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Thank you very much for your imput. Everyone tells me acne is just simply a part of growing up, and I suppose it is. I don't believe I am allergic to any soaps or shampoos, I think they are just the normal hormones of puberty unfortunately. I do use a solution of tea tree, eucalyptus, and witch hazel on my acne which does help. I have had better results with Arnica than any thing else thanks to Joe De Livera.

So, you have acne too then? I have it all over my back and chest as well as my face. I have always had some issue or another with my back, so I'm not suprised that's the worst area with my acne. I found that Arnica 30c made in the wet dose really improved my acne on my face though. Here are the instructions for that in case you would like to give it a try: You must take 3 arnica pellets, and disolve them in 500ml of spring water. Shake this mixture very well, until the pellets are completely disolved. You should take one teaspoon orally 2-3 times a day. Shake this mixture very well before you take it each time. You should start to see improvement in about 4 days.

Keep me updated on your results if you decide to try it!

Good Luck!


To Pat,

Are you still here? If you are, how are you doing??? Thank you so much for you sugestions in May, and sorry I didn't get back to you, I was really busy with the end of school. I would love to hear from you again, as I enjoyed our conversations. I would also like to know how you are doing, as I know you weren't feeling well when I first started talking with you.

God bless,
Sally Lue last decade
Hello Sally

Haven't heard from you lately either. I know you've been busy with school.

I always have bad days but I'm getting better now. The homeopathy I take for the fibromyalgia wore out and so I was feeling horrible the last week but I'm feeling much better now.

How is your acne? Are you making some attempts to find out what aggrevates it?

So very happy to hear that you found a remedy that is helping your acne and of course it makes Joe happy to hear it is Arnica. LOL

What are you going to do this summer? Will you get a job somewhere although you are barely a teen?

Always so glad to hear from you.

Enjoy your summer.
Pat2006 last decade
Hello Sally,
Can you please tell me the full name of Arnica 30C...is it Arnica Montana 30C?
barora last decade

Yes, the remedy that Joe recommends is Arnica Montana.

Arnica Montana is very popular and is easily available at your local health food stores.
Pat2006 last decade
Hi Sally Lue. I just wanted to tell you that I have been there. You mentioned that you're sure other people have greater problems than acne, but your problem hurts you just as much. I've been there, face always broken out in not just a simple pimple, but cysts. I took a strong drug years ago that did stop the acne, this drug was so strong I was told not to get pregnant or they'd perform a therapuetic abortion and I had to have my cholesterol checked regularly.
This Amica sounds great, I may give it a try. Good luck. 2blu4u
2blu4U last decade
Hi Pat2006,
Thanks for the reply. I was trying to buy it from this website and it asks for the size for the pill form. what size should be appropriate for makig the solution of three pellets in 500mL water?

barora last decade
It sounds like the homeopathy is causing aggrevations on your acne. That is how homeopathy works. It makes the symptoms worse for a short time and then things start getting better.

Stop taking the remedies until your skin becomes stablized then proceed to take it again.

Maybe Sally Sue has some other suggestions for you as she has more experience with the use of homeoapthy for acne than I do.

For anyone interested in how I got rid of my acne and black heads permanently:

I got rid of my acne and blackheads PERMANENTLY IN 1983 after I made drastic changes in my diet by eating large amounts of raw vegables and steamed vegables in the winter for dinner. Or I would eat steamed vegestables when I needed a change from raw vegestables. At this time, I also quit drinking milk and all other dairy products. I also gave up eating grains (bread and rice)

I normally use really huge serving bowls as my every day dishes which I use to eat vegestables and soups.

Some people believe acne is actually toxins coming out through the skin and eating a pure and clean diet really makes a difference.

Vegestables which are full of chloriphyl clean our bodies give you nice, smooth and shiny skin and hair.

My hair dresser used to tell me that I had shiny hair because of all the vegestables I ate and she also used to tell me that is the reasons Asians have such shiny hair.

Once you start eating large amounts of a large variety of vegestables you will notice a big improvement not only in your outer appearance but in your health as well.

Nutrition is the basics for everything.
Pat2006 last decade

Try the Arnica Montana 30c like Sally Sue has been using.

Let us know how it works out for you.
Pat2006 last decade
Hi Pat!

I am glad to hear that you are getting better. Have you been able to make a trip to Whole Foods yet?

My acne on my face is doing very well, and my back and chest are...well...they still have acne, quite a bit, but it's getting better with this new stuff I've been trying called proactiv. My acne is always worse around my period I've found. I suppose acne is just a part of growing up.

I totally agree with the vegtable thing. I consider my diet pretty healthy. I eat mostly organic foods, and I am especially paranoid about genetically modified foods. I am also a strick vegitarian, by my own will, and I have been since I made that choice in 2nd grade. I know this might sound pretty strange coming from a 13 year old, but that's just kind of how I am.

As for what I'm doing this summer, I'm on the dive team at the country club that's literally behind my house. We won our first meet and I got 3rd place in my age group so I was very pleased with that. I do have a job, even though I'm only 13, but it is a job I chose to do myself, and enjoy. There is a horse barn in my neighborood that I can ride my bike to, and I work there. I go on average about 2 a week. I clean stalls, feed them, put them outside, bring them in, stuff like that.

What does Summer hold in store for you this year?

I can give you my email address if that would be a better way to talk with you.

Talk to you later!



I'm glad Pat was able to answer all your questions for you, and I hope you have good results with the Arnica.


I have also been taking the cell salt Silica 6x for a few weeks. I haven't seen much improvement with Silica either, as I was taking it for scarring, but then again, scars are very hard, sometimes impossible to get rid of. I would do as Pat sugested and stop taking it for a while. Just stop taking it until you feel your acne is back to normal, as it was before Silica. I would say about a week to a week and a half.

Keep us posted on your results. I would definitely try Arnica Montana 30c.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for your message of support that I'm sure is extended not only to me, but to everyone on this fourm suffering from acne. I get cysts on my back quite frequently, so I know what's that's like. So, do you currently have acne? If you give the Arnica a try, keep us posted on the results, as I am always interested to hear if other have the same reaction I had.

I'm being called for diner, so I'll be back later!

God bless you all,

Sally Lue last decade
Your lucky Arnica worked for you. But I think my problem is a little more deep seeded. I tried arnica too (Joe recommended it) for about a month but have not seen any improvements unfortunately. If you find something else that works for your back acne do share...! I've herd that the herb neem is very good for detoxifying the body. I'm going to try the Himalaya neem supplements and if it helps I'll let you know.
malika last decade
Hi Malika,

I have often wondered why Arnica worked so very wonderfully on my face, and not on my back. Homeopathy is a very individual branch of medicine, as I am sure you are aware. In Joe's method of homeopathy, he prescribes certain remedies for certain symptoms, which is normally a very good way to go. I have had much more sucess with his method than with the classical approach. Since humans are all generally the same physically speaking, this usually works. But then again, everyone is unique, so things that work for most people may not work for a certain person, like arnica doesn't work for you. I am sure I am just stating things that you already know, but I just thought I'd mention it. As I mentioned earlier, I have found a product that is not homeopathic, but works quite well for the acne on my back. I have found this product a bit harsh for my face, but used once a day instead of twice a day, it may be alright. My back seems to be very tough when it comes to acne treatment. Many treatments seem to have no effect whatsoever, even those that are very harsh on my face. The product is called Proactiv. In case you are interested, the website is www.proactiv.com If I come across anything else that seems to help, I will definitely let you know. And in turn, please let me know if you find anything that works particularly well.

Best regards, and God bless,

Sally Lue last decade
Hi Sally and Malika,
Few days back somebody on this forum suggested Course sea salt and Aloe Vera for acne.
I did some research and found out that many people are having success especially people with back acne using sea salt. Just type 'Sea Salt and Back Acne' on google search engine and click on the first link.
I have facial acne and I am also thinking of starting the sea salt and aloe vera treatment.
Talat last decade
Hi Talat,

I didn't dig very deep when I looked on the google search engine with what you suggested, and I didn't find a whole lot. But I do know that salt is supposed to be very theraputic and a good cleanser, so I will definitely give it a try. Could you be a little more specific on how you are supposed to use the salt for back acne? Thank you so much for your imput. I always does my heart good to see people helping other people with no ulterior motives other than to be nice. I know that may sound a bit weird in the world we live in, but that's alright.

God bless,
Sally Lue last decade
Hi Sally,
I totally understand and feel what you are going through. I am also an acne sufferer since five years and sometimes my face gets so bad that I feel like hiding my face from everyone. I was very social before I started getting acne at the age of 23 years but now I just avoid people because they ask 'oh my god what happened to your face'
My skin was so good ,so clear and glowing and now its covered with acne marks and acne. I feel so desperate sometimes. I would have tell you the website name but I am not supposed to type it here I think
As I said above, Just type 'Sea Salt and back acne' on google and click on the first link. It will take you to a forum where people are discussing about the use of sea salt for back acne and facial acne. I am copying below the method of sea salt bath from that forum. A guy who had success with this method is discussing the method:
1) SOAK once a day (twice a day if severe) in baths of SEA SALT purchased at local grocery store. Get water as hot as you can stand it, add approx 30 ounces of sea salt, and soak for 30 minutes. Do not get out until your skin begins to prune.

2) GENTLY exfoliate with synthetic brush while soaking in tub, again I said GENTLY.
I take very brief showers after the nightly soak, using Neutrogena Body Wash....but the soap I use doesn't seem to matter.
Results have been a process, not an event. Its been about eight weeks......about a 75% VISUAL improvement and about a 90% improvement in TEXTURE.......big ugly depressed scars/marks from wounds I was told would never heal are gone
All The best
Talat last decade
I just remembered that my friends in high school used to treat their acne by merely washing their face with water from a bowl or the plugged up sink. This was to return the substances from their own face back on to their skin. They thought that by replacing some of the oil with their own oil, the acne was eliminated.
Pat2006 last decade

You're more than welcomed to write to me at my e-mail. Click on my screen name to reach my e-mail.
Pat2006 last decade

Thank you so much for this information. I will definitely give this a try. I just don't want to dry my skin out as I am in the pool near my house almost all day some days. Do you (or anyone here) know of any lotion or moisturizer that I can use without aggravating my acne?

Thanks again!



Yes, the 'old fashioned' method doesn't make much sense, does it?

I've got to run, but I'll be back for a chat later,

Sally Lue last decade
I personally use Cetaphil oil free moisturizer with spf 15. You can use any oil free moisturizer like neutrogena, Complex 15, Aveeno. For some people,Fruit of the earth 100% aloe vera Gel is the best moisturizer.
For daytime use, choose one which has spf (Sun Protection Factor). You can use non spf moisturizer at night. Hope this helps.
Talat last decade
Have you guys read the sunscreen thread?


Some people believe the chemicals in sunblocks are unsafe.

Might want to check into using rice bran oil for moisturizing.

I have very dry and delicate skin and cannot use any lotions except Aveeno because they all dry my skin.

I have used olive oil, peanut oil and now I'm switching to rice bran oil.

My mother has very delicate white skin and she has been using Nivea on her face since her teens, which she believes has kept her skin young looking.
Pat2006 last decade
As I said above I personally use Cetaphil oil free moisturizer with spf 15. After reading Pat's post I am thinking of switching to Fruit of the earth 100% Aloe Vera gel. Its natural and safe.
I use Carley's natural soap which contains Coconut oil, Rice Bran oil, Olive oil, soyabean oil, shea butter, mango butter,Apricot kernal oil,and castor oil. So far I liked the soap because it doesn't makes your skin dry yet gives the clean feeling.
Talat last decade
Hello Bekin

If you are having cravings for sweets and chocolate, try acidophils. You can get in capsule form at the health food store. Ask for a probiotic that has various types of bacteria.

And read The Yeast Syndrome by Dr. Trowbridge. It's a must especially when you are young.
Pat2006 last decade
Go slow on the acidophilus as it could increase your cravings to an intolerable level. If you have any other symptoms, it could make them intolerable as well. Acidophilus is essential if you are exposed to antibiotics in food or prescription meds.
Pat2006 last decade
Here is a thread you guys might want to follow. They are discussing moisterizers and sun screening.

Pat2006 last decade
Hi Sally,
I got Arnica 30C but in small pills and not pellets. Can I use those to make the solution of same strength. Should I still use only three pills in 500mLs of Spring Water?

barora last decade
Are those granules small or pills. If they are granules then I don't know but if they are pills you can add just three pills to 500ml of spring water.
Talat last decade
I am sorry, I meant, are they granules or pills?
Talat last decade

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