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One more question,
I do have just a few, barely noticable pimples on my forehead that do contain pus which comes out when I squeeze them. (Even though I know I shouldn't) I also have a very big one on my temple. But besides that I'm having a lot of improvement, but I was wondering if it would be okay, or if it would be harmful to put my 'tea tree oil concoction' on my forehead. I had been using htat before because I had read that eucalyptus and tea tree oils, along with witch hazel all have healing or cleansing properties. The solution I made is one part witch hazel, one part of each of the other two oils. So it's all evenly mixed.
Sally Lue last decade
I'm sorry to be asking so many questions, but thanks for bearing with me in my ignorance. I was wondering if it would hurt if I kept using the Arnica 30 instead of switching, since that's what I have here.
Sally Lue last decade
It is absolutely essential that you do not pop the few pimples that occur today. You will only help to spread the infection.

No other concoctions are needed to ensure a permanent cure.

You must get the Arnica 6c and the SIlicea 6x ASAP as I believe that it is now time to change over to the new therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
I will get the two remedies ASAP. I have Silica 30c here at my house, and I've mixed it like the Arnica. Should I continue to take these things until I can obtain the right remedies? I will refrain from picking at my face.
Sally Lue last decade
Silicea 30c is NOT a replacement for 6x.

You must not take the 30c for your problem.
Joe De Livera last decade
You said: Silicea 30c is not a replacement for my 6x, I must take 30c for my problem...did you mean you must take 6x for my problem?
I will get the right remedies asap, but it might be a few days before I can obtain those, because the pharmacy I have been going recently for my homeopathic stuff just got the homopathic line recently, and it's not a natural food place or anything, so they only carry 30c of everything. I will have to got to the natural foods place where I used to get all my homeopathic things.

Thanks again!
Sally Lue last decade

It is time you spent some time in reading the instructions that are given to you by me and others to help cure your Acne, CAREFULLY.

If you have read my instructions above in this manner you will see that you have completely misinterpreted them.

You must appreciate that I have spent more time in trying to instruct you that I have with others and unless you wish to read my instructions carefully and act accordingly, you will compel me to ignore them in the future.
Joe De Livera last decade
I read with interest that Arnica helps acne. But, I have a doubt. Homeopathy is to treat the real casue and not the symptoms alone. Am I right? Acne is mainly due to hormonal problem. So, irregular periods for the ladies has to be taken into consideration.
muruganrsa last decade
I'm sorry Mr. De Livera,
I have read all of your instructions very carefully, and I've clung to your every word to try to get rid of this acne. I did happen to misread ONE of your posts, and I'm sorry that I did not pay closer attention to that. I have a whole lot on my mind from play practice to final projects for this year, and I would like your forgiveness for reading one post wrong.

I know you're probably very busy, and if you feel you're wasting your time instructing me because I read ONE post wrong, please feel free to stop, even though I immensly appreciate your valuable time and help.

I'm sorry if you feel I am any less able to follow directions than others, but I have been working with homeopathy for quite some time (obviously no where near the amount of time you have) I've got to go, I'll finish this post later.
Sally Lue last decade
Previous post continued...I feel some of your frustration with me may come from the fact that I ask so many questions...I have been interested in homeopathy for quite some time like I said earlier, and I'm a very inquisitive and eager learner, and I'm trying to learn all I can from this. If you would like me to stop asking so many questions, just let me know, and I will honor that request.

I feel there was some disrespect in your post. Regardless of my age or yours, I would appreciate it greatly if you could be a bit more respectful. I may be going overboard on the respect thing, but I was brought up that way. I would like to say once again I have read all the information supplied by you and others very carefully. I happened to read ONE post wrong late at night. I wish for you to keep instructing me on how to cure my acne, if you feel you have time. I would like no hard feelings between us either.

So, now that we are back on the right foot (hopefully) I have again, another question. (Like I said before, just let me know if I go overboard on the questions.) Can you make any remedy in the liquid form, like you said to do with Arnica? I won't be able to get the right potencies until Sunday. Should I continue taking the Arnica 30c and the Silica 30c even though Silica 30 is no replacement for 6x? When I get the 6x, should I make that into a liquid form?

I am the kind of person who feels they need to repay everyone for everything they've done for me, so, I will probably keep thanking you excessively.

Thanks again!
Yours Truly,
Most Bothersome Sally Lue
Sally Lue last decade
To Muruganrsa,
That is a very very good question. I'm not really sure how to answer that. When Joe De Livera comes back to this fourm, maybe he can explain...
Sally Lue
Sally Lue last decade
Hi Sally

Where have you got this thing for Silicea 30 from?

Joe is saying you need an entirely different potency than this , you need the 6x.

Think some stress and tiredness going on.

Good sleep in order !

Take care
carlotta last decade
Thanks Carlotta,
I wasn't sure if Silicea 30 would be good as a temporary substitute, just until I can get the 6x. I know their entirely different potencies. I do have some stress and tiredness going on. I have the main roll in a play coming up on the 12-13 of May.

To Joe, Carlotta, and anyone else:
Some of my old scars are turning into hard, raised bumps. Any ideas? Will Silicea help that too? (When I get the right potency)

Thanks all!
Sally Lue last decade
OK Sally, no hard feelings.

It is just that you cannot replace one remedy or a potency with another as they all have specific uses in Homeopathy to help an ailment.

You may ask all the questions you wish to but it is essential that you do not confuse yourself by taking the wrong potency. I remember that you were taking Arnica 6x instead of 6c or 30c that I had prescribed a few days ago.

Silicea 6x is the triturated remedy meaning that it is ground in to the lacctose instead of being poetentized homeopathically. You will get this remedy in tablets and you must take the whole tablet as it cannot be taken in the wet dose like the Arnica 30c.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe!
Like I said, I'll obtain the right potencies as soon as possible. It probably won't be until Sunday though, because the natural foods place is by our church, and my mom really wants to watch how much she's driving because of gas prices being so high.
Sally Lue last decade
One more thing Joe,
I seem to be developing several large, red, raised bumps that appear to be something like cystic acne on my back, as well as some scars becoming raised an hard. Do you have any ideas?

Sally Lue last decade
The Arnica I prescribed should help to resolve both your acne and your 'raised bumps'. Are you sure that they were not due to some contusion injury during play ?

You can safely take a teaspoonful nightly after your acne is resolved for as long as you like. You will experience its 'magical' properties of changing your life when you will feel more vitally alive as I have done for the last 10 years when I took it nightly.

What is the cost of fuel in the US today ?
Joe De Livera last decade
I am up yet again with stress related insomnia. Ah well, I think I just have to except that. I fuel prices where I live have been changing quite a bit from day to day, but right now it's about 2.80-3.00 dollars a gallon. How are the prices in Sri Lanka? I know Europe is quite a bit more expensive than here, but I really don't know a whole lot about Sri Lanka. I should make it a priority to learn more about Sri Lanka this summer when I have less going on. I think learning more about any country would be very interesting.

So, back on subject. I'm pretty sure my bumps aren't due to any injuries, but I suppose I could be wrong. I will definitely keep taking the Arnica. I have occasional breakouts in spots on my back, like right now I have about a three inch patch of skin on my lower back that's got alot of acne, but the is working wonderfully over all. I can't believe this property of Arnica isn't more commonly know. Have you had any experiences with anyone where it hasn't worked? I mean, maybe it's just certain types that benefit from Arnica so well. I could be wrong, but it just seems strange that there's this wonderful as you say 'magical' remedy out there that not many people know the properties of.

I know I'm kind of rambling on, so you really don't have to read the rest of this post, because I'll probably just ramble on some more, because I'm trying to take my mind off of my insomnia and stress, because if I really think about how late it is, I'll probably start really stressing, and my heart rate will go up...then it will be almost impossible for me to sleep.

My dad is driving me crazy. He is sure he's looking ten years younger because of the Arnica. He has been having me make him quite a few bottles of Arnica solution which he consumes in a few days. I've tried to tell him many times that he only needs a teaspoon once a day, but of course he's not listening.

I did google your name, Joe De Livera, and it came up with about 800 results. I didn't have the time (or patience) to sift through 800 results, but I do intend to read more about your homeopathic ideas when I get the chance, because it does seem to work better than homeopathy I've tried. What really got my parents turned on to homeopathy, and then later me was when I was very young, I have very very severe ear infections. They would just keep coming back, and they wouldn't go away. I was going to have to have tubes put in my ears pretty soon to drain the fluid, but my parents found out about homeopathy, and we went to a homeopath in our area, and they prescribed Sulfer (can't remember the potency) and that got rid of the ear infection. I've never had another ear infection since.

I'm running out of things to say, and if you're still reading this, you've probably run out of interest. I want to thank you once again for your time and valuable help. The internet is such a wonderful thing. I just find it sort of funny that the homeopath I consult with most often lives in Sri Lanka. I am going to attempt sleep again.

I'll keep you posted on the results of the Arnica and Silica when I get the right potencies.
Sally Lue last decade

You can try this remedy for your insomnia.

Get a small radio with a sleep timer which you can place near your pillow. Tune in to the space between channels which will give a shshsh noise which is called white noise and you will be asleep in under 10 minutes. The sleep timer will switch the radio off in 15.

No stimulants -- coke, coffee, tea and of course you do not use alcohol 5 hours before sleep.

Also dont eat too much dinner as any acid in the stomach will also help to keep you awake.
Joe De Livera last decade
Ask your father to stick on to the dose prescribed by Joe. Over enthusiasm with homeopathy may endup with some unwanted reactions. Also, you can try yoga (meditation)that will relieve you of stress.
muruganrsa last decade

I am glad that Murugan warned you to ask you dad not to overdose as he can end up with other problems.

You can show him this post and tell him from me and Murugan that in Homeopathy Small is Beautiful. He does not need to drink the whole bottle as just a teaspoonful has the same effect.

He must of course succuss the bottle at least 10 times by shaking it violently to ensure bubbling which makes the contents slightly more powerful than the last dose. Shaking is supposed to energize the remedy and I have observed that this is in fact true.

I hope that others who may read this post will also use the Arnica 6c therapy to see for themselves how much better they feel on the day after the first dose. If they take it at night as I have done for 10 year + they will sleep very deeply and it is perhaps this deep sleep that permits the body to recover better.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have a big problem controlling my breakouts it seems that everyday i wake up with a new whitehead on my face. Not only am i having a problem with my acne but also the brown spot left after the pimple was either popped or went away how can i get rid of the spots from acne and how can i control it.
prof_student last decade
To Joe:
I do sleep with an air filter that makes a very similar noise, I think I just stress way to much about things. Your suggestions about to much dinner makes a lot of sense though. I did have some ice cream rather late in the evening, which probably wasn't the best idea.

To Joe and Muruganrsa:
I will definitely tell my dad he needs to stop drinking Arnica by the bottle. I'll try the meditaion thing as well.

To Prof Student:
Read this thread, especially the beginning. Follow the directions given by Joe, as well as the suggestions of others. I have had very good results taking the Arnica Joe De Livera prescribed.

Thanks all!
Sally Lue last decade
Hi Sally, another thing that may be worth lookng into is diet for its imapact on your acne - this is something i looked into in great detail and i became very interested in TCM - traditional chinese medicine and ways of looking at health / food according to basic principles (earth, wind, fire , water) (heat, cold, damp ..) and how illness is bourne out of unbalance, how we can restore balance etc, one way through our diet cos each food has certain properties (ie. cooling, thermal)..

Anyway lots of info on that and much to research, but a cause of acne , they believe , is an EXCESS of 'damp heat' , manifesting thru skin ...

Foods that cause damp in body, for those prone, include cold, wet , sweet foods - worst offender is ,actually , ice cream. V. worst when eaten at night (!! - sorry, not aiming to make you feel guilty) cos just sits in stomach ,long time to digest... And foods causing 'heat' incl. anything spicy - chilli, curry, red peppers, meats .

So in TCM , to treat acne must also address diet and 'dry' the 'damp' and cool the body, the 'heat' ... give rise to toxin in blood , lead to skin eruptions etc.

What i'm basically saying it may be worth looking into this , as it makes sense to me. Acupuncture is great for balancing too.

Late.. am tired.. but hope you well . Night X
carlotta last decade
Thanks Carlotta!
I will definitely look into that. I will also avoid eating ice cream before bed. Also, I have just developed a slightly sore throat, and I really cannot get sick right now due to this play I have coming up next Friday. If I get sick, the play cannot happen, so, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas to prevent this oncoming illness.

Sally Lue last decade
Get some Bell 30 ASAP and take 2 pellets every 2 hours under the tongue. You cannot wait for Sunday to get this if you wish to overcome your throat infection which is so far in the virus attack stage which will soon update to the bacterial attack with the usual cough.

Bell has an incredible effect of aborting the virus attack as has Ferr Phos 6x tablets for aborting a virus attack in the nose and sinus. The dose is the same for a cold -- 2 tablets every 2 hours till the discomfort and coryza cease.
Joe De Livera last decade

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