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Young son
He is still sneezing some. Not sleeping. Sounds congested. He’s finally still in one of the beds with me in their room. I’m not going to try and touch his nose to see if it’s runny. I’ve been putting the ghee on his nose every night at bedtime just as you advised.

Several times I’ve woken up during the night I had a tiny bit of that buzzy feeling in my head like from the antidepressant withdrawal. Last night was first night I haven’t taken Avena Sativa. I didn’t finish all 10 days as you suggested. Still had a couple or so left. Should I take it tonight and tomorrow or just let it be?
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Have another dose of Nux Vom
Younger son
Post symptoms if the discharge from the nose is there or no
If it’s as it was op type thin or thick colour any smell
Why does his nose get stuffed up at night
Reply quick
Kaps 2 years ago
I have no idea why it gets stuffed up. The nasal discharge is thin. There is no smell.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Older son is stimming a lot again. How long should I wait before I give him gels?
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Younger son
Give Arsenic Album 30 02 pills Calc Phos 6x 02 tabs twice a day for a week
If you had given 200 earlier and if 30 is not available give 200
30 is preferable repeat after 04 hours and post symptoms.afyer 05
Give Nux Vom 30 02’pills before sleeping
Also note symptoms when he falls asleep time and if he wakes up before doing anything note symptoms
There is no harm using nasal spray or drops like Nasivion

PTL. Allium Cepa is when there is lachrymation alongwith nose and cold symptoms so the remedy is of partial or of no use

Give them Vit C

Elder son give him Gels just now and one dose in the evening before dinner
Tomorrow morning give him Calc Carb

I was suspecting withdrawal and you said it
Take Nux Vomica one dose for another three days, restart Avena Sativa
Those moments which you get just for a fraction are the links in your brain upset by the strong allopathic medicines Benzos etc.
Like I said 15 years of time for deterioration need some time and a bit of patience another 02. -03 weeks at the most

You have to reduce your mental work load like Aunt Father in law let them approach you por the forum for a few day till your younger son is better.

Any news on your husband
Kaps 2 years ago
Do I give the calc phos and arsenicum album together or 20 minutes apart?
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
OK post symptoms
Kaps 2 years ago
Little one:
Do I give calc phos and arsenicum album together in his mouth or 20 minutes apart?
He took a good nap this afternoon after receiving first dose of arsenicum album 30 and calc phos 6 I did not give together, but 20-30 minutes apart, as I hadn’t heard back from you about it. His nose is dryer and not so wet as before. His upper lip is still red but dryer too and not wet. His nose started clogging up again just as it usually does around bedtime. I put warm ghee and gave nux vomica after turning the light out for bed.

Older son:
He seemed quite a bit better (the stimming) shortly after taking the Gelsemium. I didn’t really notice much after he took the calc carb although it seemed like his mouth was dry. Like he was still sticking his tongue out as usual but there was no drool coming out of his mouth. I still have him on Banerji protocol for hives. (Bovista q3d, antimonium crudum 6c twice daily for flare up and every 2 hours until better and apis mellifica 6c for edematous blisters. I also put a nettle decoction on his skin breakouts. He has gotten tremendously better and is able to eat avocado again (which has always been his favorite food but he became highly sensitive to it a couple years ago. He’s also had cows milk recently and almonds and had no reaction. Is it okay to continue this with your current regimen?

My husband
He said he does not give me permission to share any of his symptoms. As much as I hate that he is being this way, I love him and want to honor him. He told me he is the same and only wants help to get rid of warts/skin tags. So I am just going to let him Be for a while. If there is a good protocol for skin tags please let me know.

I did nux vomica 200 2 pills earlier today and started feeling a bit better throughout the day. I just took avena sativa a little while ago. I think those are the things I need for now.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
My older sons positive response to the gelsemium did not last though. He calmed down for a while and started acting normally. But a couple or maybe more hours later he returned to stimming again. Telling him not to or discouraging him from doing so does not make any difference
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Younger son
Only cal Phos 6x 02 tabs twice a day
Ghee on upper lip shud be hot to to touch

Elder son Gels 01 pill every two hours tomorrow now symptoms
Explain does he lick, which part of the face or body does he touch FIRST
Nose finger cheek head Does he eat things off the furniture or the wall?
Are you giving him Bannerjee protocol with the remedies I am telling ?
If yes, post dose frequency potency and the remedy. Post ASAP
Hope he does not get more skin tags keep a note

You only Nux and Avena
Kaps 2 years ago
Young son slept until about 630 this morning which is much better than he’s been doing. How often apply the ghee? I have been putting it on hot.
His nose is running this morning. Is the ghee for runny nose too?
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
If He has only runny nose
No cough chest congestion then keep on giving him 02’pillsnof Arsenic Album once a day
If he has chest congestion post symptoms
Kaps 2 years ago
He rarely gets a cough. I thought it was strange after he got nux vomica 30 at bedtime he coughed a couple of times. But then stopped. When he gets congested (usually at night) it is only in his nose. It never (that I can tell anyways) gets down in his chest.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Continue Arsenic Album in the daytime and Nux at night for a few days
Atleast he is sleeping fine
Kaps 2 years ago
Yes! That sounds good thank you.
Little son
The arsenic dried his runny nose right up. I’m so grateful. He was acting like his chamomilla symptoms so I gave him 2 of those pellets and that has helped too.

Older son
I believe the gelsemium is working great for him too. He asked me to take a nap and laid down and fell asleep without me even in his room. He has never done that since I can remember. The stimming is still there some but more mild and not so constant. He is interacting more with his brother too. He is also talking more and being a bit feisty so that’s good for him.
On the Banerji protocol for chronic urticaria, I explained the protocol in another post. It’s Bovista 200 q3days. Antimonium crudum sos for flare up and q2 hours until resolved. Apis Mel for when the edematous looking hives start. He is getting better because he is only needing the ant crud and apis Mel on the days he gets Bovista. He was needing them every day for a while and then every other day. Now only every third day.
This urticaria protocol is for 2 month period. His first dose was June 2. So his last dose will be July 28.

Is half a packet of emergen-c a safe bet to give them each for vitamin c?

I am feeling much better since starting back nux 200 two pills a day and avena sativa in evenings. Thank you so much!
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
My father in law approached me today and asked what he could do for his candida overgrowth. He is wondering if the stuff he is doing now should take care of it or if he needs another remedy for that? He said he has oral thrush. He is expecting the Crocus Sativus to arrive any day now.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Vit C the dosage must be on the packing
Father in law
Did not follow Candida overgrowth
Thrush in the mouth
Maybe it’s due to the Hydrogen peroxide
Kaps 2 years ago
Elder son
Since when does he have urticaria
Post The symptoms
Kaps 2 years ago
Should he do a remedy for it though?
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
You and father in law
Sugar cravings Argentum Nit 200 single dose only

Father in law
Mouth thrush
Kali Brom 30 02 pills twice a day for one day only
How much trouble is his parasite giving him now?
How much of flatus has he got now ?
Have you got Croc S ?

Elder son
I had asked you to post about how does he start with this stimming
Please read that post and reply
I sleep around 10PM I think 9.30 AM your time so post accordingly if u want a reply soon
Kaps 2 years ago
Older son:
I’m sorry I didn’t understand what you were asking about his stimming. I am not sure which part of his body he touches FIRST. It changes. I know when this first first started when he was just walking good about 18 months, when he got excited he’d rub his crotch on each side. One hand on either side and rub down and up fast and excitedly. Now he has an aversion to touching or letting me clean his crotch.
Now he either touches his hands together to rub or his face. But I think I’ve seen him touch the furniture first on a spur moment of stimming. I’ll try to monitor more closely today. Not sure if this helps or not.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
I sent a message to my FIL to ask your questions. Will let you know if I get a response. He was telling me yesterday that since taking the course of nux and Thuja that he’s started breaking out with these red sores on his calves. He said when he was using his infrared sauna the other day that he felt a terrible burning pain on his knees and both lower legs as if a bunch of ants were stinging him. He said his guess is that the “smaller worm parasites were trying to escape from his gut and went down to his legs and knees”. He said his knees were very sore. He said the sores that broke out behind his legs are NOT itching or irritated, they are just there. So maybe you can make sense of all that…
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Older son:
He’s had hives off and on since he was about 2, maybe? They were occurring in different places. He was on high amounts of allergy medicine and steroid creams for his skin for the eczema that he’s had since he was a couple months old. Multiple times the hives have occurred on his face and eyes, which scared me.
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Older son
Fresh protocol
Give him
Gels as posted and hopefully he gets over with the stimming

how is his drooling ?
Nux Vom 30 02 pills while sleeping
Apis Mel 30 C 03 pills early morning
No remedies
look for
Stimming today
And reoccurrence of hives tomorrow after giving Apis
Stop all Bannerjee protocol etc.
NO remedies unless something SOS for 48 hours
If he gets too many hives give two tabs of Apis Mel 6x
Though in all probability he won’t get any

Most of the stuff to both is due to prenatal issues

Younger Son
Hope his nasal issue is under control ?

How long for Croc S to arrive as that is what is going to cure him of the parasites till mental issues are taken care of it is difficult to make him feel better
Kaps 2 years ago
I’m a little confused…I gave my older son the gelsemium protocol yesterday. So start him on nux tonight at bedtime and apis mellifica tomorrow morning?
homeoEvangelist12 2 years ago
Did you give him one pill of Gels every two hours maybe I m confused due to time zones if yes then his stimming ??
Kaps 2 years ago

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