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Cochlearia Officionalis
I need to find a complete profile of Cochlearia Officionalis. The only one I can find is
jdrewes 2021-12-04
3   nat1 last month

numb lower leg, tingling
Several days ago I took too much nat mur and kali mur (tissue salts) for a stiff

Lola1234 2021-06-10
26   Kaps last month

Mental problem (Schizophrenia)
Hello sir, i m a 22 years old i am suffering from lots of mental problems... I

Maria Khan 2018-08-25
167   Kingshahkhan last month

Aggravation after switching from Puls 30c to 3LM
I was taking Pulsatilla 30c with very good results (less weeping). Switched to 3 LM
voltation 2021-11-27
2   voltation last month

Cough in winters
I am 38 yr old woman, with 4 kids, having extreme condition of cough in this cold
LeenaK1 2021-12-10
1   anuj srivastava last month

Gale me dard
Aljiv ka niche jiv ki portion me mera fuskuri jaisa kuch hua hai. Jiski karon mere gale
Barnali221 2021-12-10
1   Kaps last month

Need Help with Mind
Hello, M33, 5'9" just under 200lb (down about 30+ since sick) Normally very
deetee1 2021-12-02
5   deetee1 last month

Bloating like Pregnant
My stomach is bloating like I'm pregnant (even my belly button disappears and
moonriver1 2021-12-08
1   anuj srivastava last month

Homeopathics and vibrational medicine
What is your opinion on vibrational medicine interfering with homeopathy? Such as muscle 2021-12-04
1   moonriver1 last month

Fibroid uterus
Respected sir. I'm Dr Sam I have fibroid issue since 2019. I took primolut N tab to
S.m 2021-12-07
7   S.m last month

acid phos 200 proving
Hii to all respected doctors ... I am sachin ...just 5monts before i took acid phos200
sachinn 2021-05-24
3   Wiezoox last month

Can we take activated charcoal for overdose of homeopathic medicines ?
Hi I want to know if a person can take activated charcoal for overdosing of homoepathic
Ayush1 2019-10-17
11   Wiezoox last month

help needed please
hi i have had a cold for the last week, my problem is i have a dry loud cough, which
paula1 2021-12-07
2   paula1 last month

hi there i have been helped on here over the years a question i have is, why is no
paula1 2021-12-07
no replies yet

Shauniex2 2021-12-05
1   deetee1 last month

Extremely angry in bed,
I'm 38 single female. I lost my brother last year and I got covid this year in may.
Meera1 2021-12-03
3   anuj srivastava last month

Are there any risks using homeopathy nightly for sleep?
I’ve struggled with insomnia as long as I can remember. It is getting worse as
Darling787 2021-12-03
1   Kaps last month

11-year-old girl with chronic headaches
Hi, I’m wondering if somebody could help us? My 11-year-old daughter is suffering
angelicam 2021-11-22
16   telescope last month

Clot and bloodish color in Urine
Dear Sir Last week i have sudden pain at right back which ends at right side
babu123abhi 2019-03-05
18   babu123abhi last month

Prescribed Opium for my Cat - can't find in US
Hi, Does anyone know where I can find opium 30c in the US? I remember buying many, many
congested 2021-12-03
1   simone717 last month

Possibly Long Haul Covid - Need Help
Hello, 33M here with some possibly post Covid issues. About 2 months ago I was tested
deetee1 2021-11-12
19   deetee1 last month

yamarty 2021-11-14
26   yamarty last month

anal fissure
I'm 25y old woman, pale skin, skinny, dark blond hair; with anal fissure problem
GmariA 2021-11-21
9   telescope last month

Stomach ache
I am a 68 years aged female with a thin body structure of 48kg weight. I am diabetic

Sadhana Singh 2021-09-26
39   anuj srivastava last month

Nat phos and nat sulph
Hello dear homeopath and drs, Just want to know if Natrum phos 30 and natrum sulph 30 can
RJ121 2021-12-01
1   Meir last month