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Agaricus Phalloides

Agaric Phalloides, Hall, Agar-ph.

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HPUS indication of Agaricus Phalloides: Cold sweat

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Agaricus Phalloides in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Cholera, cramps in stomach, cold extremities, urine suppressed.

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Talking, conversation; answers not lucid; slowly

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Extremities, limbs

Movements and positions

convulsion; convulsive movement

convulsion; upper limbs; extending to trunk (torso)

Skin; discoloration; upper limbs; bluish-grey

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Agaricus Phalloides

Ant-t > general
Antimonium Tartaricum is another powerful emetic. I can remember the time when the old allopaths used it almost as generally as the botanics did Lobelia inflata, to "clean out the stomach." Now-a-days, washing out the stomach by lavage, and the rectum and colon by enemas, according to "Hall's method," is quite fashionable, and is withal much more sensible, inasmuch as they are so lame in their therapeutics.

Agar > relationships
Compare: Muscarine, the alkaloid of Agaricus (has much power over secretions, increasing lachrymal, salivary, hepatic, etc., but diminishing renal; probably neurotic in origin, stimulating the terminal fibres of the secretory nerves of all these structures, hence Salivation, lachrymation and excessive perspiration. Atropia exactly opposes Muscarine. Resembles Pilocarpine in action.) Agaricus Muscarius VERNUS- spring mushroom - a variety of Agaricus Phalloides - Death cup - active principle is PHALLIN< active like Muscarine. Amanita phalloides(Death Cup - Deadly Agaric.) The poison is a toxalbumin, resembling the poison in the rattle snake and the poison excreted by the cholera and diphtheria germs. It acts on the red blood corpuscles, dissolving them so that blood escapes into the alimentary canal and the whole system is drained. The amount of this toxic principle is small, even handling of specimens and breathing of spores affects some people unpleasantly. The poison is slow in development. Even 12 to 20 hours after taking it the patient feels all right, but vertigo violent choleraic symptoms with rapid loss of strength with death the second or third day, preceded by stupor and spasms. Fatty degeneration of liver, heart and kidneys, hemorrhages in lungs, pleura and skin (Dr. J. Schier). Vomiting and purging. Continuous urging to stool, but no gastric, abdominal or rectal PAIN. Intense thirst for cold water, dry skin. Lethargic but mentally clear. Sharp changes from rapid to slow and from slow to rapid breathing, extreme collapse, suppressed urine, but NO cold extremities or cramps.) Agaric. Emet ( severe vertigo; all symptoms Better, cold water; longing for ice-water; gastritis cold sweat, vomiting sensation as if stomach was suspended on a string. TAMUS (chilblains and freckles). Cimic.; Cann-i.; Hyos.; Tarantula.

Verat > relationships
Compare: Veratrinum - alkaloid from seed of Sabadilla. - (electric pains, electric shocks in muscles, fibrillary twitchings); Cholos terrapina (cramps in calves); Camph.; Cupr.; Ars.; Cuprum Ars ( Intermittent, cold, clammy sweat); narcissus poeticus (gastro-enteritis with much griping and cutting pain in bowels. Fainting, trembling, cold limbs, small and irregular pulse); Trichosanthes - (diarrhoea, pain in liver, dizziness after every stool); Agaric. Emetic ( Vertigo; longing for ice-cold water; burning pains in stomach); Agaric Phalloides (cholera, cramps in stomach, cold extremities, urine suppressed). Veratrine (Increased vascular tension. It relaxes it and stimulates the elimination of toxins by skin, kidneys, and liver).

x-r > skin
To quote now from Dr. Hall-Edwards "The disease generally makes its first appearance in the form of a mild erythema around the roots of the nails.

Arg-n > appendix
1, Hahnemann, R. A. M. L., 4, 340; 2, "J.", 22 years old man, OEst. Zeitschrift, 2, 1; 3, "H.", man, 23 years old, ibid.; 4, "M.", man, 36 years old, ibid.; 5, "P.", woman, 30 years old, ibid.; 6, "N.", girl, 18 years old, ibid.; 7, "E.", man, 20 years old, ibid.; 8, "K. M.", boy, 7 years old, ibid.; 9, Graves, ibid. (quoted from Hygea, 9, 135); 10, Th. Hall, ibid. (Med. and Phys. Journ., 1800), given to a woman for convulsions; 11, Moll, ibid. (Handbuch d. Pharmak.); 12, Stuppe, ibid. (Inaug. Dissert.); 13, Oesterlen, ibid. (Handbuch d. Hidmittellehre); 14, (Bull. de Thérap.), ibid.; 15, (Gazette d. Santé), ibid.; 16, Étienne St. Marie, ibid.; 17, (Med. Chir. Zeit.), ibid.; 18, Moodie, ibid. (Med. and Phys. Journ.), general statement; 19, Gesnerius (De Secretis remed.), ibid.; 20, Westphal., ibid. (Miscell. Nat. Curios.); 21, Blancard, ibid. (Die neue Scheidek.); 22, Boyle, ibid.; 23, Nasse, ibid.; 24, Boerhaave, ibid.; 25, Hildegardis, ibid.; 26, Kinglake, ibid. (Lond. Med. and Phys. Journ.), given to a man for epilepsy; 27, Schneider, ibid. (Hufelands, J.); 28, Balardini, ibid.; 29, Hoffmann, ibid.; 30, Barn, ibid.; 31, Michaelis, ibid.; 32, Ebers, ibid.; 33, Cappe, ibid.; 34, Burdach, ibid.; 35, Richter, ibid.; 36, Wedemeyer, ibid.; 37, Badley, ibid.; 38, De Lens, ibid.; 39, Fodéré, ibid.; 40, Currie, ibid.; 41, Tanchon, ibid.; 42, Glauber, ibid.; 43, Venat, ibid.; 44, Gutceit, ibid.; 45, Brown (Lond. Med. Gaz., 1834), ibid.; 46, Hudson, ibid.; 47, Smith (Lond. Med. Gaz., 1837), ibid.; 48, Meyer, ibid.; 49, Roget, ibid.; 50, Kopp, ibid.; 51, Frank, ibid.; 52, Hering, Hom. v. Jahrschrift, 10, 343; 53, Lembke, N. Z. f. H. K., 11, 130 (20 drops of a solution of 1 grain to 1 ounce of water); 54, J. O. Muller, Z. f. Hom. Aezte. OEst., 1, 45 (10 drops of 6 dil.); 55, Krahmer (Monograph), Review in A. H. Z., 29, 62, took small doses, and once 1/4 grain; 56, Schachert, Dissertation d. Arg. nit. (Review, A. H. Z., 29, 74), took 1/8 grain; 57, Gaz. Med., 1832 (Rust's Mag., 40, and A. H. Z, 5, 133); 58, Gamberini, Med. Neuigkeiten (A. H. Z., Mon. Bl., 3, 29); 59, Poumarede, Journ. d. Chim. Méd., 1839; 60, Barbier, Trait. d. Mat. Méd.; 61, Lombard, Gaz. Méd. d. Paris, 1832; 62, Köchlin, Wirkung. d. Metall.; 63, Debeney, Recueil d. Mem. d. Méd., 1843, injection of 12 grains in a healthy urethra; 64, Dawosky, Journ. d. Méd., etc., 1856; 65, Balardini, Omodei Annali d. Med., 1826; 66, Scattergood, Brit. Med. J., 1871, fatal poisoning of a boy.

Ars > appendix
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Crot-t > appendix
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Kali-chl > appendix
28, Dr. J. Lewis Smith, Med. Record, vol. xiii, 1878, p. 397; 29, Dr. Hall, ibid.; (30 to 38, A. Jocobi, M.D., ibid., vol. xv., p. 240, collection of cases); 30, Seeligmüller reports fatal case of a boy, aet. six years; 31, Lacombe, a man took 1 ounce instead of Sulphate of magnesia; 32, Jacobi took single 1/2 ounce and 6-drachm doses; 33, Dr. Fountain experimented on himself, taking over 1 ounce; 34, Dr. Krackowizer, a young lady was told to use a mouth-wash and gargle of 1 ounce, but she swallowed the whole; (35 to 38, Conrad Küster, D. Zeit. f. prak. Med., 1877, No. 33); 35, a woman, aet. twenty years, vigorous, for mild angina had a strong solution for gargling and internal use; 36, a man, aet. thirty years, for trifling maculated diphtheritic angina, had a strong solution as a gargle, and took lime-water internally; 37, a boy, aet. three years, for same disease, gargle and administration of the Chlorate; 38, a girl, aet. four years, for mild angina, gargles and administration of the Chlorate.

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