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offensive flatulence and bloating
since few weeks, I am having a very foul smelling flatulence mostly in the evening only,
sangrita 2021-05-12
11   anuj srivastava last month

Nausea after taking Gelsemium 3x for long
I took Gelsemium 3x fifteen drops in some water thrice a day for trembling and muscle
Murli Manohar1 2021-06-09
4   Murli Manohar1 last month

tiny lumps under skin
Hello, Ive noticed tiny lump ( size of a mustard seed) on under the skin on hands and
reenadass 2021-06-04
12   reenadass last month

Pleomorphic adenoma need help
Hello , I am suffering from pleomorphic adenoma Of left perotid gland under ear approx
Ibad 2021-06-07
3   anuj srivastava last month

Irregular periods
I have a history of irregular periods from starting. I want a permanent cure for this.
Nalinishree1 2021-06-06
11   Kaps last month

Leg swelling no other health issues
My Mother's Leg swelling she is 60, she did knee operation 3 years back. She is
forfeit 2021-06-07
1   Kaps last month

Sir Namskar , mai 27 sal ka ladka hu, Nalanda Bihar se hu(abhi mumbai me rahta
Kumarbrajesh 2021-06-07
2   Kaps last month

How to Stop Masturbating
Hi My aunty have masturbating daily day and night age is 68 any medicine please help my
vijaya2 2021-06-07
1   Kaps last month

nihilinum 30
Doctor has prescribed this medicine.what is the function of this
200500600 2012-05-04
5   Kaps last month

Kali Mur or Nat Mur overdose
Two days ago I thought of taking Nat phos tissue salts (4 tablets hyland's brand)
Lola1234 2021-06-06
3   Kaps last month

Itchy ears at on the morning and it night
I have itchy ears at night and when I wake up in the morning only inside the ears also
alschneider 2021-06-04
4   alschneider last month

Please tell the medicine name in pic uploaded
Please tell the name of medicine which are in the picture mark with the circle
sehrawatsabh 2021-06-05
3   Kaps last month

I have been suffering from skin itching last four to five months on various parts of the 2021-06-05
1   homeo_helper last month

Why is sulfur so broadly successful?
Sulfur 200c is the only remedy that has worked on me. The rest have failed. But, sulfur
brianMP 2021-06-03
1   maheeru last month

Lovesickness or Limerence
I have benefited a lot from Natrum Mur in lovesick feelings it worked in CM potency only,
Zank 2021-05-14
21   telescope last month

Bruxism and loose tooth with facial pain
**Image posted in x-ray from 2016 when problem first occurred. I do not have a recent
xploreorganics 2021-06-02
6   xploreorganics last month

Binge Eating
Hello, I need help with my binge Eating. Since I was little I remember being
tillixxi 2021-06-03
1   Kaps last month

Why is sulfur so broadly successful?
Sulfur 200c is the only remedy that has worked on me. The rest have failed. But, sulfur
brianMP 2021-06-03
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Plaque and tartar
Dear sir, What is the best remedy for plaque and tartar build up on
pravric 2021-06-03
3   anuj srivastava last month

Issues sleeping
Dear all, These are my symptoms: Male, 53 years old. Three years with the
ppalma00 2021-05-27
6   Kaps last month

Testicle Pain
Hi! I am a 31 year old male. I have been having a lot of stress and anxiety lately. I was
kevin25 2021-06-02
1   anuj srivastava last month

Adrenal fatigue,autonomic dysfunction-POTS(postural ortostathic tachycardia
Hello my name is Barbora 23 years old female. Problems started after prolonged stressfull
Caleidoscopioo 2021-06-01
1   Kaps last month

What circumstances allow 1M potency daily use of multiple meds ?
Plz read my questions in context with Chronic Reoccurring Depression treatment in
Progen11 2021-05-27
10   Progen11 last month

If i antidote meddorinhum will it take away the good bits as well as the bad
Ideal56 2021-06-01
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Looking for a homeopath who does telemedicine
Good day all. My homeopath has retired and there are none in the area. Can someone
AndyP 2021-05-31
2   Kaps last month