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Thanks To All
This message is not only contents some words this is from one father's feelings of
jannat.lackey 2019-08-13
4   maheeru 2 months ago

Various songs stuck in head
I have various different songs stuck in my head. They keep continuously playing in my
homeopathremedy 2019-08-12
3   homeopathremedy 2 months ago

Fistula and Small worms
As the character is matched with Ratanhia and the patient, can I use Ratanhia 200 for
enmonju 2019-08-14
3   HealthyWorld 2 months ago

Hello Looking for some guidance please. 33 year old male who has had chronic fatigue
run_PAFC 2019-08-13
3   simone717 2 months ago

My son 14 years old having Heart beat Missing
Hi Doctors. My son having missing heart beats and low pulse. I observed from last few
RKGupta 2019-08-13
1   simone717 2 months ago

Nat Phos side effects in infant.
My babys pediatrician who is holistic suggested Nat Phos x6 for his reflux. He's 16

Cmitche77 2019-08-10
14   Cmitche77 2 months ago

Need medicine for my unique issue
I m 48 male. Having slight sugar and blood pressure, heritas hernia with chronic prostate
araghyagmail.com 2019-08-05
6   araghyagmail.com 2 months ago

Help me decipher the list of medicines in this presciption
Hello doctors, This is my prescription from a homeopathy doctor. I visited him for my
ahomeoguy 2019-08-11
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Ourgia 2019-08-10
1   simone717 2 months ago

Excessive Hairfall Issue
For last 10 years I am suffering from hairfall problem. The problem usually starts in
mayankgates 2019-08-05
5   Tui 2 months ago

Google becoming big pharma- use other search engines
I support an org called Organic consumers Which always keeps up with the latest Bad
simone717 2019-08-08
3   maheeru 2 months ago

androgenetic alopecia female hair loss
Age-29 Female, Single i have been suffering from androgenetic alopecia hair loss since 8
sonu2009 2009-12-30
10   mukul97 2 months ago

Reactive hypoglycemia
Anyone have insight on how to treat this? I have done diet change but I am still waking
Lelui 2019-08-05
12   Tui 2 months ago

homeopathy doctor treating autism in hyderabad
pl give references of homeopathy doctors in hyderabad with considerable understanding

mamsnu 2006-10-26
44   maheeru 2 months ago

Autoimmune hepatitis
Hello A very close friend of mine is suffering from Autoimmune hepatitis. With steroids,
abpapa 2019-08-06
1   homeo_helper 2 months ago

Hypersensitive threw to high potnecie
Dear Friends, I took a too high potencie from Lilim Tigrinum and react now

lucawi 2019-06-30
43   maheeru 2 months ago

Perthes Disease
Hi, My Daughter has been diagnosed with Perthes disease. any Help is much appreciated at
Lauretta26 2019-07-31
5   Lauretta26 2 months ago

Consultation required from Dr Jitesh only for ADHD patient (with a brief history of tonic-clonic and absence seizure)
Dear Dr Jitesh, My name is Aqueel, and with this post, I seek your support for my son
Muzammil ADHD 2019-05-15
6   HealthyWorld 2 months ago

Chronic nausea, vomits problem
Hello is there any good dr who can take up my case with great attention care and symptoms
Sarmadqm 2019-08-05
2   simone717 2 months ago

How to take Merc Sol after Thuja?
Hi Doctors, I would like to know the gap between thuja and merc sol. thuja works on me

ganapathi1 2019-06-19
13   maheeru 2 months ago

Re: Tight breathing (dyspnea )
I am looking for a cell salt remedy that will help with tight breathing. I need immediate
Jazmina1 2019-07-29
7   Jazmina1 2 months ago

Difference between Sabal Serrata (original) and Serral Serrata High Alcohol
Ho, does anyone know the difference between the original tinctures and the “high
Soojoardai 2019-08-03
3   maheeru 2 months ago

Stretch marks-kindly help
stretch marks in chest,upper back area..they are there after weight loss for 3-4 years..
Ourgia 2019-07-29
1   maheeru 2 months ago

Crocus sativus
In which case of mental illness crocus sativus is

loko 2019-07-30
24   simone717 2 months ago

Digestive track disorder of my 4 month kitten
Please i need help. I have 4 month female kitten from 5 days she is not eating any thing
menu 2019-08-02
5   Tui 2 months ago