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7year old son behaviour and appitite problem
hi, my 7 year old son has a history being constipation, now there's no problem as
hala khan 2013-05-18
7   simone717 6 years ago

stomach Problem
1. pain in Left side beside the navel 2. gurgling sound 3. cramping 4. sometime empty

Nitesh Kamal 2012-12-16
80   Nitesh Kamal 6 years ago

Weak muscles and depression
do u have any supplement to boost serotonin in homeopathy. age.27
sumit856 2013-05-22
1   Mahfoozurrehman 6 years ago

Genital Warts
What dosage of Nitricum Acidum 6x should I take and for how long? PLEASE
MrsGeopro 2013-05-21
2   MrsGeopro 6 years ago

SARS like virus remedies
Hi does anyone have any recommendations for remedies to have in stock for the SARS like
pixie wood 2013-05-14
5   pixie wood 6 years ago

SEVERE Allergies
My dad has had terrible allergies for about 10 years now, and it's only getting
marchballad 2013-05-21
5   Zady101 6 years ago

A 8 years child's right hydrocele increased
dear sir My 8 years son has a problem from 6 year that his right side hydrocele get
Nitesh Kamal 2013-05-16
3   Dr. Showrav 6 years ago

milk allergy
I have a 15 month old son who gets terrible stomach aches and diarrhea when he drinks
nlinke 2013-05-20
6   Zady101 6 years ago

Help Required for a 9 year old boy suffering from High Functioning Autism
My son 9 years of age is suffering from High Functioning Autism from the age of 3 .We are
manoj.vm 2013-05-19
4   maheeru 6 years ago

Difference Between Chamomilla & Cina
The main feeling of both these remedies is that they are not getting enough attention
deoshlok 2013-05-21
1   simone717 6 years ago

question for Kadwa
Hi Kadwa, as you know, I am learning and I had a question about carbo veg. I thought it
simone717 2013-05-21
2   simone717 6 years ago

absence epilepcy
hi, my daughter is 5, was diagnosed with petit mall siezures at age 3. the doctor put her

zircka 2013-04-14
16   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

Mouth Ulcer help
sir my mother has mouth ulcer, it is present at near the last teeth of jaw. she doesnot
Nitesh Kamal 2013-05-13
3   Nitesh Kamal 6 years ago

Just wondered if I need another dose/s of Carcinosin. Was treated in the past with this

Namaste100 2013-03-20
33   rishimba 6 years ago

Alopecia totalis 9 year old son
Hello, if possible I would like to know about homeopatic treatment for alopecia totalis
lacrimac 2013-05-20
2   lacrimac 6 years ago

dear sir i am sanjeevan 23years old and i have been suffering by stammering since my
sanjeevan21 2013-05-20
2   sanjeevan21 6 years ago

chronic vomitting in 7 year old son
My son had cow's milk allergy form childhood. Red patches immediately appeared on
anp_123 2013-05-21
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation
Salam to All! I am married, 30 years old, having one daughter. I am a software developer
peelachooza 2013-05-07
6   simone717 6 years ago

Persistant cough with vomiting mucous
Hi, Can someone help me find a remedy for my 9 month old boy and almost 3 yr old girl.
asabur6 2013-05-19
7   anuj srivastava 6 years ago

Anal Fistula-Battle continues
Moderator: For a year I have battled this demon. It has gotten better but still

cjsva 2013-04-03
25   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

Just had a cyst drained located next to the rectum. Need help for follow-up treatment.
Hi there-- I have Crohn's disease and have never dealt with a cyst before. It
mrt1023 2013-05-20
6   mrt1023 6 years ago

Breast Fibroid & knee joint pains for sister
Dear doctors, My sister aged, 31 years has a FIBROID in her left breast.Doctors confirmed
pradeepx28 2010-10-21
10   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

If you have grey hair,what will you do?
What does one do after you see your initial grey hair? does one pluck it? Ignore it? cut
lively 2013-05-20
1   simone717 6 years ago

irregular periods
I had a problem of irregular periods about an year ago suddenly when my periods left for
rukhma 2013-04-22
12   Zady101 6 years ago

for stool problem plus eczema
my problem for last 3 months has been insatisfactory and incomplete stool with eczema on
ahmed666 2013-02-13
1   anuj srivastava 6 years ago