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How are you ?
How are the symptoms of your sons
No news from your mother
You should also order a packet of globules as well as bottles for making the remedy in pills
Kaps last year
I don’t have much energy at all. I have been dragging and feel very tired the past few weeks. Other than that I’m well.

Eldest son:
Lots of stimming. When it happens I give him gelsemium 30 1 or 2 pills and it takes care of it for a little bit. But he just starts again. He is still sleeping better. But if he gets woken up by his brother during the night he can not/will not go back to sleep. Even if it’s 2 or 3 am. So that is a pain.

Youngest son:
Oh my is he a hand full. He had a very difficult time adjusting on our vacation. He does not do well away from home. And my husband got a job in another state so we’ll be living somewhere else soon for 4 or more months. I wish I knew what to give him to help him sleep better and with his temper/fits. He has a training toilet that is portable. He got mad at me the other day and through it across the room. And it had urine in it. He gets very angry. A lot like my husband, his daddy. He gets cranky and completely disagreeable about everything, sometimes. Other times he can be the sweetest most well mannered child. So I am not sure what to do about him. When his emotions get terribly strung out I usually give him Chamomilla and that typically helps. But he is not a good sleeper at all. He gets up during the night and comes looking for us. I gave him 1 nux vomica 30 last night after lights out and he slept all night, FINALLY…but I don’t expect it to last.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Cal Phos 04 tabs thrice a day if it is biochemic if it is homeopathic then 03 pills once a day

Elder son
Gels while sleeping and once empty stomach
Younger son Nux Vom just before sleeping continue
How was the allergy in Maines
Kaps last year
My eldest son is the only one of us that had a skin problem with the allergy in Maine. The apis has helped and it is under control. Thank you.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
A family friend has a herniated disc between L and S discs in her spine and is in a lot of pain. Is there something in homeopathy she could take to help?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Hypericum 200
Rhus T 200
Pichi Pichi 200
Will be needed for the herniated discs
Kaps last year
Will the protocol work without pichi? It is not readily available here and she does not know about homeopathy yet. She isn’t going to order something from Canada and wait 3 weeks for it to get here. The other 2 could get here quickly.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
I have tried without PIchi the effect is not good
Go thru the thread

Constant discomfort from prolapse

Order Pichi it’s also called Fabiana I

Till then give these two once a day for three four days
MagPhos 12x for pains or age can have any painkillers
Kaps last year
must know the vintage of the symptoms
The link to the thread referred is


Since how long your friend is suffering with Herniated discs?
Kaps last year
I received my gelsemium liquid dilutions and arnica and magnesia carb dilutions.
What directions/protocol do you want him to try with gels? His brother woke him up during the night so he was up for several hours and started sneezing off and on for hours. Gelsemium didn’t help. I finally gave him histaminum and that helped after 2 or 3 pills, one every 15-30 minutes during the night.

What directions for me with Mag carb? And do you want me to do arnica again? I’m still very tired. I have very little energy. I am irritated and have not been sleeping well the past few nights. I’m going to stop pulsatilla for a few days. (Even when my boys are sleeping, I haven’t been sleeping well)

He woke me up at midnight and again at 3 am. Please tell me something else I can try for his restless sleep/difficulty sleeping/wakings. He is also scared of sleeping in their room unless my husband or I am with him. I am so frustrated and fed up with these sleep issues and don’t know what to do. I’m considering taking them to my homeopath but I really don’t have the money set aside right now nor the time as we’re preparing to live out of state for a while, soon.
Please respond ASAP thank you
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Take Arnica and Mag Carb 2-3 drops in water once a day each

Elder son Gels 200 2-3 drops in water once a day
Younger one give Nux twice a day rather give 02 pills tonight and observe and tomorrow give one pill thrice
Kaps last year
I didn’t see this post until after I put the boys to bed last night.
So do you want me to give young son the nux three times today? He did not get any last night..
Or wait and give him 2 nux tonight and three times tomorrow?

Just received gels 200 3 drops in water.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
How did he sleep last night
Give him Nux thrice today and post symptoms tomorrow
Post symptoms after Gels 200
Kaps last year
My father in law said
How long can I keep taking crocus twice a day? The ones in my legs seem to keep moving.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
He must stop for a week now
I didn’t know that he feels in the legs too
I thought it was only in the stomach
Tell him to stop so that the parasite comes to stomach from legs and it will be easy to remove
Kaps last year
I only gave him 2 pills yesterday. His behavior and demeanor was much better and sweeter yesterday with the nux. No fits and much less whining. He woke up at 3 during the night again. But he went right back to sleep when I went back to his room with him. I might be out of nux 30. Should I order more or do you think nux 200 would be beneficial for him?

He did wonderfully on gels 200. He had no stimming during the day that I can remember. Just a little in the evening. He did act a little obstinate during our lessons for school which was a bit unusual. I could not believe that he slept all night from about 930 pm and just woke up a little while ago after 9 am this morning!

I took arnica and magnesium carb as suggested. It helped some muscle/joint pains I had but didn’t really help with fatigue. I still have no energy this morning.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Order the one you get early and
Nux You need to order liquid 30 and 200
Along with a pal let of globules and empty plastic bottles in which u can make the remedy in globules

Give him Gels 200 just one drop twice today and
skip tomorrow morning and note the stimming tomorrow
if he starts first try to talk him out of it and note his reactions
Post it
If the coaxing fails give him half a drop of Gels 200
Mix a drop in some water give half of it to him
Note and post changes

If u are short of Nux
Dissolve the pills in a bottle of water and give 3 drops of the same
He needs Nux 200 give it tonight after switching off lights 02 drops in water

Are you sleeping enough and your vitals are oK or not specially digestive system
If you have not taken any remedy today then post ASAP
How is the pain in joints and muscles post ASAP
Kaps last year
The pain in my joints has occurred in the past. But has resurfaced lately. My wrists, elbows and shoulder mostly right now. It’s an achy type pain I guess.
I’m sleeping okay. Not as well as I’d like to. No I have not taken any remedy yet today.
I’m 3 days late starting my menses. I took a pregnancy test yesterday but it was negative. Not sure why I haven’t started.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
I saw a rheumatologist probably 9 years ago and he said I had rheumatoid arthritis. Then I saw a different rheumatologist a few years ago and they did a host of labs and X-rays. She said I did NOT have rheumatoid arthritis. I had a positive antibody nuclear antigen. When they tested the blood stain pattern it was a speckled pattern. She never gave me a diagnosis. And said she thought my immmne system was just overactive or I may have an unknown disease. She tried starting me on Lyrica but I didn’t stay on it more than a couple weeks because I felt terrible with the side effects. But I’ve always wondered if my constant fatigue and recurring pain could be fibromyalgia or something. Don’t know for sure.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
Have only Mag Carb today three times
Let me look up on your pains
Kaps last year
My father in law said “How long do I expect to have to take medicine as I thought parasite would be dead by now? Can u ask him how long?”
homeoEvangelist12 last year
After stopping for a week it shud go in another three days a
Kaps last year
I feel awful today. Could not get out of bed. No energy. Exhausted. Body aches. I’m not sick. Just feel terrible.

Younger son:
He woke up during the night at 1 and again at 4 a.m. he slept in this morning and is very cranky today. Should I give him anything?

Older son:
Slept well again. Stimming some but not too bad.
homeoEvangelist12 last year
I have a low grade fever. My local homeopath is concerned I might have Covid. My husband is going to pick up an instant at home test for me. My local homeopath said to take Rhus tox 200 three times a day for 10 days. Do you have any other suggestions?
homeoEvangelist12 last year
No no
So much of medicine
Will just get back
Just woke up
He is behaving like dispensing dispirin
Kaps last year
I feel you shud take Rhus Tox just for a day or so 1/2 pills thrice a day that is because a homeopath is saying so
First get the covid test done
As of now take Acon for fever I feel single dose shud suffice
Kaps last year

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