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I feel you shud take Rhus Tox just for a day or so 1/2 pills thrice a day that is because a homeopath is saying so
First get the covid test done
As of now take Acon for fever I feel single dose shud suffice
Kaps 2 years ago
My first test came back negative. I have to do another in a couple days. She said she gives orders for medicine based on symptoms. Not a diagnosis. And the Rhus tox order is based on my symptoms, body aches and extreme fatigue. She just thought those symptoms might be Covid. But it isn’t looking that way. I am grateful that it’s not. At least doesn’t seem that way now
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
I told you about Rhus Tox and the fever
Do not take it the way he has told you I am not contesting his judgement or prescription
How was the behaviour of your eldest specially stimming ?
Hope your father in law stopped Croc S
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-08-06 04:24:58]
Kaps 2 years ago
If the Rhus Tox is the right remedy one does shud do the trick
Kaps 2 years ago
All well I hope
Kaps 2 years ago
The Rhus tox was not right. I stopped it. My Covid test was negative. She decided to try me on gelsemium 200 three times a day. It was a much more mild medicine for me but still not right. I stopped it today.
I have a rib out in my back. I can’t get into chiropractor until tomorrow. I am in a lot of pain. Is there anything I have that might help until I get an adjustment tomorrow?
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Arnica Montana
Mag Phos
Frankly I did not follow what is Rib out is it dislocation?
Have Arnica
You need Tuberculinum too and the homeopath u are going to is missing something
Kaps 2 years ago
I also suggest stick to one person
It seems u r restless about your recovery
Remember I told 15 years plus of ruining your health give atleast 6-8 months to recover
I feel these strong psy drugs get their effect in a layered fashion on human mind and body
Initially when the treatment starts, person takes care Leads a healthy life and feels he is much better and that is when the next layer starts to work against his will and the cycle of withdrawal restarts may not be the typical symptoms of withdrawal but something else altogether
Any way choice is yours
How are your kids ?
Think over what I have posted
Kaps 2 years ago
How are you and your sons ?
Kaps 2 years ago
Sorry we have been traveling to our new location for my husbands job for the next 4 months. It’s been a long stressful week. I’ll post about my boys and me later.
Father in law:
Well it does not feel like my parasite is dead. The pain in my abdomen continues and keeps me up at night. The pain is about 4" to left of navel and down 2". Maybe homeo can shed light on pain if it is associated with parasite of not. If always thought parasite was attached at this point as this pain has been with me through the years. If I could relieve the pain at least then I could get good sleep with or without parasite. Please ask what he thinks
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Has he consulted a doctor for this
For hi pe long has he had this pain
Is it continuous or intermittent?
What helps and what aggravates
Type of pain shooting gnawing dull sharp
Post these
How is his urination and digestion
Kaps 2 years ago
What will tuberculinum help with? How long will I take it? I’ve been trying some of the biochemic cell salts. I can’t find a combination formula so just buying them separately. I am constantly exhausted. I was just tired in day then had trouble sleeping at night but I’m very tired all the time now. I’ve been sleeping better at night but I am still terribly tired. Will tuberculinum help with this? 200 or what?
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Father in law: Here are his answers to your questions

Has he consulted a doctor for this NO
For as long as he had this pain? YEARS
Is it continuous or intermittent? INTERMITTENT
What helps and what aggravates DOING ENEMAS USUALL RELIEVES PAIN
Type of pain shooting gnawing dull sharp GNAWING
Post these
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Father in law
Acid Benz 30
2 pills twice a day for three four days

Take a dose of Nux 200 3 pills and post symptoms before you sleep
Did you get Mag Carb
Tuberculinum is for going to different doctors
Do not self medicate like you did not feel well with Rhus Tox wo you took Gels
It’s bad and give some time for the remedies to act
Kaps 2 years ago
It was the other homeopath that told me to do Rhus tox and gels. The only thing I am taking on my own is small dose of the cell salts.
Yes I did get Mag carb in. I’ve taken it once or twice like you said.
Is tuberculinum 200 or 30 or what?
I’ll try the nux 200 and let you know.

Father in law
Can you spell out the whole name for acid Benz please? I’m not familiar with that one.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Father in law:
Is acid Benz: Benzinum or benzoic acid? Is that the best thing for him? Because I don’t think it’s going to be readily available here in the states. Will take a while to get here.

I just took nux vomica 200 3 pills so we’ll see how I do…
Please let me know what dose for Tuberculinum so I can order.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Tuberculinum 200
Benzoicum Acidum 200
Mag Carb potency please
What all cell salts are you taking
Kaps 2 years ago
I have Mag carb in 200c dilution

I felt a little better after taking the nux 200 3 pills but not for long. I started feeling tired again.

Mag phos, ferrum, Calc phos, Nat mur all in the 6x
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
The benzoicum acidum seems more of a remedy for the bladder. My father in law greatest concern is the gnawing pain in his stomach that prevents him from sleeping. Will this help with that?
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Father in law
You being from the medical field, can you pin point the organ that is paining?
Post that
More than the bladder issue, it is for the odour in the urine .
If that gets normalised there will be some effect on the pain left side lower abdomen
Let us wait and see
Just stop everything you are taking and
FOLLOW Religiously
Respond fast
Stick to the protocol
A bit more patient
I know you have more than anyone can handle on your hands but
You have to find time
Try to start the homeo. Course soon and seriously with a fixed date to complete

Have Nux 200 one pill every three hours or earlier if u feel like
Post how many times you had it and the effect .
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-08-16 02:42:47]
Kaps 2 years ago
I had nux vomica 5 times. I felt a lot more irritated than normal. I did not feel like I had no other choice but to stay in bed and sleep but I still had a great deal of tiredness and fatigue. Very little energy and no feeling of motivation. What do I need to do now? I can’t learn or take care of my family or do all that I need to do feeling like this. That’s why I’ve been desperate and tried going to several doctors and taking the cell salt on my own. Because I’m desperate. My husband has zero tolerance for me when I’m not feeling well and can’t keep up with my tasks. And being at odds with him is making me feel worse too. And it affects my children.

Both my boys have been sneezing a lot and runny noses. The sneezing/runny nose is waking my older son up during night/early morning so he’s losing sleep and stimming is still present. We’ve all been sneezing a bit more than normal. May be dust/allergens in our camper.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Hope u r awake
Wait for your boys to get used to the new place for running nose for a day or so
All those remedies which you’ have are in pills/ tabs form am I right ?
You feel fatigued doing moment you start any physical activity or feel tired without doing anything?
Which part of the body feel most fatigued?
Kaps 2 years ago
I am awake now. I have been since 2 am or before. I feel like the Calc phos was helping me sleep better at night. I don’t see the problem in taking it? I think I need to start it again.
I’m tired before doing anything tired when I start doing anything. I’m not sure it’s any one part of my body that’s more fatigued. I’d just be guessing if I answered that at this point.
I have pills except for the arnica, gels and mag carb you had me get dilutions.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Have Gels 200 2-3 drops in water
Start Cal Phos 6x 04 Tabs thrice a day
Kaps 2 years ago
I made several mistakes. I drank 2 cups of coffee early this evening. I hadn’t had any caffeine all day and started getting a bad headache..anyways I couldn’t stop thinking and get to sleep so I took coffea cruda thinking it would help but it has not. Is there anything I have that could help counteract this and help me get some sleep? Nux vomica? Or am I just going to have another sleepless night? Sigh.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Nux 200. 3-4 pills
If you do not feel sleepy in the next 20-25 minutes
Have Gels 200
Kaps 2 years ago

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