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Sassafras Officinale, Sass.

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Mag-gla > general
with a feeling as if she had swallowed food without chewing, and it distressed her stomach." In a doctor it "increased the pain of inflammatory gout;" and "evidently increased the paroxysm of a pain which came on every afternoon." The Treasury of Botany says "M. glauca is a low-growing, deciduous tree, called in America Swamp Sassafras, from the nature of the locality in which it grows, and from the resemblance in its properties to Laurus sassafras. It is also called Beaver-tree, because the root is eaten by beavers, which animals also make use of the wood in constructing their nests.".

Cocc > relationships
Compare Aco., Act. r.; Ant. c. (gastralgia), Agar. (somnolency), Ant. t., Ars., Bell., Calc., Carb. v. (parotitis), Cham., Coff., Cupr., Ign. (headache), Ip., Iod., Lach., Merc., Mosch., Nitr., Nux mos. (somnolency), Oleand., Petr., Puls. (headache), Rhus, Sabi., Sassafras, Scutel., Silic., Stram., Tab., Val., Ver. In effects from noise, Nux, Nit. ac. Sense of lightness, Asar., Can. ind., Calc., Gels., Sticta, Sil., Thuj.; menstrual sick headache, Lac. def.; fear of ghosts, Aco., Ars., Bro., Carb. v., Lyc., Pho., Pul., Sul., Zn. Umbilical hernia, Nux (without urging, Bry., Nat. mur., Ver.); agg. from kneeling, Mag. c., Sep.; nausea constant, Ip., Kali c., Sul., Ign., Acet. ac.; uterine spasm, dysmenia, dark flow, Ign. (Coccul. is distinguished by having weak, lame feeling in small of back; as if about to be paralysed; trembles on beginning to walk); weak from talking, Ver., Sul., Calc.; functional paralysis from fatigue or mental emotions, Ign., Pho., Nat. m., Collins.; in occipital headache, Gels., jug. c. Weakness of neck muscles, Ant. t.; amel. putting head back, Seneg. (agg., Clem., Cinnab.).

Rhus-t > appendix
99, Dr. D. S. Kimball, Hempel's Jahr's New Manual, Appendix, p. 1041, effects on Dr. K. of gathering and preparing some of the Tox; 100, J. H. Sherman, M.D., New Eng. Med. Gaz., vol. xi, 1876, p. 407, a lady was poisoned; 101, H. M. Logee, M.D., Cincin. Med. Advance, vol. vi, 1878, p. 168, Mrs. W., a healthy woman, aged sixty years, drank a cup of sassafras tea, in which were some roots of Rhus rad., Friday evening, and rather more than a cupful the next morning; (102 to 105, from J. Murray Moore, M.D., Annals of Brit. Hom. Soc., Aug., 1878 (Amer. Hom. Obs., vol., xv, 1878, p. 465), effects of Rhus diversiloba); 102, Dr. Max Werder gives a case of poisoning; 103, E. B. M., a lady, aged twenty-five years, was poisoned by exposure to the shrub; 104, John W., aged twenty-three years, lay down among the shrubs while sweating, and once or twice relieved his bladder there; 105, Wilson K., aged ten years, plucked some leaves.