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Balanitis or recurring yeast?
Having some symptoms of balanitis. Went to a doctor and tested twice, they gave me some
Kuerjoo 2021-01-22
9   krishna7 2 months ago

Hi, I am 35 year old female. Mother of 2 kids, working as a software professional. I have
mvbsameera 2021-02-18
1   Kaps 2 months ago

Dr Kadwa please help
Xanthelasma Yellowish spots under eye Dear Dr Kadwa I am getting bright yellowish spots
sfreya 2021-02-25
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Wart on ear
Hi, I have a wart on my left ear that has been there for many years. It is black, parts

BOPP 2020-09-14
116   BOPP 2 months ago

Symptoms Proved
Can we revert symptoms proved? Aurum Metallicum 200 has been taken 5 drops in 30 ml of
ajayspam0 2021-02-24
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Allergy, Lychen sclerosis, atrophy
I am a 51 year old woman and suffer from a number of autoimmune diseases and other
moontje 2021-02-22
6   moontje 2 months ago

Rhus Tox - is it a deep acting remedy?
Hi, So i was eventually told to take Rhus Tox 200c for my acne condition and my word,
unified 2021-02-23
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Xanthelasma Yellowish spots under eye
Dear Dr Kadwa I am getting bright yellowish spots under left eye from last 6-7 months.
sfreya 2021-02-23
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Cholesterol patches under eye
Dear sir I am getting few yellowish spots under eye. When I visited skin specialist she
sfreya 2021-02-21
1   sfreya 2 months ago

Aphantasia Remedies?
Hi all, Are there remedies that would correspond to the symptoms of aphantasia in any
lis 2021-02-22
1   Kaps 2 months ago

Need help for my disease
Hello,I had gone bad place and had sex with a sexual worker at 2010. At 2011,my face had
tusar66 2021-02-21
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Mast cell activation disorder
Can homeopathy heal or ameliorate mast cell activation
iulia2005 2021-02-18
3   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

You don't need to be ashamed of having herpes.
Last month I diagnosed with Herpes. I didn't understand what to do, how to go about
davidc1 2021-02-18
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Premature Ejaculation
I am 52 Years Mail facing (PE) Premature Ejaculation , When we do intercourse I CUM out
Krish7474 2021-02-17
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Tinnitus left ear ringing please help
Hello I need some help. I have extreme ringing in the left ear, it comes and goes but now
Eenke 2021-02-17
2   Eenke 2 months ago

how to cure herpes 1&2 permanently
I have Hsv1 &2 last 3 years. How to cure it
krishna reddy2 2017-04-23
17   krishna7 2 months ago

Question is to all the homeopath practisners - Can the genital herpes homeopathic

Believer 2004-12-08
43   krishna7 2 months ago

Searching LM potency Medicine In US
Can anyone suggest any online shop where from LM potency medicine can be bought online in
freehomeoforall 2021-02-17
1   Priscilla 2 months ago

Constipation in 3 yr old boy
Constipation in 3.3yr old boy: My son (3.3yr old) son is having Constipation. He is
nagadeepthi1 2021-02-15
3   homeo_helper 2 months ago

Hypothyroid with high diastolic blood pressure
My wife is 42 years old suffering from hypothyroid. She is taking 87.5 thyroxin. She was
akpt1978 2021-02-16
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Symptomes are worse
Hello. For several years I have numbness tingling and burning sensation in my body (not
dni 2021-02-16
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Scarring on Cornea, droopy left eye
Hello Looking for advice on what medication could help with healing the scarring on
nishamadan 2021-02-13
3   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

need medicen name and it's antidote
hi sir, due to some psycological disturbensess i visited a homeo doctor. after taking
Aunow 2020-09-17
21   Aunow 2 months ago

Severe hair loss
I am 49 years old and having severe hair loss. I also have hypothyroidism for 10 years
nishamadan 2021-02-15
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Plz suggest
Dear Team Pl find symptoms (Age :33) Male Weight : 90 kg Height : 5'5" Very
Soumick Basak 2021-02-14
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