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I have been suffering from bronchitis since my birth.I face a asthama like breathlessness
Adixamro 2005-12-30
5   last decade

New to Homeopathy
I am wondering what treatment i can take for anxiety and depression that has been present
mundo 2006-01-11
3   last decade

arnica 30 & dermatosis
hi again, as i told in my previous post i'm suffering of atopic dermatosis (intense
airone12 2006-01-15
4   last decade

advice for pdk
sirmy father is patient of polycysitic kidney disease since 3 yrs before(he come to
mian jee 2006-01-15
1   last decade

Some kind of smell?
Hi,I have a problem and need some help. I wash twice daily and use perfume, but I can
irked 2006-01-14
2   last decade

good morning sir iam 24 guy from india ,my chest developed like women breast sine 10
m.ashok 2006-01-14
3   last decade

body structure
Everybody says my body structure is not well.My friends force me to say the problem to
sraboni 2006-01-15
2   last decade

pilonidal sinus
I have a problem of PILONIDAL SINUS. I am suffering for this. I have been done the
atanu mitra 2006-01-15
1   last decade

frustrated toddler
Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some advice around my 14 month old toddler.He has
Jo Jo 2006-01-15
1   last decade

hair falling out at 27
I'm 27 and have just noticed in the last month or so that I have lost almost half of
LisaMarie 2006-01-15
1   last decade

Trouble with Heartburn/Acid Reflux
Hi. I am a 21 year old female, and I have HORRIBLE heartburn. I'vebeen suffering
LouisianaLady 2005-09-26
6   last decade

Emotions after extreme conflict
What is a remedy to take to help with after effects of extreme conflict? My symptoms
lmhoopes 2006-01-14
1   last decade

Tendon cut
HelloIn the last of Sept 2005 I got cut near ancle as I sleeped in bath room and hit the
4   last decade

Shortness of breath, leg cramps
Pkease recommend something to help!Shortness of breath problems, worse when bending down
blessme44 2006-01-15
1   last decade

Lost - Please Help
Hi there, this is a wonderful forum, I appreciate all of the advice and help you guys
Jucas 2006-01-12
4   last decade

alfafla tonic for Chindren ?
Reading many posts regarind alfa tonic and some of them clearly indicate that not
hsraghu 2006-01-15
1   last decade

stomach disturbance
I am suffering from stomach touble. Often I feel air pressure in the stomach, especially
Masood 2006-01-14
1   last decade

Too Early Ejaculation
i have severe problem of early ejaculation. i can not even insert the penis properly that
sathtek 2006-01-14
1   last decade

About White Hairs in beard
Hi Doctor,I am shail and working as a software engineer in Pune.My age is 25 and my life
shail_malik 2006-01-07
4   last decade

can someone help
after taking nat mur 30c which caused aproving on my eyes I took nat mur 1c to antidote
mizouk 2006-01-13
1   last decade

I have a problem and need your valuable advice.My signature keeps varying. At times I

Nkjaya 2005-10-15
14   last decade

Eczema and Arnica Treatment - for Mr Joe
Mr. Joe,I read several of your posting for treating Eczema with Arnica.My 4 year old son
val0822 2006-01-12
3   last decade

Keep getting ill
i have just recovered from a bug that was going round in my local area. it was a
spowell 2005-12-22
6   last decade

Fluiod in the scrotum . It isslightly enlrged and swollen and obstruct movement. It is on
Dr Raj Kumar 2005-11-06
3   last decade

Granatum--Will it help my son
I read on an earlier post about Granatum 30c might help a mans umbilical hernia. My son
jodymac 2006-01-13
1   last decade

Gentiana Lutia
My 3.5 yr old daughter is a very fussy and picky eater. One of my friends suggested to
skuppanda 2006-01-13
1   last decade

Is it safe to use Apis Mellifica while nursing?
I have an 8 week old and I'm having some problems with my ovaries. I fear a cyst.
DanaLea 2006-01-10
1   last decade

Grey Hair
hi i am suffering from this prematured white hair.i am at 26 nowI am a person like so
pkj_nambiar 2006-01-11
1   last decade

For help sleeping while breastfeeding...
Can anyone tell me if the homeopathic combo would be safe for a breastfeeding mother of
thehuffhouse 2006-01-13
5   last decade

cigarette smoke
have just discovered there is available in homeopathic form, cig smoke. does anyone know
shellseeker 2006-01-13
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goodmorning sir, i became addict pornography and also reading
m.aditya 2006-01-13
1   last decade

Erica,Dr Sajidakram, Dr Deshlok and Dr Sajid...any experience homeopath -please help
This is in continuation of a long ago post - child Eye issues.My 6 year old son has had a
new2town 2006-01-13
6   last decade

effexor withdrawal please help!!!
My husband has been on Effexor for about two months for severe depression. HELLO!!! His
Online 2005-12-23
2   last decade

Gradual Hair Loss Please Help!
I am 29 year old male....i have been lossing hair gradually from long time but from past
Coolmmk 2006-01-12
4   last decade

thiosinaminum + pregnancy
Can one take thiosinaminum in a 30c or 6c potency safely during pregnancy? I was taking
jentoun 2006-01-09
4   last decade

Is infertility a woman's problem?
It is a myth that infertility is always a "woman's problem." About one third of
shamid 2004-01-07
3   last decade

near sight remedy
bonjour, is homopathy offering remedy for near
jacques 2006-01-09
2   last decade

Cleaning of Heavy Metal Toxicity and Removal of effect of vacination
Hi ,One of the naturopaths that I go to just told me that I have mercury in my system
DP 2006-01-12
no replies yet

I am not getting enough sleep and even sleep which i get is disturbed with dreams, even i

moksh 2005-04-01
35   last decade

problem with nat mur
i took nat mur 1c last night to antidote effects of nat mur 30c but it caused a proving
mizouk 2006-01-07
2   last decade

to joe de livera - nat phos 6x
Hello Joe,I am writing in regards to your remedy Nat Phos 6X for weight loss. I am
rejuvinatein 2006-01-11
4   last decade

umbilical hernia
my husband has had an umbilical hernia for three years and said it does'nt bother
sheenaden 2006-01-12
1   last decade

Hepatitis C
can hepatitis c b cured by homeopathy? if yes how long does it
ralph 2004-09-12
6   last decade

Kitten W/Bloody Urine - Help!
Hi all - I'm new. I found this forum while searching for information on urinary
PitMom 2006-01-12
2   last decade

Severe sensitivity to Aluminium
Does anyone have experience treating patients who have a severe sensitivity to food that
tinsel 2006-01-11
2   last decade

Angry Child
Ok I am new to this so bare with me if I don't get enough detail this time or I add

Cristy 2005-12-15
15   last decade

hi, Im raleo, read about acne and scars here, and have an experience to share wid you
ratan 2006-01-11
2   last decade

excessive underarm sweating
What can you do for excessive underarm sweating? It occurs on a daily basis. It only
warren 2006-01-11
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Cat Allergies
I was once told that there is a place that you can send cat hair & dander to so you can
ASH NYC 2006-01-11
1   last decade

was bladder infection now is cyst on tail of dog
Hi EveryoneMy sweet standard poodle has a cyst on her tail it is quite large and may have
Kathy1 2006-01-11
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To moderator
Is your Forum Software intended to notify us by e-mail when we indicate so on a post we
Pat2006 2006-01-05
2   last decade

Dog with bladder infection
Hi everyoneMy dog has a bladder infection.She was given an antibiotic andthen became
Kathy1 2005-12-28
10   last decade

does silica cause sterility in men??
I read some where that silica causes a lot of health problems, especially people who work
ratan 2006-01-11
1   last decade

12.5% of New Yorkers are Diabetics.
New York Times January 9, 2006Bad BloodDiabetes and Its Awful Toll Quietly Emerge as a
Joe De Livera 2006-01-09
4   last decade

PCOS..require Homeopath in Bangalore-India
hi,I am suffereing from pcos roght from start of menses.want to know of homeopaths in
PCOS30 2006-01-11
no replies yet

Blockage at the Neck of the Womb
Me and my wife were planning for the baby, but after 6 months through medical tests we
mahlanp 2006-01-09
2   last decade

biting my lips
I am a 31 yr old female with a bad habit of biting my lower lip since my childhood. I
okezin 2006-01-08
4   last decade

deviated septum
my 16 year old son has had a deviated septum since he was very young, is there any
cfight 2006-01-10
no replies yet

Overweight/full hysterectomy on Premarin 1.25, neet to loose weight
Hi,I am not able to loose weight the way I would like to. Any advice would be
barlowlf 2006-01-09
1   last decade

can anyone clarify the differencesbetween these two in repect of
shellseeker 2006-01-10
no replies yet

Broken nose I yr old
Hi! My baby boy broke his nose a few weeks ago and he still has lingering swelling

Rebecca 2005-12-01
15   last decade

Sabra, would like your input.....long post for you
Major problem I want to solve is burning thoat in wind pipe area, gas/indigestion with or

upnorth 2005-05-02
38   last decade

My son is 10 months old.He is suffering from eczema since he was 3months.Doctors say that
prati 2006-01-09
3   last decade

19 year old son with excema on foot.
Hi,I am a mother who has had excema problems (severe itching, the little boil bumps and
barlowlf 2006-01-09
1   last decade

Costochondritis or what?
Hello Docs,I have pain in my left chest for last more than 2 years. I have gone through
SeekingHelp 2006-01-06
4   last decade

Anal absess and Fistula
I have an anal absess and fistula, i have had it drained an the fistula removed. the
Trixie5 2006-01-10
no replies yet

BIOCHEMIC MEDICINES.. can different salts be taken together??
e.g. Salts like Kali Mur & Calc fluor or Calc phos -- Can they be taken together.. Will
Gautam 2006-01-10
1   last decade

dry itchy skin and eczema
I noticed that when I drank milk that my sin itched like crazy. When I found calcium in
Lexie 2006-01-09
1   last decade

Hiatal Hernia that no medications fix
I have been battling a hiatal hernia for 2 yrs. I had my gallbladder removed in Nov. 05
TNTodd 2006-01-09
1   last decade

In Defense of my concept of Homeopathic Treatment
I am copying a post that I have just made on the Hpathy forum in response to that of Gina

Joe De Livera 2005-12-27
14   last decade

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