable now. I’m still exhausted and my stomach a little upset now too
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
It happens sometime the stomach starts to get upset and the symptoms are like your and your realise on the second third day that it is an upset stomach
Kaps 2 years ago
Take 02 pills of Aurum Met 200 after about half an hour and post symptoms the evening
Kaps 2 years ago
I am sneezing now too
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
You want me to take Aurum in 1/2 an hour? 😬 I just hope that head feeling doesn’t get worse. But I’ll try it
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
If u are feeling that way don’t take
Kaps 2 years ago
I already took it
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
My father in law is asking whether he should be or can take vitamins and/or probiotics during this time or not?
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
He can take anything but shud
Avoid hydrogen peroxide and coffee
Kaps 2 years ago
How are your symptoms
Kaps 2 years ago
It was a pretty rough day. I had no energy for much of the day. So I didn’t get anything done. Took it easy. I’m glad I didn’t have anything major to take care of today. I was real irritated until late this afternoon. Not so much now. Still a bit worn out but okay.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
What are your thoughts about this new fatigue and brain fog type sensations? I am very frustrated as I had several really really good days and now I don’t have any energy and don’t feel like I can get anything done and not feeling motivated like I was. I was reading about phosphoricum acidum this morning. I don’t have any on hand but I could order if you think it might benefit me. Your thoughts please?
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Have 3 pills Nux Vom200
Maybe you have done too much in last few days
Kaps 2 years ago
How are you now
Kaps 2 years ago
I took the nux vomica this morning. I’m so grateful you suggested that. I felt a little better 30 min-1 hour after taking. Then through out the day I gradually felt a little better every hour or so. Something very good but strange I noticed a couple or so hours after taking I noticed that things suddenly felt quiet for a split second. Then I realized that there was a constant low buzzing hum that I guess had been going on in my head and it stopped. I didn’t even realize it was there until it stoppedz I was real busy in the middle of something but looking back now I realize what a huge thing that was. I don’t think I’m as great as I could possibly be in the future or as good as my goals are, but a big difference than the past couple of days. So I’ve stopped the avena sativa. Im not on anything else. What problem in myself do you suggest we conquer next?

My husband
finished Aurum 200 4 total doses. He is mean as a snake. It must have stirred up some stuff. Or it’s not right for him. Any suggestions for what he do now? I have thuja 1 m pellets, if I dissolved one in a 30 ml glass bottle of distilled water and shook 30 times would I have a dilution he could use for skin tags? Or is that too strong a dose? Anything else you recommend for his anger and sleep disturbances?

Youngest son

Still having a horrible time with his runny nose. And congested at times. Been putting the heated ghee on it scheduled and as needed. Anything else I should try? We did the one dose of arsenicum album several days ago…

Oldest son

Sweet thing has had a horrible time with the stimming today. He’s sleeping okay and drooling is a little more under control but he can’t stop running around to his “spots” and rubbing the furniture and his face and the wall. It’s very unusual and disruptive. I wish I could help him somehow.

My aunt

Went to oncol. today. She has pre-ca. of the cervix. What should she do about that to prevent it from progressing to ca?

Thanks for all your help and have a blessed day
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
I forgot to mention, that I had some dental work done several months ago and I had to get a crown. That tooth caused me a great deal of pain. And I’ve always had tooth sensitivities (probably from my overuse of Adderall in the past) but anyways, the very tooth that my dentist put a crown on has been hurting pretty badly today. (It never bothered me since I healed from the crown procedure until now) Not sure if I should wait it out or do something about it. Do you think the nux caused the pain to start in that tooth or do you think it’s totally unrelated? I know that the rest of my tooth sensitivities had stopped when I was taking the Nat mur but a little of it had come and gone since I’ve stopped it.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Just do not take any remedy
Note down your symptoms for next two three days
The remedies are still acting and for a week the symptoms shud ameliorate ( U ll keep getting better )
You must read about the duration a remedy acts for
Nat Mur, TOOTH , pain take a mild allopathic pain killer for the time being mag Phos 6x 04 tabs and after every two hours 02 tabs every two hours till pain subsides

Try this
Tomorrow morning be great and ask him to tell the truth about effect of Aurum on his mind and general feeling good or bad tell him to take some time to think and reply
If he reacts immediately and offensively which is what I feel , it means his symptoms are ameliorated and he is posing to be more offensive ,hope u understood
Just react normal no convincing or asking any details as if it simply didn’t work rather spoiled his mind
Snake conveys to me that it has a extremely dry and soft skin and is not slithery at all land it is almost moisture proof and is like any other being
It hides to save it self
Has the capability of digesting almost everything
He does not have a distorted mind neither does it cheat
Post the symptoms that you feel or sense
Like revengeful liar dominating cheating staying in his own world no concern for anyone things like these

Youngest son
One dose of Nux Vom 30 02 pills after you put him to bed and switch offf the light
Post symptoms tomorrow morning
Sleep and nasal congestion

Elder one
Repeat Gels and tomorrow half an hour before breakfast one dose 02 pills of Calc Carb 30
Post drooling in the evening
Does he drool while sleeping too
Is it 24x7 if no triggers volume before and after eating or meals
What is his reply to the cause of taking those actions?
If he puts his cheek to the wall or furniture which left or right is used more
Just check if his one cheek is warmer than the other? Post symptom

Kaps 2 years ago
The news is good
You shud look up for Bannerjee protocols
I feel she needs to prepared for those
We shud first neutralise the ill effects of the allopathic medicines she has been taking
Take a stock of all her symptoms ( Most Important)
Take care of the symptoms
Neutralise ill effects of the remedies given
Improve vital force
Start Bannerjee’s Protocol
This is going to take about 15-20 days
In the mean while order remedies for Bannerjee’s Protocol

Post her symptoms and medical history
Nux Vom 200 03’pills at bed time for three days
Symptoms to be posted like you have posted today’s experience with Nux Vom
Thuja 1M she will need 03 pills
Rest after going thru her symptoms and medical history
Kaps 2 years ago
My young son woke me up at 330 am and he is still up. I am so sick of this from exhaustion. He wakes me up in the middle of the night every single night. He woke up fussing and whining on his way into our bedroom. He’s sneezing and congested. He’s been hard to please again lately. I tried the ghee. I tried nux vomica 30 a while ago. I just gave him chamomilla. He has done this fractious not sleeping well things since he was a baby. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m at my wits end
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
I am just now reading your posts from yesterday night. So I did not see about the any of this. Besides my boys were asleep when I messaged you.
Older son
Should i give older son gelsemium right when he wakes in morning then calc carb 20 minutes later?

I gave young son
Nux Vomica about an hour ago.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Unfortunately she lives in a personal care home. And my mom said the caretaker is not going to do all of these protocols for her. My mom said the lady might do one if we’re lucky. But I’ll let my mom know what you said.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
How is he now younger son
Is his nose still runny ?
Ghee is not SOS
Maybe ghee has made his nose from watery to thick
Put it before breakfast tomorrow on his nose, ghee

No do not give Gels and Calc Carb one after another
Give Calc in the morning and post symptoms
Kaps 2 years ago
Young son
He is still sneezing some. Not sleeping. Sounds congested. He’s finally still in one of the beds with me in their room. I’m not going to try and touch his nose to see if it’s runny. I’ve been putting the ghee on his nose every night at bedtime just as you advised.

Several times I’ve woken up during the night I had a tiny bit of that buzzy feeling in my head like from the antidepressant withdrawal. Last night was first night I haven’t taken Avena Sativa. I didn’t finish all 10 days as you suggested. Still had a couple or so left. Should I take it tonight and tomorrow or just let it be?
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago

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