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Severe lower back pain during menstruation
46 Year old Female having severe lower back pain during menstruation. Periods are
rishia 2021-05-26
2   rishia 2 months ago

1 Itching for no apparent reason 2 cant sleep because of itching 3 Liver enzymes
salnas 2021-04-10
7   salnas 2 months ago

Anxiety, loose self confidence, fear, Bipolar, depression
Age : 29 Male Occupation - Graphic Designer Prediabetic History - bipolar disorder, ocd
sanchit011 2021-05-25
2   sanchit011 2 months ago

Self confidence and weak memory
I am really disturbed with my memory and self confidence . The thing is my husband
swati472 2021-05-25
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Eyelids problems when riding on bike or even on draft of air froma open window of car
Hello to all. God bless and wishing you all healthiness A 33 yo man, from childhood, of
Srb888 2021-05-25
2   Srb888 2 months ago

preauricular sinus ...
hi everyone out there....can anyone tell me that is there any treatment of infected
richirich 2008-03-14
5   Kaps 2 months ago

gastric mucosal prolapse - gerd and ibs
Hi Dr, This is Krish from India, I am suffering from very severe Acid Reflux - GERD
Krish1 2020-06-08
3   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Hi I have come across Arnica 6c wet dosage for gerd. Just want to know they after mixing

Sweety3 2017-05-15
40   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Wisdom Tooth has cyst
Hi I have attached a copy of for the X-ray of my wife’s teeth she has a wisdom
Skhosla1 2021-05-02
9   Skhosla1 2 months ago

I have a pterygium that extends over the cornea almost to the pupil. I have had it since
sister1 2021-05-23
4   sister1 2 months ago

Nosodes correspondence
Hi All., I would like to ask anybody , what nosode corresponds to the remedy Hepar
Albert 2021-05-22
2   Albert 2 months ago

Medorrnhum following staph
After good success with staph been told to take med 30c to clear remaining bits Heard
Ideal56 2021-05-22
4   Ideal56 2 months ago

Eye strain after watching mobile and computer,
Dear sir I am 36 years old male from Bihar From last 6 month eye strain problem get
Nitesh Kamal 2021-05-22
1   mrmhm 2 months ago

The dreaded BLACK FUNGUS infection.
The dreaded BLACK FUNGUS infection. Homeopathic remedies that can help. The Department of
anuj srivastava 2021-05-22
no replies yet

hypoxia covid 19.
anuj srivastava 2021-05-05
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

epidemic remedy for children.cina
Last line for the remedy *CINA* in the *Allen's Keynotes* "Is frequently to
anuj srivastava 2021-05-22
no replies yet

Headache in left temple
Headache in left temple. My left ear mastoditiets operation is done before 4 years. 3
pguri 2021-05-17
7   mrmhm 2 months ago

Cat with stomatitis
Hi, my 12 year old cat has stomatitis. This is a very painful inflammation of the gums
lussi 2020-03-18
7   Catlover1 2 months ago

Dry hot skin
Hello doctor, Please suggest a remedy for dry hot skin with needling sensation. A need
hpadda 2021-05-17
1   Kaps 2 months ago

Problem with sour food. Need advice Dr Anuj
Hello Dr Anuj, My mother who is 63 years old has developed issue with sour food in last
mayankgates 2021-05-20
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

PVD Homeopathic Help
Hi, I've been diagnosed with Posterior Vitreous Detachment, in both eyes. Most
Montana1 2021-05-19
2   Montana1 2 months ago

Painful muscle spasms in my legs at night
I've been struggling since I hit menopause with muscle aches and pains which get
Angellica 2021-05-19
5   Angellica 2 months ago

IVF and Gallstone management
Hi, i'm trying to have a baby. i have one gallstone of 20mm. currently im using
m3rriam 2021-05-19
6   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Pain in testis
My testis feel a bit pain at bottom which move to back. I was told that it occurs due to
Hamza4 2021-05-18
3   mrmhm 2 months ago

Penile sensitivity 2021-05-19
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago