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healthy 20 year old girl hair loss..HELP
Hi i am 20 years old girl who has been having hair loss for about a year and a half. i
peality 2006-03-12
3   last decade

polyps in uterus
I have been told i have polyps in my uterus and i need a surgery t remove them. I also
maham 2006-03-12
6   last decade

Tim Horton Caffeine Amounts
I emailed Tim Hortons inquiring about the amount of caffeine in some of their drinks.
Jay 15 2006-07-12
1   last decade

pimple on labia
Hi there. I posted this on an old topic string, but it didn't get read so am
lena2006 2006-07-02
9   last decade

New and need advice.
I tried the Remedy Finder and it is confusing. I am hoping someone can point me in the
newellcrew 2006-07-11
2   last decade

Left Side Throat pain when swallowing
Hi.. i am having a squeezing pain on the left side of my throat after swallowing. only
mcveayc 2006-07-11
3   last decade

Please help me with my acne...
I am a 27 year old female and have suffered from cystic acne since my teen years. I
chinabasset 2006-07-11
5   last decade

Iam a PCOD and want to reduce weight.
My Problems are 1) To Reduce weight. 2) To get regular periods (Without using any
srisohum 2006-07-05
4   last decade

What is the cause that manifests in keloid? Does it affect only diabetic patients? Is
rathano 2006-07-11
2   last decade

complete medical history
CASE HISTORY – AGE 55 YEARS In November 2002, Felt some gas discomfort on the right side
khawaja1 2006-07-12
1   last decade

attn: joe de livera
Hi Joe, My son is 4.5 yrs old, and suffers from atopic dermatitis(thats what the
vyushti 2006-07-10
6   last decade

Urgently need info about Bio chemic combination 9
Hi: My son is a seven year old who was diagnosed with Crohn's about a year ago. He
parthasurya 2006-07-10
3   last decade

pcod, since the age of 14
Hi, I am 24 yrs old and have pcod and was diagnosed with the same at the age of 14. from
shivangi 2006-07-10
9   last decade

Periodontal Disease 40yr old Female
1. 5'6' 120lb diagnosed with progressive periodontal disease about 10 years ago.
Qiuleaf 2006-07-11
3   last decade

Will homeopathy help a pregnant lady with fibroids
This is the interchange of mail of my sister in the USA with a homeopath in calcutta.
maya_hari 2006-07-08
4   last decade

Homeopathy & Spors Injuries
Another article downloaded from the net. I am not sure which site. I found it very
maya_hari 2006-07-10
2   last decade

Breast Tissue (Bone?) Pain in Men
I have been experiencing pain in my left breast for the past 50 days or so. I cannot say
krisdas 2006-07-11
1   last decade

broke out with shingles just a few days ago- what remedy will stop them?
Good tidings to all -- A small patch of bumps appeared on my left side about 4-5 inches
arose 2006-07-09
4   last decade

I would like to say hello to all. I am a people person and I love tge style of this
arlove04 2006-07-11
no replies yet

This is all new to me help!!!!!!!!!
Hello I am 34 year mother of 2. I was diagnosed with depression at 17 and never really
chris72 2006-07-11
1   last decade

Unable To Have Sex
I'm 24 years old and suffering from Vaginismus. I've been trying to have sex
ladyalthea 2006-07-10
3   last decade

poor girl
Sir, I am very much new for this site. I also want to submit my daughter’s health
vp123 2006-07-10
3   last decade

My son is an autistic baby
my son age is 2 years 1 month he is an autistic baby, his weight is 13 kgs, please

isarowar 2006-05-28
38   last decade

Hi, I am from Lahore Pakistan and is suffering from Blephrospasm a kind of dystonia for
qammo 2006-07-10
1   last decade

Dental extraction
Hi, My daughter who is 11 trs old is getting her 5 baby teeth extracted. The doctor
anon99 2006-07-10
2   last decade

acne left side only - any particular remedy?
Hi there Is there a particular remedy indicated when there is acne only on the left side
carlotta 2006-07-10
1   last decade

arinica to joe de
hi joe de i dont know if you know this about arnica we may have another discovery last
kahlil007 2006-07-07
3   last decade

varun gupta's sulph-calc-Lyco thread
He is reaching a dangerous state. Now he thinks of Lachesis. May better sense prevail in
bandarbabu2000 2006-07-10
no replies yet

Article on painful sexual intercourse (Coition) Dyspareunia -By Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Dyspareunia is painful sexual intercourse, due to medical or psychological causes. The
deoshlok 2006-03-20
2   last decade

I appologise for the inadvertent mistake. 'Kali phos 3X' should be read as
Karim 2006-07-10
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please help me.Your help is priceless....
I am a 23 year old indian boy.firstly i didnt stammer till the age of 9 or 10 but
joe_metallica 2006-07-08
2   last decade

So much Pain in knees, legs, hip bones,
hi, this is my first time to participate in this forum. My mother came from Pakistan
aaloan 2006-07-07
5   last decade

loose stool after taking lunch please help me I took all antibiotics
Iam suffering from this problem for last 3 years. in the after noon after 2 hours of
professor 2006-07-10
1   last decade

skin tags
Hi, from the past 6/7 months, i have developed skin tags (10/12)on the sides of my neck
vyushti 2006-07-09
5   last decade

foot cramps
Hello; this is my first time posting. For months now, I have been getting intermittent

guest user 2005-01-25
15   last decade

my bff
hi i have a bff and she has epilepsie she keeps talking about death and i jus can't
sarahR 2006-07-09
no replies yet

10 month old green diarrhea
I have a 10 month old and she is exclusively breastfed. She normally has 1-2 movements
Nandita 2006-07-05
4   last decade

Hello, Is there any homeopathic help for Neuroma? Ran into my Aunt the other day and she
Jay 15 2006-07-09
1   last decade

Thanks to Dr. sharma, Joe De Livera and All!
I just wanted to extend my thanks to Dr. sharma, Joe De Livera and the other homeopathic
blessme44 2006-07-09
1   last decade

Hair thinning
This is my first posting. I am a female, in my late thirties. Since having my first child
Voula 2006-07-09
1   last decade

little boy's cold
my little boy's has got cold and he's got bit of chesty cough his discharge is
Nkale 2006-07-08
1   last decade

Crankiness and sleeplessness
Namaste, My friend had a bay boy 1Month 5days back, she has no one to help her at home,
susriainapurapu 2006-07-07
2   last decade

Any cases using Clematis erecta?
Hello, I am doing research into the remedy clematis erecta. Does anyone have any cases
Hlearning 2006-07-08
2   last decade

Birth Control and Homeopathic Remedy
Hello,I am on a sucessful homeopathic remedy for anxiety called Platinum Metallicum, and
rachelislost 2005-08-08
7   last decade

Hyperhidrosis, Excessive Sweating Hands and feet area
Hello, I am suffering from Hyperhidrosis, Excessive Sweating Hands and feet area. Is
mania 2006-07-08
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Periarthiritis of the right shoulder
During my morning walk I stumbled down and fell heavily on the floor. My right shoulder
esgovindan 2006-07-08
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Absent Mindedness Memory loss:- Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Absent Mindedness Memory loss: Alzheimer's symptoms follow a pattern distinct
deoshlok 2006-07-08
1   last decade

Throat Itching
Please tell me all you know about the 'throat virus' mentioned under the post
carrisonsgate 2006-07-07
1   last decade

abnormal menstrual bleeding
Since 8 Years I am suffering with abnormal Menstrual Bleeding No doctor can correct it
2   last decade

Hair loss in small spots
To all doctors! I have one complaint that is losing hair since two or three years
shaikib 2006-07-04
6   last decade

Bragg liquid amions
I have just started a Candida cleanse. Is it okay to use Bragg's amion
SueRobey 2006-07-07
2   last decade

chronic depression?
2. Age: 47 3. Sex: Female 4. Unmarried/Divorced 5. weight: 190 lbs 6. Height: 5 feet, 4
arose 2006-07-07
1   last decade

seminal weakness
seminal weakness + weak memory + depression +
srikanth_oracle 2006-07-06
8   last decade

problem of tyroid gland
Hey, I am 20 years old. I came to know that i've problem of thyroid gland. I want
Barrister 2006-07-07
1   last decade

thuja 10m! help! help!
I have taken thuja 10M for excessive masturbation and chronic amoebic colitis, 2 months
pradipde 2006-07-07
no replies yet

Dosage of Bryonia 30
I have been prescribed Bryonia 30 by some of the doctors on this forum for chronic neck
yogafreek 2006-07-07
2   last decade

Thermal modalities
Hello, It may be for better understanding of 'two type of remedies in one line i.e.
Logical 2006-07-06
3   last decade

high sugar in pregnancy
I am pregnant with our second child and during my first preganancy during 2nd trimester I
Nkale 2006-07-06
2   last decade

Hi, Any body solve my problem sunburn marks on my face just below my
mmsdk 2006-07-07
no replies yet

Juvenile rhumetoid arthritis 18 months old baby
My 18-months-old son has been just diagnosed with Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. He has
worriedmom 2004-04-19
4   last decade

Trigger Finger
My wife is suffering from Trigger Finger for the past 2 years. she has been advised to
ranjith 2006-07-05
3   last decade

deoshlok 2006-07-07
no replies yet

can weight loss product trigger ms symptoms?
I have been using an all natural weight loss patch (No ephedra) and it seems to have
Denisea 2006-07-07
no replies yet

Silicea is such a scam
I have been taking silicea 3x since early april to date, and i notice that in fact my
Almasty 2006-07-04
7   last decade

feeling of fullness in head/ears
My mom is a 57 year old woman, and generally healthy. For several months now she has had
jillrae 2006-06-29
4   last decade

swillie 2006-07-06
2   last decade

Severe GERD & Laryngeal ulcer
Hi, I've been diagonosed with GERD and laryngeal ulcer (after an endoscopy); have
chamomile 2006-07-06
no replies yet

loss of memory
i am a 53 year old male and working in a manufacturing plant. My problem is with regards
rminlay 2006-07-05
3   last decade

Hello. I've read & re-read these boards but am looking for clarification on
HNelshp 2006-07-05
2   last decade

Aching legs
Hi, I'm looking for help with why my legs ache. My day is always interruped with my
WED2006 2006-07-06
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