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To Pat

I noticed that you do not shake the bottle before a dose. This is very important as this aeration is succussion and lifts the potency of the water which is the remedy ever so slightly higher that it was the last time.

This is the secret of this method where the body is always given a minutely hight potency every time of the remedy and the reason why it is superior to the old method of taking the little sugar pellets for a dose.

When the bottle is finished you make a new bottle with 3 pellets and shake the bottle as many times as you think you have shaken the old bottle (within reason of course).
Joe De Livera last decade
To Alohastefi

Warm water promotes the flow of blood to the face and this is precisely what Arnica also does but internally. The increased flow on the face and of course throughout the body, washes away the debris in the delicate microscopic tissue which usually stagnates and when bacteria attack the dead tissue, gives rise to a pimple which is the infection of the hair follicle.

Arnica is truly a Miracle Remedy as it prevents the formation of a pimple and you will soon see that your skin is clear.

I have used Arnica for over 10 years nightly and at age 76 my skin is that of a teenager with no wrinkles or other signs of ageing.
Joe De Livera last decade

I am referring only to the process of dissolving the pellets.

I always shake the bottle thereafter.

Thank you.
Pat2006 last decade
I wish you could be at the play too. But, unfortunately, we are oceans apart. I wish I could meet you in person some day. Who knows, maybe we will meet. My coryza has definitely settled down. I am almost completely back to normal. I'm a bit nervous, as I am about to leave to go to get ready for the first performance, but I know it will go smoothly. Your consistent encouragement and support means the world to me. I truly hope someday I will be able to help people as you do through the miraculous art of homeopathy, and the even more important art; the bond of friendship.

I will let you know how the show goes!

To Alohastefi,
Don't ever give up on curing your acne. I was almost hopeless before I turned to homeopathy!

To Pat2006,
I love Whole Foods too. It really is a great store. You said: 'When I get well, that is the first place I'm going to.' What is it that you are suffering from? Are you having any luck curing it?
Let us know, and maybe we can assist you in recovering from whatever it is that is ailing you.
Sally Lue last decade
Hello SallyLue

Thank you for offering to help.

I love Berkely. Really miss it. I used to get out as often as possible. Love the books stores, the life style, the trees, the energy, Good Earth restaurant, the attitude there and WHOLE FOODS! Makes my hands sweating and my heart race thinking about it. LOL

I am having problems with my stomach that are affecting my throat/breathing/talking/eating/drinking and then I get really bad panic attacks driving on the freeway. I can't be on the freeway even if someone else is driving. I used to drive all over alone including San Francisco's super steep hills in a stick shift auto with no power brakes or power steering and no power windows and no air conditioning. Life was so simple without power anything. LOL

I've had to find alternate routes to get around.
I had to get rid of my stick shift auto and bought a new car with air conditioning and power everything. Even the windows have power. The air conditioning is a must for my throat, but I am getting better. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and driving stick shift was not helping at all.

Arnica has been keeping me alive and just started a couple of other remedies that are helping my throat and tremendously and hopefully my stomach also.

Keep in touch. Maybe we can grow together as we learn to help others the way Joe does.

I gave my second set of Arnica pellets away today. So I'm getting the word out about Arnica and homeopathy also.

When my throat gets better and I can talk more, everyone better watch out. I'm going to be having everyone here drinking Arnica. LOL

Feel free to write to me at my personal e-mail.
Pat2006 last decade
Sally Sue
Actually it was my third set of Arnica pellets that I gave away so far today.

But I pass out papers to others to come and visit this website.

I will have to start carrying my pellets around with me. LOL

Keep in touch.
Pat2006 last decade
hi! i am about to do my shopping for the day, and i was wondering if i could get the arnica 30c at a Central Market?

alohastefi last decade
ok! i have taken my first tea spoon of the magical water...... what do i do now? how long until i see results??

thank you!!
alohastefi last decade
Hello alohastef

Some people get a real good night sleep right after the very first dose of the magical water when they take it at bed time.

Write to me at my personal e-mail for my long story after my first dose.

Keep taking it. You will get some benefit one way or another and in some form or another!!!
Pat2006 last decade
haha wats ur personal email! email it to me..u know mine!
alohastefi last decade

Arnica is getting to you already!!! LOL

Ok. I'll write to you if not right now later.
Pat2006 last decade

How was the play and how is your acne ?
Joe De Livera last decade
To Pat2006,
I'm glad your getting better with the Arnica. I'm pretty swamped with school work and last minute things teachers try to cram in at the end of the year, but I will definitely look in to your case if I have time. I would ask Joe for suggestions as I'm only 13, and I'm obviously still learning a ton from everyone here.

To Alohastefi,
keep us posted on the results of the magic water!

To Joe,
The play went very well. We did it three times, once on Friday, and twice on Saturday. It went very well. We made a couple of mistakes, but it's not how many mistakes you make, it's how well you cover them. We all did a very good job working together on this I think. I'm sorry to see it end. Working on the play really tore down social walls and forged new friendships for a lot of people.

One of my friends who was also in the play started having symptoms very similar to the ones I was experiencing with my cold, and she was freaking out, even though she didn't have a speaking role. When she gets a little sick, she seems to think she has a life threatening illness. But she's a good kid. I happened to have some Gelsemium water with me from when I was taking it, and I gave her a does. Within 20 minutes she was feeling better. It's really amazing.

My acne is doing pretty well. There's a bit more on my nose, but I think that was due to the awful stage makeup I've been wearing all weekend. My back is looking so so. I think it's getting better, but I have to pretty much rely on other people to tell me these things, since I can't see my back very well.

I better get going, I've got to get ready for Church.

Thanks again!
Sally Lue last decade
ok, so ive taken the magical water three times now... idont see a HUGE difference yet, but it does seem to be drying up a little bit.. just a little bit. how long until i have GOOOOOD results... do u think it will be pretty clear by friday or saturday! (ihave graduation)?

alohastefi last decade
I did not realize that you had to appear in your play 3 times over and I am delighted to learn that it went very well. I'm sure that it would have broadened your mind and made you more confident of yourself.

Glad to learn that you were able to rescue another player who showed signs of catching a cold or flu. I hope you gave her some more doses of Gelsemium as this should help her to abort the virus and so avoid the cold.
I believe that you have the natural aptitude to be a good homeopath and I hope that you will think of this subject seriously which you will find fascinating.

While on this subject of colds I would like you to keep the remedies that I indicated in reserve for use as soon as you get the first signs of the virus attack. Remember that they are most effective if used as early as possible in the attack.

Colds Ferr Phos 6x
Coughs Bell 30c
Flue Gelsemium 30c
Headaches Bryonia 30c

I hope you have changed the potency of the Arnica to 6c as it is now time to do so after your acne has stabilized.

When you are sure that you are not having any new breadouts, you can then reduce the dosage to just once daily which I would recommend you take for as long as you feel that it is doing you some good. I have proved that it has done me a lot of good and many who use it including your da have confirmed this fact.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Alohastefi

As you know, Rome was not built in a day.

You have used Arnica, I hope the 30c potency in the wet dose only 3 times and you are already expecting some difference. If you have observed any, you are fortunate but this usually takes about 4 days to see some improvement. The dose is 1 teaspoonful twice daily.

You can expect some improvement in time for your graduation on Friday.
Joe De Livera last decade
ok, thanks for your help! im sorry im just soo anxious! wat should i be washin my face with?

and how long should i take the teaspoons... forever?

alohastefi last decade
WOW!! Sally

You are only 13 and you are so caring and so smart and you write so well. By the time you're my age you're going to a pro at homeopathy.

You are so fortunate to have been exposed to homeopathy at such a young age. Many people 10 times your age have never even heard of it.

Keep in touch and keep growing.
Pat2006 last decade

how long did you use teh arnica water?

ur 13..im 14!

alohastefi last decade
I also agree with you Pat, that Sally is an exceptionally gifted girl. I have been observing her style in writing and was very impressed that one so young can write so very well.

I believe that I have opened her mind to the possibility of qualifying in Homeopathy but I feel that she is destined for higher studies in perhaps medicine where she can specialize in some special field like neuro surgery which requires a very sharp mind. She can always use her knowledge of Homeopathy to help patients.

I have always been of opinion that the best physicians are those who are qualified in medicine and in homeopathy where they can uses their knowledge of both sciences to heal.

I shall observe Sally closely in the future as she is a very special child and I am convinced that she is destined for greatness in later life.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Alohastefi,
Take the Arnica water for about 2 weeks, or until it seems that your acne has pretty much stabilized and dried up, then follow the same directions using the 6c potency. I wish you the best of luck, and may you have a great graduation. You are so lucky it's this early. My graduation is on the first of June, even though we get out a week earlier than the rest of the school. (Because we're eighth graders, I guess)

To Pat and Joe,
As I have said before your confidence and support are priceless gifts. I thank you for all of your wonderful compliments, I really don't know what to say besides to thank you for everything.

To Joe,
I had switched to the 6c potency of the Arnica, but I began having breakouts on my back again, and you recommended switching back to the 30 for a little while until that cleared up. After I switched back to 30, all my acne seemed to show improvement, so that's where I am right now.

I will definitely get the recommended remedies for colds and flu. I have learned so much from everyone on this site, but especially you, and I am eager to learn more. I'm guessing learning the remedies and what not is only half the battle, and the rest is probably just practice. Homeopathy seems to be gaining popularity, but it is still a very obscure unknown subject. I have several books on homeopathy, but once you learn the philosophy of classical homeopathy, the only thing it seems to teach you is what remedies to give for what ailment, but only after asking 100 or so questions.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is I would love to continue learning things from you if there is any more you feel you can teach me. I know this could be time consuming and frustrating for you, so don't hesitate to say no.

To Pat,
I have looked into fibromyalgia and it sounds like a terrible disease, or I guess the correct term would be syndrome. Keep taking Arnica. The summer is fast approaching, and hopefully I will have more time to research, learn, and hopefully be of some assistance after school's out. You seem like a great person after my own heart. I love whole foods, and things just seem to be getting to technological these days.

Best Wishes and God Bless everyone!
Sally Lue last decade
Dear Sally,

The observation that you made about the potency of 6c versus 30c is very interesting to me and contributes to my own process of learning which is a life long process.

It is obvious that you will have to keep to the 30c potency till you are quite certain that your acne has stabilized completely. I use the 6c nightly and this is one reason why I suggested that you too come down to the lower potency but this did not seem to work with your acne.

Keep your mind open and trust completely in God and He will guide you in your future life.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Joe,
I try to put my faith completely in God every day, seeking Him first, and everything else second. I don't always do a very good job at it, but at least I try.
My mom has been having very severe headaches for a very long time. She has tried all sorts of pain killers and headache medicine, and nothing seems to be working. I told her I'd ask you if you had any ideas. Earlier you recommended Bryonia for headaches. Would this be a good remedy for her to try, and if so, what potency?

Thanks again!
Sally Lue last decade
Yes Bryonia 30c usually helps. You can tell her to take 4 pellets under the tongue as early as possible whenever she feels a headache coming on.

If as you state she is having a head pain all the time she can start by making the Bryonia in the same manner that you have done with the Arnica and she can take a tsp twice daily.

You may also share your Arnica 6c with your mom as this too will help her as it has your dad.
Joe De Livera last decade
Okay, thanks.

I will definitely give her the Bryonia, and I'm sure she will start taking it right away. She is actually at work today until 8, but I'll make sure she takes some ASAP. Thank you so much! I'll keep you posted as to the results of the Bryonia.
Sally Lue last decade
i will deffinatly keep on using the magical water.. i can already see a difference!

alohastefi last decade

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