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caff muscle pain
caff muscle pain during sleep.releived by pressure or masage which medicine should be take
keya saha1 2018-09-26
3   anuj srivastava 6 months ago

Dry cough with mild runny nose, cough worse at night
Hi, Question for my 6yo daughter and myself (44yo dad). My kids and me have a tendency to
falcon74 2018-09-26
3   falcon74 6 months ago

Homeopathic presctiption for increase in height
Sir,, My daughter is 15 year old.her height is 5.4.her father height is 5'11 and her
geetika1 2018-09-13
1   Dr R Basu 6 months ago

Sleepless nights and days
Hi I am facing problem sleeping. I cannot sleep for a hour since two weeks now I took whi
Inhuman2493 2018-09-25
1   Dr R Basu 6 months ago

Please help me with LM potency Opium treatment for right side paralysis
I am a stroke survivor for the past 18 months with right side paralysis. My motor function
sundu63 2018-09-05
7   Tui 6 months ago

anxiety -help
dear doctor i am 33 years old man weighting around 90 kg and 5 feet 7 inch in height.i am
ronin1 2018-09-19
3   Tui 6 months ago

Pain fever
Pain in right hypochondrium ,even on side and back ribs.(right) Low grade fever often, sta
vishu30 2018-09-26
1   anuj srivastava 6 months ago

Best Indian made pure stevia powder
A relative of mine who has diabetes is looking for stevia..the net is full of manufacturer
andy_65_in 2018-09-26
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Diagnosed Multiple kidney stones
Hello Doctor, Again I'm diagnosed with kidney stones and below is the usg report.
Bhudec86 2018-09-26
3   Tui 6 months ago

Bleeding in back of eye
I see black shreds of lace in right eye. One spot is quite a size. The others look like ti
SallySmart 2018-09-26
1   Tui 6 months ago

Piles swelling
Sir, I have 2nd grade piles from last 4 years. Two lumps comes out at the time of st
Sandipan 2018-09-25
3   Tui 6 months ago

Help for 5 year after many remedies failed
My five year old has been treated by four homeopathic doctors since he was two. Some may
ivey465 2018-09-23
7   AsadGhumman 6 months ago

advice;argentum nitricum 200 dosage
hello doc.. can any homeopathic doc advice me on the dosage and frequency of using homeop
Sturfirv 2018-09-19
3   simone717 6 months ago

External hemmrhoids
Hi I am 30 year male I got suffered from bleeding piles at the age of 16..... I had some
Tarp21 2018-09-14
6   Tarp21 6 months ago

guilt and shame
Hi! Something happened here about 40 days ago regarding me and my only son, about exams fo

alina_arh69 2018-09-09
30   Tui 6 months ago

Sexual disorder and Chronic diarrhea
Male patient age 48. Thirty-five years ago indulged in sexual activities . Due to that bad
mmohdfarook 2018-09-23
4   Tui 6 months ago

Looking for maheeru
Hi I’m just wondering if maheeru is back on the forum yet?
rom109 2018-09-24
no replies yet

General anxiety
Helo. I m male 37 year old. I m suffering with general anxiety in day time and insomania a
bhoot420 2018-09-23
1   anuj srivastava 6 months ago

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, ring finger and little finger numbness, tingling
I am 40 yers old suffering from cubital tunnel syndrome about two weeks, please help

osama78 2018-08-31
16   anuj srivastava 6 months ago

Dr Reva V- needs help with Fibromyalgia
Hi Dr. Reva V, I have fibromyalgia. I have inflammation on my body with pain all over. I

libra18 2018-06-12
30   Reva V 6 months ago

gum jaw discomfort
My husband is in his late 50's. He has a pain in his upper left molars in the root o
penny3 2018-09-21
5   homeo_helper 6 months ago

3 years old boy an d restless legs at nights
My 3 year old son has restless legs at night. Namely, he wakes up several times during the
marita2 2018-09-23
1   Tui 6 months ago

Increased sgpt/sgot levels
Im male 53 yr ht 178 cm wt 85 kg...recent bloid test both sgpt/sgot level registered at 80

andy_65_in 2018-09-08
16   Tui 6 months ago

knukle cracking sound in knee joint
I am 50 year,176 cm ,61 kg lean male.my left knee making frequently cracking sound when I
Bavara 2018-09-22
3   Tui 6 months ago

GERD, Indigestion, Mild constipated
Hello, I am 36 yrs old men, weigh 82 kgs height 5ft 8 inches. i have been suffering from
anshul3 2018-09-21
3   homeo_helper 6 months ago

open pores and dull face.
I am a male of 26 yrs age. my problem is that my face is full of open pores and its gettin
shusain2991 2018-09-22
1   homeodr 6 months ago

Medicine for Neck Pain
Dear Sir, I am suffering from neck pain especially in the center of the neck. I think the
s4saleem 2018-09-22
1   anuj srivastava 6 months ago

frequnt urination day time with every 30 minute
i am 29 year old, Men,i have problem of frequnt urination day time with every 30 minutes.
nk111 2018-09-16
5   simone717 6 months ago

What foods you should avoids in diabetes by Homeopathy4all?
The caloric requirement for people with moderate physical activity is approximately 35 kca
raheelahmed 2018-09-19
1   Dr R Basu 6 months ago

Dr Basu...please help..My Husband is going crazy
My husband is aged 39...Have tinnitus since Feb 2018...There is no hearing loss..Is there

sakshirohra 2018-08-31
18   Dr R Basu 6 months ago

some pimple like thing has grown up in my nose side but theyhave no pain and dont look lik
sanghamitra nayak 2018-09-20
3   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Bad effect on self medication
Hi, I was using narsgimba rasayan, I used for a week or so then I started to realize that
Inhuman2493 2018-09-12
5   homeo_helper 7 months ago

For Dr. maheeru - sulphar anti doting
for dr. maheeru - sulphar anti doting I am suffering from Sulphar aggravation or side effe
Mr123 2018-09-14
3   Srini3553 7 months ago

Sleep problem after giving up allopathic medicines
I want taking psychiatric medicines at night time which were helpful in inducing sleep. No
Irshad1 2018-08-25
8   Irshad1 7 months ago

Merc Sol & Silica
Hello, I have recently taken several doses of Silica 30 hoping to improve my receding gu
kiki2 2018-09-18
1   kadwa 7 months ago

Medial Meniscus Tear recovery
I'm scheduled for surgery next friday and was wondering what I could take to speed up
smr1619 2018-09-19
1   Tui 7 months ago

front tooth
Hello, For the past few years my front left tooth has been giving me discomfort. When I w
penny3 2018-09-12
5   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

anxiety pannic attacks
helo to all respected doctors.sir I am 33 year male.married and I m suffering from anxiety
bhoot420 2014-04-13
2   bhoot420 7 months ago

Pinched nerve right hand last two fingers tingling and numbness
Hi, Iam 40 years old, i have pinched nerve, causing numbness and tingling my last two fin
osama78 2018-09-19
3   Tui 7 months ago

Uric acid high
Hi sir, My SGPT is high 52 since 2 months. SGOT and all other parameters are normal. But
Abish 2018-09-19
1   Tui 7 months ago

High Cholestrol and Uric Acid
I am now 39 Years old. 5 years back , when i checked my boold (fasting) , Total cholestrol
jamesalothu 2008-11-16
2   Abish 7 months ago

Stomach Pain
Hello all doctors & experts need help in this regard. Since 6 months , i have been suf

manaal 2018-07-31
39   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Hi my son is 12 year old, he has attention issues please help me to find a remedy for him.
pinkyM 2018-09-18
1   HealthyWorld 7 months ago

Absent minded child
My 10 year old son is very absent minded.We have to repeat and reinforce things many times
mom6yearold 2018-09-14
4   simone717 7 months ago

Knee and ankle pain
It's been 4 years , consulted diff doctors No dvt no gout No esr count high No ra No
dpnctl 2018-09-18
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Numerous health issues at young age
Hello Doctor! I am 30 year old male I am suffering from disc herniation l3-l4, l4-l5, l5-S
adit789 2018-09-18
1   Tui 7 months ago

Submit Your homeopathy clinic for directory listing
It is hereby informing you all that Livehomeo com recently started a homeopathy clinic lis
livehomeo1 2018-09-18
no replies yet

Dr. Maheeru please suggest medicine for normal delivery
Hello Dr. Maheeru, I have read your posts about tissue salt for normal and smooth deliver

mariz 2018-03-16
94   mariz 7 months ago

Pain and burning in ball of foot
On the ball of my left foot Metatarsal I have pain and burning sensation. In fact both my
Sungho1 2018-08-18
3   Sungho1 7 months ago

Toe nail fungus
I have been having big toe nail fungus infection for many years. The nail is not attached
Sungho1 2018-09-06
9   Sungho1 7 months ago

Question to Dr. Antivirus (Additional information related to previous post)
I'm 28 years old. 185cm (6.1ft) height, 68 kg weight. I used to masturbation daily fo

alik 2017-09-20
61   alik 7 months ago

lipoma cure help
hello doctors, its been 3-4 years since I am suffering from lipoma problem. there are lipo

ghostas 2018-08-07
22   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Junior Athlete cannot play in front of power figures
My generally anxious kid, who is a great junior tennis athlete, cannot seem to play in fro

wireless1 2018-07-26
120   Mister4 7 months ago

Kind attn of Dr. Maheeru. I am the CKD Patient.
Dr. Maheeru. I am the CKD patient M.Srinivasa who e-mailed all my details, and you were k

Srini3553 2018-06-14
30   Srini3553 7 months ago

Sulphur 1000ch Aggravation.
‌I have taken 5 globules of sulphur 1m for one day prescribed by doctor for skin itch
Iarpou 2018-09-15
6   Reva V 7 months ago

I am male 64y, and a last 7y I suffer from PD. According to doctor perscription I am using
ana4 2018-09-15
3   Tui 7 months ago

lipoma cure
hello doctors, I am a 24 year unmarried male. there is lipoma around my belly and hand an
ghostas 2018-04-24
8   Tui 7 months ago

Dear All, I started to feel afraid aprox. when I was 14 y old.Since then and now
Albert 2018-09-16
2   Albert 7 months ago

Doctors: Please, some help.
Dear doctors, How long do a person has to wait to take sulphur 30ch after having taked ca
julia2 2018-09-16
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Pituitary Macroadenoma tumor
I mahesh singh, age 40 years is suffering from pituitary macroadenoma (benign) tumor and
Mahesh Singh 2018-09-16
1   simone717 7 months ago

antidote aconite
I was using aconite30 to antidote sepia which was aggravating badly. The sepia effect is r
vandy 2007-06-11
5   Ddsramesh7 7 months ago

k/a dr tui
Pls help my 10 month old baby For my 10 month old baby Patient ID: Ambu Sex: F Age: 10
venusonearth 2018-09-10
6   venusonearth 7 months ago

URGENT: Toddler with speech issues
Hello everyone My grand daughter is 3.9 and does not say a single word. She was evaluted a

Sueeti68 2018-09-07
16   Tui 7 months ago

Disc Bulge L4-S1 & L5 and Vericocele Vein
I have pain in my lower back and I was asked for an MRI. It suggest there is a disc bulge
Aquib81 2018-09-13
4   Aquib81 7 months ago

Do homeopathic eye drops work systemically?
I have eye drops which have sulphur and graphites in them. Do these drops only work for t
ababona 2018-09-13
1   ababona 7 months ago

Cold Cough Mucous
Present issue Cold n cough from last 4/5 days. Mucous is yellowish and copius. Also from

Zoimp 2018-09-10
16   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Use of Ginkgo Biloba
I am suffering from schizophrenia for the last 23 years. I am under allopathic medications
Irshad1 2018-04-05
9   katsumi 7 months ago

Hormones and pain
It is possible aching joints or muscles could be linked to your menstrual cycle. And if so
Brittany 2018-09-14
1   Tui 7 months ago

Hearing loss with air filled in ear
For many years I have had air filling my ears like when one goes to high altitude. When I
Sungho1 2018-09-14
1   Tui 7 months ago

Dr kadwa help me plz
Bleeding gum toothbrush ke time bohot bleeding hora or jab face wash kar ra tab bhi muh me
sourabh24 2018-09-14
1   sourabh24 7 months ago

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