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Student docter learning
Telescope sir. QUESTION NO 1 In thread never well since delivery you said that
Hameedjan 2021-11-21
1   telescope 2 months ago

Multiple miscarriages
Iam looking for a doctor who can help me in my case Iam 45 years old, had 7

manaal 2021-08-24
65   Kaps 2 months ago

A simple and effective method to antidote homeopathic aggravation
Diane, can we talk about your special method of antidoting aggravations? When I first

bandarbabu2000 2005-01-23
49   Wiezoox 2 months ago

i want to cure the left side hemiplegia, i need to reconnect the motor neuro system into
bill dragovan 2021-11-16
6   bill dragovan 2 months ago

erectile dysfunction
Hi every body my name is Adnan my age 33 years location sharjah home land pakistan i
chand1 2017-07-13
25   Hameedjan 2 months ago

Handicapped (CP) Shahzaib
Attention Dear Doctor Anuj Srivastava Dear Doctor! With reference to a mailed by
shah01pk2021 2021-11-16
2   Hameedjan 2 months ago

Need Help Regarding Dengue from Dr Anuj
Hello Doc, I wanted to know about Eupatorium Perfoliatum as dengue preventive. Is this
mayankgates 2021-10-22
2   Hameedjan 2 months ago

Scrotal Eczema
Itching with cracks in scortum skin suffering 2 years. Have tried Allopathic steroids 8
MH0909 2021-11-18
6   Fabeeha 2 months ago

Any remedy for C-section scars please
I have three kids with C-section and I did tubal ligation at the time of third C-section.
Fabeeha 2021-11-17
7   Hameedjan 2 months ago

Hormone imbalances
I recently did an 8 week contraceptive detox with a homeopath and then an 8 week steroid
nicole1972 2021-10-27
14   telescope 2 months ago

Mother suffering Varicose Veins leg pain will homeo work or need surgery
Problem: Elderly Mother suffering with varicose veins. Tried hammamillis 30, pulsatilla

ariesboy 2021-02-18
62   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Why does every remedy prove?
Hi.... I'm wondering if someone can discuss with me the reasons why every remedy I
rom109 2019-12-17
5   Hameedjan 2 months ago

Eye floaters
Hi everyone I started having floaters 3 months ago. Lately I started seeing flashes
Taly7 2021-11-18
2   Taly7 2 months ago

Surrender feeling among goddess images or domination sez
Does anyone aware of this emotion in materica medina where you have the desire to lower
akshatj777 2021-11-18
1   akshatj777 2 months ago

Teenage acne
Hello! My son is 13 and has acne. They are red, not large, but there are many of them,
Nik1 2021-10-09
4   homeo_helper 2 months ago

Don't feel /wish like working at all
Don't feel like working at all I am unemployed Still.I don't feel like
Gautam 2021-11-08
2   telescope 2 months ago

Unique symptom in Lycopodium. Can i take one dose?
I have a unique eye symptom. Other then the eye inflammation (blepharitis and
atari2008 2021-10-21
1   telescope 2 months ago

Spinal cord
I am Azeem Baig from Karachi Pakistan My age is 58 My weight is 80 kgs Profession is
Azeem1962 2021-10-20
1   telescope 2 months ago

Can someone recommend the best remedies for emaciation?
So, my father is 83, and he hasn't been able to gain weight after recovering from a
noodles 2021-11-09
2   telescope 2 months ago

Name-keshva Age-57 Gender-female Weather-moderate Job-administration Dear Doctor, My
Amar Jeet 2021-11-16
3   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Sepia Bloating
Took 6 doses of 6c sepia - 3 days - twice per day I am awfully bloated in my tummy and
Ideal56 2021-11-17
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Help with a covid case
Cough with chest pain that extends to head Cough worse in the heat of shower, feels
NzHomeopath 2021-10-21
4   NzHomeopath 2 months ago

Antidote an complementary
Some remedy follow well or complementry but also a antite of same remedy what does it
Hameedjan 2021-11-16
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Does any one tell me stydent of homeopathy
Is hepatitis b c curable in homeopathy. If curable then which remedies are used to test
Hameedjan 2021-11-16
1   telescope 2 months ago

Calcarea arsenicosa
Hello, recently i was prescribed calc arenicosa .How ever taking this even in a very
HoneyKhanna 2021-11-16
2   telescope 2 months ago