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To Sally

Your cold has got worse as you have not treated it with Ferr Phos 6x. It should normally clear in a day or two but the danger is that it may yet descend down to your throat when you will need the Bell 30 to be used in time to prevent another reinfection.

Drink plenty of liquids and No exercise is indicated till you overcome your cold.

You may keep up the Arnica dosage daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Alohastefi

Read the instructions I have given Sally for her acne and yours can also be helped.

The soap you use is not critical as long as it is mild and lathers freely.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Sally,

I must say that I am very impressed with your approach to healing as displayed in your message to Alohastefi. Coming as it does from a 17 year old I believe that you do have that Gift of Healing that you can use in future if you decide to do a degree in Homeopathy and help suffering humanity like me which I do freely but which you can use professionally.

It is the satisfaction that one gets like from the case of Shiny's son where as you perhaps noticed I put my reputation as a homeopath on the line
Joe De Livera last decade

in the eyes of the many who visit this forum and it would have been a disaster if the remedy that I prescribed, Nat Sulph was not able to help the boy.

I am confident that he will grow out of his Asthma which would have stymied his progress in life and eventually grow up to be a strong adult.

You may like to know that I have received many emails congratulating me on my bold attitude in persisting with the mother and finally persuading her to use the one remedy that helped the boy.

This is the thrill of cure that I shall be delighted if I can pass on to you.
Joe De Livera last decade

thanks soo much for all the help! i am deffinatly going to start as soon as possible! but i have another question, i have a pool party this weekend, and this ONE little pimple showed up on my chest! is there any way to get rid of it??

alohastefi last decade
Joe De Livera last decade
To Alohastefi,

To Joe:
I was unable to obtain the Ferr Phos 6x, but I am feeling better today, but my voice is worse, so I am going to continue the Belladonna.

Thank you so very much for your compliments on my approach to healing. I am actually only 13 years old. I don't think I have stated my age before on this site. It has been my ambition for quite some time to become a professional volunteer in other countries. I think gettin a degree in homeopathy is a wonderful idea! I would rather use that gift as you do, giving it freely, especially to those who would be unable to pay for it otherwise. I don't know if I would have been able to do what you did in persisting until I was listened to. That was a very brave thing to do, and it was worth it.

I think it would be such a wonderful gift to have the knowledge and patience that you have to cure illnesses. No one should have to live with any sort of illness. I am going to continue working with homeopathy and hopefully one day I will be able to really make a difference to people as you do.
Sally Lue last decade
I am extremely tired, even after a good night's sleep, and I know Gelsemium (not sure if I spelled that right)is a good remedy for colds and things that have extreme fatigue as one of the symptoms, but I wanted to check with you first before I took anything else.
Sally Lue last decade
Gelsemium is the remedy for Flu which I think you are now suffering from as you are not coming out of your problems which you should have done in 3 to 5 days.

Take the Gels in any potency you have preferably 30c in the wet dose and see if it can help you. You can take a teaspoonful every 3 hours and I hope you will be OK for your play. I was treating your throat first and then your cold but they did not resolve your flu which I hope Gels would do.

Drink plenty of liquids, water preferably and not iced and rest if possible as much as possible. You still have 2 days and should still be able to take part in the play. Remember the Show must go on.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have Gels 30c here, and I will start taking it right away. Do I follow the same instructions to make the wet dose as I did for the Arnica?
Thank you so much.
Sally Lue last decade
Dear Sally,

I believe that you are a very talented girl to write so well and to have such an inquiring mind as displayed in your posts.

I do not know how I got the idea of you being 17 years old and at 13 you really display an extremely high potential which you can use well in your future life.

I am glad that I have evoked that love of healing suffering humanity in you and I shall follow your progress through life and am confident that you will surely make your mark in the world hopefully while I am still around.

In my case I have reached the ripe old age of 76 and although I am still as active as I have been for the last 55 years, I take a back seat in my organization today as I have my 2 sons to help me in running it. I fill up my spare time in helping others which I have done for many years, always without any charge and it was in 2002 that I decided to go on the Internet on forums like the ABC as I discovered that I could then reach a wider audience than otherwise. You may have noticed that my method of healing is more positive than that of the classical types and I have a feeling that my persistant recording of my views is getting through to them that the direct approach to healing is more positive than their classical method which starts with a long case taking where the homeopath gets so muddled in his own mind in following the classical rules that he loses sight of his primary duty which is to heal the patient in the shortest time.

I hope that you will be well soon and I shall watch your progress with interest.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Answering your query about the Gels, yes you should use the same technique with this remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
You don't know how much your confidence and support means to me. I thank you yet again for your kindness. The internet is really an amazing thing, although it can be dangerous as well. I hope to stay in touch with you even after I have solved all my 'issues' with your help. I wish you the best of luck instructing and educating all those who have yet to discovery the benefits of straying from the path of classical homeopathy. I will continue to educated my friends and serve as a sort of 'resident homeopath' for my family.

I have taken one does of Gels so far, and it may just be in my head, but it seems I am improving already.
I'll keep you posted on the further results of the Gels, and also on the success (or failure, but hopefully not) of the play.
Sally Lue last decade
Your feeling of relief is not your imagination. I have often used it to impress people who come to me with their noses pouring with a cold. One dose of Gels and they are dry in just 10 minutes. It really works like magic.

Repeat the dose ever 3 hours and you should be OK tomorrow.
Joe De Livera last decade
hey i was just gonna let u know i am very thankful for all your help! o and sally, could u put To NAME: of whover your sending your great guidence to, it would help alot! thanks soo much!
alohastefi last decade
To Alohastefi,
Have you been able to find Arnica yet? The sooner you start, the faster we can clear up your acne!
Keep us posted on your results!

To Joe,
I am so relieved that the Gels is working, I was feeling pretty bad this morning before the Gels, and I didn't come into school until after lunch, and apparently it gave everyone quite a scare, because they were all afraid I would be too sick to be in the play. My voice is so much better and I feel I'm on the path to healing.

Thanks again!
Sally Lue last decade
To Joe,
I seem to be having another pretty bad breakout on my back. Should I use 30c again, or just continue with the 6c? My dad drives me crazy. I gave him the bottle of Arnica pills to make himself some more Arnica solution, and I gave him very specific instructions on how to do so. He comes to me later and holds up a small bottle, probably about 300ml, and it has a bunch of little white balls in the bottom. He says, you said put 10 of these in here right? I told him all over again he just needed three in more water, and I told him he was wasting good remedies etc. I talk to much, even when I'm writing.
Sally Lue last decade

Glad to note that your voice is OK and that you are feeling much better. This is the thrill of Homeopathy when a tiny pellet of the correct remedy is able to work the miracle and cure you almost immediately.

Dont bother about your dad using 10 pellets instead of 3. They will work as well. The only disadvantage would be that the extra lactose in the water may promote fungus to form if he keeps the bottle near a window exposed to light when he may notice that a green film will form in the water. This however does not detract from the quality of the remedy.

Yes you may use the 30c and see if the higher potency can help your acne better. I presume that the acne on your face is now under control and this is the main point. The breakouts on your back should not bother you too much as long as you do not scrub them in the shower.

I would like you to use Johnsons Baby shampoo instead of soap on your body as it has no alkalis which are caustic and are also the reason for acne on sensitive skins. This shampoo has helped some like you to overcome acne and is the world's best deoderant when used under the arms. It prevents the proliferation of bacteria which are the cause of BO.
Joe De Livera last decade
i havnet been able to find it, i havnt gone to a whole food store yet. but when i do how long do u think it will take to clear up? and how to you clear up black heads?

alohastefi last decade
hi! i have another question, where in the whole foods store would i find arnica 30c, and do u have to have a 500 ml water bottle?

alohastefi last decade
I believe that you should find Homeopathic remedies in a HEALTH food store and not a WHOLE food store.

After you clear up your acne, your blackheads will automatically also clear up. If you have any stubborn ones you may have to pop them manually. If you do so do not injure the skin by exerting pressure with your nails.

You may use any bottled spring water and they are usually available in a convenient size.
Joe De Livera last decade
In the US, there is a chain of health food store called Whole Foods. I have a very big one near me. That's where I get all my remedies. It is basically a store that sells organic foods, food based vitamins, homeopathic remedies, essential oils... That's why I recommended that store to Alohastefi.

My face is so much better, and your right, that is definitely the main thing. (all this stage makeup I've been wearing is driving me crazy though.) My back is just a bit of a bother, nothing major. My voice is almost completely back to normal, and the SHOW WILL GO ON! I want to thank you so much for helping me gain back my self esteem from the attack of acne, and for enabling me to participate in my play! Homeopathy is truly a mriacle. But God has given us all we need to cure ourselves in the form of natural medicines.

Thanks again Joe.
Sally Lue last decade
I love WHOLE FOODS in Berkely. When I get well, that is the first place I'm going to. They fix good tasting and healthy food there too.

I never shake my water to dissolve the pellets.

I just let the jar sit there until they dissolve which seems to take a very long time.

Is this the trick to dissolving them quickly by shaking the container?
Pat2006 last decade
until i can get the arnica 30c how should i wash my face. ive been soaking it in fairly warm water and then in cold water. is this a good method?

alohastefi last decade

You have made my day.

So glad that your voice is back to normal and I presume your coryza has also settled down.

I wish that I was able to be present at your play. I feel that you are destined for stardom in later life and I hope that it will be in Homeopathy.

Keep in touch.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Pat

I noticed that you do not shake the bottle before a dose. This is very important as this aeration is succussion and lifts the potency of the water which is the remedy ever so slightly higher that it was the last time.

This is the secret of this method where the body is always given a minutely hight potency every time of the remedy and the reason why it is superior to the old method of taking the little sugar pellets for a dose.

When the bottle is finished you make a new bottle with 3 pellets and shake the bottle as many times as you think you have shaken the old bottle (within reason of course).
Joe De Livera last decade

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